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You Might Cure Me

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“Bless you”


“Bless you again”


Ray is constantly sneezing while Emma and Norman are also constantly blessing him. “Ray how many blesses you want we need to discuss the plans,” Emma complained. “Are you okay Ray? You look at bit ill,” Norman said. “I-i’m, achoo! Fine thanks..” Ray replied while wiping his nose.

5 minutes passed and Ray is getting more and more ill,

“Anna! I think Ray’s getting a fever!” Emma called. “Ehh? Really?” Anna replied while opening the door, she saw Ray with his face on top of the desk, arms wrapped around under it, “Ray! Are you okay?” Anna asked putting her palm on Ray’s back. “Huh? Oh hey Anna..” Ray replied, his whole face was red, “Ray you should get some rest, lets go to your room,” Anna said, grabbing his hand, urging him to follow her.

She led Ray into his room, she said that he can change first before she comes inside. After changing his clothes he let Anna come in, she already prepared medicine and a warm compress. Ray sat on his bed while Anna is preparing the compress, “Why didn’t you rest even though you knew you’re ill?” She asked, “The plan was important.. I had to finish it..” He said with a raspy voice. “Well you need rest too,” she replied, “You can lie down on your bed now, Ray,” she said.

Anna moved his bangs to the side and placed the warm compress on his forehead, Ray’s eyes met with hers, she smiled softly while Ray could think his face is going to be redder than a tomato. “Hey Anna.. Can you stay here..?” Ray asked, “Huh? Of course!” She exclaimed, pulling a chair and sitting down,

Ray’s hand moved to touch hers, Anna was surprised but she touched back, their hands are now holding each other, “Your hands are really soft..” Ray said, “I might just get cured if I hold your hand for long..” He joked, Anna chuckled and said “That’s ridiculous Ray,” while both of them laughed,

“Im serious, your presence might cure me for real,”