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A Joestar, A Brando, A Knight, And Mecro (I'm bad at titles :D)

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February 12, 1884


     A young 14-year-old boy running away from coppers who are trying to bring him back to his foster home. He was almost free from the coppers, he just-


           He bumped into the cart of a local merchant and fell, landing on his knee. Immobilized, he knew he should have died for god sake. He was lifted by two coppers and, he got another scolding from the captain, again. 


"Ey boy, you better stop running - even though you hate foster homes, you going accept that your parents died years ago... Also the head wanted you to meet your new foster father-"

        A new foster father!?! The young boy widens his eyes and finally laughed.

"Is that a lie, Captain?

"No, but please, let's go there and meet him." 


At the Foster home in York a few minutes later...


  "You brought the boy, sir?"

 "Yes, madam- is the-"

"He's fine, apparently it's a nobleman, I don't understand why did young Maximus caught of the attention the lord."

The captain took his hat and nod and went out of the room. 

 The head gestured one of the workers.

"Bring Maximus J Knight to the office, he's going to finally to get adopted."


 20 Minute Later


The worker brought the young boy who's named Maximus J Knight to the office. She gestured Maximus to sit down. The boy sat and the head opened her cabinet and grabbed a comb. She combed the mess of his hair. 

"Running away again, Maximus? Did you get hurt again?" She asked in a nice demeanor as she tries to comb his hair neatly.

"No madam," a muted tone came from him and he tilted his head low.

A genuine chuckle came from the head. She smiled and patted Maximus's head. He growled at the head and swatted her hands.

"Miss, why did you send me here to your office? Am I going to be in Prison or-"

The head shook her head and smiled. "Maximus, no, no, apparently you caught the attention of a nobleman who's going to adopt you."

I caught the attention of a nobleman, strange, thought Maximus.

"Well Maximus, you're going to meet him."

 The head gestured one of the workers to call the nobleman to her office. The worker nodded and went out of the heads office. Later, the worker arrived with the nobleman. 

 The nobleman was wearing a grand cloak and wore a fancy suit with a tie. His hair was cleanly cut and few locks of hair that partially covered his forehead and a mustache. He has blue-colored eyes

"So you're Maximus J Knight- nice to meet you, my name is George Joestar, how are you," he gave a nice grin to Maximus.

He had his father's blue cold eyes and his mother's hair, but he might be like her, thought George.

"Good, how are you, sir?" Maximus replied.

George beamed at Maximus and sighed. "It's good, I also heard that you keep running away from the foster home for about 20 times, are you still worried about what happened 9 years ago?"

Maximus turned around and faced George. "HOW DO YOU KNOW?" He questioned George. 

 George was stumbled by Maximus's question about this topic, but he nodded. "How about you pack your stuff and meet me in the carriage, then we could have a private talk." 


"Very well then, Maximus go to your room and pack your stuff and also say farewell to your roommate," the head said.

Maximus nodded and got up from his chair and open the door and left. He walked the halls of the home and into his dorm room.

"Hey, Max."

"Hey, Avery, I have to pack up to go to a new home."

Avery, his roommate who was older than him by 5 years chuckled. "Ya lucky, Maximus, ever since you were sent here, ya were keepin' rebellious streak from ya stubborn ass."

"Haha,  I kinda miss the days of family and here kind of reminds me of one of the slums my dad would show me when I was a young child where they were oppressed and he would always tell me the world would be unfair, but he and my mother were only the only family member I had," Maximus said while packing his clothes until he picked up his family photo when he was 3. 

He smiled and put it in his suitcase.


He finished packed and waved goodbye to his roommate. Avery smiled and waved back and sighed.

"Thank god Maximus left, but he's lucky to have a nobleman, oh well."

Maximus closed the door and headed out. Free at last. George was waiting for him in the carriage. "Ah there you are Maximus, are you done packing?" Maximus nodded and George told him to get into the carriage. After that, the carriage started moving as it started to head to the Joestar manor.

"Maximus, let's talk about the photo and your parents."

"Yeah, let me ask this first- how do you know my parents died 9 years ago?"

George coughed at the moment of Maximus questioning him. "Well Maximus, why not you bring the photo first then I'll explain, would that make a better way to help you answer your question?" 


TO BE CONTINUE ( And I need to be good at writing)