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The first thing that Lucas Ripley sees when he awakens is the beautiful face of his beloved, Vic; next, he
hears her voice, and she is in full "scold mode", which, if he's truthful, he's not at all surprised-she sounds scared,
pissed-off, and anxious, all at once-what comes through, very clearly though, is the pissed-off...seeing that he's awake,
she lights into him:


VH: You can NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, Lucas...EVER! Do you understand? You scared me...SO MUCH...
I couldn't catch my breath; I had to hide how worried I was, so that we wouldn't be "outed"...YOU CAN'T

LR: You said that, Lucas Ripley manages to croak, weakly. I reacted, the same way that you, or anyone else at 19
would have...but I take your point. I SCARED MYSELF, TO BE HONEST...c'mon, Vic-a little slack, please?

VH: Victoria decides to let the matter drop (for NOW), but this issue will be re-visited (MANY, MANY times-Lucas is
deluding himself if he thinks the subject is closed)..."The Doctor says with rest, and limited activity, you can return to
duty once the Medic, and your Cardiologist, sign off. That means at least 60 days minimum, at home, with me."

LR: Fine...this time here in ICU has given me time to think about what's next-about the possibilities for're
right, I can't take these types of chances anymore. I have you to worry about, and, down the road, A FAMILY-I hope."

VH: You want that? R-Really?

LR: More than anything. Listen, Vic: I know who I can count on, when I'm ill, or afraid, or need someone to lean on-
I know that you will move heaven and earth to make everything right. I heard the Nurses talking earlier; they said this crazy
Woman ranted and cursed, carried on, screamed, and turned over medical carts, until the Chief of Cardiology HERSELF
personally took over my case. I trust you with every fiber of my being. You willed me back to life, and as crazy as it sounds-
you LOVED ME back to life.

VH: When everything went down, all I could think was I can't let you go without telling you one more time how much
I love you. I'm saying it NOW, and everyday and night from now on. You just get well, the rest will take care o itself.

LR: Copy. Thank God I found you, Victoria Hughes