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You Look Cute

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“Oi! Do I have to come too!” Ray said, irritated. “Yes you do Ray,” Emma said firmly, “You should be grateful that Norman is coming too.”

Both Emma and Norman had to push and drag Ray so he can eventually go outside and accompany them to the mall.

“But I don’t wanna go to the mall!” Ray complained. “It’s okay Ray! You will be grateful that we invited you to go with us!” Gilda said.

Ray was confused on why both Gilda and Emma are snickering at each other, he saw Anna calmly smiling and walking beside them.

“She’s so calm..” He thought,

“Alright! Ray, Norman, you guys wait in the book store while we’re gonna do stuff here okay?” Emma exclaimed, they were in front of the local accessory shop.

Ray and Norman went to the book store, Ray on the other hand is still confused why the girls had to bring him and Norman if they’re going to the accessory shop. “Yo Norman, why’d you think they asked us to accompany them when they’re only going to a accessory shop?” He asked,

“I dunno, maybe they’ll buy us something once they got out the shop,” Norman
replied. “Pfft, as if they know what we want,” Ray said while paying the book he wanted.

Norman’s phone rang, it was from Emma, he picked up the phone and heard what she wanted to say, “Okay, we’ll be there in a couple of minutes,” He said, putting his phone back into his pocket, “They’re done, we just need to go to the shop.

Norman and Ray walked for 2 minutes and Ray’s jaw dropped on what he saw.

It was Anna, her hair was let down and two strands of hair were braided to the back and was sealed with a blue ribbon. Ray suddenly felt his face go red, he tried to cover it with the scarf he’s wearing, he realized this was planned all along. He wanted to compliment her, he wanted to say something to her, but his mouth can only stutter if he tries,

“Y-you look” He started,

“Yes, Ray?” Anna replied,

“R-really” He continued,

This is it, this was the word he wanted to say,


He couldn’t take it anymore his face went all red and he felt like he was about to die of embarrassment. Anna was blushing as well she never knew Ray would compliment her, her face went red as well

“T-thank you, Ray” She stuttered

“Are you sure you’re not dating” Emma blurted out

“Oi Emma! What the hell was that!” Ray said angrily,

10 seconds later, Ray was chasing Emma across the mall while Norman chased. after them wanting to calm this madness, Gilda was calming Anna that was red-faced and almost fainted after Emma’s sudden tease.