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I Dare You

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Katsuki sat in the middle of the sofa in the common room, his legs pretzeled in front of him and his arms crossed against his chest.  He huffed as he glared at his group of friends in front of him. Out of all the stupid dares they had exchanged that night, he had to get saddled with this one.

“If you don’t let me paint your nails you do recall the punishment dare, right?”  Mina egged him on, a challenging grin on her face. Of course he fucking knew what his punishment dare was, he wasn’t a fucking idiot.

But right now he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Should he let Mina paint his nails pine green or should he just finally use this chance to finally confess to Izuku?

He growled as he thrust his hands at Mina, a sneer on his face.  “Just don’t fuck it up Pinky.”

Mina exclaimed with excitement and quickly set to work on painting Katsuki’s nails.  Lucky for him he had just trimmed them the other day, otherwise he was sure she would have made it a full on manicure.  A chill crawled down his spine at the thought.

“Okay, Katsuki, your turn to dare someone,”  Mina reminded him bubbly as she applied the first stroke of paint onto his virgin nails.  A shiver ran up Katsuki’s arm at the feeling of the cool liquid on his nail, but it somehow didn’t feel all too bad.  Was definitely weird, but not bad all the same.

Katsuki huffed before turning to fix his gaze on Denki.  “Pikachu, I choose you,” Eijiro, Hanta and Mina abruptly guffawed.  How Katsuki managed to tease the other blonde with a straight face was beyond anyone else, but it was golden.  Denki spluttered in mock indignance, but Katsuki cut him off. “I dare you to take a shot of mustard.”

Mina stopped mid stroke and hissed with pity as she looked at Denki.  Hanta slapped his back in encouragement, though his face was twisted into a grimace.  Eijiro was strangely quiet, his eyes shifty. It was suspicious. “Yeah, alright,” Denki agreed easily.  Too easily. There was no hesitation or recoil in disgust at all.

“Eijiro, go get him a shot of mustard then.”

“Yeah, yeah, okay.” He quickly shot off the couch and came back a minute later with a small dixie cup in hand, already halfway full of mustard.

Katsuki wrinkled his nose up at the cup as if it personally offended him.  Mina blew on Katsuki’s nails as she waited for them to dry so she could put the finishing coat on them.  It wouldn’t look good if they smudged prematurely.

The group of four watched Eijiro hand Denki the cup, his face strangely calm.  Katsuki cocked a brow at his friends strange behavior. He looked like he was trying to hide something.  Denki took the cup, and without the slightest hesitation, he drank the shot in one fluid motion and smacked his lips together.

Hanta gagged and Mina hollered in disgust, but Denki… Denki looked as if he’d done this before.  He looked like he did this regularly .  “Pikachu, you’ve eaten mustard straight like this before haven’t you,”  Katsuki said. It wasn’t a question, more like a statement.

“Oh yeah, he totally has,” Eijiro spoke for the first time since the dare was issued.

“What the fuck.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“Ew!”  Mina gagged.

“What?  It’s not that bad,” Denki defended.

Eijiro put his hand on his shoulder and shook his head in disagreement.  “Babe, it’s fucking disgusting.”

Hanta shook his head in shame.  That definitely wasn’t something people usually did.  “Dude… why?”

Denki shrugged his shoulders and smacked his lips once more.  “Nah, it’s great. You guys just don’t like what you haven’t tried yet, is all.”

“Yeah, sure, alright, whatever you say man,” Eijiro chuckled while patting Denki’s back.  “Your turn for a dare.”

Denki set the cup down and lightly smacked his lips one last time as he thought of his dare and who to enact it on.  His lips pulled down into a slight frown as he thought, his brain going a mile a minute yet nowhere all at once. It was blank.  Why was it so hard to think of a dare when he had to, but so easy to do so when he didn’t have to?! Where was this injustice coming from?

He looked down at his hands and scrunched his brow.  Eijiro was about to say something when he suddenly looked back up, his smile radiating throughout the group.  God, it was bright, but not as bright as Eijiro’s or Izuku’s could get. It was bootleg compared to theirs. It was obvious that they both held the spot for brightest smiles in their class.

But if you were to ask Denki, he’d tell you the number one went to Eijiro, and vice versa for Katsuki and Izuku.  Though Katsuki wouldn’t ever admit that to anyone, he wouldn’t.

Denki clapped his hands and shot finger guns at Hanta.  “Sero Hanta, my dude!” Hanta inwardly cringed. He was really bad with dares.  How he had gotten himself swept up into this bullshit, he’ll never know; but he was starting to regret it at this point.  “I dare you to somehow make Midoriya angry.”

Hanta turned his head as if there were a camera to look at.  Wow. How’d he always get stuck with the shit dares?

Katsuki snickered and fanned his now finished hands.  “Wouldn’t recommend doing that. He’s got some serious fucking anger issues beneath his goody two shoes persona.”

