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… God, watching these two is fucking annoying.


The blond’s eyes wandered about, trying to find some way for him to get out of here without any consequences. The teachers’ lounge was amazingly empty, but that was probably why All Might brought them there in the first place. No one was watching them or listening to their conversation and All Might could just chat in peace, the rest of the teachers taking care of their own business. The teacher had even gone as far as to brew a pot of tea for the three of them to share, though Deku hadn’t made any attempts to even sip from his cup. Even the normally hot tempered boy had to admit that it was a nice change of pace, but this atmosphere between a nerd and his hero was thick and it was ruining the quiet.


A low growl rumbled in Bakugou’s throat as he glanced over at the blushing and flustered Deku, practically grinding his teeth together. The green-haired boy would sneak a peek at All Might every so often as the legendary hero was trying to explain to the two of them God knows what. It was clear that they were both tuning him out, but in very different ways. Deku was caught up in his feelings and Bakugou was caught up in his irritation. At this point, knowing about One for All was more of an annoyance than an enlightenment. All Might would constantly invite the two of them to these secret meetings and most of the time it was just the three of them hanging out. Feeling like a third wheel, Bakugou just wanted to leave so that he could take care of his own business. On top of that, watching this dumbass fawn over All Might constantly could have given him some form of diabetes.


Bakugou lifted his tea cup to his lips and he’d sipped up a fair amount of tea before something entered his ears that he wasn’t expecting to hear, causing his drink to go down the wrong hole and forcing a cough from him. The tea had been blown from his mouth and all over the table, a coughing fit trying to force the liquid from his trachea.


Really, nerd…?


“Ah, Young Bakugou, are you alright?! I’ll go grab some paper towels, I believe they’re in the closet.”


“Yeah, yeah… I’m fine…”


The man had gotten up to get the keys for the closet while the other two sat on the couch, Bakugou keeping an eye on Deku even. The way he was red from ear to ear had Bakugou seething and All Might was just as oblivious as you would expect from an old guy. It didn’t take long for All Might to speak up to the green haired teen and address what was originally said as he made his way to the closet, unlocking it and placing the keys down on the nearby desk.


“I’m sorry, Young Midoriya, I didn’t catch what you’d said earlier. What was it?”


The boy could barely respond, stuttering and trying to find some footing as he’d lost all of his nerve when he’d first said it. Bakugou’s eyes thinned as a thought crossed his mind and an evil grin formed in his mind. The blond snapped his fingers, causing a small explosion and causing Deku to jump up, startled.


“He’s not going to hear you out here. Get the fuck in there and ask him properly, dumbass.”


Nodding in agreement, Deku got up and approached the closet, noticing that All Might was having trouble locating the paper towels. It seemed that it wasn’t as well organized as you might’ve thought a teachers’ supply closet would be. That made things easy for Bakugou, who followed the other boy as he stood at the doorway of the tiny room. Before any words could leave Deku’s mouth, Bakugou had already forced his heel into the other’s back and forced him into the closet, slamming the door shut and grabbing the keys, decisively locking the two of them in. Mission: complete. Looking at his handiwork and the keys in his hand, he’d tossed them into a nearby trash bin so to lower the chances of someone letting them out prematurely.


“I’m going to be back in 30! Sort your shit out while I’m gone!”




Izuku was already at a loss for words before Bakugou inexplicably kicked him into the closet and closed the door behind him, but he was absolutely stunned at this point. It hadn’t helped that he’d fallen face down into the closet, ass in the air. It had taken Izuku a bit of time to register the pain that was in his lower back and he’d whimpered softly, reaching back and lightly pressing his fingers into the sore area. With a soft groan, he’d lifted himself up with a single arm and looked up at the dim light that a single bulb in the closet had provided.


Once he had gotten up, the boy had quickly turned around to check the door, lightly tugging at the knob and twisting to try and open it, quickly discovering that the door was locked behind them. He couldn’t hear Bakugou on the other side of the door, either, which meant that it was probably his intention to lock them in there… Obviously, the alternative was to bust through the door, which either of them could easily do. However, this was school property, and Izuku wasn’t about to get in trouble for using his quirk to destroy a door that could be opened with a key and a knob turn...


