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Wind's Hyrule, or 'the Great Sea' as he called it, was vast. But it was not lonely in the way that Wild's was, or wrought by destruction as Hyrule's was. Its many islands brought a sense of quaint peace, and none more so than Outset.

Wind has been ecstatic when they'd switched worlds. He had whooped in joy, bringing his grandmother and sister rushing out of their home for "I missed you's" and "welcome home's."

They had fed well. Wind's grandma had insisted on making them all eat seconds, because "they were all so skinny."
They'd laughed and told stories of their journeys, all while conspicuously leaving out the personal details.

Now the cloudless sky grew pink with dusk. The Links, sans Warriors and Legend who were still down at the beach, talking to someone named Orca, had set up camp in the forest at the top of the island. Wind's grandmother had been horrified when they said they were fine sleeping in the woods, but there hadn't been any other option. There was simply no way they could all fit in Wind's house.

And it was fine. The woods were protected from the breeze by tall cliffs, and the trees provided ample shelter from any storms that may come by.

They'd found the nicest location they could and set down their things. Wild lit a fire and browsed his slate for an evening snack.

They had all laughed around the campfire, Sky and Time played a duet for them. Wind had recounted tales of his expeditions in New Hyrule.

Though, now it was mostly silent. Warriors and Legend were still down at the beach, probably bickering. Four polished his sword. Hyrule was leaning against a tree, eyes closed. Hot coals provided a warm glow against the ever-dimming sky.

Twilight muttered something about taking first watch. He stood and began to walk away from camp…
...and promptly ran right into a breathless Legend. Twilight scowled, and looked about to rebuke him, but Legend deftly ignored the Ordonian. He had a mischievous grin plastered on his face, and was holding something behind his back.
"Guys," he began. "You won't believe what I just managed to steal."

Time chuckled.
"Classic Legend."

Despite Time's nonchalance, everyone's curiosity had been piqued.
"What is it?" Sky queried after a moment's pause.
Legend's grin grew wider. With a dramatic flourish, he pulled a small object from behind his back.

It looked pretty boring, honestly.

Twilight moved to stand next to Legend from his place behind the blond.
"I'm afraid I don't follow," he said. Everyone else's expressions told the same story.
Legend scoffed, and lowered the apparently-amazing-but-also-kinda-boring notebook. But his grin soon returned, this time with a more snarky undertone.
"It's Warriors' notebook. And possibly-" once more he flourished the notebook, "-his diary."
Wind gasped, his earlier confusion all but forgotten. Wild had an amused smile on his face. "Is it really?" he asked. "How did you get it from him?"

Legend chuckled, and took a seat by the campfire. The glowing coals lit the contours of his face as the blond settled down to tell his story. Wind leaned in to listen, his excitement evident.
"Well," Legend began. "The story itself is not too exciting, I'm afraid. Warriors was distracted talking to that Orca guy. It was the perfect chance, so-" he held up the notebook, "-I took this!"
Legend stood. "But that's just the boring part. What's really exciting… is what's inside of it."
Wind grinned. "Well, read it! C'mon!" He insisted
Legend sighed good-naturedly. "Oh Wind, ever the impatient one. Never fear! Your wish shall be granted."
Legend stood dramatically, journal in hand. Then, without further ado, he flipped it open to the first page.
The camp sat in rapt silence, even the usually responsible of them wanted to know what the captain thought.
Alas, the frown that had suddenly alighted Legend's face told them such a thing would be harder than they first thought.

"What's wrong, vet?" Twilight questioned.
Legend huffed and set the journal on his lap. "It's not written in my Hylian."
Wind scowled and leaned away from the fire. "That's a little disappointing."
Legend nodded. "See if any of you can make something of it, eh?"

Like clockwork, Legend passed the journal around the camp. Most of them couldn't figure out the unfamiliar writing, but sometimes someone could make out a word or two, like 'strong' or 'blind'. But a few words here and there had them no closer to deciphering the writing.

Legend looked about to give in before an idea came to him. He chuckled, bringing the group's attention back to him. Grabbing his pack, he began to shuffle around. The other Links watched as the blond pulled out a bright green book.

"What's that?" Wild asked.
"This, my friend, is the Book of Mudora," Legend replied. "Hyrule, hand me the journal. I'm gonna see what the captain has to say if I need to translate this whole thing."

Not another word was said as Hyrule passed Legend the journal. He had already pulled out paper, ink, and quill, and had the book open beside him. The sound of the feather tip against parchment pervaded the camp, only accompanied by the fire crackling and the whispering of the trees.

As the minutes wore on, the Link's interest began to drift away from the madly scribbling Hero of Legend. Time got out a rag and started to polish his armour. Four began to settle into his bedroll. Sky and Hyrule had struck up a conversation about something or another. Even Wind was lazily tracing pictures in the dirt.

None of them noticed as Legend's expression slowly descended from concentration, to shock, to horror, and finally, to unbridled fury. None of them noticed how hard he was gripping the quill, or that this was already his third one, the first two lying broken on the dirt.
None of them noticed when he finally closed the green book, and only stared at the loose pages upon his lap with unmatched disgust.

They only noticed when he stared up to the distant stars, his eyes knowing nothing but betrayal, and screamed, cursing the gods and all they had done.