Mina raised a perfectly arched brow.  “I’ve never seen him mad before though.”

“He’s like the fucking Hulk you idiots,” Katsuki frowned.  It’s true that Izuku could take a lot of shit before blowing up--Katsuki would know.  The little nerd had finally blown up on him towards the end of their first year at UA.  It wasn’t a pretty sight, fight, or feeling to be on the receiving end of his anger. He couldn’t look him in the eye for nearly a week afterwards.  It was fucking weird.

He supposed it made sense though.  He probably still had a lot of repressed anger from their childhood and internship duties.  It would only make sense he was almost perpetually angry as he had admitted during their makeup suspension.  He was just too nice for his own fucking good to enact on it like Katsuki was though.

Denki scratched at his head in confusion.  He had absolutely no idea who the Hulk was.  “What the heck is that supposed to mean? I dunno who the Hulk is.”

Katsuki suppressed a groan and leveled his gaze with Denki’s. “It means, you moron, that he’s always angry.”

“Alright then,” Denki was just taking this all in stride, his curiosity to see their classmate angry for once about to get Hanta potentially killed.  “I dare you to get Midoriya to show his anger then,” He reworded his dare, a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

Hanta scratched the back of his head, apprehension coloring his face.  “Uh, I dunno man… I don’t think that’s exactly the best idea.”

“Come on Hanta, it can’t be that bad,” Mina spoke, excitement and curiosity oozing off of her.

Denki nodded his agreement, not taking his eyes off of Sero.  “Unless…” Denki pretended to be deep in thought, a finger coming up to tap his chin.  “You actually want to streak this years cultural festival?”

Hanta shivered at his punishment dare.  God, he really really didn’t want to do that.  He sighed and put his head in his hands in resignation.  Damn it. “Fine,” He sighed.

Katsuki blew on his fingers, still waiting for them to dry.  He wasn’t going to tolerate a smudge. “You’re gonna wanna stay up late then.  Nerd may get up early as all fuck, but he’s definitely not a morning person,” Katsuki supplied.

Hanta nodded in thanks and sank into the couch from the anxiety of his impending doom.  Hopefully he wouldn’t be going to sleep in a coffin later. “Alright, since I obviously can’t go through with that right now,” Sero started.

“Can’t go through with what?”  Ochako asked, her brow furrowed with curiosity.  Hanta jumped in surprise, not having heard her walk up from behind.  He had been panicking too much to really be aware of his surroundings.  He supposed he’d be dead if he were on the field right now. Oh well.


“He’s gotta piss off Deku ‘cause dunce head over here,” Katsuki jabbed a thumb towards Denki, careful not to close his fist all the way, “dared him to.”

Ochako’s eyebrows shot up in bewilderment.  Piss off Deku? She knew he was pretty much perpetually angry, but he really did a great job hiding it.  What would he really look like without his usual pleasantness? “Uh…” She didn’t know what to say. Should she encourage this behavior, or should she try and shut it down to spare her friend the trouble?  But she was really curious still… “Alright then.”

Now it was Katsuki’s turn to have his eyebrows shoot up in bewilderment.  Did round face really just agree to that shitty dare? Just like that? What the fuck?  “You kiddin’ me? You’re really gonna just agree to that shitty dare, just like that?”

Ochako picked at the couch cushion apprehensively.  “I kinda wanna see what he looks like mad,” She admitted.  At least she had the decency to look sheepish, unlike the rest of his friends.  “I mean, I know he’s always mad, but like, I’ve never seen him mad before.”

Katsuki groaned.  These lot of idiots have a damn death wish if they wanted to see him mad.  He hoped that he’d just get extremely irritated and that they’d take that as him being mad.  He really wasn’t in the mood to be compiling a funeral playlist later. “Fine, have at it then.  I’m not going to your funerals you suicidal bastards,” He grumbled. At least he could say that he tried.  Maybe he’d be looked over for that fact alone.

“So are you guys playing truth or dare?” Ochako questioned as she invited herself over and plopped herself next to Mina.  She took a handful of popcorn that was settled in the middle of the group and popped a kernel into her mouth.

“Yes!  Everyone has a punishment dare if they’re too chicken to complete the dare they’re assigned with.  It’s pretty high risk, but playing low risk is boring. Go big or go home baby!”

Ochako nodded in contemplation.  “Alright, lemme join.”

Katsuki looked over at her. “You sure round face?”

“Do I look like a pansy to you?” She deadpanned.  Katsuki scowled but didn’t say anything. He already knew she was anything but a pansy.  She huffed in satisfaction and flashed a smug grin.  “That’s what I thought.” She turned back to the group.  “So what’s everyone’s punishment dare and what’s gonna be mine?”

“I’ve gotta streak the next cultural festival,” Hanta said, face forlorn at the thought.

