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Peerlessly Cold and Shooting Towards the Heavens

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Warm, it was so warm.

Comfortable, warm, safe. It felt like home and he didn’t ever want to leave.

It continued like this, for what felt like stretched eternal. Home, home, home, safe, the hospital had never felt like this, this must be his apartment.

It didn’t matter that the last memory he had was of dying, didn’t matter that there was no way they would let him out of the hospital until he was conscious. All that mattered was that it felt safe and like home in this warm, dark space.

Curling in, the space seemed to be getting smaller. Or was it that he was getting bigger?

He kicked and stretched, trying to get more room.

He didn’t even know what was happening when a panic seized him. Don’t take me away from here! I don’t want to go, put me back!

He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t breathe! Cold, cold, so cold and he cried and cried.

A holographic screen popped up in front of him.

[Congratulations, user Shen Yuan! You have transmigrated to the body of Shang Qinghua of Proud Immortal Demon Way. This system operates on the basis of “You can, you up. You can’t, tb”]

Shen Yuan cried for an entirely different reason this time.


Here was the thing about transmigration.

It absolutely, completely, utterly sucked.

No matter how much authors romanticized it, it sucked as much a vacuum cleaner. Knowledge, laughable and nothing when you were a child with no access to anything. Cheat, haha, what is that, can you eat it? System, he had one, but it was trying to kill him.

It was after many, many hours of trying to remember who this particular cannon fodder did he remember. Qing, meant he was a Peak Lord in Cang Qiong in the generation that it would be destroyed by Luo Binghe. Shang Qinghua, was that one particular cannon fodder that had only been mentioned once!

The An Ding Peak Lord, Shang Qinghua, who was also the one who sold the sect out to Mobei-Jun and was part of the cause the tragedy of that Immortal Alliance Conference happened! Not only that, but this cannon fodder was also killed by Mobei-Jun after his worth was finished. Right, he would also die because he betrayed Mobei-Jun, leaving him vulnerable to his uncle, Linguang-Jun.

Hooray, hooray, hooray. Important things need to be said thrice.

Could you sense the sarcasm dripping from that?

All in all, life sucked.

The system had only issued one mission thus far, and even that was just a general thing he had to do to in this world. That was make sure the plot ran smoothly and survive.

He was born into a relatively wealthy merchant family with a younger sister and two older brothers. They were all really nice to each other and his father did not have any concubines or other wives so his parents were loving. It was either weird or intentional that it was a direct parallel to his old family.

Shen Yuan, or rather, Shang Yuan now couldn’t help but think back to his old family every now and then.


Shang Yuan received his first mission when he was thirteen.

[Mission: Get in Cang Qiong Mountain Sect. Failure to complete the mission will lead to the deduction of 500 B Points. Success will be rewarded with 100 B Points.]

One must know that in the thirteen years he has been here, Shen Yuan has only received, oh, I don’t know, 1000 B Points. All from random things.

So it actually was completely possible for him to just skip out on the plot and watch from the sidelines. It would also be the best way for him to survive, if it wasn’t for the fact that even if the system issued him a mission, he would have been forced onto Cang Qiong anyways.

His dear family—the traitors!—decided to dump him in the place where the test was being held, after successfully guilt tripping him into at least trying. Trying his hardest, that is.

And so he dug and dug and dug.

Looking around him, suddenly, it felt so average. That was fine, he didn’t actually want to get in. He was just trying for his family.

It was no big deal, an adult like him shouldn’t be competing with children anyways. It didn’t matter that he tried his best, it didn’t matter that he was beaten by children who probably had better physiques than him because of their families.

But it hurt anyways.

Shen Yuan focused back on digging his hole when a shadow came upon him. A disciple in the An Ding Peak’s uniform was in front of him, wearing a listless face.

“Come with me, Shizun wants to bring you in.”


There was a lull of silence as Shang Yuan went through the motions of the tea ceremony. The An Ding Peak Lord looked at him with even eyes, gaze never once leaving until he kneeled down.

He asked the boy the required question, “Why did you join the Cang Qiong Mountain Sect?” not one opinion forming as the boy answered perfunctorily, “I have always admired the immortal cultivators way and my family will be happy if I am able to get in.”

Ah, that meant that he was only trying for his family. Meaning he would try as long as it benefitted or interested him.

There is another lull of silence as he sipped the tea.

The tea was actually quite good, so he welcomed the new disciple to An Ding.

(If in the future he admitted that he only accepted this disciple because he made good tea, then it was because he wanted to purposely enrage this silly disciple of his. An Ding has gained a lot of respect because of this head disciple, it was a good thing he accepted him back then.)


During his time in the sect, Shen Yuan found out that of the future Peak Lords, there were only Yue-shixiong, Wei-shixiong, Mu-shidi and Qi-shimei that he knew from the original novel were already here when he came.

It had been a long time since he had thought of the novel. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but curse Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky for not! Even! Mentioning! The other! Peaks!

There was a Beast Taming Peak, if he knew that them he would do his best to get into that! Or maybe the Spirit Formation Peak, even the Treasure or Spy Peak would be cool, alright! But, no! He got stuck with logistics!

Do you know how boring it is?!

If he wasn’t in accounting, then he was helping with labor, if he wasn’t helping with labor, then he was a messenger and if he wasn’t being a messenger then he was being beat up by other Peaks’ disciples!

Ok, maybe it didn’t seem boring, but it was horribly tiring. But even though Shen Yuan was somewhat lazy, he was very diligent when it came to trying to save his own life, alright!

So, unlike all the other An Ding disciples who were smart enough to rest when they could, he devised a schedule that gave minimum rest and maximum work.

By doing so, Shen Yuan unknowingly inspired the other disciples.

(Also, he proved to himself the theory that the quality of sleep is more important than the quality of sleep. Even if that meant perpetual bags under his eyes.)

(It also meant that his Shizun knew of this and decided to make him as Head Disciple. The system awarded him quite some points for completing a mission before it was issued.)


Shang Yuan was fifteen and Shen Jiu aka Shen Qingqiu came into the sect. He heard it from shamelessly eavesdropping on his shidi-s and shimei-s’ gossip.

Shen Yuan had gained somewhat of a reputation for being horribly sharp-tongued and quite vengeful, going as petty as he could be if needed as the Head Disciple of An Ding.

So after scolding them without any real anger behind it, he continued on with calculating the amount needed to fix this month’s batch of Bai Zhan disciple’s uniforms and deducted it from the allowance they got. Cang Qiong was not Huan Hua, alright!

Let’s see... Qian Cao’s Peak Lord asked for a small fortune and deduct it from his allowance because there would be an auction that was said to have an extremely rare herb that he wanted to experiment with. See, this is the kind of intelligence he wanted to see!

You didn’t need to be an ultra smart genius, just have common sense, please!

It was also the same time that Liu Qingge came in so Shang Yuan was just waiting for Bai Zhan to go f*ck themselves up.

As for Shen Qingqiu, well, he was really pitiful. But if he helped make Shen Yuan’s job lighter then he would help him in return.

His Shizun just watched him, amused by it and enjoying the free time he has had lately ever since he outright dumped about as much work as he could to his Head Disciple. At this point, Shang Yuan, about to be Shang Qinghua might as well be training himself for the position of Peak Lord.


Shang Qinghua was sixteen when he finally met the person who would later kill him. Mobei-Jun crashed into the street that they were on and the intense demonic energy destroyed the carriage he and his shidi were in. A lot of them were injured by it, the products they were delivering all broken and salvageable but unable to become the initial quality.

So he was understandably very pissed. Even if you were a demonic monarch, please have some thought to us commoners alright?!

Then the system issued a prompt.

[New Mission! Save Mobei-Jun, failure to complete this task will result in the deduction of 5000 B Points, success will be rewarded with 100 B Points.]

System, you’re scamming me, alright?!


There is a lull of silence as Mobei-Jun aka his future murderer wakes. The demon looks at Shen Yuan with cold eyes and a colder heart and he didn’t blame him.

Mobei-Jun’s background has some bad history with humans. To find that he was saved by one would make him think of it as a trap.

Shang Yuan internally snorted at that, he greeted the demon, “You’re awake, Your Highness?”

It truly wasn’t very sincere, but Mobei-Jun just continuously watched him for any threatening moves

“Why did you save me?” the long dreaded question.

“Why shouldn’t I save you?” He wanted to ask back, instead, Shang Qinghua told him, “I don’t want to die.”

And thus was this universe’s first meeting between Shang Qinghua and Mobei-Jun


Mobei-Jun had long been healed and left when Shen Yuan’s shidi-s woke up. They were still incapable of too much movement but thanked him and told Shang Qinghua to leave them be and find a senior cultivator from the sect.

Speaking of, Shang Qinghua should go find a way to make flares or something. So this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

How annoying.


Really, Shang Qinghua should have expected the system going ballistic over the fact that he did not subordinate himself to Mobei-Jun. He shushed it using logic that even if demons did not care about it, Mobei-Jun was probably the type to care enough that he was saved by a human and has to repay the debt.

It was true, Mobei-Jun just wordlessly appeared and asked, “What do you want of me?”

He shrugged, “Someone suggested I be a subordinate of yours, let’s go with that. I’ll be a spy,”

“Who even are you?” Mobei-Jun bluntly asked, plopping down with fingers tapping impatiently. Wow, it was cold in here now. His fingers were freezing up, that is bad for writing, so he balled them up and shoved them into his sleeves.

“Head Disciple of An Ding, it’s good enough.”

He was walking on a tightrope without safety precautions here.

Mobei-Jun thinned his lips and was probably thinking. Then he nodded and left.


He is seventeen when the Saintly Ruler of the demon realm, Tianlang-Jun aka Luo Binghe’s biological father was defeated.


