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My Unholy Soul™

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"Hi." When the voice suddenly spoke Peter couldn't help but jump at the unexpected sound. The man in which the voice belonged to was definitely something to look at even though he had many scars decorating his skin. They looked to be from stabs and such. But whatever the cause they made him hotter. Peter never wanted to be labeled as 'that' kind omega but he couldn't help take in that Alpha scent. "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you. My name's Wade."

"I'm Peter." The answer is timid but there. "And it's ok, I seem to get startled all the time."

"Remeber seeing you in the halls a few times." He takes a slight pause. "I don't think I could ever forget a beautiful face yours.

"O-oh."Peter blushes at his words, taken aback. "Well you're pretty handsome yourself." Peter didn't know what gave him the certain boost of confidence, but he could tell that Wade liked it. Or at least that's what he gathered from the the smirk on his lips