“I have to eat peaches and goat cheese…” Mina sighed.  It was a known fact Mina absolutely hated peaches and almost detested cheese just as much.  Poor girl was lactose intolerant. She had no idea how Aoyama ate cheese for a living.  Even though Ochako savored peaches and liked goat cheese well enough, she couldn’t help but cringe at the combination.  That did not sound appealing at all.

“I gotta catfish Monoma for a week.” Eijiro shrugged like it was no big deal.  Ochako supposed it wasn’t really a big deal, but the fact that it was Monoma of all people seemed to make it a bit more nerve wracking.  She guessed Eijiro just couldn’t give two shits whether it pissed the blonde kid off or not. It was a far cry from the shit they put up with from his end, so in the end Ochako supposed it was okay.  She nodded and turned to Denki.

“I have to wear a collar and call Eijiro Papa Grande for three days.  Only allowed to take it off for showers, hero class and sleeping.” Ochako couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her at that one.  Oh damn, that would be a sight to see. She could already see the deadpan stare of disappointment he’d get from Aizawa for that one.  Despite how humiliating that sounded, she couldn’t help but to hope that he’d actually end up having to do that.

Katsuki scowled and looked down at his forest green nail polish.  He didn’t want Ochako to know his punishment dare, but it was pretty much ‘oh well’ at this point.  “I gotta confess to Deku,” He grumbled, not looking Ochako in the eye. Fuck, it felt weird saying that out loud to anyone other than his solid group of friends.  He was gonna kill her if she blabbed about this to anyone else.

Ochako’s eyes widened and she had to stop herself from accidentally floating herself when she pressed a hand to her mouth in shock.  Because, no way! Izuku was solid Katsuki didn’t like him back!  She immediately turned to Mina, ignoring Katsuki’s angry glower.  She whispered to Mina excitedly and they both nearly fell over in their girl shrieks.  “Fuck are you two conspiring? If you got shit to say, say it already.” 

Mina was the first to recover and quickly formed an ‘x’ in front of her face with her arms.  “Sorry, can’t do that. This is confidential girl talk.” She put a finger on her chin and looked up in thought.  “Maybe we’ll tell you later though,” She concluded with a coy grin.

“The fuck is that supposed to mean, hah?”

“It means I’m not telling you until I think it’s relevant,” Mina quipped back, a brow raised in challenge.  She didn’t want to be the one to hand out spoilers; it was something that Midoriya needed to say for himself anyway.  Though with how Ochako put it just now, it seemed that he’d need a bit of a nudge first. A nudge that they could provide if they could come up with a dare strong enough to make Katsuki forfeit and refer to his ‘punishment’.  It was more of a favor than a punishment at this point if Mina was being honest.

“What do you mean by that?” Eijiro asked, his interest piqued.

Mina turned to address Eijiro, a smug grin on her face.  “I’ll tell you later.” He nodded and went back to pondering.  He felt like he was close to figuring out his next dare for someone should he get picked, but it was just out of his grasp.

Mina turned back to Ochako, a devious twinkle in her eyes.  She ignored Katsuki’s indignant muttering about her crypticness, instead opting to put all of her attention on Ochako.  She smiled as the perfect dare came into mind. Mina leaned in towards Ochako and whispered it to her, making sure that if she didn’t get picked next that at least Ochako would know what to dare him.  It was too perfect. Nobody in their right mind would go through with this one. She grinned to herself as she finished her explanation.

Ochako squealed and shoved her shoulder lightly.  “That’s gross!” She laughed. “Let’s do it.”

“I got it!” Hanta exclaimed, pounding a fist into an open palm.  “I know what I’m daring next and nobody is gonna ruin this one for me.” He nodded to himself once in affirmation.

Katsuki shook his head once.  He pointed to Ochako. “Let’s give round cheeks her punishment dare first.  Tell us your lame dare afterwards.”

Mina perked up at that.  “That’s right! I forgot about that!”  She was quick to put a finger up to her pursed lips in thought.  “Hmm, anybody got any ideas?”

The group went quiet as they pondered over possible ideas for the newcomer’s punishment.  It’d taken them a while to come up with suitable things for each other, but for Ochako? Well, they knew there wasn’t really much the girl wouldn’t do.  She could play shy all she wanted, but they all knew she was as much an adrenaline junkie as the rest of them. They knew she’d be down for just about anything.

In the end it was Eijiro who shouted out his answer first.  “Float an embarrassing object of our choice and carry it around with you for the entire day like a balloon.”  He looked around the group, triumphant smile on his face. That should be good enough.

Mina shrugged.  “We all cool with that?”  Ochako’s face burned red with pre-embarrassment.  She didn’t want to know what kind of object they’d make her float.  However, the brunette wasn’t surprised in the least when everyone nodded their agreement.  She sighed in defeat. Oh well. It could be worse. She could be Hanta or Denki. “Okay. Now you can dish your dare Hanta.”  Mina turned to Hanta.