Shen Yuan is eighteen when he actually meets Shen Qingqiu. The current Peak Lords have finally chosen all their successors and decided to have them meet once a month to bond, because Cang Qiong was supposed to be like family.

It was so utterly a disaster that Shen Yuan wonders how they ever function in the future. Yue Qingyuan was stuck between placating Shen Qingqiu and asking the rest of them to please settle down, Shen Qingqiu and Liu Qingge might as well be on each other’s necks, Wei Qingwei and Mu Qingfang were talking to each other and ignoring the rest of the world, Qi Qingqi and Shang Qinghua himself looked way too done with this while the other unnamed—damn you Airplane—future Peak Lords were fanning the flames between Shen Qingqiu and Liu Qingge.

Really, if it had not been Shang Qinghua who did this, Qi Qingqi would have.

“Everyone, SHUT UP!” He slammed his hands down onto the table which was actually quite sturdy to have withstood everything. The big noise had everyone looking at him instead.

Shang Qinghua inhaled then exhaled heavily. He put on a carefully blank face and told them, “If everyone—except Yue-shixiong, Wei-shixiong, Qi-shimei and Mu-shidi—will keep acting like children then please find a children’s playground!”

Shen Qingqiu and Liu Qingge gave him sharp looks before settling down, the unnamed ones actually quite quelled by the wrath of An Ding’s Head Disciple and Yue Qingyuan gave him a grateful look.

“We’re all calm now? Good, now talk like civilized adults.”

Shen Qingqiu snorted derisively behind his fan and threw a barb at either everyone or him(?), “Thank you Shang-shidi for reminding us.”

Shen Yuan didn’t understand what he was disdaining, but he shrugged instead and threw back, “It’s fine, Shen-shixiong. That seems to be my and Qi-shimei’s role around here.”

Qi Qingqi timely huffed and joined in Mu Qingfang and Wei Qingwei’s chat.

They kept talking and Shang Qinghua realized that he was having a good conversation with the scum villain of Proud Immortal Demon Way. Huh, how nice.

They were friends(?) after that.

No one knew whether they should be scared or scared of this particular duo.


Shang Qinghua is nineteen when Mobei-Jun finally actually uses him.

It was the first time in years that they met again and Shen Yuan pondered it for a moment before saying dryly, “My king, is there anything you need?”

He narrowed his eyes and the air got colder.

Shang Qinghua shivered, partially listening to Mobei-Jun and partially calculating the numbers in front of him. “Huan Hua,” Mobei-Jun simply demanded somehow?

Shen Yuan held in a sigh, exasperated and annoyed at the lack of words already. “My King, what about Huan Hua Palace do you want to know? Security? Amount of disciples? The agreements between Cang Qiong and Huan Hua?”

Mobei-Jun furrowed his brows, probably frustrated with his own lack of vocabulary. “...everything(?)” Shang Qinghua almost thought that he had asked that.

Shang Qinghua took out a scroll and started writing.

During that, he chattered a bit to the demon, “You know, I pretty much forgot that I’m a spy for you. Could we do something like weekly reports or something?”

Mobei-Jun nodded, Shen Yuan didn’t catch it.

(For some reason, Mobei-Jun smacked him over the head several times and kicked him for good measure{?}. That...left bruises. It really hurt.)


Shen Yuan nearly had a heart attack when he woke up to see a big blue humanoid with eyes so cold it could freeze hell over thrice standing over his bed in the middle, of, the f*cking, night.

So, it really wasn’t his fault that he shouted—no he did NOT scream like a girl—and threw a pillow right to its face.

Mobei-Jun froze imperceptibly for a moment before reacting and smacking Shang Qinghua. Which, ow, that really...hurt.

It had just suddenly gotten really cold so he thought that the window opened or something, then he looked up and saw Mobei-f*cking-Jun. Who later told him that he had come for the weekly reports. That was, uh, well.

He didn’t think that Mobei-Jun had listened or even ever considered it.


Shang Qinghua had stopped helping in the labor section ever since he started doing weekly reports. His shidi and shimei all ask him if there was something wrong and if they could help.

They were all very good children, really.

Children should be children then. They shouldn’t be burdened by anything else.

He winced as he accidentally pressed his arm the wrong way again, ignoring his shidi’s sharp glance at that.


Apparently, Shen Yuan wasn’t a very good actor. It was the second monthly meeting between future Peak Lords that Mu Qingfang of all people called him out. “Shang-shixiong, are you alright? Do you need Qingfang to check up on you?”

Shang Qinghua raised a brow, replying to him, “I’m fine, thank you for your worry.”

“Shang-shidi,” Shen Qingqiu smoothly cut in, throwing a look at the currently bruised shoulder of his and the foot he avoided using too much. “You must have been working very hard lately, you should take up Mu-shidi’s offer.”

And of course, now that Shen Qingqiu gave it his two cents, Yue Qingyuan joined in which made everyone else agree.

Shang Qinghua sent a brief glare at the Qing Jing Head Disciple, who gave him a triumphant glance back.


The clinic was silent.

Mu Qingfang had taken one look at him and paled, Shang Qinghua was just happy that he had the mind to speed up the healing of that one black eye. It had bothered his reading. The split lip made eating difficult and painful too.

It would certainly raise too many questions.

Mu Qungfang asked about it and Shang Qinghua couldn’t answer.

He was walking on a tightrope without safety precautions and underneath was a descent of insanity and death. Ah, the things he has to do to survive.


His shizun asked him about it too, one day. What happened, whats wrong?

Shang Qinghua smiled and answered “I’m fine, nothing happened.”


Shen Qingqiu had finally started on about it when it bothered him. The fifth month, he reminded himself to get some salve because his stock was quickly vanishing.

They sometimes visit each other, which is, a thing. Somehow.

Oftentimes when it was Shang Qinghua that goes to Qing Jing, Shen Qingqiu would be reading in the library or practicing guqin or doing practically anything useful. Shang Qinghua would just sometimes watch and sometimes join him.

Shen Qingqiu has been practicing his swordsmanship a lot lately. Shang Qinghua took to watching him again, not wanting to irritate the scratch on his leg and that bruise that somehow always manages to get itself onto his back.

Qing Jing’s future Peak Lord threw him a glance, the ones that were becoming more and more unreadable lately, but Shang Qinghua could guess the sentiment. Annoyance, probably.

“Shang-shidi, won’t you join shixiong and spar with me?”

Ah. Well.

(He was later dumped onto Qian Cao, a very unimpressed but worried Mu Qingfang fussing and nagging like he was his mother.)


Shen Yuan would be lying if he said he didn’t dread the weekly reports he had to give. If it weren’t for his big mouth, really.

(Could you blame him? He was tired and wanted the system to just stop blaring sirens at him, not to mention that no one really ever actually listened to him despite everything.)

It went like usual.

Usual meaning he turned in the scroll, informed Mobei-Jun of the things that didn’t get onto the paper he had given then be used as a punching bag. hurt.


Shang Qinghua was twenty-one when he and the others became Peak Lords.


He had become quite good in tolerating the pain and oretending it wasn’t there when it was a habit for everyone to send him to Qian Cao the moment he f*cking sneezed. So.

He felt warm with all the care they gave despite it probably only being polite.


Sometime later, Shang Qinghua couldn’t remember very clearly how much time has passed, but Luo Binghe finally came up to Cang Qiong and was accepted.

The system was very happy to have the main power source near enough and kept sending him prompts.

Shen Yuan continued on.

Chapter Text

Airplane really, truly did not expect this.

Shen Qingqiu was the scum villain extraordinaire of Proud Immortal Demon Way, the villain that he had once had plans for that was reduced into a 2D drawing.

He was the author of this novel! Why couldn’t he have transmigrated into the protagonist or someone important—and a man, not woman—enough that they do not die?! Like Mobei-Jun or something!

No! The world wants him to suffer as Shen Qingqiu aka the one who gets cut up into a human stick!

Another thing that he had very much NOT expected was that the background story he had ready for Shen Qingqiu actually happening. Yue Qingyuan looked at him with guilt and sadness and Airplane almost wanted to blurt out the truth.

That would lead to his death, unfortunately.

The thing he expected least was the An Ding Peak Lord Shang Qinghua visiting.

“Shen-shixiong, I heard you’re sick. I got you some of that tea that you like.” Shang Qinghua had told Airplane as he entered his room like it was no big deal. It was a very big deal, alright?!

Airplane internally floundered, Shen Qingqiu sat up and replied coolly, “Thank you, Shang-shidi.” Before he realized what he just did and quickly shut his mouth.

Shang Qinghua looked at him strangely. “Shixiong, are you alright? Do you need to visit Mu-shidi?”

There was an amusement and a hint of irony in his voice. Airplane thought to himself that Shang Qinghua was not! Meant! To be like this! The An Ding Peak Lord was supposed to he cowardly and treacherous, not to mention very underappreciated.

This was either Shang Qinghua that did not conform to his characterization and was somehow friends with Shen Qingqiu or not Shang Qinghua at all.

So, ignoring the blaring sirens of the system, Airplane blurted out, “Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky.”

Shang Qinghua abruptly froze and looked at him with something in his eyes and Shang Qinghua almost blurted out that he was the author too, if there wasn’t a foreboding feeling at that. “You’re a transmigrator too?”

But then, his voice was cold and dead and almost exactly like Mobei-Jun’s had it been deeper. “Then where’s Shen-shixiong?”

Airplane fell silent at that.

Shang Qinghua nodded at him then silently and sullenly left. Airplane felt that, it was really for the best that he doesn’t let loose the fact that he was the author.


Shen Yuan had just exited the bamboo house when there was an excited shout, “Shang-shishu!”

Shang Qinghua looked at the adorable child that was the protagonist. Really, how could Shen Qingqiu, or, the original one have ever abused this little sheep? The Shen Qingqiu that he knew had mellowed out a bit, since Luo Binghe didn’t have as many bruises as he had been described to have in the original novel.

