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I let you go.

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Izuku remembers the first time he saw the blond. They were really young, age four. He remembered his parents bringing him over to meet the young prince and the moment he saw him. He fell in love at first sight. He had never seen such beautiful ruby red eyes. The few days he spent at the blond's house, who his called Kacchan, he grew to like him more. And they grew closer and closer. Until the week ends and he had to go.

Izuku remembers the big gates of the dragon kingdom. He remembered how small Kacchan was when he stood underneath the bridge and the promise that came out of his house.

"Deku, when we grow up, you're gonna marry me." Kacchan had said with his signature glare and smirk. He remembers Queen Mitsuki hitting Kacchan's head and he giggled. He waved the Bakugou family goodbye and followed his parents to the carriage to go back home.

In the present day, with both of his parents dead due to a rare illness, he was crowned prince. And here he was, dressed in his country's traditional royal wedding costume, which was a white suit with laces going all around his body, staring into ruby red eyes. The same red eyes he fell in love with, the same red eyes who doesn't seem to remember him, the red eyes which tells him that he doesn't want to be here and that he doesn't want to get married to him.

Izuku knew that fact when he saw Katsuki's face morph into disgust when he recited wedding vows. The wedding was only to join the two kingdoms together, creating an alliance between the kingdom of dragons and the kingdom of humans. Or some might say, that it was only political.

As they sealed the bond with a kiss, roars from the dragons and cheers from the people could be heard. Izuku could feel his face turn red. He just lost his first kiss to his forever crush. Before they end the ceremony, they went to a balcony, hand in hand, and waved to the citizens below them, who were all happy that their beloved king was married.

Izuku was well-loved by his people. He takes weekly walks in the villages to see how his people are doing, he would take care of the homeless, giving them jobs and food. He would talk to people, he treated his people like friends.

Izuku smiled more, his cheeks were starting to burn. As he returns to his and Katsuki's chambers, Katsuki had glared at him and said in an angry voice, "listen here you little shit. This whole marriage is only because your kingdom is rich with resources. If it hadn't been for that, i would have deny this fucking marriage and destroy your piece of shit kingdom. Understand?"

Izuku could only nod, he was speechless. But what can he do? He had hope that maybe this marriage can somehow bring them together, but with what Katsuki said, he wondered if they can even talk to one another. But he was a stubborn person and was too determine to try so he smiled and said," Yep! Please take care of me Kacchan!"

He saw Katsuki flinched and he could feel the red eyes glaring at him.

"What did you just call me?" Katsuki gritted out. Izuku giggled and said, "Kacchan!"

Izuku kept smiling as Katsuki went closer and closer to him.

"Don't call me that." Katsuki said, voice low.

Izuku decided to tease, "why not Kacchan?" He was laughing internally, if this marriage was going to be dull, he at least wanted to joke around.

"You're so fucking childish, what was your name? Deku?" Katsuki said, his eyes slowly narrowing.

When Izuku heard Katsuki call him deku, he gasped. He hadn't heard that name for 12 years. Does he remember? He stared at Katsuki face for any sign of recognition. But instead he got, "Deku.. That's a great name for you." Katsuki smirked and turned away.

Izuku stood still for awhile before walking away. He got ready for bed and lied in the softness of his bed. He felt the bed sink in next to him and he knew Katsuki was there. He didn't think he would sleep with him.

When Izuku drifted to sleep, a smile on his face, the person next to him was thinking why did Kacchan sound so familiar?