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August 23rd, 2039


Kissing Elijah Kamski was something that Connor never-- in the short while he had been awake--thought he would do. Truthfully, in the time they had spent together, he had thought about it. Once or twice. Maybe a few more times than that, once he realized that he might care for the man in a less than a platonic way. Yet, he never thought he would actually do it.


There had been nothing out of the ordinary happening between them at the precise moment. No overt sexual tension. No awkward stumbling. No accidental hand touches. They had simply been conversing...and it happened.


It was rather hard for Connor not to think about if he would have wanted this to happen when they first began their quote-unquote friendship.


The two of them had begun speaking a little over a year ago. When Jericho first began gaining its bearings. Though, that wasn't to say that their conversations had started out on the most... pleasing note.


Connor, though deviant now, had become so more at the last minute. As in, Markus just managed to get through to him before Connor was to put a bullet in his head. However, Connors divergence into deviancy didn't come from the need to stop the oppression against his fellow androids, and solely from a purely selfish desire. A desire he frankly tried to bury because it made him sound beyond horrible. Regardless as a result of his late start into deviancy, Connor still struggled with his machine-- more accurately his abrasive and cold--tendencies.


This wasn't the same for Elijah. Instead, the extremely private and overall baffling billionaire was as ever frustrating, mysterious, and seemingly cunning as people said he was.


Cyberlife fell back into Elijah's hands shortly after the revolution. Elijah--much to the surprise and displeasure of the public-- offered to give whatever aid to Jericho that was requested or needed.


Connor--the lastest and most advanced model at Cyberlife-- was obviously the one who had been chosen to be the ambassador between the two separate entities. Connor's resented this, but he felt that this was as good of a way as any to show his loyalty to Jericho, and agreed.


The first few months of the meetings between the android and elusive billionaire had been subtlety hostile at best. Elijah was as closed off as they came, and Connor was unwilling to remove any opinions he had formed of the man from his head.


If only Connor had, he might have seen what was beginning to fester in Elijah before it began.


They both had issues. Connor wouldn't deny that he didn't have any, however, Elijah's issues tormented him to a borderline deadly degree.


Somehow, someway--after Connor saved Elijah from his first suicide attempt-- they found themselves working through those issues together. They found themselves growing closer and closer until they found themselves here... in each other's arms.


Connor abruptly broke the kiss and sucked in an unneeded breath. He looked into Elijah's face--whose eyes were closed as though he was still processing what had occurred between them.


The locations, Connor had to admit couldn't have been more perfect. They were both currently residing in Elijah's home, and currently located in his "Safe Room."


This is the room the creator went to when he found himself drifting to the dark side of his thoughts and needed to ground himself when he was alone. He and Connor had built it together after Elijah's second suicidal attempt. It was a comfortable room, decorated in things that Elijah found solace in.


At first, only Elijah could come inside. However, Connor had eventually found himself the privilege of being invited inside as well. This was something that not even Chloe, who was the only other person closest to Elijah had been offered. This in itself spoke levels of the trust Elijah placed in Connor and how sade the man felt with the android. They were currently settled on a grey beanbag chair that was larger and far more comfortable than it had any right being.


Before the kiss, they had been talking about a set of comic books Elijah had been reading. A hobby the creator had enjoyed in his youth and picked back up again as a reminder of happier times. They had been laying together, enveloped in the comfy chair, going over the latest series Elijah had discovered. A course of events--that Connor couldn't even recall--set into motion that ended up bringing their lips together.


It wasn't the only kiss Connor had experienced in his time being awake, but it was the only kiss that made him feel like he was flying. The kiss itself was chaste, no more than a firm press of their lips together. Yet, Connor felt like he was on top of the world. He felt like he was falling in all the right ways when it was over.


Elijah's beautiful, soft, yet oh so cold blue-eyes opened and settled on his brown earthy ones. Elijah blinked rapidly, before abruptly shifting like a startled animal.


"I--I apologize. That--that shouldn't have happened." He said as he struggled to get out of the comfortable beanbag chair that seemed to encompass both of them.


Connor felt his heart--metaphorically speaking-- drop into his stomach. What had happened that quickly? He reached out and grabbed Elijah's wrist to keep him from escaping. Elijah paused and stilled completely.


"Why shouldn't that have happened?" Connor asked slowly.


When Elijah didn't reply, Connor moved to sit next to him. The creator refused to look at him and Connor hesitantly reached out and cupped his face, gently coaxing him to turn towards him. Connor was upset by the fear that he found in his eyes.