But, right now, he just wanted to bury himself and cry for several years. Sure, Shen Qingqiu was the scum villain of Proud Immortal Demon Way, but it wasn’t like he was the 2D character Airplane wrote!

The Shen Qingqiu he knew liked Tie Guan Yin tea but hated it smoked, sometimes, during the missions that Zhangmen-shixiong lets them go on together, he would buy sweets on the streets. He hated being disturbed when he was reading an interesting piece, disliked Liu Qingge because of his arrogance and “I’m-Better-Than-You” attitude he has around him.

The protagonist only reminded him that this tsundere was going to die either way, one painless and the other painful.

Still, Shen Yuan smiled. “Luo-shizi, how have you been?”

(Smile, smile, smile until it is etched on his face. Lie, lie, lie until it becomes truth.

But there was one truth in mind that he wouldn’t let go for a long time.

He was the only one he had left.)


Luo Binghe frowned to himself internally. Did shizun and Shang-shishu have a fight? Shang-shishu seemed really sad.

He had first met Shang-shishu the same day he was brought to the peak, right after shizun threw tea on him and his shixiong all beat him up. That evening, Shang-shishu probably heard something odd and checked it, only to find him.

Shang-shishu had then sighed and smiled at him gently, before reaching into his sleeve and giving him a small jar of salve. Telling him, “If you ever need any more, go to An Ding or Qian Cao.”

At that time, it seemed like Shang-shishu understood his plight and Luo Binghe had then remembered what he heard about An Ding from the talk in the streets.

It was after that that he found out that shizun and Shang-shishu were actually quite good friends and it was mostly his shishu that comes to visit. Those times, he somehow always coincidentally meets him and Shang-shishu would take one look at him before shaking his head fondly and sighing in exasperation before giving him a jar of salve that seemed like it had been prepared.

Shizun grew less harsh on him over time and Luo Binghe could only thank the gods and wonder who caused it.

(He knew, of course he knew. But how does one bring it up?)

Something about Shang-shishu as he left the bamboo house and Qing Jing Peak made Luo Binghe want to hug him and give him all the comforts the world could offer, which was, considering who they were to each other, inappropriate.

(Shizun changed that day and Luo Binghe had a vague understanding of why Shang-shishu had been like that.)


Shang Qinghua was late.

Mobei-Jun frowned and impatiently paced around the room, his retainers cowering in fear of what they thought was anger. He scowled at them, taking great amusement and satisfaction in how they flinched and scurried away.

A minute, two minutes, ten minutes and Mobei-Jun decided to just up and go to An Ding.

He created a portal, automatically setting the destination to Shang Qinghua’s room because he would be spotted anywhere else and that would be bad for his human. Walking in, he expected to see the usual not tidy but also not messy room.

Instead, the moment Mobei-Jun walked in, he had to avoid stepping and found a close enough spot that had not been covered with paper. The demon looked around and found a lump on the bed, covered in layers of blankets that would make himself warm enough that it would bother him.

Did... something happen to Shang Qinghua?

His first thought about it was “Who do I have to kill?”

Mobei-Jun approached the bed that was pushed into the corner because Shang Qinghua liked it like that for some reason and pulled off the blankets. Shang Qinghua, in response, whines and snatches back the blankets to wrap himself tighter.

The demon frowned, this was the first time Shang Qinghua has shown any type of resistance, did that mean he was finally responding to his courtship?

But... he was crying.

Mobei-Jun knew for a fact that a crying human is one that was either hurt, dying or... well, hurt. How does one comfort a human?

The plays in the human world would often show the male using this chance to initiate intimate contact with the female, that would either be a boost in romantic and sexual tension or be seen and trigger another plotline. Other times, they just papapa.

Mobei-Jun frowned and firmly took the blankets away, frowning when Shang Qinghua realized it was him and immediately tensed. This reaction... was it bad?

“Who do I need to kill?”

“Huh?” Shang Qinghua, who was probably trying to make up a reason as to why he was doing whatever he was doing gaped at him. “My King, it’s fine, there’s nothing. Right, right, this week’s report...”

The human got up and went over to the pile of paperwork that seemed like pure torture had it been Mobei-Jun the one in charge for them and pulled one out, giving it to him.

“There shouldn’t be anything not mentioned in there, forgive me for the inconvenience.”

There was that attitude again, proffesional and completely dismissive of his (failed) attempts of courtship. Mobei-Jun scowled and raised a hand...


Shang Qinghua, as if realizing what he had just done, froze before forcing himself to relax. “My King,” he was eerily calm and, oh, wow. Mobei-Jun really liked this tone. “My King, ah. I’m incredibly sorry for the impropriety but, I am so. Completely. Sick. And done. With this sh*t!”

He glared at Mobei-Jun and it felt horribly cute despite the threat he knew Shang Qinghua could pose if he just chose to, pointing at the demon and with dramatic gestures, he started ranting.

“I am not a f*cking punching bag for you, Mobei-Jun,” oh, he said his name. And wanted him to stop hitting, “nor am I for this horrible sh*tty world! So if you would please, stop, beating me, and just f*cking use your line of a mouth to open and say! Things! You have a problem with me?!” Shang Qinghua wanted him to say more things? “Well too bad! I’m not going to change it unless you open your sh*tty mouth and f*cking use it! I’m not a mind reader, I’m a cultivator! Of the Logistics Peak! So if you have a problem then say things!” The human was repeating things now. He was really angry(read: cute).

Mobei-Jun decided that he really liked Shang Qinghua’s voice.

He kept on talking and talking and Mobei-Jun carefully listened to every word, learning more about his human in the last hour than in the last years. The demon internally frowned. That should be remedied, Shang Qinghua was actually an interesting person.

It was after Shang Qinghua somehow went on to symptoms of abuse trauma and the inconveniences that it caused him that Mobei-Jun stopped to think that his courtship attempts were being taken the wrong way?

Humans don’t hit other humans in affection??

But...Mobei-Jun saw several children and even adults doing it??

So, what does that mean for him who was trying to woo someone but instead did something so very bad it led to...whatever Shang Qinghua was explaining, he was now using words that Mobei-Jun did not understand or even know.

So, all this time, Shang Qinghua did not reply not because he was uninterested, but because he took it as Mobei-Jun needlessly beating him up?

(At first, the hitting was just a show of dominance, but then Shang Qinghua decided to do whatever he did to make him feel things and Mobei-Jun started actually hitting him and while there was a phase where he meant to hurt him to get rid of feelings, it just made him feel like being stabbed.

Apparently humans don’t show affection that way.)


Airplane, to Luo Binghe, really did not actually feel too much.

Luo Binghe was the protagonist of his novel, Proud Immortal Demon Way, his childhood pitiful and adulthood successful, he was a glorified womanizer, hated men, was made because of circumstances and that was it.

No, Airplane did not feel too much for him, he felt more for several of the side characters. Shen Qingqiu and Yue Qingyuan both had a wretched beggining, wretched life and wretched ends, life full of misunderstandings and resentment despite the loyalty and love they held. Mobei-Jun hating humans and eventually being forced to serve a half-one. The Peak Lords for being innocent but killed off painfully for someone else’s wrongs. Su Xiyan and Tianlang-Jun’s relationship and how everything went to a clusterf*ck, leaving behind an orphaned and confused baby.

But they were all fictional, at least, until he got into this world.

Luo Binghe’s backstory, he spared almost nothing to make it as horrible as he could but that was really all the effort that went into this character. Everything else was just, oh, found out he’s a demon, boost strength by 500%! Oh, got Xin Mo Sword, boost strength by 1000%! And so on so forth.

But when faced with the child that he had spared nearly nothing to practically traumatize and abuse despite no symptoms popping up...

Well, he felt actual pity. Maybe a little guilty too.

Those things however, were overshadowed by the fact that he needed to act like Shen Qingqiu or die. The system gives him a prompt and he either does it or dies, there was the solution of gaining enough B Points, but it was still, well, he just transmigrated.

The person he felt most guilt to, if asked before transmigrating, would be Mobei-Jun. The person he felt most guilt to, if asked after transmigrating, was the fellow transmigrator in Shang Qinghua’s body.

It was obvious that transmigrator Shang Qinghua had changed quite a few things in the world. He and Shen Qingqiu had been friends, the Peak Lords more harmonious than what Airplane remembered writing in his notes. Luo Binghe seemed happier and not as bullied.

It was disorienting at times.

The feeling was like this, you know of someone entirely, no aspect left out and you interact with them, but they react differently than according to what you know. Given the fact that he had the OOC lock on currently, it was like walking on unstable stones in a rushing river.

He forces his face to the blank, cold one Shen Qingqiu usually has on and bullsh*tted his way completely through interactions with any of the disciples.

Then came the monthly—monthly! He was so dead—Peak Lord Meeting.

It wasn’t what Airplane expected, really.

He had sort of expected a meeting of strategies and all official stuff, but it was actually more of a friend or family gathering. Apparently, he wasn’t good enough at acting in character and people kept asking him to get checked at Qian Cao.

It was after about thirty minutes after it started did they finally start asking about Shang Qinghua who was very noticeable absent.

Airplane panicked. Shen Qingqiu, he had never ever thought of what he would do if a friend of his is missing! Heck, he never thought Shen Qingqiu could have a friend period!

Yue Qingyuan (somehow???) saw the worry and decided they would all go to visit Shang Qinghua because that is what family does and they were all siblings.

Airplane could already see how many points he would lose from this...

The disciples around quickly fell into a silent state as they saw the eleven other Peak Lords on An Ding Peak and one of them put their work load down before going up to the eleven and greeting them. “Greetings, may this disciple ask what the honored Peak Lords are doing on this humble An Ding Peak?”

