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Trials and Tribulations

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Gabriel took a deep breath of the dusty, hot air that was filtering into the small house through the window. He was practically bouncing on his toes; it was his mating day (assuming his heat cooperated, but he was pretty sure it would judging by how much he ate yesterday).

He and Sam had planned this out; Raphael had told them that the strongest mating bond was a result of the Alpha chasing an Omega in heat and then claiming them. Gabriel had gotten over a lot of his hang-ups, but he didn’t dare run down the streets of Los Angeles where any Alpha could catch him. No, he and Sam had switched buildings with Dean and Cas. Dean, Cas, and little Mary were staying in Sam and Gabriel’s apartment for the week, while he and Sam were in Dean and Cas’ house. It was out in a five-house ‘town,’ so it was perfect. They’d even chosen the route ahead of time--up the nearby hill, so that Sam would be able to keep an eye on Gabriel the whole way, even though he was giving him a head start.

Gabriel didn’t feel like eating, but he drank some orange juice they had in the refrigerator. He wished, briefly, that he’d been able to make the place smell more like Sam and him--it reeked of Dean and Cas’ scents--but he’d had to make do with the nest itself. Dean and Cas’ bed was piled so high with blankets and pillows from Sam and Gabriel’s apartment that even Sam had had trouble last night scrambling up onto it. They were going to have a lot of laundry to do when they were done, but it would be worth it.

Sam had lived in the house before he moved out almost a year ago, but his scent had been largely erased by the new family member. Their niece, Mary, had been born during Sam’s first year at law school and Gabriel’s last year as an undergraduate. He’d graduated with his BBA a few weeks ago, although he was waiting to start his bakery until he and Sam were mated. They had decided that Sam would work for him over the summer before going back to law school, first renovating the building and then running a cash register (Sam’s talents didn’t really include baking).

At the moment, Sam was still in bed. It was exceedingly rare for Gabriel to be up earlier than him, but his heat was starting and the bed had felt too hot. Besides, he was ansty, and had wanted to be ready to run when his heat finally hit. So, he was dressed--albeit in old shorts and a T-shirt--and had his running shoes on as he peered out of the window at the trail he’d be running up. Given the number of rattlesnakes in the area and the fact that a good deal of the ground was covered in pumice and cacti, Gabriel was happy that he’d been able to make Sam promise not to claim him the instant he caught him, not that Sam would ever do anything to hurt him.

He was becoming sick and tired of waiting for something to happen when he felt the first traces of slick leak out. With a grin, he set his empty glass down on the counter, opened the front door, and took off running. Gabriel was not much of a runner, admittedly, but his biology cheerfully took over. The sugar in the juice he’d just had helped, too. As he ran, he felt his body slide more firmly into heat. He was glad that it was still morning; otherwise it would have been entirely too hot. He still shucked his T-shirt, throwing it to the side of the trail. Sam would pick it up. And then… Gabriel couldn’t wait until they were bonded. He usually wasn’t much of a romantic, but there were a few big exceptions and that was one of them.

It wasn’t long before he had to slow down, energy from his heat or no energy. It was California, and the ‘hill’ was actually just shy of being a legitimate mountain. He glanced over his shoulder, but didn’t see Sam. He knew Sam would be able to smell where he’d gone, however, given Sam’s amazing nose. So, he turned his attention back to running.

After another few minutes, he glanced down again and saw that Sam was now on his trail, quickly eating up the distance between them and carrying the shirt he’d shed. Gabriel grinned fiercely and tried to put on more speed, although he really wasn’t in that great of shape. His antics startled a covey of quail, which flew up off of the trail in a loud cloud of feathers, only to settle down just a few feet away in the brush.

When he next looked back, Sam was close enough that Gabriel could see that his eyes were glowing red: his heat had apparently triggered Sam’s rut. Once upon a time, that would have terrified Gabriel, but not anymore. He’d worked through the majority of his issues, and he trusted Sam more than he trusted himself, sometimes.

Gabriel could hear Sam behind him now, gaining on him, and he threw back his head and laughed, knowing it would annoy the Alpha in Sam. He put on one final burst of speed, but it was, of course, no use--Sam’s arms appeared out of nowhere and scooped him up, turning him almost effortlessly and draping him over a gigantic shoulder. “MINE,” he heard Sam growl.

Gabriel went limp instinctively, but after a few steps back down the path, he gathered his courage and smacked Sam on the ass. “Mine,” he responded cheekily.

Sam swatted his backside, hard, and Gabriel let out a yelp. “Stop,” Sam ordered in his Alpha voice, making Gabriel shiver. “Want to claim you right here.” His words were a little slurred, and Gabriel realized it was because his mating fangs had already descended. That sent a second shiver through Gabriel. He ran his tongue along his teeth, and found that his were out, too, although not as far as it sounded like Sam’s were.

“Cactuses,” Gabriel pointed out, wiggling and earning another swat. The part of him that was in heat was totally good with Sam claiming him right this second. The part of him that didn’t like hunting for cactus spines embedded in his skin, not so much.

“Serve you right,” Sam growled. “Didn’t even wake me up, just took off. Anyone could have caught you.” He began to pick up the pace. Gabriel realized they were going downhill, but even so Sam was carrying him, and he was not small. Yet, Sam jogged the rest of the way down the hill and then flat-out ran into the house (he hadn’t closed the front door, nor did he bother with it this time).

