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His Weakness (part 2)

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You sat in your room, bored out of your mind.  You tossed a small rubber ball you had found up in the air and caught it as you lay on your bed.  School would be starting again soon, and it was that reminder alone that kept you sane.  A small exited buzz filled your chest as you thought about seeing your friends again!  A loud clattering from the room next to yours stirred you from your thoughts and roused Soren from her nap.  Harry's pet owl, Hedwig, was becoming agitated, likely from being cooped up all summer.  Soren was beginning to get frustrated too as she flapped her wings and bit the bars on her cage noisily.  You did feel bad for them, not being able to fly must be horrible!

"Harry Potter!  (Y/n) Dursley!"

You groaned, and you swore you could hear your cousin Harry do the same in his room!

"Coming Father!" you shouted back, and sprinted out of your room, down the stairs and into the kitchen with Harry right behind you.  Your mother was making a beautiful cake when you entered, and you glanced at it hungrily.  You knew you wouldn't get any, but you didn't really care.  "He's in there, Vernon," she said, barely looking up at you as you and Harry came in.  You two nodded and rounded the corner where your father was standing, as large and frog shaped as ever.  He was helping your brother adjust his suit, which matched your father's.  Vernon looked over at you and Harry with a poorly hidden look of disappointment and disgust, the kind of look that says, oh, it's you, is it? even though the owner of such an ugly face had asked for you to come over.  "I'm warning you," he said with an equally disgusted voice, "if you two can't control those bloody birds, they'll have to go!"

"But they're bored!" you said, trying to defend the birds' actions.

"If we could just let them out for an hour or two - " Harry began, but your father cut him off with a snort.

"So you can send secret messages to your freaky little friends? No!"

You winced, maybe if you hadn't told them about Draco, this wouldn't have happened and you and Harry could be writing letters to your friends.

"But we haven't had any messages from any of our friends!" you said, "Not one.  All summer."

"Who'd want to be friends with you?" Dudley said, turning around.  Anger bubbled inside you and you struggled to keep it down.  He slammed his shoulder into Harry's as he passed, and Harry had to grip your arm tightly to keep from starting a fight.  "i should think you'd be a little more grateful," Vernon continued, and you took a deep breath to calm yourself.

"We've raised you since you were a baby, given you the food off our table, even let you have Dudley's second bedroom purely out of the goodness of our hearts!"

From behind you, you heard Petunia smack Dudley's hand and say, "Not now, it's for when the Masons arrive!"

Your father's eyes grew wide and he threw his hands in the air.  "Which should be in any minute!" he shouted, "Now, lets go over our schedule once again, shall we?  Petunia, when the Masons arrive, you will be - ?"

"In the lounge, waiting to welcome them graciously into our home!"

"Good.  And Dudley, you will be...?"

"I'll be waiting to open the door!"

"Excellent!  And you?" Vernon said to you and Harry, his voice void of all enthusiasm it had held mere seconds ago.  "We'll be in our rooms, making no noise and pretending that we don't exist," you two said in unison.  

"Too right, you will.  With any luck, this could be the day I make the biggest deal of my career, and you will not mess it up!"

You internally rolled your eyes as you turned around and headed upstairs back to your room.  The doorbell rung almost as soon as you opened your bedroom door, and you could hear Dudley asking for Mrs. Mason's coat.  You flopped onto your bed but sat up almost immediately, as it sounded like someone was in Harry's room that certainly wasn't Harry!  "Harry Potter," the voice said, "such an honour it is!"

The sound of Harry's door closing filled your ears and you heard no more of what was said.  Of course, that did not stop you.  Desperate for some excitement, you put your ear against your wall to listen to the conversation.  "Who are you?" you heard Harry's muffled voice ask.

"Dobby, Dobby the house elf," the strange, high pitched voice responded.

"House elf?" you said to yourself.

"Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't a great time for me to have a house elf in my bedroom."

"Oh, yes sir, Dobby understands, it's just that, Dobby has come to tell is difficult sir.  Dobby wonders where to begin!"

"Why don't you sit down?"

"Sit down?  Sit down?" Dobby seemed to grow stressed at this suggestion, and soon, you could hear wailing.  "Dobby, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything!"

"Offend Dobby?  Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir, but never has he been asked to sit down by a wizard, like an equal!"