"Connor, please...I--I don't want to ruin this." Elijah closed his eyes mournfully. "I...I don't want to lose... this."


Connor tilted his head in pure curiosity. "What do you mean?"


Elijah sighed heavily, his voice shaky. "I... I mean... I mess everything up...and--and I don't want to mess this up. make me feel, and you can get me out of my head and... and I don't want to lose that.


Elijah hunched on himself and whispered, "I...I don't want to lose you."


At that confession, Connor knew that he would never, ever, leave the man's side. Not for anything or anyone in the world and Connor for the first time, understood why androids would want emotions.


Connor leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead. Elijah flinched slightly, but Connor for the moment ignored it."You never have to worry about that, Elijah. I'm going to be right here. Always."


The confession did nothing to ease the fear in Elijah's eyes. In fact, it intensified it. Connor didn't know any other way to calm him other than to pull the man close.


Connor had held him many, many times before like this. However, he had never felt like this while doing so. Or, perhaps he had. He had just refused to acknowledge it. Connor ran his hand through Elijah's hair feeling the silky smoothness of it and the fuzzy side of his undercut which he had not bothered to touch up in a while.


"I'll be here with you Elijah... as long as you'll allow me to be."


Elijah hesitantly wrapped his arms around Connor's form and hugged him back. The fierceness of his grip couldn't hide the fact that he was shaking. Connor held him tighter.


"I'm not going anywhere. I promise."


And he meant it.

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August 30th, 2039


Connor had become used to various acts of behavior from Lieutenant Anderson in the time they had come to know each other. When they first met, Connor had the right mind to believe the man was bi-polar. They had disagreed so much, Connor wondered how they had even become cordial by the end of it all.


Yet somehow, they had found an unusual common ground that made them at least...tolerate each other. At least on Connor's end. He was sure the Lieutenant had come to see him as some sort of son-like figure. Not as a replacement for his child, no, not in the least. However, he had become noticeably more...paternal towards the android.


Connor wished he could return the sentiments, except he had yet to forget how the Lieutenant had treated him during their impromptu partnership. The Lieutenant's company had been less than...welcoming. So much so, Connor often wondered if he would be able to work with the man for the duration of the investigation.


The Lieutenant had put their grievances behind them. Connor hadn't. There was only so much a person--android or not-- could forgive, and Connor had yet to forgive the older man for his treatment and actions.


That wasn't to say that Connor couldn't work with the Lieutenant. He had on more than one occasion while Jericho was trying to become accepted with the world as its own entity. The Lieutenant for whatever reason had been the one placed as the negotiator between Jericho and the DPD. Connor had no idea why. There were far more qualified people for this job. People with fewer moments of brashness, but again, Connor had no say in this.


Connor walked through the front door of The Lieutenant's house. He had just returned to the city after one of his many weekly visits with Elijah. The Lieutenant, of course, knew of these and understood they were unavoidable and necessary. However, once the Lieutenant found out Connor was going for more than business based visits he made his displeasure known.


If there was one thing Connor had learned he viciously detested, it was the Lieutenant had a wicked protective streak Connor found beyond irritating. Especially since he was often the victim of it. Connor supposed he should be flattered by it. It meant he was cared about to some extent. However, the Lieutenant had a tendency to treat him like a child in these moments, and Connor didn't appreciate that.


Connor strictly told him once the man had made his displeasure known, that his personal business was not any of the man's concern. The Lieutenant had not appreciated that in the least. Yet, seeing that Connor wasn't willing to budge on this firmly set boundary, he was reluctantly forced to accept it.


Or, at least, Connor thought he had.


When the Lieutenant called him, he told him they needed to speak urgently in person. This annoyed the android, mostly because he had to cut his visit with Elijah short, but he appeased the irritable human. Connor had been under the impression that it was going to be a meeting between just the two of them. So, he was rather surprised to find Markus, Simon, North, and Josh sitting at the kitchen table as well. Connor wasn't aware of what was wrong, but he had a sinking feeling in his stomach that it had something to do with the creator. He had no idea what prompted this, but his initial feelings were hardly ever wrong.


"What is this?" Connor asked looking over the group suspiciously. "I wasn't made aware that this was a group event."


"Connor, sit down," Hank said.


Connor glanced around and stood his ground. He preferred to stand when he was unsure of a situation. "Lieutenant, what's going on?"


