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Walk Among Wolves - [Leon Kennedy x Reader]

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||A/N: And there's book three, I know these are the events of RE5 and there's not much Leon x Reader in here but it will be mentioned so that's why I kept the 'Leon Kennedy x Reader' in the title so yeah...hope you enjoy this prologue and I hope you can wait a bit for the first chapter after this one! Also if you wanna see what the reader is wearing throughout this book just look on my Wattpad or Quotev!||


Within the DSO people were either speed walking or running all over the place, the fact that one of their own was suddenly MIA wasn’t a good thing, the tracked back on their Intel and it turns out it was a trap from the start.

When the first search team arrived at the last known location you were at it was then that they found the dead body of the man giving the information about an outbreak in their city. He had been infected with something and nearly attacked the team sent there.

They managed to actually get some documents on subtle plans that someone had for you when they retrieved you, mostly they were just reported on how they would plan to go far to fake an outbreak, lead you there then capture you when the time was right…mostly before you found out it was all a setup.

Your closets friends were taking it hard, Claire especially as well as Sherry who was expecting to have lunch/dinner with you when you’d return from that mission, that little girl loved and looked up to you seeing you as like an older sister figure or so.

However there was one person taking it even harder, and that was your lover Leon Kennedy. It hit him the hardest due to the fact not only was he your boyfriend and he had a duty to protect you…but also there was the fact you two shared an apartment together and now that place will feel empty…

It broke Leon’s heart further when nothing came up and the President was forced to identify you as MIA…


You were tired…you spent all these past few days struggling to break free from your restraints but nothing worked, you knew that the people responsible for your capture was watching you struggle probably laughing at your failure.

Not only that but you knew they waited until you were exhausted, which it worked since you barely had your (E/C) eyes opened when two men wearing protective suits walked in one carrying a needle the other a mask.

“You bastards…the fuck you want with me?” You asked.
“You might want to watch that mouth of yours, after all, you are in our hands.” A woman’s voice came from the intercom.
“Fuck…you…” You said back.
“Swear all you want you’ll be our little test subject, that needle contains what remains of the T-Virus. Let us see how you react to it.” The woman said over the intercom once more before ending it completely.

Hearing that information you struggled to get free, the adrenaline running through your veins triggered and you tried so damn hard to the point where your wrists began to get cut and bleed but it was no use one of the men held you down while the other stabbed the needle in your neck sending the virus inside of you.

You let out a small shocked shout at this as the men rushed off, for the next few hours you felt the virus begin its changes inside of you. Honestly, you believed you’d die soon from this and return as a monster…

Unseen to whoever was watching you when you turned your head to the side a tear rolled down your cheek and since your head was to the side it rolled down the bridge of your nose and on the pillow under your head.

‘Leon…I guess this is it…I’m so sorry, I love you.’ You thought

But when minutes turned to hours and then hours turned into a full day you still were not turning, the two behind the cameras were impressed, you weren’t mutation nor did you turn into an undead failure…you might just be the key item to help them finish their project.

“Prep her for cryostasis…we’ll make sure to make good use from this.” A man said.

**Four Years Later**

Kijuju Africa, it was the main area where a new rumoured Bio-Weapon was being created due to some of the people living among that area was controlled by something terrifying, however just as the BSAA Alpha Team was closing in on their mission location in a warehouse was a man on his knees.

The poor guy was shaking from fear and dread, just a few minutes ago he was taken and then injected with the virus that took many others controlling them. One woman slowly walked around him her heels making sounds as she walked while the other leaned up on the wall with her arms crossed, her wolf-dog sitting beside her snarling a bit each time he looked towards

The first woman had on a dark blue bodysuit with a black hooded cloak and a crows mask with red eyes, while the second woman had on a black and blue bodysuit with a half of a black cloak hood up only seeing her white bangs that fell over the mask which was covering just her eyes.

Anytime the poor man looked her way he noticed the two guns in their holsters which peaked just under her arms or that cloak she wore, they rarely spoke and only thing heard was now the man’s groans as the virus was rejecting him.

When he grabbed on the woman’s arm his eyes began to go black she ripped her arm away from him and once they saw the black worms coming out of the man’s body they left, another failure oh well he’s the BSAA’s deal now.

**Hours Or So Later**

Chris was driving his jeep to Kijuju his mission was to investigate the rumour, help Alpha team and get to Irving before he could sell the new BOW on the black market.

‘I should’ve seen it coming…It didn’t take long after the fall of the Umbrella Corporation for their bio-weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists. A new era of bio-terrorism descended upon vulnerable countries, shifting the balance of power throughout the region. People in the destabilized areas soon feared another incident like Raccoon City was inevitable. As panic spread government of the world turned to the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, which formed the anti-terrorism unit BSAA. Operatives of the BSAA were sent to infiltrate and neutralize bio-terrorist hot spot, restoring safety and stability to various regions around the globe.’ Chris thought.

Driving around a bit more Chris could still see the opened file in the passenger seat, it was yours. Not much was in it since no one came up with anything on where you could be nor who took you.

‘To top that off one of the government best agents, a good friend of mine and my sisters went missing four years ago…no one really knows where (Y/N) is but some BSAA operatives have said that some woman with white hair resembles her, no one really knows if this information is credible but I promised both my sister and Leon that I’d look into it…mostly because the reports were on the fact she was located here more than once…if this truly is (Y/N) then what is she doing here? But this is no time to jump to conclusions…getting my hopes up as well will just be pointless so all I can do is investigate if these findings are credible.’ Chris thought.

After parking his jeep and meeting his new partner for the mission he remembered Jill for a brief moment but was pulled out of his thoughts when the woman introduced herself as Sheva Alomar.

Their mission was to locate Irving but what waited for them would be the total shock of their lives when not one but two people who were missing and thought to be dead was actually alive and well…not only that but hiding and plain sight.