Hanta nodded and leaned back in his seat, arms raising to rest behind his head.  His elbow clipped Denki in the head and he shot him an apologetic glance before turning his attention back to the group.  He looked towards Mina and grinned. The pink girl felt dread pool in her stomach at the sight. Shit. This wasn’t gonna be good.  “Mina, Mina, Mina,” he spoke. She gulped. “I dare you to mix all the sauces we have in the fridge and take a sip.”

Mina wailed.  But on the bright side, at least she’d get to dare Katsuki next.

After begrudgingly getting up to mix the sauces, she stared down at the mega sauce in her hand, dixie cup heavy and full.  As it turned out, they really had a lot of sauces on hand. She could feel her stomach lurch at the thought of taking a sip of this god awful concoction.  She was gonna kill Hanta for this. Later though.

She looked up from the cup to her group of friends, all of them (with the exception of one) chanting her name to hype her up.  She looked back down at the cup, grimace on her face, and jiggled the mega sauce. God, her stomach was going to regret doing this later.  She screwed her eyes shut, held her breath, and took a small sip.

The pink girl’s reaction was instantaneous.  She dropped the cup, spilling the mega sauce on the carpet, and ran out of the room to find a trash can.  She was gonna be sick.

The group of teens winced when they heard her retch.  Eijiro looked like he was going to be sympathy sick and everyone slightly scooted away from him just in case.

Hanta looked down at the mega sauce that had spilled and narrowed his eyes at it.  It couldn’t be that bad…could it? “You stupid or somethin’?” Katsuki asked as he eyed his friend.  Hanta had moved to pick up the cup, currently eyeing what was left of its contents. He was morbidly curious.

He looked at Katsuki.  “Maybe.” Then he dipped his finger and licked it clean.  He gagged, almost dropping the cup as Mina had. Eijiro ran out this time, jumping over the couch in his rush to the restroom.  He seriously couldn’t be around people getting sick without getting sick himself. Katsuki stared at his friend incredulously before barking a laugh at his scrunched up face.  “Okay, that’s fucking gross.” Hanta grimaced and stuck his tongue out in disgust. The taste was lingering and he didn’t know what to do. Maybe some gum might help?

It was another minute before Mina came back, expression completely over it as she took her seat back next to Ochako.  Eijiro came back not long after, his color back to normal. He’d been looking green for almost the entire dare--it was a wonder he didn’t puke before Mina did.  “I just want it known that I officially don’t like you anymore Hanta,” she started and to Hanta’s credit, only shrugged. He picked up the dirty paper towel he used to pick up the mega sauce and shoved it into the dixie cup.  “But I’ll give you points for the dirty dare.”


She nodded.  And then she clapped her hands once and pointed her gaze towards Katsuki.  “Katsuki, my bro, my homes, my mans, my--”

He held up a hand.  “Imma need you to stop right there and get on with it already.”

Mina didn’t pay any mind to the interruption and did as she was asked.  No use dragging this one out. “I dare you to go and blow up one of Mineta’s dirty mags.”

There was a collective ‘ooo’ and a whistle.  Katsuki visibly bristled at the dare, having not expecting to have to do anything as gross as that.  Hell, he’d rather have drank the entire cup of mega sauce than do this .  Fuuuuuck.

He narrowed his eyes at her, brain quickly connecting the dots.  “You just want me to back out and confess, you sly bastard.”

Mina grinned and laughed as she shot him a thumbs up.  “Ya caught me. Now go and do as I say. Unless you wanted to go and confess right here, right now?”

“Fuck this,” he stood abruptly and stomped towards the stairs.  Mineta was on the second floor, he didn’t need an elevator for that.  Everyone glanced to each other before scurrying to get up and chase the explosive teen.  They didn’t know what he was doing--going to Mineta’s or Izuku’s room. They were right next to each other so it was anybody’s guess really.

Katsuki knocked on Mineta’s door, and when he didn’t hear any response, quickly opened it up.  He didn’t want to waste anymore time on this than he had to. His first response upon entering the room was that it fucking reeked in there.  Hadn’t the little shit ever heard of opening the goddamn window? His second response was that it was dark as shit and his third was, how the fuck did he even get his hands on so many porno posters?  God, he wanted to just walk right back out and forget that this ever even happened. This was gross. Why was he doing this again?

Ugh.  He grimaced as he looked around the room, not at all surprised to find that what he was looking for was placed haphazardly on the bedside table.  He went to go grab it when he actually got a good look at the magazine. Was that… was that a wrinkle in the page? He poked at it carefully, hand instantly recoiling and curses flowing from his mouth loudly because fucking hell it was sticky .

He couldn’t do this.

Katsuki was quick to leave the room, slamming the door shut on his way out.  He could still feel the sticky on his hand and he scrunched his face in disgust as he ran past everyone who’d crowded on the staircase to get to the bathroom downstairs.

If he didn’t wash his hand right now he was liable to just amputate it.  God this was so fucking gross, goddamnit. He turned the faucet on the hottest it could go and pumped a lakes worth of soap onto his hand and lathered for all he was worth.  He couldn’t allow a single germ to live--they needed to perish .