“We would like to see your shizun,” Yue Qingyuan smiled gently and Airplane asks himself once again how the f*ck everyone was so drop dead gorgeous and not gay yet. The disciple, flustered at such gestures, bowed once again and stuttered out with an off expression. “Shizun is... he is currently not well.”

Shen Qingqiu raised an eyebrow and apparently that was enough to frighten the unnamed disciple—which was, uh, convenient?—so much that he was sweating buckets. Qi Qingqi, who was at his side, scoffed and nudged him on the arm. She told him, “Stop scaring the poor boy!”

...what did Airplane even do??


A complete, utter mess.

Mu Qingfang had been in the mind of how Shang-shixiong was tidy, but doesn’t go out of his way to clean things up as thoroughly as Shen-shixiong. But this, this was what one would expect from a child in Bai Zhan Peak!

Why was the bed pushed into the corner? Mu Qingfang pondered that for a moment before realizing that it was either from habit or for feeling comfortable or safe.

The curtains were drawn, dimming any light from outside and there were a lot of papers on the ground, some of which were written on with incomprehensible things, some blank and the smallest minority was probably official matters that got caught in it. This infers that either Shang-shixiong’s mind is in a dark, chaotic place or Shang-shixion just liked the dark and chaotic aesthetic which did not match him.

Shang-shixiong himself was curled up in his inner robes and a worrying amount of blankets, considering that it was currently quite warm outside. Was he running a fever or was it once again for comfort and the illusion of safety?

Shen-shixiong frowned at the scene, muttering a “He isn’t usually like this,” which confirms several theories.

Shang-shixiong used to appear at Qian Cao with bruises all over his body all the time, it gradually grew rarer for him to do so as time passed. He nearly never came after being Peak Lord which was understandable.

Who would or even could beat up a Peak Lord, even if he is from An Ding?

While Qian Cao has never bore the brunt of Shang Qinghua’s anger, they have heard enough from Bai Zhan that it was bad.

“Shang-shixiong,” Mu Qingfang takes the initiative. He was the physician of this group and was therefore the mother hen of the group, aka he was used to seeing messes of people. He carefully steps around, taking some paper to pile into small stacks.

Liu Qingge is, predictably, the one who tears the blankets off of Shang-shixiong which, Liu-shidi do you know anything of gentleness?! You do not do that to people, alright!

“Nooo,” Shang Qinghua whines and (somehow?? Shang-shixiong, how??) pulls the blankets over, “let me die in peace...”


Mu Qingfang was already coming up with effective treatments and what to do.


There is a line between intentional and coincidence.

By the power of Yue Qingyuan, honored Zhangmen-shixiong and Peak Lord of Qiong Ding, Shang Qinghua shall stay at Qing Jing for a while to “get fresh air and be in a new environment”.

Look, Airplane knew they were doing this with good intentions and the thought of Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua’s friendship... but he was going to die of heart attacks at this point! Shang Qinghua would sometimes(read: always) glare at him with death eyes one would expect from Shen Qingqiu or Mobei-Jun or the blackened protagonist and it was terrifying.

He couldn’t sleep because of nightmares of seeing Shang Qinghua just standing above him and running him through with a sword or two or a thousand!!

(Sometimes, Shang Qinghua would call “Shen-shixiong” before looking and realizing that that wasn’t the person he was talking to anymore.

Airplane never mentions those moments.)

Then Shang Qinghua mentioned that the only reason he wasn’t committing a murder was because of the system and the effort he already put into surviving and Airplane was scared enough that he completely avoided him the whole day. It was actually quite easy, considering that the An Ding Peak Lord prefered to hole himself up in his temporary room and do paperwork.

(How could Airplane not understand that? Did he not do that the entire time he worked on Proud Immortal Demon Way?

Deppressive states. Usually means isolation, lack of energy, oversleeping or sleep deprivation, overeating or starvation.

It was probably why he felt most guilty to Shang Qinghua.

Because he wasn’t a character he made, because he was someone “real”, because he triggered an episode by killing this “real person’s” friend.)


Shen Qingqiu smiled.

Luo Binghe stared and stared and stared. Everyone else was doing the same, even birds and the wind suddenly stopped when Shen Qingqiu smiled.

It was such a fleeting moment, there for a split-second then gone, Luo Binghe histerically thought to himself that he must have imagined it. There was no way shizun of all people would smile, right?!

(Meanwhile, Airplane cried inside as the system deducted points for extreme OOC behaviour.)


“You know,” Not-Shen Qingqiu starts blurting out one day. “I, uh, taking Shen Qingqiu’s body was not intentional.”

Shen Yuan looks at him evenly, taking the cup in front of him and drinking. It was Shen Qingqiu’s favorite type...

(Of course he knew, if anything, Shen Yuan himself was guilty for the same unintentional crime. He took the body of someone before he was even out of the womb, Not-Shen Qingqiu shouldn’t need to apologize to a fellow perpetrator when said fellow perpetrator never needed to either.

Shen Yuan was selfish enough to want it anyways.)

“But, well, I...” Not-Shen Qingqiu was being careful with his words, “I’m sorry, look, if I could choose then I would have chosen some bystander or something.”

If Shang Qinghua had that choice back then, he would have chosen that too. Now though, now...

His shizun had entrusted An Ding and therefore Cang Qiong to him, his students were all good children who looked up to him, his fellow Peak Lords really were like family—even as dysfunctional as they were, the sect has been home for nearly his entire life and he still needed to bash Liu Qingge over the head for going above the quota every time he came back to beat up his disciples, Shen Qingqiu had been a friend—despite all the barbed words and subtle yet empty threats.

This world, Shen Yuan doesn’t know since when, has become his home for a long time.

Shen Qingqiu’s death was expected, just not this early.

(Besides that, this was Proud Immortal Demon Way! The novel where a common flower might as well be a legendary herb that could bring people back to life and papapa was the most common answer to any poison!)

Shang Qinghua snorted and sighed, “You don’t need to say sorry.”

‘You have never had any fault to begin with.’

Not-Shen Qingqiu beamed.

(“So,” Shang Qinghua starts, “what do I call you?”

“Airplane!” Transmigrator-Shen Qingqiu who is apparently Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky thoughtlessly blurts out before paling and shielding himself.

Shen Yuan blinks. Blinks again, then takes the fan that Shen Qingqiu always has and starts ruthlessly smacking the author with it. “Stupid, goddamned f*cker of a sh*tty author!”)


When Shang Qinghua comes to the ice palace the third week after the revelation Mobei-Jun had about humans and how to show affection, he is much less sullen. He even smiles—smiles! Shang Qinghua smiled and the demon felt like he could die happy right then and there—and Mobei-Jun couldn’t helo but stiffly raise a hand (Shang Qinghua tensed at that, Mobei-Jun suddenly felt like his heart was being stabbed when he saw that reaction) and pat him on the head.

“...good job?” Mobei-Jun questioningly asks, Shang Qinghua nods and gives him an odd look before going back in a hurry, as if afraid the demon king would beat him again.

Mobei-Jun seriously considers that, goes back to his study and continues reading the pile of books he had his servants collect. They were all about how humans show affection and there was one that seemed like quite a good guide.

He flipped to the page he was reading before this and continued.


It was after a while that he found what he wanted.

The demon king carefully considered every word, it said quote unquote,

“Humans often hit each other softly as a friendly gesture or greeting. If a human hits too hard, then it is either intentional to anger the other human or accidental and they usually apologize for it immediately.

So, reader, if you accidentally hit your intended partner too hard and do not apologize, they will take an offense. As it is with most humans however, whether or not they hold it depends on their personalities.

If you beat up your intended human then, well, I have nothing to say. Humans will often either stew in hatred, anger or fear for the ones that beat them up, therefore, it is best to make your intention known before you do anything harmful!”

Mobei-Jun messed up pretty bad, didn’t he?


Chapter Text

By the time that Shang QInghua aka Peerless Cucumber aka Cucumber-bro had left and went back to An Ding, Airplane had finally met something that he had not inserted into canon.

The Skinner had been something Airplane had only mentioned once or twice in his earlier notes, it had really caught him off guard and the author only remembered this particular plotline when he was tied up (and for some reason half-dressed??) he really wanted to cry. He should have expected this, considering that even the backstory for Shen Qingqiu and Yue Qingyuan had happened. Though, it shouldn't be compared, he had even made a draft for it once. It had been lost when the audience wanted pure papapa.

Look, Skinner, Butterfly, whatever! This author is sorry for creating you then completely forgetting you, but I am still your creator so, MERCY!!

(The female lead for this scene was supposed to be Ning Yingying, why are you so focused on me?!)

Airplane truly wanted to cry. Unfortunately, the OOC lock would deduct his points horribly if he even tried. He cried out to the system, asking for help.

[Host has already activated tutorial mode, please do your best!]



Silver chains made up a necklace, a blue gem that had almost swirly but not patterns and encompassed every blue you could think of hung from it, framed by silver and tiny blue sapphires that made it twinkle in the light.

Shen Yuan marveled at it for a while before putting it on and streaming spiritual energy.

It had been something Mobei-Jun gave him. He would call it a gift, but it was more of something that made it convenient for both of them. If the demon kept appearing here then there was a high chance that they would be caught and it was especially inconvenient during summer. Mobei-Jun had just one day shoved it into his hands and told him to use it from then on.

(Shen Yuan vaguely remembers one of the wife plots including this necklace, but didn’t think too much of it.)

He closed his eyes in An Ding Peak and opened them to a palace of ice.

Clutching a roll of paper, he gave it to the waiting demon (also, for some reason, Mobei-Jun seems to always be waiting for him?) and promptly told him, “My King, there is nothing I haven’t reported in there.”

