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Spying is the best option a guy has when he's madly in love and has a championship to win

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Harry stood against the side of the Quidditch locker rooms. He knew it was desperate, but he was watching the Slytherins rehearse. He took notes on their plays practiced most, and any other tricks up their sleeves. Granted, he knew it would have been so much easier if he brought his invisibility cloak, but the wind was fierce today and he couldnt risk losing it-or revealing himself. He was just out of sight of the players, ducking his head out in the slightest to watch.

Well. He was supposed to be finding out their plays so his own team could have an upper hand in knowing what to expect and make a plan against it. But Harry found his eyes instead taking in the Quidditch Seeker stars toned body. It was windy, why did the blasted man have to go shirtless. Not that he was complaining. Or looking. Harry found himself leaning out further to try and spot Draco once he chased the snitch too far to the left. But then the Malfoys head snapped in Harry's direction, so he ducked behind the building once more.

He didn't dare peek back out. He was mildly sure that Draco hadn't seen him, but..he considered leaving.

Draco panted as adrenaline rushed through his body. He caught the snitch, which means that the play he created to beat those Gryffindorks, and more importantly, Harry, was successful and not to be rivaled. He looks around in excitement at his fellow teammates, eyes dipping down. Did someone just duck their head back. He didnt make any noise, not wanting to alarm the individual before he could make his way down. Everyone was already looking at him, so he pointed to 2 teammates and motioned for them to follow.

Silently they all 3 swooped down and hopped off their broomsticks. The boys followed as Draco marches right to where he'd seen the glimpse of a head. Harry had his back against the wall, wand clutched in his fist. He looked like he dreaded the moment they came into view.

Draco immediately sneered. "I shouldve known it would be you," and distastefully raked Harry's appearance with his eyes. "Spying on me, Scarhead?" He growled lowly.

Draco didnt have his wand. There was no reason to. When practicing, it was left in the lockers. So he raised his hand and motioned to Harry's. It was immediately seized by the teammates he dragged along.

"Sod off, Malfoy, give me back my wand."

Draco stared at him with his chin raised, eyes moving down as he analyzed his own nails as if they were particularly interesting. He feigned to think it over.

"Hm, no, I dont think we will. Afterall, what will the headmistress think about you spying, and then becoming violent towards us? Surely you'd have to forfeit the game..oh, that's rich.." Draco chuckled to himself for a few moments before turning and looking at the teammates in confusion.
"Well? Get him," he rolled his eyes as he instructed.

Those words were more dreadful than their arrival. Within seconds one male was gripping and locking each of his arms, leaving Harry nothing to do other than thrash his body in attempt to be released.

"Since you love muggles," Draco growled, putting a hand on Harry's shoulder to firmly grip as he punched hard into stomach. "We'll do it your way."
His pale hand moves to wrap into Harry's dark hair, gripping so to pull his head back so the Gryffindor could watch the fist wind back to strike his cheek.
"Since it's the only thing those sorry excuses," he pants, kneeing the others stomach, "invented," he knees again, "that isn't a useless disgrace!" Draco knees Harry in the stomach twice more before pulling his head back again and striking him.

Harry let out a strangled groan, coughing and hanging his head as Draco takes a step back to pant. His attempts to pull his arms away had died off, Potter only focusing on staying conscious at this point. After a few moments of ragged breathing, Harry lifted his head and spat blood at Draco.

Who looked at him like he was an animal, absolutely disgusted. "Take him in. Then leave. No one else comes in until I'm done." Draco drawled, words spat at the two students.

Harry was dragged inside the locker room, and he continued his tries to escape. Draco followed after, cautious of Harry's kicking legs. Even over the grunts of struggle and his heart racing in his ears he could hear Draco chuckling in pity.

Once Harry was pushed to the ground on the far end of the locker room, he seen the two males leave and Draco walk nearer, standing over him. He analyzed the damage done to the other, his lips in a snarl.

Harry wasnt going to just give him the time of the day before he decided how to beat on him more. So Harry swiped under the mans legs, working fast as he fell onto his ass. The raven haired boy climbed ontop of Malfoy, barely able to pin him. They were almost matched in strength, but if Harry leaned all of his weight down onto the others wrists then he could manage to keep him down. He stilled once Draco stopped struggling and just glared, his chest rising and falling heavily.

"You're pathetic," Harry pants, lifting one hand and quickly sending a punch across his face. "you won't even fight me alone!" He pummels him in anger, right fist turning the mans head to face left, left fist turning him right.

"The only thing that matters is you learning your lesson." Draco choked out, still managing to look and sound as snobby as ever.

"And what lesson is that?" Harry stilled, clenching his jaw.

"That I'm better than you." Draco growled, surging forward with newfound strength and flipping their position. Harry hitting his head as they flipped gave him enough time straddle the others chest and pin his hands with one of his own.
"You're below me." Draco said in a pant, listing off things to answer Harry's previous inquiry. He leaned forward, glaring daggers into the others eyes as they become face to face.
"That you belong to me." He finished, his words cold. He sat up, slowly laughing at the way Harry's cheeks flushed and how he looked both panicked and angered at the same time. And a bit of something else that made Draco curious.

