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The Isle was a dangerous place, a wasteland of has been villains trying to hold onto their prime and descendants of those villains trying their best to live day to day. Every villain has their niche and knack for chaos, it kept them young,youthful and in the limelight, every descendant knew their place. Oxymoronic as it may be they soon found peace within the chaos, or at least...some of them did. Most villains had resigned to the fact that their chapter was done, no one beyond the Isle would see them in their rotten glory, truly a tragedy. Except for maleficent. She always had one or two schemes up her tattered sleeve...and of course the evil queen, no she had plans for her daughter. Jafar was no exception to the plotting, he would not rest until he was seated on the throne of Agrabah. The only thing you could get them to agree on was Cruella’s mental state, why, she was insane. The son of Cruella was rarely seen in public, only either in school or at the shoreline when the barges came in. He was quiet, dazed and confused as he stumbled through the crowd of people. It left him an easy target. 

Everyone wanted power but most importantly they wanted respect. If you had respect on the isle, you lived, simple. He had no urge for power, as everyone on the ground brawled in a feat of dominance he hid in the trees and watched. He never understood the desperate need to have someone serve you, but the marketplace was a good place to research. What made certain villains destined to be the big shots and others sidekicks? Take Lefou and Gaston for example, there was a certain something in their relationship that distinguished the two from each other. It wasn’t that one was more evil than the other, it was dominance. Carlos scribbled furiously in his notebook as he observed the two, Gaston was a dominant personality type, but why? Carlos chewed on the edge of his pencil as he pondered, what made someone crave that kind of power?

“Jayden!”a voice shouted. Carlos quickly maneuvered himself in the branches so he was facing the sound. Once he had gotten a closer look he recognized it to be Jafar. A boy maybe older than him strolled out of the shop, a swagger in his step. Carlos licked his lips and leaned forward.

“Yes father?”He said, he hadn’t even bothered to look up.

“What is this?”Jafar asked holding something up. Carlos rubbed his eyes and squinted, what was he holding?

“Father I told you it’s nothing-”

“Condoms are nothing to you boy!?”Jafar hissed. Carlos winced at the silence that enveloped the marketplace, gosh people could be so nosey sometimes. “What did I tell you about the girls from the isle?”


“Answer me!”

“You told me that I the son of the royal vizier Jafar will not stoop to the standard of isle girls…”He said.

“And?”He prompted stamping that blasted cane.

“Once we return to agrabah I will marry a princess”He said.

“Good”Jafar said curtly.

“Well?”Jay said holding his hand out.

“Well what? The conversation is done?”Jafar asked twirling the cane

“Give ‘em back”Jay said.

Jafar snarled and yanked the brunet roughly by the ear.

“Future princes do not use street slang”He chided. “And I will not give them back, your... fun with the isle girls needs to be put to a stop”

“Would you rather I knock one up? I don’t think being a father at my age is very princely”Jay spat.

Oh. This could get interesting. Carlos flipped his notebook back open and gave it a title, conflict in the dynamics.

“Jayden you will stop embarrassing me at once!”Jafar roared.

“Seeing as it’s the only fun I get to have anymore no!”Jay screamed back throwing his hands up. “You know what fucking keep them! I’ll get some more” with that he walked off.

“You petulant child! I’m just doing what’s best for you!”Jafar screamed after him. “Don’t bother coming home tonight either, I will not permit you inside-”

Oh, would he just shut up already? Carlos thought.

“What? Who said that!”Jafar said facing the very tree Carlos was perched in.

Not good. He scrambled to collect his things and didn’t even bother to climb down. He leaped out and hit the ground with a thud, fuck. Rolling onto his knees he clambered to his feet taking off. It was probable that Jafar wasn’t chasing him but he didn’t care, he needed to get out of there. He ran all the way back to hell hall clutching his notebook close to his chest, he had lost his pencil about half a mile back but fuck it. Once he entered the familiar yard he dropped to his knees and gulped a breath of air, his lungs were burning and his head was fuzzy. He eventually rolled onto his back and stared at the sky above them, he could see the faint shimmer of the barrier. When he was young he had always thought about it like a bubble, if he could get close enough to touch it maybe he could pop it and set himself free.

