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Avengers Annihilation

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Avengers Annihilation

My name is Mary Jane Watson. I am known as Firestar, former member of the Hellfire Club. A part of the Spider-Friends. An Avenger. This is the story of War on Earth. This is the story of Thanos. We thought we were ready for the fight of our lives. We were wrong. We were careless and naive against what the mad Titan Thanos had for us. We fought him but we lost. Many lives were lost as well. Thanos did the snap as he promised and wiped out half of all life in the universe, including our friends as well as Peter Parker, best known as Spider-Man. That's when it all ended. Things will never be the same again. This is the story of the demise of the Spider-Friends.

“Dear Mr. Fantasy” played on the radio as Mary Jane was prancing around the area, as they were at a picnic of some sorts. She was with her friends Peter as well as Bobby Drake, known as Iceman.

“So,” Mary Jane chided, “how are you guys holding?”

“Well Hot Stuff.” Bobby replied, “I've been better.”

“Not so cheerful are we?” Peter asked.

“So I see.” Mary Jane sighed.

“Should we be checking on Mister Stark?” Peter asked.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Mary Jane answered.

“I am all for it.” Bobby nodded.

“Let's go find Mister Stark then.” Mary Jane chided. Before anyone could respond, she saw dust where Peter and Bobby once stood.

“Guys?” Mary Jane looked on in concern, “Guys? This isn't funny! Peter? Bobby? Come on! Guys!”

“Don't feel bad about this.” a voice echoed in her head.

“I dream about you because it's always you.”

Mary Jane's eyes snapped open as tears leaked down her face.

“You okay, Watson?” Tony asked, who the young Avenger recognized as the voice. He went and laid down next to her.

“This feels like a nightmare, Mister Stark.” Mary Jane answered as she wiped the tears from her face, “but at least we'll die together.”

“Staring into the void of space.” Tony added, “It'll be alright.”

“I know.” Mary Jane nodded.

Eventually, Tony fell asleep as Mary Jane looked on as she just laid there, bracing herself for what was to come.

Suddenly, Nebula walked over to the duo. She managed to get help Mary Jane sit up, then have Tony in a sitting position. Suddenly, Mary Jane looked as she heard a sound that she didn't think that she would ever hear.

“What is it?” Nebula asked.

“The Doctor!” Mary Jane exclaimed, “He came!”

The TARDIS appeared outside the Milano, the doors opened, revealing the Doctor and his wife Rose Tyler. Then a bright golden light emerged in front of them.

“What is that?!” Mary Jane exclaimed. Tony was awakened by the bright light that emerged before them. The light was revealed to be Carol Danvers, best known as Captain Marvel. The TARDIS was near the ship. The Doctor and Rose got Mary Jane and Tony as well as the dead body of Bobby into the TARDIS.

The Doctor, Rose and Carol returned to Earth with Tony, Mary Jane and Nebula.

A newly shaven Steve Rogers, best known as Captain America met up with Natasha Romanov, known as Black Widow, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, known as War Machine, the God of Thunder Thor, the sole survivor of the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon, Bruce Banner, known as the Hulk, Professor Charles Xavier, known as Professor X, Logan known as Wolverine, Anne Marie LeBeau, known as Rogue, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, known as Shadowcat, Jubilation Lee, best known as Jubilee and the love of Tony's life, Pepper Potts outside the Avengers Headquarters.

“Are they okay?” Rogue asked.

“I hope so.” Kitty answered.

Carol landed the Milano safely on the ground as well as the TARDIS.

“I am surprised the TARDIS did not malfunction like it had the last few times.” the Doctor stated.

The Doctor, Rose, Tony and Mary Jane stepped out of the TARDIS. Steve and Emma approached the group while Wolverine and Bruce went into the TARDIS to wheel away Bobby's body into the building.

“Thank God.” Emma sighed with relief seeing Mary Jane alive and well as she hugged her former student.

“Couldn't stop him.” Tony told Steve.

“Neither could I.” Steve replied.

Rogue looked upset as she saw Bobby's dead form being wheeled away. Jubilee comforted her friend and comrade.

“I lost the kid.” Tony said preferring to Peter and Bobby, “I lost them both.”

