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Feel Something

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August 23rd, 2039


Kissing Elijah Kamski was something that Connor never-- in the short while he had been awake--thought he would do. Truthfully, in the time they had spent together, he had thought about it. Once or twice. Maybe a few more times than that, once he realized that he might care for the man in a less than a platonic way. Yet, he never thought he would actually do it.


There had been nothing out of the ordinary happening between them at the precise moment. No overt sexual tension. No awkward stumbling. No accidental hand touches. They had simply been conversing...and it happened.


It was rather hard for Connor not to think about if he would have wanted this to happen when they first began their quote-unquote friendship.


The two of them had begun speaking a little over a year ago. When Jericho first began gaining its bearings. Though, that wasn't to say that their conversations had started out on the most... pleasing note.


Connor, though deviant now, had become so more at the last minute. As in, Markus just managed to get through to him before Connor was to put a bullet in his head. However, Connors divergence into deviancy didn't come from the need to stop the oppression against his fellow androids, and solely from a purely selfish desire. A desire he frankly tried to bury because it made him sound beyond horrible. Regardless as a result of his late start into deviancy, Connor still struggled with his machine-- more accurately his abrasive and cold--tendencies.


This wasn't the same for Elijah. Instead, the extremely private and overall baffling billionaire was as ever frustrating, mysterious, and seemingly cunning as people said he was.


Cyberlife fell back into Elijah's hands shortly after the revolution. Elijah--much to the surprise and displeasure of the public-- offered to give whatever aid to Jericho that was requested or needed.


Connor--the lastest and most advanced model at Cyberlife-- was obviously the one who had been chosen to be the ambassador between the two separate entities. Connor's resented this, but he felt that this was as good of a way as any to show his loyalty to Jericho, and agreed.


The first few months of the meetings between the android and elusive billionaire had been subtlety hostile at best. Elijah was as closed off as they came, and Connor was unwilling to remove any opinions he had formed of the man from his head.


If only Connor had, he might have seen what was beginning to fester in Elijah before it began.


They both had issues. Connor wouldn't deny that he didn't have any, however, Elijah's issues tormented him to a borderline deadly degree.


Somehow, someway--after Connor saved Elijah from his first suicide attempt-- they found themselves working through those issues together. They found themselves growing closer and closer until they found themselves here... in each other's arms.


Connor abruptly broke the kiss and sucked in an unneeded breath. He looked into Elijah's face--whose eyes were closed as though he was still processing what had occurred between them.


The locations, Connor had to admit couldn't have been more perfect. They were both currently residing in Elijah's home, and currently located in his "Safe Room."


This is the room the creator went to when he found himself drifting to the dark side of his thoughts and needed to ground himself when he was alone. He and Connor had built it together after Elijah's second suicidal attempt. It was a comfortable room, decorated in things that Elijah found solace in.


At first, only Elijah could come inside. However, Connor had eventually found himself the privilege of being invited inside as well. This was something that not even Chloe, who was the only other person closest to Elijah had been offered. This in itself spoke levels of the trust Elijah placed in Connor and how sade the man felt with the android. They were currently settled on a grey beanbag chair that was larger and far more comfortable than it had any right being.


Before the kiss, they had been talking about a set of comic books Elijah had been reading. A hobby the creator had enjoyed in his youth and picked back up again as a reminder of happier times. They had been laying together, enveloped in the comfy chair, going over the latest series Elijah had discovered. A course of events--that Connor couldn't even recall--set into motion that ended up bringing their lips together.


It wasn't the only kiss Connor had experienced in his time being awake, but it was the only kiss that made him feel like he was flying. The kiss itself was chaste, no more than a firm press of their lips together. Yet, Connor felt like he was on top of the world. He felt like he was falling in all the right ways when it was over.


Elijah's beautiful, soft, yet oh so cold blue-eyes opened and settled on his brown earthy ones. Elijah blinked rapidly, before abruptly shifting like a startled animal.


"I--I apologize. That--that shouldn't have happened." He said as he struggled to get out of the comfortable beanbag chair that seemed to encompass both of them.


Connor felt his heart--metaphorically speaking-- drop into his stomach. What had happened that quickly? He reached out and grabbed Elijah's wrist to keep him from escaping. Elijah paused and stilled completely.


"Why shouldn't that have happened?" Connor asked slowly.


When Elijah didn't reply, Connor moved to sit next to him. The creator refused to look at him and Connor hesitantly reached out and cupped his face, gently coaxing him to turn towards him. Connor was upset by the fear that he found in his eyes.


"Connor, please...I--I don't want to ruin this." Elijah closed his eyes mournfully. "I...I don't want to lose... this."


Connor tilted his head in pure curiosity. "What do you mean?"


Elijah sighed heavily, his voice shaky. "I... I mean... I mess everything up...and--and I don't want to mess this up. make me feel, and you can get me out of my head and... and I don't want to lose that.


Elijah hunched on himself and whispered, "I...I don't want to lose you."


At that confession, Connor knew that he would never, ever, leave the man's side. Not for anything or anyone in the world and Connor for the first time, understood why androids would want emotions.


Connor leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead. Elijah flinched slightly, but Connor for the moment ignored it."You never have to worry about that, Elijah. I'm going to be right here. Always."


The confession did nothing to ease the fear in Elijah's eyes. In fact, it intensified it. Connor didn't know any other way to calm him other than to pull the man close.


Connor had held him many, many times before like this. However, he had never felt like this while doing so. Or, perhaps he had. He had just refused to acknowledge it. Connor ran his hand through Elijah's hair feeling the silky smoothness of it and the fuzzy side of his undercut which he had not bothered to touch up in a while.


"I'll be here with you Elijah... as long as you'll allow me to be."


Elijah hesitantly wrapped his arms around Connor's form and hugged him back. The fierceness of his grip couldn't hide the fact that he was shaking. Connor held him tighter.


"I'm not going anywhere. I promise."


And he meant it.