He let out a yell as he threw his hands under the water, ignoring the way the heat stung in favor of just rinsing all the germs away.  Besides, he’d dunked his hands in hotter water before. This was nothing.

He shut the water off and reached for a paper towel.  But the job wasn’t finished yet. Katsuki needed hand sanitizer.  Lots of it. He needed to forget what a germ even was: like, germs?  Who’s that? Sorry, don’t know ‘em.

Once he’d finally found the sanitizer, he could finally be content about the situation.  He could forget that touching Mineta’s sticky porn mag was a thing of the past, could pretend that it never even happened in the first place.  He’d eradicated every last trace of it ever happening, so who was to say that it had even happened? No one, that’s who.

He had one foot out the bathroom door when he paused, face paling at what that meant.  He’d failed to go through with the dare. And that was grounds for punishment. Fuck .   

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“You failed,” Mina’s grin was predatory as she met Katsuki outside of the bathroom.  She’d hoped this would happen--didn’t think it would actually happen this fast--but hoped it would happen nonetheless.

The blonde’s nod was curt, his reply to the statement a single grunt.

Eijiro whistled and grinned, baring all of his sharp teeth off to the world.  Ochako had just filled him in on their little girl talk from earlier, and finally!  His bro was gonna confess! It’s been a long time coming and he’d been surprised that he’d even agreed to that as his punishment dare.  Granted they weren’t going to give him a choice either way, but still.

He figured that even he was getting tired of not getting anywhere and just wanted to give himself the little extra push.

Hanta high fived Denki as the two hollered their excitement.  No more mopey Katsuki!

“I didn’t actually think you’d fail,” she mused, not exactly knowing what was supposed to happen next.  Did they hold off on it like Hanta’s dare? Make him go up to the boy’s room and do it right now? Mina really didn’t think this through all the way.

Katsuki stared at her, expression deadpan.  His eye twitched. “The magazine…” he clenched his fists.  “Was sticky ,” he spat, face scrunching up in disgust.  He scrapped the hand he’d touched it with on his joggers, phantom stick clinging to it.  God he just felt like running it through a cheese grater at this point.

“I really didn’t think this through,” Mina whispered, face pale at the realization.  Mineta was, well, Mineta. Nobody actually like liked him--except maybe Denki, but everybody kinda just ignored that--maybe tolerated him, but nobody would want to, like, touch his sticky porn magazines.  Nobody would wanna touch anybody’s sticky porn magazines! God that was so fucking gross and now Mina really was regretting choosing that as her dare. Even if it did produce wanted results. “God, that’s freakin’ gross as hell.”  Her nose scrunched up in disgust.

“Yeah.  I oughta run my hand through a goddamn cheese grater now, but I still need it so I can’t.  Ugh.” He crouched down and rubbed his hand on the course carpet aggressively. The scratch was much better than his joggers and he internally sighed in relief.

There was a moment of silence.  “How about,” Ochako spoke up, “both you and Sero have until the end of the week to complete your dares.”  She looked around at everyone else for confirmation. They were both things that could, in theory, be done right now if they wanted, but they were ultimately things that needed time.  Giving them a deadline would be a good alternative.

Katsuki and Hanta looked at each other, a silent question being shared between the two.  Katsuki was the first to look away. He looked to Ochako, swiping his thumb under his nose with a small sniff and nodding.  “Ye. Yeah that’s cool.”

“Yeah.” Hanta nodded while crossing his arms.  He was seriously gonna have to do some brainstorming within the next couple of days.  God, was a week really going to be enough time? He doubted it, but he’d have to make due.  He just had to.

Mina shrugged, taking it as okay before yawning.  It was getting pretty late and she’d stayed up last night and didn’t get a chance to sleep in.  She never did.

They decided to call it a night at that.  Tensions were high enough already and nobody wanted to wake up late for class in the morning.  Especially Katsuki. He was already halfway to faded for the night, but he wasn’t about to let anybody know that. 

With that, they said their goodnights and left for their rooms.


“Deku, I fuckin’ like you okay?  Don’t ask me when it started--it was ten years ago--but don’t ask me ‘cause I won’t tell you.”  A moment of silence. “Fuck! That’s terrible! What the fuck?” Katsuki slammed his hands down on the sink counter as he glared at his reflection in the mirror.  What kinda wack ass shitty confession was that? He can’t confess like that!

He sighed, took a deep breath in, exhaled.  “Deku,” he started again. “I--fuck--I like you alright?  Fuck if I know why but I do .  And I have, since we were little midgets in diapers.” He shook his head.  “No, no I can’t say that either! Goddammit I’m a fucking idiot. I can’t do this.”

Katsuki turned away from the mirror and stomped out of the communal bathroom.  Just in time too, because as he was walking back up to his room to get dressed for school, the others were just beginning to trickle down.  He’d of had to kill anybody who saw or overheard his rehearsed confession. It was just too embarrassing.