"Poor thing," you muttered under your breath.  You hoped your parents downstairs couldn't hear Dobby's wails!  

"You can't have met many decent wizards then!"

"No, I haven't." There was a moment of silence before you could hear Dobby add quietly, "That was an awful thing to say," followed by a series of loud banging noises!

"What the hell?" you said, and leapt off your bed and quietly snuck into Harry's room.

"What is going on in here?!" you whisper shouted as you saw Harry trying to stop who you presumed was Dobby the house elf, who appeared to be wearing nothing but a pillowcase, from ramming his head into a dresser violently!

"I have no idea!" Harry responded when Dobby had finally stopped.

"Are you alright?" you asked, eyeing the elf nervously, as if he may erupt into another series of head slamming at any moment.

"Dobby had to punish himself, madam," he said looking up at you, "Dobby almost spoke ill of his family."

"Your family?" Harry asked.

"The wizard family Dobby serves, sir. Dobby is bound to serve one family forever. If they ever knew Dobby was here..."  Dobby shuddered in fear.  Then he looked up at you and harry and whispered urgently.  "But Dobby had to come. Dobby has to protect Harry Potter. To warn him!  Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year."

"Not go back? But... I have to," Harry replied, taken aback by the house elf's warning.  "This is a plot. A plot to make most terrible things happen. If Harry Potter goes back to school he will be in great danger."

"What terrible things?  Who's plotting them?" you asked.

Dobby began making a funny choking, gagging sound, almost like a strangled chicken!  "Okay!  I understand you can't say --" you began to say, but it was too late.  Dobby grabbed the bedside lamp and began beating himself with it and yelping very loudly!  As Harry tried to wrestle the poor lamp away from Dobby, you could hear your father's footsteps thundering up the stairs and towards the bedroom.  You grabbed Dobby by the pillowcase and flung him into the closet right before Vernon threw the door open!  "What the devil are you two doing up here?!  You've just ruined the punchline of my Japanese golfer joke!  One more sound and you two will wish you had never been born!"

He stomped away on his flat feet and slammed the door behind him.  Once you knew he was gone, Harry let Dobby out of the closet.  "See why I've got to go back?" Harry said, "I don't belong here.  I belong in your world - at Hogwarts.  It's the only place I've got....friends."

"Friends who don't even write to Harry Potter?" Dobby asked.  

"Well, I expect they've been - hold on.  How do you know my friends haven't been writing me?"

Your eyes widened.  Had Dobby been taking Harry's letters?  Dobby looked up at the two of you, his eyes filled with guilt as he pulled out a large stack of letters.  "Harry Potter mustn't be angry with Dobby - Dobby hoped that if Harry Potter thought his friends had forgotten him, Harry might not want to go back to school sir."

"Give me those, now."

Dobby frowned then dashed out the door in a panic!  You and Harry scrambled after him, trying desperately to catch him before he caused any chaos downstairs.  You two raced into the kitchen and found him standing on the counter, waving his arms.  Petunia's masterpiece of a pudding rose into the air and gently flew into the lounge, where it hovered over the Mason's heads.  The Masons failed to notice the colourful cake above their heads, but the Dursleys had. 

"Dobby, please, no!" Harry whispered desperately.

"Harry Potter must say he's not going back to school."

"I can't, Hogwarts is my home!"

A sad expression filled Dobby's face, and he said, "Then Dobby must do it sir, for Harry potter's own good."

You watched in horror as Dobby snapped his fingers, making the cake plummet onto your family's guests.  They stood up in surprise, looking down at their cake covered clothes.  "I'm sorry, it's our nephew.  Very disturbed.  Meeting strangers upsets him so we kept him upstairs...."

The Masons stormed out of the house with Petunia and Vernon following, pleading and begging them not to go.   Just as they left, an owl flew through the sky and dropped a letter by Vernon's feet.  Then he raced back inside and gave it to Harry to read, a mad gleam in his eyes.  "Go on, read it," he said, and you watched out of view of your family as Harry read the letter.

"Dear Mr. Potter,

We have received intelligence that a Hover Charm was used at your place of residence at twelve minutes past seven this evening.  As you know, underage wizards...."

"Are not permitted to perform magic outside of school," Vernon finished.  He snatched the letter from Harry and said, "You didn't tell us you weren't allowed to use magic at home.  Slipped your mind, did it?"