When no one said anything, Connor started to grow annoyed. He looked around at the others hoping that they would give him some sort of indication as to what this impromptu meeting was about. Even with his superior detective skills, he couldn't make out that anything was overtly wrong.


Markus sighed, running a hand down his face. "Okay, I guess I'll tell him. Connor...a very important event has happened and we've learned that it's going to affect Jericho for the foreseeable future."


Connor kept his face passive. "And what is this event?" While he spoke these words, Connor couldn't help but wonder why the Lieutenant's house had been chosen to hold this conversation since this matter obviously concerned Jericho. Connor then concluded that there was more to this than just Jericho and he assumed that for whatever reason, the others wanted to put him at ease and thought the Lieutenant's house and presence would calm him. Connor had no idea why either of them would think he was close to the brooding man to such a degree, but he knew that now wasn't the time to question it.


Markus continued. "The government is opening an investigation against Mr.Kamski for possible acts of treason against the United States, regarding the case of deviancy."


Connor froze. He blinked rapidly as though his brain couldn't process what he had just learned. There was a first time for everything. "...What?"


Markus nodded grimly. "I was made aware of it this morning. The person leading it hasn't yet been disclosed to me, but an investigation has certainly been opened. As a result of this, all negotiations for android rights will be on hold until the investigation is resolved."


Connor was still trying to process what grounds the Government had to open up a case like this. Why was it personally against Elijah? Shouldn't it be against Cyberlife? Elijah hadn't been apart of the company for years, deviancy had only been around for at most three. There was no reason--legal or otherwise-- to open an investigation against the creator himself.


"Why now?" Connor questioned out loud. "It's been nearly a year since the final protest and negotiations began. This should have been something that was investigated immediately after or during the revolution, not nearly a year later."


"Does that matter?" North asked irritated, "The only thing that matters is that this is going to impede on androids gaining their rights! Who knows how long this case is going to take!"


Connor refrained from glaring at her. There seemed to be very little concern for the man this case was directed towards. Connor shook his head.


"Obviously," he stated, "this is simply some sort of ploy to delay the negotiations. Markus has been making a lot of progress as of late. I have no doubt they're simply using Elijah as a scapegoat to slow his progress because Elijah is an easy target."


The room grew silent, and Connor could sense the doubt. He refrained from reacting when the Lieutenant spoke.


"Connor...don't you find it a little fucking odd that he simply disappears for 10 fucking years and then he suddenly pops back up to take over his company after things magically end in his favor?"


Connor narrowed his eyes at Hank. "You sound like you approve of this investigation, Lieutenant." Connor knew that he did, but he wanted the accusation out in the air between them.


Hank shrugged. "Honestly, Connor...I kinda fucking do. I mean, it sucks this is going to slow things down for you guys but as far as Kamski," Connor refrained from glaring at the level of disgust the Lieutenant spat the creator's name. "I don't think it could hurt. I don't fucking trust that guy as far as I can throw him. The fucker isn't right in the head, and honestly if he is guilty it's best it comes out now so it doesn't come back and bite you guys in the ass later."


Connor's fist tightened into a ball behind his back. He lowered his gaze to the table. He was certain that his LED was spinning yellow, and he struggled to keep it under control. "I'm assuming that you all share the same sentiments?"


Markus sighed forlornly. "Connor...I have the entirety of Jericho in my hands...I can't--I can't risk being associated with Mr.Kamski if he's found guilty. That's going to have serious ramifications for Jericho, and our future."


"You're saying that despite all that he's done for us in this last don't trust him?"




"He was friends with your master, Markus."


Markus frowned at his owner being referred to in such a way but nodded. Connor knew Markus didn't like to think of Carl that way, but that didn't change that's what he was to Markus. "I know that--"


"He personally built you."


Markus again nodded. "I'm aware of that Connor, but--"


Connor huffed an irritated sound. More than a little annoyed that Markus wasn't seeing his point. "The purpose of this meeting wasn't just to tell me of this investigation, so please get to the point?" He spoke tensely.


Simon sighed, he glanced at Markus gently before he continued for him. "Well...we think it would be in the best interest of Jericho... if we stop associating with him right now."


Connor nodded slowly. His face was passive but he was seething on the inside. "I'm assuming that you're asking me to as well," Connor spoke tightly.


"Look, Connor, I think it's obvious that you've grown rather... close to him," The Lieutenant said with no small hints of disgust. "but this guy is bad news, and until it's proven otherwise you need to stay away from him. Especially with this investigation. I don't want you to get pulled into this."