Seems like we’re stuck in here, for now… Kacchan has never really been the type to explain the reason why he did things...


“U - Uh, Young Midoriya? Are you alright, my boy?”


The boy’s pupils turned down towards All Might now, noting that the teacher was giving him a look of concern. Gratefully, Izuku gave the teacher a nod of acknowledgment of the concern before gesturing towards the door.


“Y - Yeah! I’m alright! We’re, um… stuck in here, though…”


All Might appeared to be at a loss of what to do as well. It was clear on his face that he was considering just breaking the door down, but was too much of a good person to destroy school property. Izuku considered it again now and accepting responsibility, the sparks of One for All coursing through his arm before All Might had reached forward and grasped the young man’s arm to restrain him. Of course All Might already knew what was going through Izuku’s head…


In that moment, Izuku couldn’t help but notice how strong All Might’s hand felt, even in his true form. As he’d gotten on his feet, Izuku continued to hold onto All Might’s hand and observed it in the soft glow of the closet’s light. Despite the frailty of the older man, his hands showed the experience that he held. Soft in very few portions, calloused along the joints and where his knuckles were… These were the hands of a man who has done nothing but serve justice to the world.


Both of their faces glowed with their embarrassment from how long Izuku was holding onto All Might’s hand, but neither of them had flinched. It seemed that the gravity of their predicament was sinking in, but it wasn’t necessarily bad. It was the first time they’ve had the opportunity to be alone together since longer than either of them could remember. The warmth that filled Izuku’s cheeks told him how he truly felt about what was going on and a light smile formed at the edges of his lips before he’d pulled All Might’s hand to his face and nuzzled into the rough, yet gentle fingertips. The fact that All Might wasn’t pulling away had told the boy all he needed to know -- the teacher was not adverse to their situation either. Izuku pushed his cheek into All Might’s palm and the man reciprocated by lightly caressing the soft flesh.


“We don’t have a lot of room in here, my boy. It’s okay to get closer.”


Izuku acknowledged the statement and nodded in agreement, leaning into All Might’s open embrace, burying his face into the warmth of the teacher’s chest. Even in a situation as strange as this, Izuku found himself comforted by the presence of his predecessor. More so than comfort though, the teen could feel his desires beginning to well up from within him as his crotch had become inflamed with his passion and he grew self conscious of the close proximity that All Might had so easily encouraged. The tent in his pants began to push up against All Might’s leg and his body reacted according to his desires, grinding against the clothed leg of his childhood hero. The likelihood that he would want more, however, began to grow steadily…



(Art Commission By: LocalOwl)


There was a nervous look in the older man’s eyes as he looked down upon his student with eyes filled with feelings other than ones that would be considered proper. The conflict in his mind was apparent, but it was clear that his body had a very positive response. The growing hear that radiated from the teacher’s loins could have been felt by Izuku from across a room, though that was more than likely his own fantasy. The nervous look on All Might’s face had shifted to one that was more inquisitive for the moment.


“I do wonder why Young Bakugou had decided to play this prank on us… would you happen to have an idea, Young Midoriya?”


“I… M - Might… Um… know...”


Izuku’s voice was barely a whisper. All Might had leaned in towards Izuku, seemingly in a way that would allow him to capture what the teen was saying. Gulping hard, Izuku pulled together the guts to simply say it and he’d closed his eyes, allowing the words to burst out past his lips and bracing himself for the possible rejection.


“Kacchan locked us in here because he wants me to confess to you!”


