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Love that never dies

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Author's notes: Hey me again we'll please do read this story I'm new at this and you just might find this story romantic and ps I'm really romantic so you might find drama and romance in this story pleas so write review and I will appreciate it and I will not judge ok thank u bye 

Sarah began "give me the child" She started again " through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back that child that you have stolen for my will is as strong as yours and my....." 

"Stop Sarah look what I'm offering you. Your dream "

jareth said looking at Sarah "and my kingdom as great" Sarah said but she stops then jareth begins " I ask for so little just let me rule you and you can have everything you ever wanted" Sarah looked away and said  "my kingdom as great ...........damn I can never remember that line" jareth started again  "just love me fear me do as I say and I will be your salve" Sarah looks at jareth and she sees him desperate  and finally says 

"You have no power over me!"

Suddenly Sarah feels that someone hit her and she wakes up and she hears Anna's voice "Sarah are you ok"  "Why wouldn't I be ok Anna"    " we'll maybe the fact that you were screaming like a maniac (you have no power over me) while your were sleeping and you woke me up " "Sorry Anna that I woke you up " Sarah was staring at the floor "it's ok Sarah but why were you screaming (you have no power over me ) "
Anna saw that Sarah was zooming out and the she says "Sarah hello are there " 

"Sorry  Anna I was just thinking of my nightmare from last night " "We'll would like to talk about it Sarah " "If I tell you what my nightmare was you going to think I'm crazy and your going to send me to a mental hospital" they both were laughing " we'll it can't be that bad Sarah " said Anna "oh trust me Anna it's bad" 

"Fine if don't want to tell me right now we can go and eat breakfast at a restaurant or something because I'm really hungry" Anna said "Ok Anna I will tell you when we are eating but don't you dare calling me crazy ok I warned  you ". 

When they got to the restaurant they started talking "so you can start by explaining now "Anna said "We'll do you remember the red book they I let you borrow the one that said (Labyrinth)" "Yes why " Anna answered "Did you finished it all" "Yes we'll kind  of I was at the part were the girl is at the goblin city " "Oh ok we'll that story did happened to me when I was a 15 year old girl "

"What !!!"

"See I told you it was crazy stuff " "Wow so your saying that Goblin king dose exist!?" "Yes he dose his name is jareth ......he kind a was ......hitting on me "Sarah thought was he flirting with her to made her love him or just to distract her to not win Toby back but she never knew "Ok so your telling me he was flitting with you because in the book says that the girls eats a magic fruit and she dreams with him that their both dancing in a ballroom " Anna said .When Sarah heard that she remembered when they both were dancing in the ballroom  and she remembers when he was singing to her she had fallen in love with  his  voice . Anna saw the way Sarah looked she had the same look in the morning 

"Sarah your zooming out again"  "Oh sorry Anna I was just thinking what you said earlier about  the girl dreaming with the goblin king" "That happened to you too Sarah " Sarah was blushing "It's true isn't "Finally Sarah said

"yes it's true I did dream about him when friend Hoggle gave the peach " Anna stared at Sarah with an Awww " tell me details please " " what kind of details do u want to know Anna " " we'll to start what kind of dress were you wearing what was he wearing or who was singing because someone was suppose to sing In a masquerade right

"Anna you know you ask to many question ""We'll yes I do I'm just curios that's all"   Anna said "I was wearing the really puffy withe dress it was So beautiful and my hair was really cute but as I was walking their he was the goblin king with is blue suit with a bunch of jewels around it I really love his makeup and his hair but back to the story Soo he was singing to me this really beautiful song and he graves and we started to dance but I saw the clock and I pushed him away and I broke the magical bubble I was trapped at" 

Sarah looked at Anna "awwwww that's Soo romantic " When Sarah and Anna finished eating breakfast they went for a walk to the park "So then what happened " Anna said with a curious voice 
" we'll finally I got to the castle and I confronted jareth he was singing a song to me he said he couldn't like within me but at the last moment he proposed to me "  Anna look really shocked "WAIT ! he wanted to marry you!?"

"What! No you didn't let me finished I was going to say he proposed to me to love him fear him do as he say and he will be my salve but .....That's when I said you have no power over me that's were it all ended" Sarah had a really sad face when she said that Anna knew Sarah loved him but she would never admit it 
"Sarah you love him don't you " Sarah looked away when Anna said that . Did she had feeling for jareth She did had feeling for him but wore those 

" I don't know Anna if I love him I mean when I was 15 I alway saw him as the bad guy as the cruel king but when he said fear me love me do as I say and  I will be you slave I didn't understood those words then but know i do"

Anna looked at Sarah while they were sitting at a park bench "I mean I do have feeling for jareth but I'm not sure if I do love him " 
"Sarah you do love jareth because you always had a problem to find guys that you like because you want Someone like jareth isn't that true Sarah "  

Sarah was thinking that she is right the problem she never lasted a relationship with guys or that she's  still is a virgin.
"Yes it is true Anna but I don't even know if the guy want to talk to me because  he might have a  grudge that I beat his labyrinth or that I refused to stay with him when he was asking "
" we'll your right Sarah but it doesn't hurt trying right " Anna said "Yes it dose Anna if I fell in love with him and he just uses me for ravage I don't know if I could stand that " 

"Your right Sarah but all the thing you told me about jareth it seems he loves you to now tell me how can u even talk to him "  Anna said " oh I don't feel like trying to solve a labyrinth if I say something wrong but I think if you just the the word    "I wish " he will come " 
"Ohh I got it ""We can start leaving Anna it's getting rather late and I feel really sleepy ""Ok sure " Anna said When they got to their apartment they watched a drama movie and they went to sleep "good night Sarah " "Good night Anna and thank you for being a good friend "