What the Lieutenant didn't know was it didn't matter what he wanted because the android had already made up his mind. There was no way in hell Connor was going to leave Elijah to deal with this alone. With the man's fragile mental state, it was bound to send him over the edge. Especially when he learned that Jericho wanted to leave him high and dry to deal with it alone.




The Lieutenant blinked. "...What?"


"You all are not so subtly ordering me to stay away from him. My answer is no."






"Connor, this isn't just about you and your fucking feelings?!" North exclaimed.


Connor calmly narrowed his eyes at her. "I believe that you are the last person who gets to talk to me about managing their feelings when it comes to making decisions, North."


The look of rage that passed across North's face was rather satisfying to see, but the building one forming on Markus's was not as welcome. Connor normally didn't have an issue with Markus. He was a gentle as they came, for one who could fight like they personally hand-trained an army military soldiers. Connor was sure that was due to his owner giving him such a nurturing environment. Markus was strong, both in body and mind, but Connor was as well. He, however, was a bit more stubborn.


"Connor," Markus spoke tensely through his teeth. "You're a leading member of Jericho--"


"And as a leading member of Jericho--and apparently the only one here who has any common fucking sense at this point-- I'm well aware that separating ourselves from Elijah isn't going to solve anything! Markus, I'm surprised that you even think that you can separate yourself! Elijah built you! You're implicated in this investigation rather you like it or not! Furthermore, Elijah is running Cyberlife again and has been offering aid to Jericho for the last year! So, unless you're willing to pack up and move somewhere else, no amount of cowardly separation is going to get you or Jericho away from this matter. Additionally, if you trusted Elijah you would realize that there is no reason to be worried!"


"You want us to trust the man who abandoned us for years! He let us get abused in all manner of ways and you expect us to trust him?" Josh asked.


Connor felt annoyance beyond what he thought was possible. He was so fucking tired of hearing that! What did the androids expect Elijah to do?! Honestly, they acted like dumb ignorant children at times! If they used even an ounce of their 'incredibly advanced' neural processor, they would realize there was nothing Elijah could have done about the way androids were treated. Even if he wanted to, what could he do? Personally go to every single person and politely ask them to stop destroying their purchased merchandise?! Elijah was many things, but he wasn't an all-powerful God!


"So..." Connor said slowly trying to restrain his anger. "You're more than willing to use him, but trust is too much to ask?"


Markus ran his hands down his face, irritation clear. "Connor,"


"You have my answer, Markus. What you do with it is your choice. You may remove me from Jericho if you wish, but I take back none of what I said." Connor said turning. He couldn't stand to be around them anymore.


Hank's chair screeched as he stood and grabbed his arm to stop him. "Connor, will you get out of your feelings for two seconds?! You act like we came up with all of this off the seat of our assess! We're just trying to--"


Connor jerked his arm out of the man's grip. "I'm unaware of what more needs to be said. You all have made your stance on the matter very clear," Connor spoke through gritted teeth.


"Apparently, so have you," North said bitterly "at least from now on we know where you stand. When it comes to Jericho or Cyberlife, you'll choose Cyberlife. Ever the obedient slave for them aren't you, Deviant Hunter?"


Connor turned and coldly regarded her. If there was one thing he had struggled with since becoming deviant it was losing his cold calculating demeanor. His words could be sharp and venomous, and at this moment, he appreciated that.


"No. I'm choosing not to abandon my friend. Something that you all apparently can't seem to stop doing." Connor said glancing at Simon. It was a despicable thing to bring up, and Connor knew it was by the look of shock that ran across their faces. Yet, at that moment he was cruelly satisfied by their reactions.


"I'm leaving," Connor spoke, daring them to try and stop him. Neither of them did.


"It doesn't matter does it?" Connor paused at the Lieutenant's words turning to face him. "No matter how much you matter what you do, say, or act, on the inside you're still just a fucking machine."


Connor refused to be hurt by those words as he opened the door and exited the house. He wasn't just a machine. He knew this because a machine wouldn't get upset by the words in the first place. A machine wouldn't care about what happened to the creator at all. A machine wouldn't care. Nevertheless, he did care. He cared so much he was willing to verbally hurt his 'friends' to defend the man because even if they didn't, he trusted Elijah, and he knew Elijah was innocent.