He was quick to get ready, too quick.  He’d showed up too early--not even Iida was in class yet.  His head tilted up as he groaned at the ceiling, annoyed and irritated all at once.  He needed to get a grip on himself! God, he really wished that he could have just gone through with it and burnt that magazine to a crisp; the sticky pages be damned.  It really would have saved him a lot of trouble.

A frown was marring his face by the time other people began to filter in, mood draining quickly from his spiralling thoughts.

He jumped when someone slapped his desk.  “What the fuck?” he questioned, head whipping towards the perpetrator.  

“You’re looking lively today,” Mina chirped as she hopped onto his desk, dangling legs kicking the air.

Katsuki leaned back in his chair and sighed, arms crossing over his chest.  “Fuck off,” he muttered weakly, not in the mood for her prying. He was too busy thinking about how to make this confession perfect.  Deku didn’t deserve anything less.

“Don’t beat yourself up about it, you got a whole week.” She poked his forehead and jumped off his desk.  “Besides,” she side eyed the smaller boy as he walked into the classroom. “I don’t think he’d mind how you do it, so long as you do it.  He strikes me more as the sentiment means more than the delivery type of person if you get what I mean.”

The blonde didn’t have anything to say to that.  He batted away the pink girl’s hand before she could ruffle his hair and ignored her boisterous laughter as she sashayed to her desk.  Katsuki knew she was right (she was rarely wrong with these types of things) and that only served to irk him more. She was right, but it still felt wrong to him to give that nerd anything less than perfect--even though he wouldn’t even mind it!  That loser deserved more and he was gonna give him more.

He’d just have to start off small to gauge his reaction.  He was still scared of rejection and he needed to know that the dweeb was on the same page.  So he took a deep breath and turned around in his seat. “Oi, Deku,” he started.

“Yeah?” Izuku asked, hand paused in his backpack.  “You need something Kacchan?”

“Are you an egg?”

“Kacchan wha--”

“‘Cause I wanna beat the fuck out of you.”

Katsuki watched Izuku's face morph from confusion to an embarrassed crimson, watched his arms come out of his backpack (his bag falling to the floor with a plop) to wrap around his head in an attempt to hide himself.  "K-Kacchan, wha-what?" he squeaked.

"Wanna beat you up.  Like an egg."

It was silent as the two stared at each other, neither noticing the class had also gone silent.  Denki was the first to break the silence. "Boooo!"

The two snapped out of their staring contest at that, Katsuki’s head whipping towards Denki, while Izuku’s fell onto his desk with a painful sounding thud.  “I wasn’t fucking talking to you!”

Denki only shook his head, pointed his index fingers and rubbed one on top of the other in a sign of disappointment.  Katsuki felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassed rage. What the hell was wrong with what he said? It was the honest truth!  He wanted to beat that boy off until he was a snivelling mess beneath him, until he couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

“Kacchan,” Izuku warbled out, voice muffled from the desk.  “If you wanna sp-spar that badly, be my p-partner in class today.”

Katsuki choked.  That’s not what he meant!  “I...that’s not...fuck, fine!” he turned around in his seat and buried his head in his arms.  Fuck that, what the fuck? How the hell had that nerd gotten that out of that?  He slammed his fist onto his desk repeatedly.

“Settle down,” Aizawa drawled as he walked in.  “Take a pencil out and clear off your desks.” He slapped a stack of papers onto his desk.  “I have a pop quiz for you all today.”


By the time lunch rolled around, he could feel his stomach begin to churn uncomfortably.  He didn’t know what it was about, didn’t really care to ponder about it, but he knew that he didn’t like it.

He picked around his food, scowl on his face as he thought back to that morning.  It took a special kind of idiot to not understand that amazing pick up line. Smh.  “You okay? This about that shitty pick up line you tried this morning?” Denki asked, lightly elbowing his friend.

The blonde reflexively pulled his arm away and slammed his chopsticks down.  “What was wrong with it? Why the fuck didn’t that dweeb get what I was sayin’?!  Made me look like a goddamn idiot!” He dragged his hands down in his face with a small groan.

Hanta snickered.  “Are you an egg because I wanna beat you up?  That’s your idea of a pickup line?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“No, really.  That’s a terrible pickup line! Was it supposed to be an innuendo?”

Katsuki didn’t say anything, his cheeks turning pink answer enough.  “Wooow, so he was actually serious!” Denki gawked.

Mina swatted at the other blonde, a frown on her face. “Come on, leave him alone.  He’s trying! I think.” She turned to Katsuki. “I think maybe you should try something a bit more straightforward.  Maybe try actually telling him how you feel instead of beating around the bush?”

“That’s what I did!  I told him I wanna beat him the fuck up like a goddamn egg, what the hell is so hard to understand about that?!  It’s as straightforward as straightforward gets!”

