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Blue and Gold

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“Now, Arthur, which of these blocks looks different from the rest?” 

Arthur looked around at the painted wooden blocks that surrounded him as he sat in the middle of his play space. Everything looked to be of similar color. “Grey” he had been told. But one block stood out to him. It was different, shining brightly among dull grey tones. 

“That.” Arthur pointed at the block and his nurse smiled at him before turning to Arthur’s father. 

“His soulmate’s eyes are blue, Your Majesty -” 

“Now that one,” Arthur piped up again. Both the King and Arthur’s nursemaid turned to look at the interruption. Arthur pointed at another block a short distance away from the first as it flickered into a different color before fading. Arthur frowned, confused. “Gone.” 

Arthur’s nursemaid looked nervously at the king. “Blue and gold it seems.” 

Uther’s face turned from pleasant to furious in only a few seconds. “My son with a magical soulmate? Impossible. It can’t possibly be true. All my work to make sure that he would not face the corruptive power of sorcery, and soulmate magic ,” the words twist into a monster when they leave his mouth, “gets in the way!” 

Uther’s fists curled around the armrests of his chair before he turned once more to the Maid. “No one is to know of this, you understand.” 

The maid nodded. “I will not tell a soul, sire.”  

She turned back to look at the small boy who was now gathering all the blocks and stacking them in a tower - the blue and gold ones at the top. It wouldn’t be easy keeping the fact that the prince could see two colors secret, but now, it looked like her life might depend on it.