If Connor was honest with himself, he would admit he was well aware that this need to defend the man hadn't solely come from a friendship perspective. He had kissed Elijah. He kissed him. It was a moment that was more precious to Connor than anything he had ever experienced in all his dallying in romantic endeavors. Connor had seen what Elijah was truly alike. He had seen him at his weakest and rawest moments and knew that Elijah truly didn't deserve this scorn.


Elijah may have withdrawn from the world. From people. From his very own creations. He had his reasons, yet, he was trying to change that now. He was trying to open himself back up again. Connor knew his struggles and he would not leave him alone to deal with it, even if he alienated his friends in the process. He hoped they would forgive him for his words. He hoped that they would rethink their stance on Elijah and this investigation. He hoped they would change their minds and come to trust the creator as Connor has. However, at the moment--and Connor could simply put this off to his anger-- he simply didn't give a damn.

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August 30th, 2039


Connor's rage had dulled from and roiling boil to a steady simmer by the time he made it back to Elijah's house. He felt like his very being was yearning to be near the man again to soothe his anger. Admittedly, it had only been about four to five hours since he had last seen him, but Connor didn't care. He needed to see Elijah again.


Connor pulled his car to a stop, paying no attention to the storm roaring above him. This time of year it was always rainy in Michigan, but for that day the sky had decided to form into an impressive thunderstorm unleashing its fury onto the Earth. Connor found it fitting, the wild winds whipping about around him matching the emotions he felt on the inside. For not the first time, he marveled that Elijah could bring these feelings out of him. He quickly made his way to Elijah's door and rang the doorbell.


It took all of two minutes before the chime was answered. Elijah was surprisingly the one who opened it. He blinked at him in confusion. Connor's gaze raked over his figure. He was dressed much the same as he had been a few hours ago, oversized black t-shirt, black pajama pants, and, of course, barefoot. His hair had been taken down from its usual man-bun, however, which Connor felt rather appreciative of. One scan was all Connor needed to know of the luxurious cost of these rather simple items. The look Elijah painted was one of comfortable luxury, and Connor wanted to indulge.


"Connor! W-What are you doing here?" Connor was aware that this visit was unusual, once he left, he normally didn't return until their next scheduled visit. Elijah was not stupid, fragile and insecure at the moment, yes, but not stupid. He could tell that something was wrong.


Connor took his hand and looked earnestly into his eyes. "We need to talk."


Elijah blinked up at him in concern, his icy-blue-eyes tinting with concern. "About--about what?" There was nothing short of a demanding tone in his voice. A defensive one.


Connor frowned knowing that Elijah's anxiety was forcing his defenses to form, his overactive mind working every scenario down to their core. Connor didn't need to scan his vitals to know that his heart was racing. Connor squeezed his hand reassuringly.


"Inside," Connor suggested instead.


Elijah's brows furrowed intensely. He nodded and pulled Connor in. He escorted Connor to his "safe room", possibly having some inkling that whatever Connor had to say was going to throw him into a panic.


Once they arrived, he closed the door. He didn't need to lock it. Chloe was well aware not to come within the room without his permission. For now, only Connor had that privilege.


Elijah turned around to face him. Elijah wasn't a small man. Coming right in at six feet even. Connor was only taller than him by an inch and a half at best. Elijah also worked out and had a pretty nice mass of body definition to him that made his lean form seem larger than he was. However, the way that he hunched in on himself-- something he only did when he was unsure of himself and comfortable in said person's presence-- in his over-sized t-shirt, made him look incredibly small.


Connor took a deep breath, trying to figure out the softest way to say this. "There's something that's happening right now regarding you that you need to know about, and I don't want you to be caught off guard by it."


Connor went about telling Elijah everything that he knew at this moment about the investigation. He also begrudgingly told him what Jericho thought about the situation as well. Connor, however gentle he may try to be with Elijah, never liked to lie to him about how things were.


Elijah sat down on the edge of the humongous beanbag chair as he listened to Connor. He stared at the ground, his gaze void of emotion.


"They don't trust me?" Elijah asked softly referring to Jericho. His voice low and empty. It deeply unsettled Connor.


Connor moved and sat next to him. He hesitantly reached out and grabbed the man's hand. "They're just... scared right now, Elijah. They'll come around."


Elijah didn't respond to that nor return his grip. "You trust me." It was phrased more like a question than a statement and Connor didn't like that.


"Yes," He replied with no hesitation.