Shang Qinghua ignored the odd feeling in the air and looked at Mobei-Jun straight in the eyes (he tried his best not to flinch or show any sign of weakness) (there was something in the demon’s eyes that he didn’t know—didn’t want to know) and telling him curtly, “I’ll be leaving now, my king.”


With just a word, Shang Qinghua froze in place and dared not move.

Shen Yuan wanted to roll up into a ball and cry. He was going to be beat up again, wasn’t he? Maybe even killed this time? It wouldn’t go against Mobei-Jun’s character...

There was a hand on his head and Shen Yuan tensed, waiting for the demon to grab his head and slam it into the wall or floor or something. The hand stiffly ruffled his hair, (which, don’t you know how hard it is to style it?!) before removing itself and Shang Qinghua dared not relax.

(Mobei-Jun walked in front of the human and opened his mouth to apologize but Shang Qinghua looked at him with such terror that the words got stuck in his throat and became mush.

‘I’m sorry,’

Never said, never heard.)


Shizun was in one of his moods.

The current Head Disciple of An Ding sighed and gently shook his Shizun, “Shizun, please.”

Shang Qinghua peeked out of the cocoon of blanket he wrapped himself in and imperceptibly nodded. The disciple wanted to cry tears of joy at that, it wasn’t as bad as that time where Shizun was sent to Qing Jing! Thank goodness.

The disciple took a sticky rice cake and slowly coaxed his Shizun to "please get up and do something! If Shizun continued lying in bed all day then the other Peak Lords will send him to Qian Cao again".

Shang Qinghua finally got out of bed at that, the disciple had no idea whether they should laugh at it or cry at what it implicates. Or maybe both. Goodness, what and where has his sanity gone?

The other disciples give him encouraging pats and smiles.


Shen Qingqiu has been different ever since that one sudden fever.

It was common knowledge in the sect by now. Something that grated on Shen Yuan whenever he heard it, he didn't need distractions and thought fodder more than he already has. Paperwork had built up quite a bit and while he could relegate it to his head disciple, the boy still didn't quite understand several things and that was fine. Not everyone had the same drive he did back then.

But the Qing Jing Peak Lord had been very distinctly different after his latest expedition.

Airplane had told him about a lot of things the system. OOC Lock was apparently a thing, Shang Qinghua privately thought that he hadn't gotten it because he had been here since birth. Good, all the more that that trash author should suffer. That Shen Qingqiu had acted different was nothing, nothing at all.

(His first thought back then was "Did something happen to Shen-shixiong?")

(Except, it wasn't nothing, not when he was only further and further distracted from his responsibilities and duties and reminded everytime he heard his disciples talking about how much their Shen-shibo had changed, that the man smiled now and Shang Qinghua told Mobei-Jun--who still looked at him so oddly--the next report that he wouldn't be in the sect for a while before telling Yue Qingyuan--who smiled at him like usual--he was going to exterminate whatever beast was frolicking around in that one town.

If that beast had been whatever beast that led the blackened protagonist Bingge to wife number n and Shen Yuan definitely did not like, it had not been out of spite or anything.

It was just a coincidence, he later claimed to Airplane who looked at him disbelievingly.)

But in anyways, the trashy author went to visit Shang Qinghua with a smug air around him. One that immediately shattered when Shen Yuan mentioned that everyone was starting to think he was possesed.

"Wha-Bro!" Shen Qingqiu, in a horribly uncharacteristic act, whined to Shang Qinghua hands clasped imploringly and eyes teared up in what was supposed to look like puppy eyes. "Please help meeee!"

It was so ridiculous. Shen Qingqiu's appearance was elegant, graceful, scholarly, beautiful and cold. It completely did not suit Airplane's personality and current actions. If anyone else saw this, they would be convinced that Shen Qingqiu really was possessed. Shen Yuan flung Airplane's hands away, "Then act like Shen-shixiong! It can't be that hard, you survived these few months!"

Airplane wailed, arms flailing and dramatically falling back and Shang Qinghua had to hold himself back from smacking the other over the head for that. He turned to look at the very unopened door and sighed, hand going up to rub above his eyes. "If someone saw that...," Shang Qinghua hissed lowly, glaring at the author. "I, Shang Qinghua, do not know you. At all."

Shen Qingqiu sniffled--Shen Yuan very carefully folded his hands and pointely looked at the window.

(He wouldn't want to hit Shen-shixiong, even if it wasn't really Shen Qingqiu in that body.)

"But, but, aren't we bros! C'mon, help me out here! Its not that bad, right?! They won't let Wei Qingwei check me for possession with that freaky sword of his, right?!" Shang Yuan shot him a sharp glance at that. Airplane was the author of this land and yet he calls his own creations 'freaky'?! Shen Yuan has been here his whole life, he had more right than Airplane to say that! Airplane seems to have noticed this, not. "What do you think Yue Qingyuan would do if he ever finds out his Xiao Jiu is--"

That, is what Shen Yuan was aiming for.

The backstory between Yue-shixiong and Shen-shixiong.

Shen Qingqiu had never been an open and unreserved person, that didn't change even though they could be called friends. Their friendship itself is more of a silent one, cooperative and subtle despite the fact that everyone else knew. Shen Yuan himself couldn't be regarded as someone very open about his life.

The two of them have never felt any need to share their life stories with one another. Shen Yuan's current life story wasn't very interesting while Shen Qingqiu wouldn't have wanted to tell, even though it was certain to be interesting, considering how Yue Qingyuan and Shen Qingqiu regard each other. As the author, Airplane was sure to know of the two's backstory, right? (Also, if that one plant that blackened protagonist Bingge has used to bring wife number n back to life could be used for Shen-shixiong.)

Now, to weasel it out of one pathetic author.

"Shen-shixiong," It sometimes (always) grates him whenever he has to call this pathetic author who took Shen-shixiong's body "Shen-shixiong" but it was something that he has to do because people would start to talk and wonder of what happened. That wouldn't do. Shang Qinghua, the original one wasn't discovered until he revealed it himself and Shen Yuan wasn't about to be outperformed by a cannon fodder that was mentioned a whopping one time in the novel! "We need to talk."

Airplane had the mind to shiver at the look he gave him.


Luo Binghe had, dreams. Sometimes.

He would be on his bed and either Shizun or Shang-shishu or both would appear and, and...

It was really too shameful, alright!! He would always wake up with an awkward... thing... and be unable to look at Shizun in the face properly or Shang-shishu whenever he visits. He sometimes would go to the cold pools and stay there until things calmed down and try his best not to disturb anyone whilst keeping an eye on the sky so the moment the sun rose he could go back and pretend that he had fallen asleep in the bathroom.

Shizun would usually tell him to go easy on himself and Luo Binghe felt endless guilt for deceiving his kind and far too trusting Shizun. Shang-shishu--in the time that he had been on Qing Jing--would look at him with confusion before shrugging it off and Luo Binghe just felt that it was good that the dreams don't always occur or else Shang-shishu, who woke earlier than Shizun, would have found something was wrong and what he thinks of might be revealed then... he would probably be kicked out of the sect for daring to think of his Shizun and Shishu that way!

But that wasn't the point.

Luo Binghe overheard two of his shixiong talking about earlier this morning and eavesdropped while doing his best not to be noticed.

Dreams, the ones like he was having were apparently normal. Just that, the "normal" ones have a faceless but gorgeous woman and not...Shizun. Or Shishu. Luo Binghe wondered endlessly in his head what that meant for him.

(Later on, way in the future, Luo Binghe--the Demon Sovereign--would laugh and as he recounted such things and shared them with his lovers. They would all laugh and tease him incorigibly.

That is a story for another time, unfortunately.)


Chapter Text

It was a split-moment impulse that had him petting Luo Binghe on the head.

Airplane really wanted to know how fluffy that hair was and the best way was to touch it. Besides, he has grown enough in Luo Binghe's heart that the protagonist probably wouldn't chop this Shizun's head off for his petting him...right?

It was, very fluffy! And really nice to touch, soft and silky and everything. Not that his current body's hair wasn't really nice, it was just that. The novelty of the fact that this was his protagonist's hair! This was the protagonist he wrote! The one who had a horrible childhood and would eventually come back from hell and kill him... Airplane slowly retracted his hand, weeping internally for not being able to continue petting this adorable white lotus of a protagonist.

Now if only Luo Binghe didn't look at him so oddly...

It made Shen Qingqiu want to cry and beg for him not to mutilate him in the future for petting the great protagonist Luo Binghe.


Shen Yuan tutted, bringing a hand to the practice letter his head disciple wrote and pointing out a line. The nervous child squeaked and hurriedly crossed it out before realizing that he had to start over. He brought a hand up to his face and faked a sob or two. Shang QInghua sighed and gave him yet another piece of paper.

"Qionglin, start over again." It had been the fifth time today. At this point, Shen Yuan would just decide to f*ck propriety and overload the poor disciple with work like his own Shizun had done back then without proper training. The poor child steadied his hand so it doesn't shake and make the handwriting messy, probably deciding in his head that enough was enough and he was going to succeed it this time. That was good, Shen Yuan would be able to relinquish some things onto his disciple then.

He looked down back onto the horribly written thing that the Zui Xian Peak Lord had sent him and felt the sudden urge to cry at seeing the horribly illegible handwriting.

Shang Qinghua was simply not meant to read something like this. It looked more like some kind of ancient symbols rather than Chinese and he barely remembered English, much less any other language! Shidi, please! Your Shixiong can't always do this alright!

(He was so, so tired of this.

Between work as the Peak Lord of An Ding and the paperwork Mobei-Jun had dumped him, being a spy whose information Shang Qinghua was pretty sure was never even used anyways, teaching his disciples, being a punching bag and stress ball for a demon lord, Shen-shixiong and Yue-shixiong's mess and how to help communication, the System and Airplane taking over Shen Qingqiu's body, he was just so exhausted with life.

Never had the thought of laying down to sleep and cry and never get up ever feel so tempting before.)