But the shirtless wizard stopped laughing slowly, leaning back down in interest. Malfoys free hand moves to Harry's face, the man under him trying to turn to deny such contact. Draco grips his chin anyways, making him look forward at him. The blonde trailed his fingers from the cut on Harry's eyebrow bone, to his cheekbone, his nose and then his busted lip. He smirks at himself, as if proud to have drawn blood. As he wipes the welting blood from the others lower lip, Draco looked almost as if he were in a daze.

As he was touched Harry blushed, surprised at the gentleness at the intruding touch. He watched the others face, whose own eyes followed his fingers trail. Harry's lip trembled when brushed with Dracos thumb, the only thing heard was their breathing that gradually settled. Dracos thumb plunged between his lips after a long moment of being still, as if he was pondering.

Harry's eyes closed when Dracos finger, covered in his own blood, pushed into his mouth. His cheeks felt hot when he heard Draco barely audibly whisper something, out of breath as if he were holding it.


And he wasn't sure why, but he did. Draco pressed his manicured thumb completely into the others mouth, idly pulling it almost out and then back in a few times. Harry had his eyes closed as he sucked and pressed his tongue around the digit. He slowly opened his eyes, though, looking up at Draco. The blond paused his movements and flushed when their eyes met, taking away his thumb and instead putting his pointer and middle finger into his rivals mouth. Harry's eyes flicked away and closed.

Draco pumped them slowly, watching as Harry sucked and furrowed his eyebrows.
"Well aren't you just the perfect little plaything." He grumbled, pressing his fingers as far as they could go. Harry whined, never looking up at Malfoy.

He could almost feel the other getting hard atop his chest. Draco pulled his hand away shakily, his jaw clenching. Harry looked up at him once more.

"Be good and dont move." Draco said in his usual aristocratic manner, though his voice shook the slightest.

Draco takes his hand off of Harry's wrists from where he had them pinned. Harry immediately closed his eyes, cheeks flushed red. He didn't necessarily want to watch what Draco was doing next, he was overwhelmingly flustered and inexperienced. He felt more than he heard the Malfoy chuckle breathlessly.

He could guess what at, when he felt the other lean his hand back and press a hand to Harry's own hardening length. Harry twitched immediately at the contact, his hips pressing forward. A small noise barely passed his lips and he could feel Dracos eyes on him. And then he felt Dracos hips on his own, the other repositioning them so Harry's thighs laid overtop and around Dracos hips slightly. There were no words, only foreheads pressed together and hips rutting needily.

Harry's arms moved shakily and slow to grip around Dracos shirtless torso, nails almost digging through his skin. Draco would only grunt softly at each long roll of his hips, so Harry pressed his own trembling lips together, trying to stay quiet. Small whimpers in his throat couldnt be held back, though, Draco seemed to move their hips together faster at each sound. Harry opened his eyes and a moment later Draco opened his own, staring into the green pools of lust.

But only for a moment. He quickly moved his gaze and lips to Harry's neck, immediately attacking it to leave open mouth kisses and bites and hickeys and Harry let go of his shame, clutching Draco impossibly closer and letting loose his moans and. And he was coming in his jeans like the teenager he was, crying out softly and burying his head in Dracos chest.

Draco sat up a bit as he rolled his hips into Harry as the other rode his climax out. Malfoy slowly grabbed Harry's hand, trailing it to his waistband and looking at him. He released the others hand so he could choose to or not. Although he blushed, Harry dipped his hand past the sweatpants and boxers band and took ahold of Dracos member. Draco groaned, he had to stop himself from coming just at the first small squeeze. Though he knew they were both missed and had been gone for far too long, he wanted to savor it at least for a minute.

Harry watched the way his hand moved inside Dracos pants, and then watched Dracos face. He was smirking all snide, pressing his hips forward as he watched Harry right back. To the Malfoy, Harry looked so flustered, so curious and spent. His cheeks were pink and fuck he twisted his wrist so beautifully overtop Dracos head when he stroked.

When Draco came he bucked his hips weakly a few times, letting himself groan and curl over the other. Harry made a small noise, his cheeks tinting more as Draco spilled into and over his hand. The other panted for a few moments after he recovered, pulling his head up from Harry's chest, where it had landed.

Admittedly, Harry had never done this sort of thing, so he wasnt exactly sure what most people say. But he didnt know what else he should. So he said,

"You took my wand, can you, uhm.."

Draco paused before nodding quickly, summoning his own wand and getting rid of both of their messes. Harry quickly pulled his hand away and didnt look at Draco, awkwardly using his elbows to begin to sit up. The blonde stood by himself, clenching his jaw and looking away. Once Harry stood, he hesitated and stood for a moment before moving forward.
He pushed Harry against the lockers roughly, smirking as the named wizard whimpered and looked up at him.

"Dont let me catch you spying again, Potter. Now get the hell out of here." He growled the words, slowly moving away. He reached into his pocket and tossed Harry's wand towards the exit. It was retrieved as he left.

"Tell any of your buddies what you saw or what we did and you'll regret it." He heard called after him as he left. Harry was relieved that the rest of the team wasnt waiting outside to finish him off. He's never gotten to his room faster.