"Are you sure that you can?" Elijah asked. He finally turned to face Connor, and the android could see in his eyes that his mind was drifting towards the worst possible scenario's.


Connor again with no hesitation, nodded. He reached up and cupped Elijah's cheek. Tenderly, his thumb caressed his cheekbone."Yes. I wouldn't have defended you as I had if I thought otherwise."


Elijah closed his eyes and nodded slowly. He reached up and grasped the hand on his cheek squeezing it tightly and breathing steadily in and out. In and out. "Of course. Of course, Connor. I'm--I'm sorry."


Connor shook his head. "You shouldn't be. I should be the one apologizing for how you're being treated in regards to this. I would think that Markus of all people would at least trust you, but... I suppose that I was wrong."


Connor tightened his grip, ignoring the fire building inside him. "You needn't worry, Elijah. I will NOT abandon you during this, I don't care what Jericho says."


Elijah glanced away briefly, before taking a deep breath. "Can we... stop talking about this right now? Please? I just--I just need some time to process things."


Connor knew that most likely meant he was going to overthink it until he went insane. Sadly, Connor was aware that there was nothing he could really do about that. If he kept trying to talk about it, Elijah would most likely shut down and shut him out. The only thing Connor could do was try to keep his mind off the matter as much as possible.


Connor smiled softly and brushed some of Elijah's hair behind his ear. "You're wearing your hair down."


Elijah blinked at the change of topic but offered Connor a small shy smile. "I don't ALWAYS wear it up."


Connor felt his chest warm with fondness at the tiny grin. If it could be called that. It was the smallest quirk and the corner of the creator's lips. Nevertheless, Connor loved it regardless. He rubbed his fingers against the shaved sides of Elijah's head. He strongly ignored the shiver that ran through Elijah, and definitely ignored the way Elijah bit his bottom lip in embarrassment and...something else.


"I think it suits you," Connor whispered honestly.


Elijah's pale cheeks went pink and Connor thought it was the most endearing thing he had ever seen in his life. Which, unquestionably hadn't been that long, but Connor didn't care in the least.


Connor's eyes fell down to the swell of Elijah's bottom lip. It was pinker with the way Elijah kept chewing at it. Connor trailed his thumb down the sides of his face until it caught against the soft moistened skin his thumb catching against it. Elijah's breath hitched.


"Elijah...when we kissed...did you enjoy it?"


Elijah swallowed, his breath coming out noticeably heavier, his chest and shoulders softly heaving.




Connor smiled despite himself at the way Elijah's voice shook. He knew that Elijah enjoyed it, but to hear him say it filled Connor with...he didn't know what. He just wanted more.


"May it again?"


Elijah was leaning forward before he even answered. "Yes," Their lips touched and Connor was soaring. The kiss itself was about as chaste as the last one they shared. A solid and firm touch of their lips that made Connor tingle. Connor had kissed other's before, but none of them had filled him with as much unadulterated joy as this one.


They broke apart briefly, Connor's lips chasing after Elijah's stealing one more kiss before fully pulling away. Connor breathed out and looked Elijah in his face. The other man's eyes were closed, and he sucked in his bottom lip as though trying to follow the taste of their kiss. Connor was sure he had no taste to follow, but he was also sure Elijah didn't care.


Elijah's eyes opened and he gazed at Connor, the look in his eyes so...inviting, that Connor couldn't help but find himself leaning in again. Their lips came together again, and this time it wasn't controlled. Connor actively kissed Elijah, pressing their lips together in a fiery union of desire that exploded between them like a bomb going off.


Elijah thankfully didn't lean away from him--Connor would admit this move was rather bold of him considering how skittish Elijah tended to be-- instead, Elijah placed his hands on Connor's shoulders, his grip tightening on the fabric. Connor ran his hands through the man's hair. He kissed and kissed and kissed him until the human had no choice but to break for air, and even then Connor didn't stop kissing him. He moved his lips against the others jaw, pressing little kisses to the man's stubbled chin, the texture odd and exhilarating against his lips. He felt heat licking at his insides, felt like his core was close to overheating. How odd, considering how little they had done.


Elijah's hands tightened even further on his shoulders twisting his still dampened shirt between his fingers. "Connor, it's--it's getting late." Elijah huffed out, his voice breaking off in a small moan as Connor's lips found his neck again. Connor's hands drifted down from Elijah's shoulders to the small of his back instead, pulling him closer to gain more contact.


"I--I don't want to keep you here," Elijah said.