His friends all pursed their lips.  “Bro.” Eijiro shook his head with dismay.  “Sounded like you just wanted to beat him up literally.”

“What?  No.”

The redhead nodded his head slowly, as if explaining something to a toddler.  “You said, and I quote, ‘I wanna beat the fuck out of you’. Now, if Midoriya were to say something similar to you, what would you think?”

Katsuki breathed in.  “Fuuuuuuck,” he breathed out.  “I’m a fucking idiot !”

“F.” Hanta shook his head sympathetically.

“I don’t wanna hear anything from you.  You still haven’t come up with a plan to piss him off yet.  You really wanna streak the festival that badly huh?  ‘F’ my fucking ass.”

The table snickered and Hanta dropped his head onto the table dramatically.  He knew when he’d lost. There was no coming back from that--even though it wasn’t true.  He honest to God did not want to streak the festival; however the blonde was right.  He still hadn’t been able to come up with a solid plan to anger their mutual friend.

He didn’t even want to do that in the first place, but a dare is a dare.  Especially with the stakes placed upon him so high. He’d much rather do this than run naked in front of a bunch of classmates and strangers.  He shivered at the thought.

“What do you suggest I do then?  ‘Borrow’ some of his All Might memorabilia?”  Silence answered him and he lifted his head to look across the table at Katsuki.  He had his lips pursed, eyebrows scrunched down in thought. “Holy shit, I gotta steal some of his All Might merch, don’t I?”

Katsuki looked him dead in the eye and he knew.  Hanta knew that that was exactly what he was going to have to do.  “F.” The lanky boy deflated. Damn.


Katsuki laid his head down on Mina’s lap as they waited for everyone to come down from their rooms.  The game was far from over and Katsuki couldn’t wait to punish the girl he was using as a pillow. She might have been comfy, but she’d also dared him to touch Mineta’s sticky mag.  That was unforgivable and he wasn’t about to go easy on her. He fought the urge to pick at his already chipping nails as he contemplated his dare.

While the blonde was busy thinking of ways to get back at his friend, the rest of the group had already made it downstairs; everybody sitting in a circle similar to the previous night.

Eijiro breathed in, exhaled with a clap.  “Alright! I’m pretty sure it’s Katsuki’s turn first.”

Ochako bit her lip.  She had an idea of who he might target first, and she was pretty certain it wasn’t her.  She was proven right when the boy sat up from Mina’s lap and turned to her, a devilish grin spreading across his face.  This wasn’t going to be good. “Pinky, I’m sure you already knew it had to be you.” he started while Mina nodded solemnly.  She knew there wasn’t any getting out of the sticky mag incident.

“Hit me.”

Katsuki wasted no time stalling further.  “Go take a shot of pickle juice.”

The group all winced in sympathy, their faces scrunching in disgust.  However, Mina balked, eyes shooting wide in disbelief. Why did she always get stuck eating gross shit?!  She quickly wiped the expression off her face and huffed as she stood up and stomped towards the kitchen with resignation.  Oh well. It really could have been a lot worse.

But when she opened the fridge, well, there was only one problem.  She looked at the jar, only a single baby pickle floating in the juice filled container, then to the lid.  Her stomach flipped uncomfortably as she spied the expiration date. That shit expired last week .  She slammed the jar on the counter.  If she got sick she was blaming Katsuki.

“If I get sick and die because of this, Katsuki’s off my will.” Mina spoke as she walked back into the room, dixie cup filled to the brim with the foul smelling liquid.  She hoped she wouldn’t throw up again this time.

“You’re not gonna die.  Now drink the goddamn juice.”

“You don’t know that!  What if it mixes funny with my quirk or something ‘cause it’s expired and then you have to take me to Recovery Girl because of a stupid dare?” She fired back heatedly before taking the shot of pickle juice.

She dropped the cup and whined, eyes brimming with tears from the rancid taste.  It was quiet among the group as they waited for Mina to react, ready to see if she was gonna spew again or not.  “You’re not dead,” Katsuki deadpanned a minute into the silence.

Mina held up a finger, signaling for a minute as she fought the nausea roiling in her stomach.  “I think,” she gasped, hand flying to her stomach. “I think I’m gonna go throw up again.” She quickly turned on her heel and hustled to the bathroom, hand on her stomach moving to cover her mouth.

Ochako watched her friend leave, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.  “I think I’m gonna go see if she needs help. Throwing up is never fun.” She spoke before getting up from her spot and hightailing it to the bathroom where Mina was currently hurling the juice back up.

The group turned to look at Eijiro with expectation.

He stared back at them confusedly.  What was with all the stares? “What?  I got something on my face?”

Hanta shook his head.  “Nah, just wonderin’ if you’re gonna barf too.”

“Nah, I’m good bro.”

“Oh.  Okay.”

Katsuki tutted and rolled his eyes.  He can’t believe how weak of a stomach Pinky had.  It wasn’t like it was a gross ass concoction of random shit like yesterday, so what the fuck gives?