Humans liked flowers, right?

Mobei-Jun scowled at the bouquet of innocent red roses, the thing's smell was really too much. For someone like him whose sense of smell was far superior to normal humans and demons, it almost stung. But, it would be worth it for showing sincerity, right? Humans regarded this thing as a show of sincerity, was what he had read.

How such flowers could be regarded as such, Mobei-Jun had no idea. But it was convenient.

Would it be enough though? Should he bring the head of that one beast too?

But the last time he did that, Shang Qinghua had immediately threw it away. Humans don't like giving each other their hunt's head? Or did he violate some kind of weird social norm? Humans were always really weird...

The demon king scowled again and opened a portal to the human's room, making quite the image as he was holding a bouquet of roses in one hand and a piece of paper that had been scribbled on that looked more like a script if anything. Shang Qinghua was, quite predictably, reading some document or other. Moving closer had Mobei-Jun finding that it was a report from some disciple called Wen something. The An Ding Peak Lord looked up and froze at the sight of him, spluttering as the demon's presence was finally realized.

"M-my King! Is there a-anything you need?!"

Mobei-Jun promptly shoved the flowers into Shang Qinghua's face, like the book had said.

(Shang Qinghua sighed in relief to himself. So the flowers were meant to humiliate him, nothing else! His mind was just being weird earlier!)


The bright red of the flowers really popped out.

Shang Qinghua couldn't help but get distracted over it once in a while. He had put it in a vase and on his desk so if Mobei-Jun ever comes for an impromptu visit and asks to find the flowers he wouldn't give him the awkward answer that they had withered.

it was only when his disciples got sight of it and started probing him for who their shizun's wife was that he decisively planted the flowers in the garden and announced that it was a gift for the disciples, specifically the senior ones for having done such good jobs as disciples. It was now the communal garden and they could pick the flowers if they wanted to give to someone. For some reason, his disciples looked quite nonplussed, yet relieved.

Huh, did he miss something about these specific flowers?

Oh well. As long as the news doesn't reach the other peaks and that one fiasco several years ago doesn't redo itself then he would be completely fine. Yes. So long as his shixiong, shidi and shimei don't try to look into and get involved in his love and social life then everything will be fine and dandy. Else, he could use The Marriage Misunderstanding Mess as an example and get them all to back off.

(Shen Yuan internally screeches the entire time while holding a poker-face that would make Airplane cry at the unfairness.)

That, wasn't the problem though.

It was what Mobei-Jun had done after shoving flowers into his face that Shang Qinghua couldn't stop thinking of. Even now, it made him pale in worry of what the demon would do to him. Kill him in an even more gruesome way than the original?

System! What is going on with this world?!


Airplane paced in worry at what he should do next.

On one hand, he could save someone and have a very strong ally and on the other side, if he failed, then he would be pinned on witht eh crime of murdering a martial brother.

That's right, he was trying to figure out what he had to do with the Liu Qingge qi deviation situation! Huh, that actually rhymed!

In the original story, Liu Qingge had died of qi deviation while Shen Qingqiu was there. Shen the original tried to help this wayward martial brother of his, only to be attacked and go into qi deviation himself. However, Liu Qingge had it first and therefore dies first, Shen Qingqiu barely managing to bring himself together at the loss of his shidi and coming out without a proper alibi.

However, that wasn't what the readers or the blackened protagonist knew. All they knew was that Liu Qingge had been killed by Shen Qingqiu the scum villain, which made him all the more loathed and managed to be one of the driving forces that got Liu Mingyan and Luo Binghe together.

It was just that...

Airplane had, frankly, no idea what he was supposed to do!

Just then, an idea formed in his mind.


The light was too bright.

Liu Qingge squinted, then turned his head away from the window that had the sun smackdab in the middle of it. This place... he recognized it. It was Qian Cao's main medical room, the one where Mu Qingfang usually works in. Of course e recognized it, he was one of its most frequent patients with how almost all those martial brothers and sister of his worry so much.

Why... was he here again?

"Liu-shixiong, you woke up." A pleasant voice rang out loud in the room, the underlying tone of frustration and sarcasm making Liu Qingge wonder what he did that got Mu Qingfang so worked up this time?

Then, a slam of a hand smacking him across the forehead made him remember just what happened. Wait, the hand was the memories.

Liu Qingge blinked. Then blinked again, "Where's Shen?"

"Shizun!" a disciple rushes in, it must be urgent for them to forgo their usually propriety. He barely chokes out a 'shishu' before turning back to Mu Qingfang, "Demons are attacking!" It was only then that he realized the futility of telling this to Mu Qingfang before turning to Liu Qingge and saying again, "Shishu, demons are attacking!"

Liu Qingge summoned Cheng Luan and promptly left the room, Mu Qingfang preparing the things needed because there would surely be many injured people this time.

What he wanted to know could wait until the demons were dead or gone.


Maybe the universe really was trying to kill him. Airplane thought with horror as he watched the protagonist volunteer himself. No! Protagonist get your ass back down here before you are beaten and I have to face the consequences of your wrath later! Please?! This author doesn't want to die!

"Luo-shizi, please get down," Cucumber-bro suddenly appears right out of nowhere. "This shishu may not be the Peak Lord of Bai Zhan, but he is still a Peak Lord."

Thank goodness and gods above. Airplane might spontaneously combust from all the shock he was getting.

The original Shang Qinghua was the weakest of his martial siblings and was barely any better than the head disciples of the next generation. This Shang Qinghua, from what Airplane has heard from a lot of others, could actually be a decent fighter and if he weren't so concentrated on logistics and accounting and all that and focused on his fighting skills instead, well.

The demon race would have quite the ally if that happened, Airplane realized.

Right, he forgot that Shang Qinghua was a traitor to the sect. He was forced into it, though, maybe he could use that to get some mercy for him.

For now, Shen Qingqiu lamented the fact that there was no popcorn. This was a really good fight, better than those fake action movie ones!

(He also lamented the fact that he probably would be able to do things like what he was seeing in a couple hundred years maybe. Ahh, why did he have to make Shen Qingqiu such a strong fighter?!)


...there, to that spot on the right. Shift, pretend to be nervous. Do not loosen grip on the sword. Prepare the runes.

Shang Qinghua ducked to the left, avoiding the elder demon's hammer and idly added another deep slash onto his opponent's body, the numerous gashes bleeding heavily and dropping onto the ground in big drops.

The disciples were cheering on, watching the demon slowly dying a torturous death. Some of the more queasy ones looked away, disgusted by how much the blood had been spilt. The hack author seemed concerned about something that Shen Yuan couldn't be bothered by right now.

There, the red liquid was starting to flow into the formation he drew in the dust and earth.

"This is your last chance to surrender." Shen Yuan's sword buzzed with energy, as eager as its master to chop up the demon scum who attacked the sect.

The demon roared and lunged at him in a desperate attempt of one at the end of his life. Almost casually, he stuck his sword into the ground and the formation glowed, detecting its creator and the target who's blood had been spilled into it.

(Sha Hualing had never thought that the An Ding Peak Lord could be so terrifying.

Meanwhile, Shang Qinghua made a self-note to thank his shidi for teaching him how to do these things.)


Chapter Text

-=)(Demon Caretaker Shen Yuan)(=-

It was indecision that had brought Shen Yuan to Huan Hua Palace's territory.

His family had wanted him to join a sect and as the second biggest sect out there, Huan Hua Palace was the best candidate after not getting accepted into Cang Qiong. Shang Yuan personally didn't care to want being in any sect, especially Cang Qiong and Huan Hua. Because while it is true that Luo Bingge the blackened protagonist had taken over Huan Hua and apparently made it flourish, Shen Yuan was still a cannon fodder and therefore wuld be killed tragically without his name ever being mentioned.

Then again, if he had just a little good luck and left the sect before anything too bad happened then he could avoid all this, right...? However, he would be killed for deserting the sect...

Shang Yuan paused and looked down at what he had walked into.

A child! His heart ached looking at the various bruises and scratches, the child looked at him with wide eyes, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

It... the child had somehow natural blue skin and small bumps that looked like they would have horns on his head, his neck an odd mixture of scales and skin somehow seamlessly blending together and there was a mark on his forehead. He wore torn and dirty black robes that must have been beautiful and extraordinarily expensive. This child... was a demon?! And, inexplicably remembering a description of Mobei-Jun from the sh*tty novel, was probably an ice demon!

Not thinking at all, the system was almost eerily quiet, he took the child and carried him into a shadowed ally, knowing from an unhealthy amount of novels and TV shows that those shady alleys were the best place to hide.

"Can you tone down your presence, little one?" The child, still looking like a deer in headlights, nodded and the air grew slightly warmer. Shen Yuan took the cloak his family had given him for especially cold nights and draped it over the two of them, walking through the streets with nerves taut like a guqin string. The demon child was tense too.

In no time, the cultivators who kept shouting had run past them and Shang Yuan sighed in relief.

(Unknown to him, the people stared and sighed in pity.

Ah, this woman really pitiful, being sent out to the streets when so heavily pregnant! Who is the irresponsible husband that made this happen! Some who managed to look at his face sighed in almost distress, whoever the husband was, they really were too careless for letting such a cute and delicate woman out alone ah!

Shen Yuan stared in confusion as the people kept offering him help.)


The border between the demon realm and the human realm was...odd, to say the least.

The sky transitioned from blue to that really ugly mixture of yellow green and brown, Shen Yuan privately thought that it looked quite a bit like puke. The ground was, well, it seemed normal but then he would step on something and some weird green liquid that looked like something that would come out of someone's nose when they were sick would ooze out and he would immediately jump. The little demon had told him after several encounters that it was very acidic and quick to erode things.

They had traveled for several days, Shang Yuan freaking out whenever the demon child grew colder before remembering the child was a demon child and calming down.

