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Remnants of The Isle

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“E, are you almost done we have to meetup with Jay soon?” The purple haired girl asked standing on a pedestal while a blue haired girl appeared to be fixing the hem of a long white dress.

“And.....we’re done for today!” Evie said poking her head up from her former place at the end of Mal’s dress.

“Finally!” Makes exasperates as she stepping down from the pedestal.

Evie checked her watch then tucked it back into the pocket of her dark blue skirt. “Carlos should be there already we really need to go!”

Mal slid out of the white dress handing into gingerly to Evie to which she hung it with hanger next to a matching almost cape like garment. “Has she gotten bigger?” Mal asked walking over a see through cage with a large purple lizard.

Evie chuckled as she fixed her hair in the mirror. “I mean when hasn’t she ever since we started working on the wedding dress and generally fixing up the isle the love in heart must be reacting.”

Mal thought before responsibility “ you think she’ll be back to normal before the wedding?” She had never thought even when she was a child that her mother would show as much as love as she was now.

Evie locked eye with Mal and solemnly nodded. “No mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding she’ll be there if by lizard or by human”

Mal smiled and locked arms with Evie as they exited the sewing room in Evie’s house. “Do you think Jay had fun on his little adventure with Gil” Evie asked putting a little emphasis on Jay and Gil.

Mal rolled her eyes. “It’s not gonna happen” She replied.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk you know so little of love” Evie jokingly chastised.

“Wasn’t I the one who broke Uma’s love spell”

This time Evie rolled her eyes the friends broke apart as a Evie locked the door to her castle. “Aren’t you excited for all of us being together again?”

“I mean of course I am but we see Carlos like once a week cause Jane’s planning the wedding and I see you cause you know my dress.”

Evie sighed. “We were the best of the best!”

Mal and Evie shared a look.



Carlos De Vil was sitting on a lumpy couch in the hideout he and his friends had made. Across him was the wily thief himself Jay. “Where did you go on your gap year” Carlos asked before looking a brown paper bag then pulling out a chocked bar.

Jay searched the bag pulling out another chocolate bar took a bite then responded “It was amazing! We went to so many amazing places and saw so many cool things!”

“Did you have any trouble traveling with Gil” Carlos asked his question seemed basic enough but his face looked like he knew more than he led on.

Jay punched Carlos in the arm. “He was fine for the whole trip pretty cool actually it was always fun to see him try some new fruit or candy.

“Uh huh” Carlos smirked.

“He told me to say hi to you guys he went to say bye to Uma and Harry before going to Atlantis”

Jay ignored the smirk. “So how are you and Jane?”

“We’re doing good. Tomorrow she should be meeting Mom” Carlos answered then finished off his chocolate.

Jay looked puzzled. “She didn’t meet the infamous Cruella the day the barrier went down?”

“Nope! Mother was at a spa, that spa turned into a staycation then a trip to Atlantis”

Jay nodded in understanding. “That sounds like a years worth of things to do”

“Shouldn’t the girls be here already?” Jay asked stretching.

A familiar voice responded “Ask and you shall receive.”

Jay turned around to see both Mal and Evie. He noticed Mal was wearing her old purple jacket that mostly covered a dragon t-shirt and matching purple army boots. Evie wore a color blocked blue and red long sleeve shirt with a blue pencil skirt. Jay jumped and pulled both of them into a hug.

“Jay! You somehow look exactly the same” Evie commented.

“Nuh uh my hair grew at least five inches”

Mal groaned. “We can talk all day I only have a couple more days to my wedding day and I want to at least cause a little chaos”

The group walked out of their hideout wicked smiles spread across each of their faces walking into the market.

”We’re the best of the worst” The four of them sang now running through the market.

”The first of the first the ones who found the light made it bright!”

”Rotten to the core who could ever ask for more!”

Each of them divided into two groups going in separately directions.

”Long Live havin’ some fun, we take everything we want!”

Carlos and Mal sang as they walked down into Dragon Hall walking the halls of their former school.

“VKs from the Isle first ones to the see that Auradon smile!”

”Mirror, mirror on the wall! We’re the baddest of them all”

Jay and Evie ran through Bargain Bin tearing up random pieces of fabric and breaking items.

“Raise your V’s up high! Wave ‘em side to side!”

Both of the groups slowly walked back to the heart of the market still singing and dancing.

”We’re rotten to the core, core! Who could ever ask for more”

They finished the song and laughed to themselves as they walked the streets of the isle until a royal guard appeared. “Lady Mal I bring urgent news about your mother !” The guard spoke.

“What about my Mom!” Mal asked complete bamboozled.

“Fairy godmother thinks she’s almost returned to her original state” He reported.

Mal smiled tears ran down her eyes. She turned to her friends “I gotta go”

“Go!” They all said.

Mal and the guard sprinted.

“Wait I need to get a ride” Carlos said running after them almost falling in the process.

Jay and Evie laughed watching the white haired boy. “Wanna grab some grub at Ursula’s fish and chips?” Jay asked.

“I see what you’re doing” Evie murmured.


“I said sure sounds good” Evie told Jay.

Jay and Evie walked towards the restaurant talking about their past year. However, in the alley’s shadow a crazy haired female silhouette cackled.