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untitled Sports Night ficlet

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The music played in the background, mostly ignored by the patrons, though it instantly made Dan and Casey's ears perk up.  "Why is it always KC & The Sunshine Band?  Huh?" Dan asks, taking another sip of his scotch and soda.  

Casey smiled at his former broadcasting partner, something near a laugh and a sigh escaping his chest.  "This place," he gestures around Anthony's, the rest of the Sports Night crew having left, "just never changes, eh, Danny?"

Dan reaches over, taking Casey's hand in his own.  Under his lashes, he looks up into Casey's eyes.  "Well, Case... Some things change."  He winks at Casey and squeezes his hand.  "You wanna get out of here?"

"I guess."  Casey smiles back.  "You sure you don't wanna..."  He gestures towards the small makeshift dancefloor Anthony's had installed, in the hopes of attracting more clientele.  "You know?"  After a beat, Casey adds, "Do a little dance?"

Dan smiles.  "I was hoping for something more like, make a little love."

Casey steals a quick kiss, then pulls Dan towards the door.  "Well okay then.  Let's go get down tonight..."