“Oh God.” Rose covered her mouth as she felt her heart sting by the loss of Peter, “It can't be.”

“Tony, we lost.” Steve stated.

“Is, uh......” Tony started to ask before seeing Pepper at his sight, answering his question, “Oh good.”

“Oh my god!” Pepper cried. She hugged Tony and they shared a reunion. Nebula and Rocket reunited, comforting each other in their losses.

“It's okay.” Tony assured Pepper.

Everyone went inside the Avengers Headquarters where they would figure out what was going on.

“It's been 23 days since Thanos came to Earth.” Rhodey revealed as the group looked at the screen of all the people that have vanished including Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), Samuel “Sam” Wilson (Falcon), Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Hank McCoy (Beast), Ororo Munroe (Storm), Hope Van Dyne (the Wasp), Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), Hank Pym, Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Shuri, T'Challa (Black Panther) and Nick Fury.

Emma comforted Mary Jane as they saw the images of Peter and Bobby at the same time.

“World governments are in pieces,” Natasha explained, “The parts that are still working....are trying to take a census and it looks like he did....he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Thanos wiped out.....fifty percent of all living creatures.”

Carol looked saddened upon seeing Nick's image on the screen as among those who vanished.

“Where is he now?” Tony asked, “Where?”

“We don't know.” Steve answered, “He just opened a portal and walked through.”

“The Avengers filled us in on what happened.” Professor X added.

“Us as well.” the Doctor added in. Tony looked over at Thor who sat there, fuming, “What's wrong with him?”

“Oh,” Rocket answered, “he's pissed. He thinks he failed. Which of course he did, but there's a lot of that going around, ain't there?”

“Honestly,” Tony chided, “until this exact second, I thought that you were a Build-A-Bear.”

“Maybe I am.” Rocket replied.

“We've been hunting Thanos for three weeks now.” Steve revealed.

“Deep Space scans,” Professor X added, “and satellites. We got nothing.”

Suddenly, the room shook like an earthquake.

“What is that?” Kitty asked.

“I don't know.” Wolverine answered.

Suddenly, Mary Jane is covered in yellow energy.

“Mary Jane?” Emma was startled by this. Mary Jane screamed as she was engulfed by the light and then vanished.

“Where did she go?” Jubilee asked.

“Don't ask me!” Jean exclaimed.

Rose and Professor X tried reaching out for the young Avenger. No such luck.

“Anything?” the Doctor asked.

“I can't find her.” Rose answered, “Even as I glow gold, I cannot find her.”

“I cannot find her either.” Professor X looked down as he shook his head.

Steve still had Thanos on his mind so he looked over to Tony and started to ask, “Tony, you fought him.”

“Who told you that?” Tony chided as he is upset over the loss of all his proteges, “I didn't fight him. No, he wiped my face with a planet while the Bleecker Street magician gave away the store. That's what happened. There was no fight cause he is not beatable.”

“Did he give you any clues?” Professor X asked, “Any coordinates? Anything?”

“Uh,” Tony sputtered before answering, “I saw this coming a few years back. I had a vision. I didn't want to believe it. Thought I was dreaming.”

“Tony,” Professor X calmly told the distraught Avenger, “we're going to need you to focus here.”

“And I needed you.” Tony snapped at Steve, “You Rogers. As in past tense. That trumps what you need. It's too late buddy. Sorry.”

Professor X sighed.

“We understand that you are upset.....” Emma began to speak.

“You should be the last person to speak about understanding.” Tony snapped at Emma, “Weren't you the one that tried to manipulate Watson into being an assassin at a young age?”

Emma sighed roughly as she lifted her hands.

“You know what I need?” Tony stood up from the wheelchair, “I need a shave.”

He then continued to rant at Steve, “And I remember telling all youse.......”

“Tony,” Rhodey exclaimed as Tony ripped the IV from his arm, “Tony. Tony!”

“Alive and otherwise,” Tony continued, “that's what we needed was a suit of armor around the world. Remember that? Whether it impacted our precious freedoms or not. That's what we needed.”

“Well that didn't work out, didn't it?” Jubilee chided.

“Now is not the time.” the Doctor motioned the mutant to remain quiet.

