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Lotor/Reader Oneshots

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Potions class was shared with the Gryffindors. Not that you cared that much, you only wish you didn't share it with one of your fellow Slytherin classmates. Namely, the Snake Prince Lotor. He was every bad Slytherin quality personified. He was machiavellian and more self-absorbed than anybody you'd ever met.

“He's the reason everybody thinks Slytherins are evil.” “So you've said.” “I'm serious, Pidge! It's not fair that there's plenty of us that are actually decent people, but then people like him waltz into the house, act like total jerks, and boom- suddenly we’re the house full of evil people!” You threw your hands up, a sound of frustration leaving your lips. Pidge shrugged nonchalantly. “Why do you care what people think anyway?” “That's not the point, the point is that Lotor is a-” “I’m a what? Thinking about my magnificence as always, (Y/N)?” “Like hell I am!” “Dear, there's no need to be so cold.” You narrowed your eyes, shoving your finger into his chest. “You know what your problem is, you think you're so much better than everyone else, that your mere existence grants you the ability to tower over the rest of us. But in reality, you are just a pretentious jerk who no one can stand.” Lotor’s lips curled into a cruel smirk as he grabbed your hand. “If you really think that, then tell me this: why is it that whenever you see me you've got that cute little blush along your face.” Your features reddened more so but it wasn't because you had a thing for him, it was because you were just that cross. “Look here, you insufferable, self-righteous bastard. I do not, and absolutely will never feel anything short of absolute loathing for you.” “Ah, but haven't you heard love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” You yanked your hand back. “Oh, piss off!” You stormed off, Pidge by your side.

Much to your relief, Potions was the only class you shared with Lotor. Either that or he doesn't bother to show up, you didn't care either way. However, despite Lotor’s presence, Potions remained your favorite class. It was also your best class, you absolutely never missed it, even that one time when you had come from your Transfiguration class with a pinky finger that had been accidentally turned into an earthworm. You were thrilled when your professor told the class that you would be learning the incredibly dangerous Amortentia in the next class. You'd always been a bit more interested in the more dangerous potions than you should've been. Who can blame you, though? The next day and a half felt like an eternity waiting for your next Potions class. You were so excited that you weren't even annoyed for your usual run-in with Lotor. So excited, in fact, that you didn't realize the run-in never came. That Lotor was in fact not even in Potions class today. Well, rather, he had yet to show up.

The class was already halfway through when Lotor burst into the room, looking less put together than you'd ever seen him. Again, it’s not like you cared. He wasn’t even five steps into the classroom when he crinkled up his nose, looking utterly disgusted. Whatever, it wasn’t your problem. You sprinkled in the powdered moonstone, smiling at the iconic pearlescent sheen the potion took on. Lotor, on the other hand, had finally taken his seat after getting chewed out by the professor, costing your house several points. He sniffed at the air, scoffing and shooting you a glare. You glared back. What was his problem? You were minding your own business, he should mind his. You turned back to your potion, trying to ignore the blue eyes burning a hole into the side of your head. It got significantly easier to ignore him when your Amortentia began to emit a soft pink smoke. Curiosity got the better of you and you sniffed. J. Pippin’s Potions, the earth after the first rain of the year, and… a warm, amber tobacco cologne? It was a very distinct smell that seemed familiar, but you just couldn’t quite place it. Regardless, the combination of the scents made you feel warm and at peace. You looked around, Pidge seemed wrapped up in deciphering the scents put out by her potion, and Lotor. Well, he was still glaring at you. You’d had it. “What is your problem?” “My problem? You’re the one that must’ve doused yourself in that ridiculous, cheap fragrance.” “What are you going on about?” “You, you’re reeking up the place. You must’ve poured at least half a bottle of-” “I don’t even use any ‘fragrance’.” You held up air quotes as a jab at his haughty vocabulary. “Then why does the room smell like you?!” Pidge began to cackle. “Hey, Mr. High-and-mighty. You know what potion we’re brewing today?” Before he had a chance to speak up, Pidge kept speaking. “Amortentia. And you know what Amortentia smells like?” “(Y/N)’s bargain cologne apparently.” His response only made Pidge cackle louder. “No, you dunce, Amortentia smells like whatever a person holds most dear. You like (Y/N) more than you let on. Is that why you’re always picking fights with them, isn’t it?” You were stunned into silence, there was no way he liked you, especially not like that. “Absolutely not, I- I don’t owe you an explanation.” He turned away, and- oh my Merlin, was that a blush, was Lotor, Snake Prince, blushing? The rest of class he refused to meet your eye, much less even look in your direction. You wondered if he really liked you; he had to if you were what he smelled from the Amortentia. You felt so confused, he was supposed to be your enemy. And then there was that weird smell that was coming from your own love potion. It was only getting stronger.