The child seemed way too amused every time.

"You... will you be alright alone after this?" After all, he didn't really want to go to the demon realm. But, it was a child!

Children! Are! Too! Cute!

(Mobei-Jun in the future would never admit to just how many times Shen Yuan sat him down and started the pinch the demon child's cheeks session.)


It is several days after an internal breakdown that some demonic retainers came to the town Shen Yuan and the little demon child stayed in.

They started asking around for a child with the exact same description the demon child with Shen Yuan was with and he promptly freaked, starting to usher the child back to the inn to get most of their stuff and leave again but the child just grabbed his sleeve and with a strange strength that he somehow gained, stopped Shang Yuan in his tracks.

"Little one," he stopped to think for a bit. "Are they your retainers?"

The child nodded and proceeded to continue pulling Shang Yuan by the sleeve to the big, burly demons.

The leader of them, the biggest and buffest one that Shen Yuan only went up to the bottom of his chest, suddenly approached them after seeing the small demon with the human.

"Young lord," what the demon wanted to say was cut off by the smaller demon huffing angrily and gesturing at Shen Yuan, "Bring back."

...wait what?

The retainer hesitated before a look of understanding dawned on him. "This, human, our young lord expresses his intent on courting--,"

Wait a second, what??

The child demon had kicked his retainer, pouting angrily, his face purple which was...bad right? The bigger demon stopped to think a bit before he snapped his fingers and told Shen Yuan, "Forgive me, human, our young lord wants you to come with us and stay."

Not giving Shen Yuan another second to think, the huge demon slings him over his shoulder like he was a sack f potatoes and started leading the for some reason satisfied child demon back to the already waiting posse of servants probably. Wait! Wait! Was this something that happened to the original Shang Qinghua?? System, answer me!

[Host has changed the plot of course too much, the system is currently trying recalibrate to adapt to the changes.]

Suddenly, he was in a different place altogether.

How Shen Yuan knew? Well, probably because it is so! F*cking! Cold! That he might as well! Catch hypothermia!

Noticing the human who was freezing to death over its shoulder, the demon draped a bunch of outer robes on Shen Yuan who wanted to cry. Why? Because the fabric was also already ice cold ah!!


Chapter Text

Luo Binghe knew that, by logic, Shang-shishu would be able to fight.

It was just that, actually seeing the shishu who always smiled at him and helped him out a lot brutally kill a demon... it was incredibly well, incredible! Now, he was more curious of how a fight between Shang-shishu and Shizun would go.

From what he's heard by eavesdropping on his shixiong and shijie was that those two sparred a lot, but haven't ever since Shizun got the fever.

Everyone was cheering and the girl demon with scandalous clothing seemed to be considering something. Shizun stepped up and was probably about to tell the demons to please get out of Cang Qiong, violently, when with a swish and a loud clang of metal, Liu-shishu arrived.


Airplane nervously gulped, keeping a somewhat amiable face and making sure that it didn't pass the boundary the system had set for amiable.

Liu Qingge had been a character who died without any actual point. It had been something he planned to make people see that Shen Qingqiu wasn't that scummy and backfired completely. It was partly guilt that made him fetch Mu Qingfang before going into the Lingxi Caves, also part hope that Liu Qingge would see that he had helped in saving his life and a death flag would be removed.

Shang Qinghua jabbed him in the side and sent him a look. That series of actions had apparently confused Liu Qingge because he stopped and said stiffly, "Can I talk to Shen Qin--shixiong?" then he added as an afterthought. "Alone, please, Shang-shixiong?"

Shen Qingqiu wondered internally if he was going to get skewered by Cheng Luan.

Shang Qinghua gave Liu Qingge a once over and told him succinctly with a deadpan, "Liu-shidi, control your disciples or I'm going to have to deduct their debts from your salary."

Airplane tightened his jaw to prevent any snorting or giggling, the system an ominous thing over his head. Liu Qingge had a funny expression on, Shang Qinghua's control over his martial siblings has never failed to be anything other than amusing. As long as one wasn't the victim that is.

It was then that, with practiced movements, Liu Qingge took out a huge corpse of a beast that Airplane recognized as some kind of legendary beast whose every part was worth a fortune... wait a minute!

This particular beast was exclusive to the demon realms! Liu Qingge, how??

Shang Qinghua took one look at it and sighed in exasperation. "What do you want?"

"That, reinforce the training fields and equipment in Bai Zhan."

Airplane watched the transaction, wondering just how common this sight was that none of the disciples reacted.

Shang, "...Liu-shidi, this is the third time you are reinforcing them this year. Do you want a labyrinth in your peak?"

Liu, ""

Shang, "Just, pay attention to your disciples! Yesterday, Qi-shimei complained to me about Bai Zhan destroying their flower gardens the seventh time this month! Earlier, Qionglin reported that Bai Zhan are starting to mess with the storage buildings we have! And Mu-shidi also said that several days ago..."

Shen Qingqiu watched with amusement as Liu Qingge, the War God and Peak Lord of Bai Zhan was chastised by the An Ding Peak Lord Shang Qinghua.

"Shizun...," a shy looking boy who was beside Shang Qinghua suddenly tugged at his sleeve. "It, the appointment with-with the elder of Tian Yi Overlook..."

Shang Qinghua paused and looked at the sky, or more likely, the sun. He sighed harshly and left, throwing out the words, "You can go talk to Shen-shixiong now, Liu-shidi."

As if a soldier released from duty, Liu Qingge unconsciously relaxed.

Airplane burst out laughing.


It was annoying.

The whole "being a spy" shtick.

Mobei-Jun had recently started taking him to these court meeting things. Like those ones you would expect to see in a drama, where the emperor brings in his advisor or heir or new lover or something, then all the ministers turn out to be sly and cunning snakes and all plot to take the throne. Then the emperor impresses whoever they brought by silencing all of the ministers with single word or action.

Looking at the current scene made it seem like the dramas were all exaggerating. Well, it was technically a drama's job to exaggerate and complicate things, but!

Mobei-Jun was unexpectedly cool whenever he brought Shen Yuan with him to it. The ministers, who seem hesitant to speak up against him and always flinch the moment his attention was on them, for a very good reason, protests his presence in these meetings.

Shang Qinghua agreed with them. What was he doing here, when he could be taking his disciples for a small outing after yesterday's bimonthly sect-wide meeting? They all needed some rest! And he had to cancel a meeting with that one horribly annoying and obnoxious Huan Hua Hall Master, who would only rot his ear off with narcissism. Not to mention, tomorrow was the monthly Peak Lord meeting! Everyone would give him that stare that meant he was going to be shipped to Qian Cao and 'just get some rest already!' he could hear his martial siblings shout at him already.

For some reason, they have started to behave themselves, the ministers that is.

If earlier this month he had even opened his mouth to say something, all of them would have looked at him judgingly or outright glare but be unable to do anything because it was Mobei-Jun that had brought him. What Shang Qinghua had sarcastically said was simply, "How about you all start a anonymous criticism box?"

Did they...actually do that?

Oh goodness. Shen Yuan needed to see this. Airplane, that hack author had never elaborated too much on worldbuilding of the actually important stuff and all Shen Yuan in his past life wanted when he died was to fill the plot holes and weave the hanging plot threads.

Despite going to the demon realm a lot, Shen Yuan had never ventured outside Mobei-Jun's Ice Palace too far and didn't know too much. Goodness knows how much time he spent in Qing Jing's library in his steadily decreasing spare time reading bestiaries and getting to know a lot of the fauna of this land.

(Not as much as Shen-shixiong though.)

...they were all very subservient. The ministers. Which, technically, they weren't actually his ministers.

It was as if Mobei-Jun had personally beat it into them or something.

None of them dared to speak up unless it was their turn to report whatever happened in this territory and that village and stuff. That one servant who writes down everything that goes on in a ruler's time was furiously writing everything down.

When it was finally over, Shen Yuan stretched, popped some bones and sighed. That boring thing--that he would never call boring to Mobei-Jun's face because he always looked far too happy to terrorize his ministers (Mobei-Jun was actually happy that Shang Qinghua was there).

(Mobei-Jun felt his mouth dry, watching every single curve of the human's body as he did the simple movement of stretching his hands up. Then, he glared at the small demon beside him who was holding rolls upon rolls of paper, feeling satisfied when it turned away from his human.)

The small demon servant who had been writing furiously throughout the entire meeting then meekly scurried in front of him and offered the many reports. Shen Yuan, suddenly having a foreboding feeling, asked, "...My King, is there something you need me to do?" to which Mobei-Jun almost-smiled(???) and told him, "Read over all of them and make appropriate responses, as well as possible strategies if the *Nanyan Clan decide to attack."

Shen Yuan carefully arranges his face into a blank one, take the given scrolls, go to his designated office room thing in the Ice Palace and slam his head onto the table.



The colors--colors? These are colors, what colors are they? Something, something he didn't know, but that was ridiculous--wash away and away and leaves a blank canvas of white--or is it black? Green, red, blue, brown, perhaps? No, no it is- it is what it is--the sounds melting--maybe they're fading? Or maybe they never existed, or maybe they were getting too loud for him to hear, maybe, maybe, m a y b e--and turning into an eerie silence--no, it wasn't silent at all. Something whispered and another did too and another started shouting and they were all shouting now and, help, no, go away, quiet, shut up, w a k e u p--

A step. The sound echoed, but didn't.

Another step.

Another and another and he was walking--walking? Not running? Run, run, run, run, r u n , l i t t l e s h e e p--and there! There!

Green clothes, lined with white, black hair tied into a severe half updo that has gotten looser the more days passed and the rest spilling over his back like ink over paper. A beautiful, elegant sword strapped onto his waist and a fan with bamboo paintings held up and covering most of his face. He turned and looked at him with eyes that have only gotten softer with the days passing.


