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After the Almost-pocalypse, Tadfield Air Base was, for all intents and purposes, pure chaos. Half of the guards had disappeared mysteriously and the entire computer system was stone dead. Months later, the place had almost gotten back to normal. The very last computer monitor was being delivered and all was quiet. Almost all. Two figures stood against the storm gray sky looking out at the clouds and talking. They were having a discussion about an angel and a demon.

“He did what?” said the taller of the two, glancing at the other with purple eyes.

“He asked for a rubber duckie and then asked Michael to miracle him up a towel,” the shorter said. He was wearing a hat that looked remarkably like a fly.

“That wise-ass charlatan.”

“You know, come to think of it, if it was Crowley-- really Crowley, I mean-- he would’ve done that naked. He loves flaunting that he’s got a corporeal form, that he’s been on Earth all this time. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s done it,” the shorter one remarked.

“You’re not wrong,” the first said off-handedly.

Gabriel and Beezlebub had agreed to meet here, on neutral ground, because they had both been fooled by simple foot soldiers and something had to be done. Their respective sides demanded reprimation and they themselves felt slighted.

“So we’re agreed, then? They swapped places somehow?” Beelzebub’s gaze burned into Gabriel’s steely violet eyes. Their fury and resolve matched measure for measure; two sides of the same coin were, for once, one.

“Yes, and I think I have just the thing to punish your golden boy,” the archangel began with a predatory grin.

Beelzebub gave a bark of laughter, “Funny, I was thinking the same thing about yours.” He offered his hand. “We work together- just this once?”

“Just this once,” Gabriel agreed, still smiling. They dropped hands and looked back out over the sky. A thunderstorm was approaching, and it looked like a nasty one.
Who knew being in cahoots with a demon could feel this good? Aziraphale, at least, Gabe reasoned. He shook his head and snapped and then the base was silent once again.