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Dicecup In a Marriage Proposal

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Cuphead sighed, leaning against the railing of the cruise ship. He couldn't believe this was his twelfth date with his boyfriend. King decided to surprise him last minute with tickets. King had even bought them both new clothes for the cruise ride. The vacation would last three days. Cup looked thoughtfully at the night sky, the stars twinkling in the dark. Hearing footsteps, Cup turned his head.


Seeing Dice, Cup smiled and waved. Dice had a slightly nervous look in his eyes, but his smile and stance seemed determined.  Cuphead immediately took an interest in this and walked to meet him hallway.  "Dice, you ok? You seem a bit off." Cup asked, cupping his lover's face in his hands. 


"Oh, I'm just swell Cups. How're you liking the cruise so far?~" "Well, its nice! They have games in the lobby and its so quiet at night. Though, it is a bit chilly." Dice wrapped his arms around Cup's waist and held him against his chest. "This better?~"


Cup blushed and leaned his head on Dice's shoulder. "Mhm.~" Cuphead hummed happily. The two talked for a bit before Dice pulled away and got down on one knee in front of Cuphead. He held out a small red box. A beautiful gold ring with a red gem in the center shone in the twilight.


Cuphead gasped. Tears trailed down his eyes and a bright smile appeared oh his face. Dice's heart swelled in his chest at how cute his boyfriend looked. "Will you do me the honour of making me the happiest person in this world, and... marry me?" Dice's smile grew as Cup immediately hugged him and yelled 'Yes, yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!' 


After a few moments of embrace, the two seperated. Dice slid the ring onto Cup's ring finger. The toon held his finger out and admired the ring. "Do you like it?" Cup nodded enthusiastically. "Of course! If it's from you, of course I love it."


Dice smiled, a trail of happy tears falling at those words. "Now come here and give me a kiss." Cup said, holding his arms out. Dice wrapped his arms around the shorter of the two. The newly engaged pair shared a passionate kiss under the stars.


After a night of rest (and cuddling) Cuphead awoke and grabbed his cell phone. He scrolled through his contacts and texted hia brother and Elder Kettle. 'Hey, it's Cup. I have something amazing to tell you when I get home.'