“I said we'd lose,” Tony continued his rant towards Steve, “You said “We'll do that together too”. Well guess what, Cap? We lost and you weren't there, but that's what we do right? Our best work is after the fact? We're the Avengers. We're the Avengers, not the Pre-Vengers.”

“Okay.” Rhodey grabbed a hold of his best friend, “You made your point.”

“He is right you know.” Jean added, “Just sit down please, okay?”

“Okay.” Tony ignored the two, “No, no. Here's my point. You know what?”

“She's great by the way.” Rhodey stated, “Tony, you're sick. Sit down.”

“We need you. You're new blood.” Tony said before getting in Steve's face, “Bunch of tired old mules. I got nothing for you, Cap. I got no coordinates, no clues, no strategies, no options. Zero. Zip. Nada. No trust, liar.”

“That is real deep.” Kitty said quietly to herself. Tony ripped the reactor from his chest and gave it to Steve, “Here, take this. You find him, you put that hide.”

Suddenly, Tony slumped to the floor.

“Tony!” Steve exclaimed.

“Don't let him fall!” Emma added.

“I'm fine.” Tony assured everyone before collapsing. He was sent to medical with Pepper by his side, leading to the Avengers, the X Men, the Doctor and Rose working on a way to deal with Thanos.

Mary Jane woke up gasping in a violet area. She had no idea where she was.

“Hello?” Mary Jane called, “Mister Stark? Miss Frost? Professor X? Anyone? Doctor!”

“Do not be alarmed Mary Jane Watson.”

Mary Jane gasped as she turned to see Madame Web before her.

“Madame Web!” Mary Jane asked, “What is going on? Why am I here?”

“There is something I need for you to do here.” Madame Web answered.

“But what about Mister Stark?! He needs me! As do the others.” Mary Jane asked in a panic.

“I am afraid there is nothing you can do right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Observe and you shall find out.”

Mary Jane looked at a mystical screen to see Carol, Rhodey in his War Machine Armor and Bruce in the Hulk Buster holding down Thanos as his arm with the gauntlet had just been chopped off. Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Wolverine and Jubilee were armed, ready for attack. Rogue, Kitty and Professor X were with Steve and Natasha. Rocket and Nebula were close by.

“Where are they?” Steve asked Thanos.

“Answer the question.” Carol demanded the weakened Titan. Thor and Rocket seemed to know what was going on as well as Nebula, who knew Thanos the best out of the group.

“The universe required correction.” Thanos answered, “After that, the stones served no purpose beyond temptation.”

“You murdered trillions!” Bruce exclaimed before pushing down Thanos.

“You should be grateful.” Thanos told him. Banner punched him again.

“Where are the stones?” Natasha asked.

“Gone.” Thanos answered, “Reduced to atoms.”

“You used them two days ago!” Bruce exclaimed.

“I used the stones to destroy the stones.” Thanos explained, “It nearly killed me but the work is done. It always will be. I am inevitable.”

“We have to tear this place apart.” Rhodey told the others, “He has to be lying!”

“My father is many things,” Nebula spoke up, “A liar is not one of them.”

“Ah.” Thanos replied, “Thank you daughter. Perhaps I treated you too harshly.”

Before anyone could make another move or say anything else, Thor swung the Stormbreaker and beheaded Thanos.

“Oh God!” Jubilee exclaimed.

“What did you do?” Rocket asked.

“I went for the head.” Thor answered.

Then the screen vanished. Mary Jane was teary eyed seeing this.

“You mean there is no hope in saving them now?” Mary Jane asked.

“That does not mean that statement Watson.” Madame Web answered, “the Avengers are going to find a way to save everyone. The key is with these many universes you see before you.”

Mary Jane looked to see many different yellow redish portals close by.

“The first snap that Thanos did,” Madame Web explained, “it tore a hole in your dimension allowing the many universes you see before you to awakened. You will be required to look into to these different universes until the time comes that I call you back here. I promise, you will get to see Peter Parker and Tony Stark again.”

Mary Jane looked up with determination, she knew what she had to do in the meantime.

“I'm coming back Mister Stark,” Mary Jane vowed, “I promise you that.”

With that, she flew off to explore the many other universes that were in the portals before her.