He ran into Dean and Cas’ bedroom, and tossed Gabriel up onto the nest before remembering to at least close the bedroom door. Gabriel had to swallow hard when Sam threw him as if he weighed nothing. The Omega tried to situate himself on the bed, but moments later Sam had climbed up onto the nest and was looming over him with other ideas. The Alpha literally ripped his shorts off, which was definitely less sexy in the real world than it was in bodice-rippers: Gabriel was certain that no fictional Omega ever got a wedgie when they had their clothes ripped off.

He was too far gone to care, though; he just cried out “Sam!” as the Alpha grabbed him and began to rub his scent all over Gabriel while also divesting himself of his own clothes. Sam managed to yank their shoes off too, but he was apparently too far gone to worry about socks.

“Present for me, Omega,” Sam growled in his ear, and his body fell all over itself trying to obey that beautiful voice as he rolled over and got up on his knees, chest pressed into the mattress. He heard Sam let out a pleased growl, and then felt him rake his nails down Gabriel’s back before leaning in to scent-mark him again.

“Please, Alpha!” Gabriel needed Sam inside of him yesterday. “Claim me!” If Sam hadn’t been in a rut, he probably would have taken more time to make sure Gabriel was ready, but as it was, he simply pushed himself deep into the Omega’s heat with no preparation. “Yes!” Gabriel was so wet due to his heat that he barely felt the stretch anyway.

Sam began to nip at his shoulders, and Gabriel moaned shamelessly, writhing underneath him as Sam started up a frantic pace set by his biology and not his mind. “So good,” the Alpha grunted out as he set a hand in between Gabriel’s shoulder to push him further down into the mattress.

There was no way Gabriel could have done this without panicking even half a year ago, but time and therapy had provided distance between what was happening now and what had happened when Alistair Rolston and Gordon Walker had kidnapped him. Besides, it was Sam, and he trusted Sam with his life. Maybe even more than that, if truth be told. Plus, it felt amazing. He’d wanted this ever since he’d set eyes on the Alpha in the courtroom so long ago. “Mate me, please Sam, please Alpha!”

He heard Sam let out a pleased growl above him. “Mine.” His knot was already swelling; Gabriel knew it wouldn’t be long. He could already feel himself teetering on the edge, and allowed himself to sink into the feeling just as Sam’s bite landed on the scent gland on his neck. There was a tiny sting, Gabriel’s vision narrowed, and he felt himself climax.

“Alpha!” Gabriel screamed in pleasure as he decorated the sheets beneath them.

Sam growled something in return, but his mouth was full of Gabriel’s neck. The Omega felt Sam fill him up, however, and the sensation caused him to orgasm a second time. This time, he floated away into blackness.


Gabriel had no idea how long he spent ‘floating,’ but when he became aware of himself and his surroundings again, he felt Sam licking at the mating bite on his neck. His saliva would help it heal, at least until he refreshed it.

The Omega barely cared about the bite, however, as he felt the full effects of the bond settle on him. Scientists swore it was only chemical and not psychic, yet Gabriel knew he’d never have to search the grocery store for Sam again.

The bond felt good. He was complete in a way he didn’t know he could be, wrapped up in his Alpah’s--his mate’s--arms. Sam did like to snuggle. In any case, Gabriel didn’t know if the bond alerted Sam that he was back with him or if it was something else, but he heard Sam chuckle. “How are you?” the Alpha asked, ever solicitous.

“Amazing. My Alpha.” Gabriel twisted his head around so that they could kiss. He thought maybe he could feel some of Sam’s joy, but again, perhaps it was just the pheromones the Alpha was giving off. The room reeked of contented Alpha and Omega pheromones, heat and rut temporarily sated for both.

“My Omega,” Sam whispered when they broke the kiss. They were laying on their sides; Sam’s knot hadn’t fully deflated yet. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Gabriel snorted. “Hardly. How many times do I have to tell you I won’t break?” He stretched a little, then put his arms over Sam’s. “Can you feel it?”

He could hear the smile in Sam’s tone. “Yeah. It’s...Remind me why we waited so long to do this?”

Gabriel chuckled. “We wanted to see the worst of each other first, remember? You in law school and me during finals.”

“Stupid reason,” Sam murmured, and Gabriel laughed; waiting had largely been Sam’s idea. He grabbed one of Sam’s hands and brought it to his lips so he could kiss it. “Your turn,” Sam added. “How do you want us?” His Alpha was remarkably flexible in more ways than one, and over the past year they’d tried a number of different things, including Sam bottoming for him.

Gabriel knew that wouldn’t work, however. “I’ll ride you,” he said, groaning lazily when he felt Sam pull out of him. “Easier for me to reach your neck.” Technically, only Sam’s bite mattered as far as the bond was concerned, but both of them wanted the mating bites to be mutual. It was actually in fashion these days for Omegas to claim their Alphas, so that people could easily see which Alphas were taken and which weren’t. Gabriel was not about to give some other Omega an excuse to be near his Alpha now that they were mated; this last year had been hard enough.

Gabriel rolled over so they were facing each other, put his arms around Sam, and exchanged a few lazy kisses with him. He could already tell that this was going to be the best week of his life. Maybe there was something to his religious’ parents saying that everything bad happened for a reason--if he hadn’t been kidnapped, he never would have met Sam.