Izuku’s hands went up to his mouth and clasped at it, as if trying to pull back the words he had just spoken and shove them back down his throat. He couldn’t believe that he’d just said that, and his head lowered in shame at his lack of self control. Why would someone like All Might reciprocate Izuku’s feelings? Doubt began to creep along the teen’s spine, causing him to shiver and any moisture that was in his throat had started to dissipate. Fear of rejection was one of the boy’s major touchpoints. All it took to dispel his doubts, however, was a single, gentle touch. A soft sigh left Izuku’s lips and he’d pushed his cheek against the hand that was working along it, nuzzling into the strong fingers and the soft palm of his hero. Every little bit of doubt that he’d experienced was slowly being chipped away at and replaced with the reassurance that only a lover could provide with their partner.


“It’s alright, Young Midoriya. I am here…”


All Might guided Izuku’s face up from its lowered position and planted his lips firmly against the young boy’s. They both inhaled deeply as they had made contact, Izuku getting a strong whiff of his teacher’s cologne. It was warm and inviting… everything you would expect from the man who was known as the Symbol of Peace. The scales tipping towards a much more adult situation, Izuku reciprocated the kiss. Lifting his arms up to wrap them around the hero’s neck and pressing himself firmly into his idol, their chests began to pump into a fiery tempo and Izuku pushed his clothed erection in tune with the excitement in his heart. It became apparent that All Might’s moral defenses were tearing away, as he reciprocated his student’s movements and ground his pelvis against the boy’s.


The rush of lust had started to drown the boy’s thoughts out, wave after intense wave. He almost hadn’t noticed when All Might pulled his hips away for a few moments to undo his pants and pushed them down to unleash the beast that was his hardened member. Enchanted by being able to see the hero’s penis for the first time, Izuku was stunned and simply looked down towards the rod with his peripheral vision. He took in All Might’s slow and deliberate movements now, the Symbol of Peace using a hand to stroke along its entire length. They held their passionate kiss, while All Might worked his cock, tongues gliding against each other in a loving and earnest dance. Before too long, however, Izuku broke off the kiss and gently placed his hand over All Might’s, moving it alongside his idol’s to get a feel for the man’s rhythm before gently nudging the hand away to allow himself to take over.


All Might can’t help but let off a groan as his student’s much softer hand works against his erection, biting his lower lip to try and stifle himself from being too loud. The hero closes his eyes and appears to be basking in the sensation of being stroked off, Izuku smirking naughtily as he services the older man. It’s clear that they’re both having their own fun in this situation and Izuku could faintly hear All Might’s whispering.


“A – ah, yes, Young Midoriya… You’re doing so good… so good… K - Keep… going…!”


Obliged to follow his teacher’s request, Izuku’s fingers keep up their assault on the teacher’s manhood; he rolled his palm over the tip and guided his digits all the way down to the hero’s balls, his fingers fondling the vulnerably tender sack. Another quite heavy and audible groan. Izuku did what he does best at this point and analyzed every little detail of All Might’s reactions. The way he convulsed at the tip, the pulse of his thighs as fingers gently knead the balls, and the ever so slight hip bucking as the digits wrapped around the shaft. All Might’s heavy breaths began to shallow out while his legs appeared to convulse. As far as Izuku could tell, the man was getting close to the climax and who was he to deny his idol of release?


Picking up the tempo, the teen coaxed his teacher to an impending orgasm, but neither of them were paying attention to the sound of a key grinding into the door’s hole. A click and a sudden flood of light later, All Might thrust his pelvis hard into his student’s hand and let loose a abundance of sperm, shooting it out harder than he had in a very long time. The splat sound that resounded next was one that lacked the same impact of hitting the floor, however… No, this splat sound was that of liquid hitting… skin? All Might’s eyes were still closed, but Izuku turned around to see that Bakugou had gotten a faceful of heroic jism. The boy was stuttering, trying to find the words to apologize to his childhood friend, but Bakugou’s silence spoke volumes.




Without saying a single word, Bakugou closed the door again and relocked it, Izuku shouting from the other side to let them out. It was a great show of restraint from the blond, but a low growl reverberated deep in his throat. He wiped some of the fresh cum off of his face and flung it into the nearby trash can.


Damn it… I’ll give them – and myself a bit of time to.... Clean up.