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I'm The Captain Of My Story

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I’m The Captain Of My Story

Chapter One

Elly Conway has returned to Erinsborough after a much-needed break in Sydney with her mum. Elly’s life had spun out of control in the months leading up to her trip to Sydney.

Elly’s best friend, Chloe Brennan, had fallen in love with her. Elly had proposed to Chloe’s brother, Mark, her boyfriend at the time. Elly had been unable to allow Chloe to stay away from her when Chloe told her she needed space to get over her feelings for Elly. Elly had certainly not shown any hint of jealousy when Chloe attempted to move on with her ex, Mel, right? When Mark had up and abandoned her and called off the wedding in his grief over the death of a friend of his, Elly had found herself in Chloe’s arms as the pair spent a steamy few hours making love to one another. A very platonic thing to do with your best friend, right?

Mark had turned back up for the wedding hours before Elly walked down the aisle and not five minutes after they had been declared husband and wife, Elly had broken down and told him “I slept with your sister!” What followed that admission was just a mess of Elly’s life for the next few months. Days after the wedding, Elly thought she was pregnant with Mark’s child, and told him after she had finally convinced him to talk to her. Chloe had told her that she would be there as a friend to Elly but that was the last time they had spoken in months.

Turns out Elly wasn’t pregnant. With Mark keeping her at arm’s length unable to forgive her completely for cheating on him with his sister and Elly insisting that she wanted to get her marriage to Mark back to a secure place before she informed him he wasn’t going to be a father, Elly found herself having a drunken one night stand and cheating on Mark all over again. This time Elly fell pregnant. The father of her baby turned out to be Shaun Watkins, the brother of Elly’s ex Finn.

Elly had tried to keep the baby-daddy secret from Mark, going to extreme lengths to hide the truth from him, been black mailed by numerous people that had learnt the truth. It was eating her up inside until she couldn’t do it anymore. She finally confessed she was pregnant to another man; Mark had kicked her out of his home and within days sought out annulment papers that she had no choice but to sign. She’d hurt Mark so much and he no longer wanted her to be his wife. With Elly beginning to spend time with Shaun before he returned overseas to where he lived with the promise to return for the birth, there was almost a moment that Elly thought she and Mark could reconcile but it wasn’t to be.

After that disappointment, Elly had taken a break from her life but after 5 weeks away with her mum she had returned home where she lived with her Aunt Susan, Uncle Karl, sister Bea, and Finn.

Elly was so happy to see Bea when she walked through the door, proudly declaring that she was now 19 weeks pregnant and had made a few changes in her life to keep relaxed and drama-free. Bea and Finn supposedly had no gossip or drama to fill Elly in on though something about the way they said it left Elly not quite believing them but she didn’t want to push it.

Drama-free, remember, I need that.

Bea had immediately handed over Elly’s mail where Elly found the letter from the family court confirming she was no longer married to Mark. “I’m no longer Mrs. Brennan,” Elly confirmed to Bea and Finn as they stood there with her.

Months ago, that would have hurt but now…I accept it.

Elly tells Bea and Finn, “I’ve made my peace with everything that happened.”

I had to, I really did love him…as much as I thought I could anyway and I hurt him so badly by cheating on him twice and now I’m pregnant with another man’s baby. It’s not like I could ever expect Mark to forgive me and raise this child with me. Especially when Shaun does want to be part of his baby’s life. I couldn’t keep trying to get Mark to forgive me and love me again. Now my focus has to be solely on this new regime to create a zero stress and zero drama environment to raise my child into. Not on my love life.

Elly changes the subject to stop herself feeling the pity coming from Bea at the end of her marriage.

I start talking about that I do want to focus on rebuilding all my friendships. I immediately tell Bea that I need to do this with Amy and Leo…but my friendships were reasonably solid with them before I took a break from Erinsborough. I hurt Leo my involving him in my lies to Mark about who the father of the baby was…but once I came clean to Mark, Leo had my back once more. Amy was disappointed in me that it took me so long to come forward and that I didn’t confide in her but she helped me make the decision to go stay with mum. She then confided in me about her confusion with her feelings for her fiancé, Gary, and her ex-boyfriend, Kyle. Kyle is Gary’s son and much closer to Amy’s age and type but he broke her heart years ago. I do want to call Amy now that I’m back to check in and see how she’s handling her feelings for the pair.

“I’d love to say Chloe as well…but I think that’s out of the question,” Elly adds only seeing the pity and surprise on Bea’s face at the mention of Chloe.

Probably because it’s been so long since I’ve spoken about Chloe to Bea. To anyone. Even I don’t like to admit how long it’s been since I’ve really taken some time to think about Chloe. I did think about Chloe whilst I was in Sydney. How could I not? After all the drama of the last few months that I got myself embroiled in, I was too distracted to really deal with what I’d done to my best friend. I wanted to spend some more time to really work out how I can ever attempt to make up for what I did to Chloe and I wasn’t ready to convey that to Bea before I’d worked out if it’s even possible. But before I know it, I’m saying it out loud to Bea and Finn. I bring up the most important friendship I want to get back but am positive it might not happen as I hurt Chloe so badly.

Not quite as bad as how I hurt Mark but I knew how she felt about me and I used her for comfort anyway when I needed to feel loved…I mean that’s all it was right?