 He took another deep breath and rolled over onto his knees pushing himself up. Cruella would be home later tonight, he still hasn’t started on hell hall. The list of chores she left was a mile long, hopefully she came back drunk so she wouldn’t notice it wasn’t completed. He dragged himself inside of the house and slammed the door shut behind him, time to blow off some steam. He padded into the kitchen and dug under the sink for the cleaning spray, they would be running low soon. He grinned, a perfect excuse to go back to the marketplace sometime this week. He grabbed the checkered rag off the sink and started doing the math. Cruella loved alcohol, a fact Carlos had known since he could speak. She usually showed up drunk a least four days out of the week, at least. The week has just started so there was a one in four chance that she would come home drunk off her ass. So there was a three in four chance that Carlos would be facing a beating later and a less than 1% chance that she would let it slide. He groaned letting the rag fall onto the counter top with a plop.

What really made up a dominant? His mind wandered as he wiped down the counter tops. He had come to his own conclusion months before that it was neither a good nor bad trait, it just was. He had split the people of the isle up into the three different categories, the dominant ones, the submissive ones and the neutral ones. One thing he had concluded about submissive personality types was that they did it willingly, like Lefou. He had learned the difference between a suppressed dominant and and a willing submissive, dominants were like leaders...they were leaders! that’s it! Carlos’ hands itched for his notebook to jot that down but he had already wasted enough time snooping the marketplace. He saved the epiphany to his backlog of thoughts and kicked off his shoes dropping to his knees. Cruella decided to take her last psychotic break out on the mop so now he had to scrub the floor by hand. He wasn’t quite sure where he fell in his categories, he was by no means a dominant, he shared similar traits to the submissives but always considered himself a neutral. Maybe it’s more of a spectrum?he thought carefully. A spectrum would make perfect sense but he didn’t have enough evidence to come to a conclusion. He hummed softly to himself and considered the floor clean, he could always come back to it but he had more pressing matters that needed attending to.


“I-I just don’t get it Mal!”Jay said pacing. “He said he would stop treating me like this when I got older, I'm clearly older!”
“And you believed him?”She said picking at her nails. “Rookie mistake”

“I’m sorry I believe my father, who raised me!”He shouted.

“Are you sure he raised you?”Mal asked offhandedly. 

Jay stopped his pacing.

“What is that supposed to mean?”Jay demanded.

“Oh nothing”She said. “It’s just that after your mother's death you seemed to be raising yourself”

His face reddened.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about”He said. “And don’t fucking talk about my mother”

“Why?”Mal drawled staring up at him. “You just wanna forget she ever existed?”

“No”Jay huffed. “I don’t want your bitchy mouth tainting her memory”
“Oh nice one”Mal smirked.

Jay glared and plopped next to her crossing his legs.

“Easy there tiger, you might burn a hole through the brick if you continue staring that hard”She said.

“Leave me alone”Jay groaned.

She wrinkled her nose. “You’re being real pathetic ya know. I hope you didn’t call me here just to be sorry for yourself”

“Fuck off”He snapped

“Trust me, I already would have if you weren’t such a good thief. I mean you charmed those pearls right off of Ursula when we were kids”She chuckled.

He smiled. “Yeah, I remember. The minute she realized they were gone she was so mad, but when I brought them home to my dad, I remember he actually smiled at me”He sighed happily. “He told me put ‘em up in the shop and he let me play with his scepter...told me it would be mine one day when we get back to Agrabah…”

“Oh enough about your dad and Agrabah!”Mal snapped jumping to her feet. “I know what you need”

“Some sleep?”Jay asked.

“No dumbass, some liquor!”She sang and pulled him to his feet.

“You know I do really stupid shit when i’m drunk”He protested.

“Yeah but you need something to laugh about and I need someone to laugh at”She said. “Besides it’ll numb the pain, I hate seeing you look so weak”

“Fine”Jay smiled. “Let’s drink”





“Boy!”Cruella shouted throwing her purse to the floor. “Your mummy is finally home and you dare not be there to greet her?”