You left potions feeling confused and overwhelmed. You felt like everything you knew was wrong and the world you thought you knew was suddenly flipped upside down. You weren’t looking where you were going, so it was no surprise when you tripped, landing into a firm, pleasant smelling wall. Wait, no, that's no wall. “(L/N).” “Lotor! Erm, sorry. I was just going.” Wait a minute, there was that smell again. Amber. Tobacco. Warmth. Cologne. No, no, no, no. There was no way. It had to be a coincidence or some sort of sick joke. “(L/N). (L/N). (Y/N)!” “Wh-what?” He glared down at you. What the hell? He held his hand up to his forehead in a sanctimonious, dramatic pose. “Were you not listening to a word I said?” “Um, no?” “Alright, come on.” He took you by your wrist leading you away. “Where are you taking me? Lotor, let go!” “No, not until you hear me out.” Once you were a safe distance away he finally let go of you. “Listen, what happened in potions. Let’s just pretend none of that ever happened.” He waved his hand around dismissively. The scent came back full force being this close to him and it made you slightly dizzy. “No.” He frowned. “What?” “I said no.” “Just because that ridiculous potion says you are what I hold dear means nothing.” “I beg to differ. I think it’s actually quite telling.” You smirk up at him and he glares before averting his eyes, a light blush over his ridiculously sculpted cheekbones. “Lotor, tell me one thing.” He was fully prepared for you to ask him something that would make fun of him or something that had to do with why he found you so dear to him. “Why are you so cruel to others?” He hadn’t been expecting that. “I knew the feelings weren’t reciprocated, you needn’t rub salt in the wound.” “I’m being serious! You are a great student, so why? Why must you be so cruel?” “It’s in my nature suppose.” You took a step back, realizing how close you had moved towards him. “I see. I guess I was wrong.” “Wrong?” “Didn’t you wonder what I smelled in the Amortentia?” “I didn’t think about it, truthfully.” “J. Pippin’s Potions and the rain.” He looked annoyed and uncertain about what the scents were supposed to mean. “And one more thing.” “Oh?” “Your pompous cologne.” Lotor remained silent, you could practically see the gears turning in his mind. “My cologne?” “So it would seem.” “I- You hold me dear?” “So it would seem.” “Is that all you’re going to say?” “So it would- nevermind.” He nodded, still trying to get a grasp on the new information. “Can I try something?” “Depends…” “Can I kiss you?” You blushed. This was not how you saw this day playing out. Hesitantly you nodded. He cupped your jaw, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear. Your breath caught in your throat. He smiled warmly, it was the first time you’d ever seen him look so friendly. He was kind of stunning when he looked this soft and open. Your eyes fluttered shut as he leaned toward you, his warm breath ghosting over your lips. ANd then he was kissing you. His lips were soft and warm and tasted faintly of butterbeer much to your surprise. You could feel butterflies in your belly and sparks in your heart. He pulled away far too soon. When you opened your eyes Lotor was smiling that beautiful smile again. “Wow.” You giggled at his awestruck expression. “Do you want to accompany me to Hogsmeade?” You frowned causing him to do the same. “I do like you Lotor, but I don’t know... You’ve been a huge jerk to a lot of people, including my friends and I and-” “Then I can stop. Or at least I will try to.” You sighed, considering what he was saying for a moment. You tip-toed to press a peck to the edge of his mouth. “I’ll give it a try. But you have to prove that you’ll be kind.” “We have an agreement.” You smiled. Amortentia truly is a love potion.