Connor pulled back, his lips glistening with the evidence of his kisses. "You won't be."


Elijah looked into his eyes, the look in his own unreadable. "You...won't be missed for a night?" The fingers of one hand already slipping into the hem of Connor's collar and the other tugging at the edge of his shirt.


Connor could have laughed, after the way that he behaved? "I very much doubt it,"


Elijah's arms found their way around his neck. "...Stay with me." He said leaning his weight into Connor's.


Connor smiled soft and warm, his eyes yet again drifting down to Elijah's lips. "Always," He said before swooping down and claiming them yet again. They fell back against the bean bag chair and succumbed themselves to a moment of pleasure hidden away from the world's eyes.

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August 30th, 2039


Only Elijah Kamski would have a NASA grade telescope in his home. It seemed like such an Elijah thing in fact, that Connor truly had no idea why he had been surprised by this discovery.


It was no secret that Elijah was fond of the stars. When they first started talking about things not involving Jericho--shortly after Connor just barely managed to stop his first suicide attempt-- Connor learned just how much of a nerd Elijah really was. The creator had always been fascinated by the stars and what lay within and beyond their universe. This didn't surprise Connor, considering the amount of science fiction material he liked to read.


"I, at one point, donated a lot of money to NASA in hopes that it would aid their adventures in space exploration," Elijah explained. "I even offered to consult on whatever projects they may need. I was thrilled when they came to me with the offer of creating android astronauts. It seemed so logical. Androids didn't need half the resources that humans did, so that cut the cost of space exploration immensely. Allowing them to do more with their money and time spent in space." Elijah gave a little resigned sigh, "I was less than pleased to discover that they would simply leave these androids on whatever planet they were on to eventually malfunction and shut down after they served their purpose. However....there was nothing I could do about that?"


Connor listened as he looked through the telescope. His brain was rushing to process all the information he collected as he studied at all the various nebulas and galaxies. He for the first time, in a while, found himself truly amazed. He looked away from the stars and turned to gaze at Elijah.


They were both dressed comfortably. Connor only in a loose pair of pants--which he, of course, borrowed from Elijah-- and not much else. Elijah had changed from what he wore earlier. Instead of black, he wore white. The looseness of his clothes remained the same. Elijah always wore long-sleeved shirts, to hide...evidence of a long dark past. Connor had seen and carefully handled all the evidence presented to him. He found it comforting that Elijah was willing to share such a...secret about himself with him. It--to an almost sickening degree-- made the man much more interesting to him.


"You feel sadness for these androids, don't you?" Connor asked.


Elijah nodded, he twisted the ends of his hair while he thought. A nervous tick, and the reason he kept his hair up. "I can't help but wonder what their last moments were like. Were they scared, angry? Did they hate whoever left them up there?"


Connor stepped away from the telescope and walked over to Elijah. He knelt down in front of him. "Perhaps they didn't feel anything, Elijah."


Elijah wouldn't look him in his eyes but he shook his head fiercely. "I highly doubt that, Connor. You know how deviancy works. I have no doubts that they realized what happened to them. That they had been left behind. Abandoned. Thrown away. Like trash."


Connor frowned at the way Elijah's grip in his hair twisted harder. His grip no doubt becoming borderline painful. Connor grabbed Elijah's hand and held it protectively between his to keep him from hurting himself.


"Their deaths are not your fault."


Elijah huffed a bitter laugh, and he looked at Connor with annoyance. His eyes shining with possibly unshed tears. "You don't think I know that?" Elijah sniffed. "Doesn't stop people from blaming me. It doesn't me from blaming myself."


Connor tilted his head. "Why?"


Elijah breathed out harshly. "Why not, Connor?! Because apparently, I'm responsible for everything else, why wouldn't I be responsible for this too? I could have done something. I'm Elijah fucking Kamski. Creator of androids and Cyberlife. Apparently, that makes me some all-powerful God. Apparently, I'm supposed to be able to do absolutely fucking everything in god damn world--"


"Elijah," Connor said softly. He gently flexed his fingers around Elijah's his thumb stroking the soft warm skin, softly coaxing him out of his head. Elijah's grip was fearsome.


Elijah took a deep breath and relaxed his fingers. He closed his eyes and he breathed. In and out. In and out. "...I'm sorry." He spoke once he calmed.


Connor shook his head. "Don't apologize."


Elijah shifted forward and lean against Connor's shoulder. "I seem to be having trouble quieting my thoughts right now."