Fuck. Definitely not drunk.

Carlos slowly emerged from the kitchen, hands behind his back, eyes trained on the floor.

“Speak”Cruella said.

“Hello Moth-”

“Ah ah, wait”She said. “You know how I like you”

He let out a breath and slowly sank to his knees. His eyes followed the dalmation fur coat that swayed across the ground.

“Speak now boy”She said.

“Hello Mother, it’s wonderful to have you home”He said. 

“Hm”She said eyeing him. “You’re getting fat, you need to watch your weight dear. Get up”

He slowly clambered to his feet and kept his eyes trained on the ground.

“Look at me,”She said.

He lifted his eyes to her face, the first thing he spotted was the cigarette dangling out of the corner of her mouth. It was lit.

“Arm”she said. She looked bored.

He slowly lifted up his sleeve and held out his bare forearm. She barely spared his trembling body a glance before stubbing the cigarette out on his pale skin. His instinct was to look away but she quickly grabbed his face and held it between her fingers.

“Do not look away, I want to see the pain in your eyes”She said. He nodded quickly and winced under her sharp nails that dug into his cheeks. “Pathetic chubby cheeks, I thought that baby fat would’ve been gone years ago”

He stared up at her unfaltering.

“Oh well you know the saying don’t you boy? Skip dinner wake up thinner?”She cackled.

His eyes welled up with unshed tears, her words stopped hurting him years ago but he sadly hasn’t become immune to flame. He could not cry, that would only make things worse. He risked looking away for a few seconds to blink away the tears, that action in itself made things unfathomably worse. The squeezing only got tighter, he was thankful for his chubby cheeks, without all that fat she would have punctured a hole through them.

“Insolent brat!”She spat. “Start on dinner and don’t think you’ll be having any, I can’t have you out in public with me the size of a whale”

She finally pushed his head away, he whimpered. She must have been feeling merciful because she didn’t comment.

“Now what do we say boy?”She asked.

“I love you mother”He said quietly.

“Mhm, and what else?”She prompted

“Thank you for providing for me, I am forever in your debt”He finished.

“mmph!”She grunted. “It just has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it?”

He stared at the ground.

“Oh don’t look so sad”She said patting his cheek. “I’m doing this with your best interest in mind, I can’t have my son being so horribly overweight now can I?”

“No ma’am”He answered.

“That’s what I like to hear, I expect dinner to be done in an hour or...else!”She shouted. He felt his eyes widen and heart race, she simply cackled and ascended the stairs. Once he was sure she was gone, his heart found its way back to his chest.

“Fuck”He whispered. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”
He was in deep shit, if he couldn’t eat tonight what would happen when-

“Boy!”She shouted

 -she found out he didn’t even start upstairs. 

Before he knew it he was bolting out the back door, his feet burned as they hit the gravelly ground.

“Fuck!”He shouted. He had definitely stepped on something sharp. He looped around his tree house hobbling towards the woods, if this is how he died might as well be with the trees. The faint sound of Cruella rang in the distance, the more he heard her voice the faster he ran. He was sprinting at this point and burning energy quickly, he would need to stop eventually. He ran until he collapsed, his knees buckled underneath him and he fell face first into the dirt, he cheek scraped on a sharp stone and he hit his head with a thud. Well, he thought, this is the end. He never would have imagined Cruella killing him like this, he had always pictured her delusions getting the best of her and skinning him like the dalmations she wore on her coat. But this, this was all his fault. He knew he had to clean hell hall but he spent his time frolicking in the marketplace, it was all his fault. He heard distant footsteps and groaned placing his cheek against the cool dirt, this was the end.

“Come and get me Cruella”he slurred. “I’m not afraid”

It was a complete lie but he wouldn’t let her win.

“Oh my gosh”That wasn’t Cruella.

Before Carlos could get the words out his eyes were rolling back and his body was shutting down.

The trees swirled from his vision and the world went black around him.