Luo Binghe lunged at Shen Qingqiu, hugging his Shizun and probably being too intimate for what was appropriate. Said man didn't mind it (his mind entertained the brief thought that maybe Shizun also liked being hugged by him? But said thought as quickly perished). Instead he brought his free hand on Luo Binghe's head for head pats at which the smaller beamed.

"Binghe," with a smile and ahh, Shizun, please, you're killing this disciple! Luo Binghe exclaimed internally, nearly vibrating from excitement. "We're in the dream realm."

"Oh," Binghe nodded dumbly, still reeling at how beautiful and elegant shizun's smile was.

Another head pat and Shizun took Luo Binghe's hand and he flushed. Shizun, Shizun please stop trying to kill this disciple, ah!

...but don't stop it.

Chapter Text

*Wang Qingxin grinned, finally finishing off his newest array. The blood of that one beast that disrupted the flow of energy in any living being dripping down from his fingers, runes painted on the floor with an odd determination.

He washed his hands and skipped happily all the way to Qing Jing, knocking on the door to the bamboo house with a flourish, confident that Shen-shixiong, or at least the ghost that was possessing Shen-shixiong's body, was there because it was already a little past sundown.

"Shidi?" The always graceful shixiong of his answered the door with a bedraggled appearance that made Wang Qingxin even more sure that Shen-shixiong was possessed. "What is it?"

"Shen-shixiong! Can you please help me try out this new formation I made?" Wang Qingxin made sure to up the meng factor and looked at the ghost who was possessing his shixiong's body with teary eyes and pouted his lips. "No one else wants to! They're all meanies!"

The ghost possessing Shen-shixiong's body sighed and told him, "Fine."


The room was dark and really that would have made the real Shen-shixiong wary enough that he would get out of this, but the ghost inhibiting his body wasn't that wary at all. Instead, he asked, "Where?"

"Just stand in the middle of the room, shixiong!" Wang Qingxin gleefully said. "A little to the right, yeah, there, perfect!"


Then, he activated the array and watched intently as...nothing happened.

...wait what?



Any meeting between a fire demon and an ice demon could only end up two ways, one of them dies, or both of them dies.

At least, that was what common sense was until Mobei-Jun's future consort decidedly absolutely destroyed one of the south clans most powerful elders. The demon reflected, seeing yet another peace treaty and bribe being sent to the Ice Palace. The north and the south of the demon realm had always been at odds, which was both inevitable and unstoppable.

Small pauses such as these would happen, but even when Tianlang-Jun had ruled peacefully, small skirmishes would always build tension for the next generation of demons. The north and its strength in solidarity could be found responsible for the one clan, Mobei, while the south was divided into clans and territories by itself. This was what made the Mobei more terrifying than any other demon clan out there.

All demons in the north defer to one ruler, Mobei-Jun.

This time, the fact that Mobei-Jun had announced to the entirety of the north demons that he chose a human as a consort had made serious waves of protest. Then that human defeated a powerful elder of the south, the north demons eternal enemy, and suddenly praises were being sung.

The demon did not blink as another carriage-full of stuff was brought into the storage room, instead mentally pitying whoever was going to be in charge of all this.


Luo Binghe sighed in bliss, stalk--watching Shizun (creepily) as he worked on a report about the demon invasion to give to Zhangmen-shibo. His Shizun was so elegant and pretty! That handwriting was beautiful, the strokes clear and intentional, the hand holding the brush having long and slender fingers and a dainty wrist, yet also had the callouses of a swordsman.

And then that concentrated look, a pink tongue peeking out just a bit from thin but plump lips.

He suddenly got the urge to throw away the paper and replace it with himself if Shizun would look at him with those eyes, so concentrated and dark and, and...(His traitorous mind came up with a scenario where Shizun started doing the things he dreamt of with the same smile he would use while praising Luo Binghe. No! No, bad Binghe!)

Luo Binghe sighed in bliss for the hundredth time that hour. The Dream Demon grumbling about how he chose the wrong person. Did being half human affect Luo Binghe that much?

(Meanwhile all that, Airplane was sweating and screeching internally. Why was the protagonist lookin at him like that?? Did he do something wrong? Was Luo Binghe planning his death??? Ahhhh, Cucumber-bro help! Help a bro out!)


Mobei-Jun was happy.

There were rumors running wild in the demonic realms and he had caught wind of one of them involving Shang Qinghua. Pulling aside one of the gossiping servants had led him to the probably exaggerated story of Shang Qinghua's victory against one of the demon elders of the south. It was, he had felt pride bloat him after hearing so and this feeling of warmth that didn't hurt, it could only be happiness right?

Or, one of the books had said that it was affection for the beloved person. He was almost inclined to believe it, but on another note!

He had to give Shang Qinghua a gift to congratulate him on his victory. But what would work for him? Flowers? It didn't seem very effective last time he had shoved it into Shang Qinghua's face, maybe he didn't like flowers or maybe he didn't like the flower type. A rare beast caught alive for experimental purposes? He had heard Shang Qinghua mention once that one of his sibling had loved beasts and wanted to know more about them. A rare herb perhaps, one that could soothe qi? Shang Qinghua had also mentioned along the same lines that another of his sibling was looking for them to make pills. Maybe a treasure to defend Shang Qinghua from demonic energy to a certain point? Shang Qinghua was also quite particular about his hair ornaments the other day, maybe he could gift him a new one!

And so, indecisive and in a very good mood, Mobei-Jun waited until dark to open a portal to Shang Qinghua's room and promptly froze at the sight that greeted him.

Shang Qinghua had an exasperated face on as a man in green sprawled across is lap and complained about whatever a Luo Binghe is. That wasn't the point, though. The point was, that a man that wasn't Mobei-Jun, was being so intimately close to Shang Qinghua and Shang Qinghua himself wasn't pushing this man away.

How dare that--

Shang Qinghua seemed to finally notice his presence as the air grew colder and choked, shoving the man in green away from him.


Airplane felt his insides turn to mush and proceed to absolutely freeze. He, he had really not thought of Mobei-Jun much in this world, only knowing that Shang Qinghua either worked for him or was in the deep trenches of points debt. Considering that Shang Qinghua is still alive, that meant that he worked for Mobei-Jun.

That did not mean, however, that he expected in any life that he would meet Mobei-Jun for the first time ever, draped over Shang Qinghua's lap. Embarrassing, humiliating and he will probably die in the next few minutes if it gets out that he is Shen Qingqiu and a Peak Lord of Cang Qiong, except, the system already has the passive skill of sending him out to his death levelled to max.

[New Mission: Fight Mobei-Jun and accuse him of wanting to either kill or capture Shang Qinghua! Failure will result in the deduction of 500 B Points, success will reward Host with 100 B Points!]

System! Be honest, are you trying to kill me?!

[Apologies, Host, for your complaint. However, it would be OOC of Shen Qingqiu not to fight a Demon Lord the moment he sees one, the original Shen Qingqiu hated demons.]

System, system, bro, please! Spare this pitiful author! How the f*ck do you expect me to fight f*cking Mobei-Jun?! I'm not the real Shen Qingqiu and even then, Shen Qingqiu would have a hard time trying to survive! Airplane wailed in his mind, making sure to keep his face unreadable even as Shang Qinghua pushes him away and starts saying something--

A step-by-step book similar to the one he had received in his head during the fight with that demon elder appeared and the system made him unsheathe Xiu Ya and immediately attack Mobei-Jun only to retreat and give him back control over this body.

Sh*t, f*ck, system you mother*cker, goddamnit and a plethora of other swears came out fluently in his head even as he accuses him, "Demon! After being defeated by Shang-shidi honorably, you want to kill him in such a despicable manner?!" Airplane was drowning in his tears inside, might as well die by suicide instead of being tortured to death by Mobei-Jun this demon who he had created as the ideal man.

Mobei-Jun sent a blast of ice behind Shen Qingqiu before facing him completely and seriously declaring, "I will take him back with me to the Ice Palace," a pause, then he grinned with too much teeth and a certain dark madness in his eyes, Mobei-Jun said in a low tone, "**you need not worry about how I will treat him."


System, system, help!!

[Host has already been given the necessary equipment to do this mission! Please work hard!]

Airplane broke down crying inside his head while spouting nonsense about Mobei-Jun wanting to capture Shang Qinghua and torture him. He almost thought he recognized that look, now what was it again? What was he supposed to say?


"My King! Sh*tty author--I mean Shen-shixiong!" Shen Yuan cursed and unsheathed his sword, starting to hack at the wall of ice Mobei-Jun had cast before he could react to that hack author throwing himself into straight into death's loving embrace via Mobei-f*cking-Jun. What was that man thinking?! Or, wait...

Did the system do something? Oh who was he kidding, of course the f*cking system did something. Why else would that coward attack Mobei-Jun?

He looked up for a moment and wavered as he caught Mobei-Jun in eye contact for a moment and he wordlessly ordered for him to stop trying to get in between the both of them so he could rest easy tonight. This was still his room and Peak and there were children around the corner you imbeciles! Stop it! They were gonna destroy this place and all his disciples will cry because this was their home and a lot of their important stuff would probably be gone and that was not even mentioning any possible casualties and how he was supposed to explain it to their family's. Sh*t--wait.

'Forgive them, My King!' Shang Qinghua thinks as the children, probably waking up from all the racket, slam open the door to his room, terrified that something happened to their Shizun. They took a look at him hacking at the ice and then to Mobei-Jun and their Shen-shibo fighting--Shen Qingqiu seems to be slightly stiff and not thinking at all, did the system do something?--then they shout at one another to get another Peak Lord in here.

That was how Liu Qingge came crashing into the party, Yue Qingyuan and Qi Qingqi shortly after.

Shen Yuan wants to lay down and cry.