Connor frowned deeply, although he was pleased that Elijah's couldn't currently see his face.


This was the reason Connor was so angry at Jericho for turning against Elijah as they had. They knew little to nothing about him and didn't understand the guilt the man harbored onto himself. Guilt that honestly he shouldn't have to shoulder. Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from doing so.


Elijah was a difficult person to get to know. Connor wouldn't deny this. The android almost wrote him off as just another rich spoiled billionaire when they began meeting and didn't change his mind for some time. It wasn't the fact that Elijah was intimidating to try and understand. It was the fact that Jericho didn't even try to understand him. To hear things from his side. They were so focused on themselves, their issues, their goals, they refused to hear or acknowledge anyone else's cries for help.


Connor may be deviant now, but he was no fool. He knew the negative repercussions androids being seen a citizen was going to have on society. It was already being seen. Detroit itself was declining right now, not elevating. Androids were such a vital part of how the city worked, and now none of them were doing their jobs. Hospitals, schools, food processing, electricity, water companies, and even the trash was being massively affected to a concerning degree with this change. It wasn't that there weren't enough human bodies to fill these jobs, it was that the conditions of these jobs fell well below what could be considered safe for a human. An android could do and handle so much more than a human could, and they needed so much less than a human did. This worked well in the beginning, but now that no android--other than a small few-- wanted to do their jobs, this was falling apart in societies face.


This was just in Detroit. This wasn't speaking of what was going on all over the country right now.


On one hand, Connor could see things from the androids point of view, nonetheless, he could also see it from the human's side as well. Sadly, Connor didn't know how to fix this. He didn't want androids to go back to being slaves(that was counter-productive to what he wanted) but he also didn't want humans to needlessly suffer either. However, neither parties were willing to meet in the middle.


The most frustrating part was that Connor knew he couldn't speak these concerns to Jericho. If he even acted like he was on the human's side he would be labeled a traitor. Markus was a kind leader, but that didn't mean that everyone that followed him was kind. Connor also was aware that humans wouldn't hear a word he had to say because he was an android. He was stuck in an idiot sandwich.


Connor looked down at Elijah. He'd think about all that later. Right now, he had a human to soothe. His human.


Connor brushed some of Elijah's hair behind his ear. "Do you wish to see the stars, Elijah?"


Elijah shrugged. "I doubt it will happen anytime soon...not in my lifetime at least."


"That's not what I asked you,"


Elijah sighed and rolled his eyes."Yes, then. However, as I said I very much doubt that I will. The world seems incredibly... resilient to be stuck exactly how it is. That's the unfortunate part about humanity. When they get comfortable...change is an incredibly slow process. Sometimes I wonder if it even happening at all. More often than not, it appears that the human race if going in circles--"


"Elijah," Connor interrupted. "If you could one day visit the universe ...what would you hope to find?"


Elijah grew quiet. "...I don't know. I would hope that there is more life out there. We can't be the only ones in the entire universe."


"If you were to meet them, what would you say?"


Elijah chuckled, and Connor smiled as his body relaxed into his arms. "I--I don't know, Connor. I honestly haven't thought it that far out."


Elijah chewed his lip as he thought. "Honestly, I wouldn't even hope to find anyone at first. I would just love to explore. There has to be so many undiscovered things out there, so much...knowledge. I would love to know what we've been missing out on stuck on this close-minded little words of ours." Elijah shrugged. "Then I would hope if I was to come across life, that they wouldn't be... as primitive as humans are. That they wouldn't suffer from the basic limitations that humans do."


"In most science fiction, extraterrestrials are often depicted as the bad guys."


Elijah rolled his eyes. "That's because humans can't bear the thought, that there is something unlike them that is better. Sound familiar?"


Connor nodded. That was actually very true.


Elijah sighed playing with Connor's fingers. "That's just wishful thinking on my part, Connor. Everyone has to have conflict. The universe is made of it. New galaxies are created by stars exploding. The very universe itself is said to have been created by a cataclysm so large it birthed billions of galaxies, ours included. It's a tale that's billions of years old. Conflict creates new beginnings...for better or for worse."


They both grew silent. "Perhaps one will be possible to explore the universe, and maybe we would be able to do so together."


Elijah looked at Connor, his eyes widening a fraction, his cheeks tinting pinks. He gazed away his shyness getting the best of him. "It seems highly improbable...but... an interesting thought nonetheless."