He frowned and tapped his foot against the floor impatiently.

Ochako was the first to come back, her hair now up in a small bun at the base of her neck.  Mina followed, her pink face slightly more pale than before, but otherwise okay. She sighed heavily as she plopped herself back down next to Katsuki.  “I swear on my life if y’all make me eat or drink something disgusting one more time…!”

“Don’t worry Mina, we’ll hold off on that from now on, right guys?” Denki placated.  He looked around the group for confirmation, him himself not wanting to be hit with a dare to eat gross shit as well.  This was more of a save himself move than it was a move to save Mina, but he digressed.

Everyone looked at the blonde and nodded half heartedly.  Great, just great. Now how the hell were they supposed to come up with dares?!  That was basically anything they could really think of! “Yeah, sure, no problem.” Eijiro spoke up, a toothy grin on his face.  He was probably the only one who actually meant it.

“Alright, it’s settled then.  No more gross food dares.” Ochako clapped.  She turned to face the other girl from her spot on the floor.  “You’re turn for a dare Mina.”

Mina raised a fist to her chin, thumb tapping the corner of her mouth in thought.  She hummed, eyes glancing up at the ceiling before suddenly gasping as an idea finally came to her.  “Ah ha! I got it!” She exclaimed. “Hanta!” She pointed at the lanky boy on the loveseat. “I dare you to stick your feet in the toilet!”

“What the fuck?” 


“Haha!  Good one Mina!”

“Well that was random.”

Hanta groaned as his head tilted back.  He frowned as he looked back down at Mina, eyes pleading with her.  “Do I really have to?” He complained, wiggling his socked feet anxiously.

Mina nodded.  “Yes. And you have to leave your socks on too.”

“Uuugghh!” He groaned and rubbed at his forehead tiredly.  “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Take someone with you for a witness since I can’t go into the boys bathroom.”

Hanta nodded, hands pushing on his knees as he stood up.  He patted Denki’s head as he walked around the couch and signaled for him to follow before disappearing down the hall.

He really, really, really didn’t wanna have to do this, but he supposed it could have been way worse considering what Mina’d made Katsuki do the other night.  But still. Why did he even have to leave his socks on anyway? Couldn’t she have taken at least some mercy?

He pouted to himself as he pushed open the door.

“Bro, are you really gonna do it?” Denki asked as he hopped onto the sink counter and began to swing his legs.

Hanta shrugged.  “I got no choice dude.”

“You could always just wet your feet in the sink y’know.  I’m not a snitch.”

Hanta paused, hand on a stall door and turned to look at his friend with an eyebrow raised.  He really hadn’t thought about that. And now that he knew that that was an option, it was a bit tempting actually.  He wiggled his toes and turned his gaze back to the toilet in front of him and frowned.

“Nah.  If anyone finds out then it’s streaking for me, and quite frankly, I can’t risk it man.  Thanks for the offer though.”

Denki nodded solemnly.  “Yeah, no problem.”

Hanta sighed and leaned down to roll his pajama pants up before lifting his foot up and taking the plunge, wincing when his foot hit the water.  He knew this was clean water, that there wasn’t anything wrong with it, but the fact that the bowl probably hadn’t been cleaned recently only made the skivvies go through him.  It was still technically dirty water and his foot was completely submerged in it.

“Oh man, oh fuck.”  He complained as he took his sopping foot out of the bowl, only to lift his other dry foot into the bowl as well.

Denki watched the scene apathetically, eyes trained on the growing puddle surrounding his friend’s foot.  He wondered if anybody would think that was pee. He chuckled to himself at the thought. That would be pretty gross, wouldn’t it?

“Okay,” Hanta started.  He turned around to face Denki and walked out of the stall, feet making a disgusting squelch that had a shiver running down Denki’s spine.  “It’s done.”

Denki nodded and jumped off of the counter.

The hooting and hollering that greeted them when they got back to the living room was loud and unsurprising.  Mina’s belly laughing was to be expected, but Hanta really hadn’t counted on the snicker leaving Katsuki’s mouth nor the tears that leaked down Ochako’s cheeks.

“He really did it!” She hollered, body tipping over to lie on the floor pathetically.

“You didn’t just shove ‘em in the sink, did you?”  Katsuki questioned.

Denki shook his head, answering for Hanta.  “Nope,” he popped the ‘p’. “I even suggested it too and he still went with the toilet.”

“That was so manly dude!”

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t gonna risk having to streak.”

Mina’s laughter calmed down slightly.  She turned to Hanta, wiping a stray tear from her eye.  “I was sorta hoping you would. But oh well! We’ll get ‘em next time!” Hanta could only stare at her, expression deadpan.  If they were actively giving him hard dares just so they could get him to streak, then damn this was going to be one long ass game of dares.

Chapter Text

Katsuki tapped his pencil against his notebook as he listened to Present Mic drone on about English.  He only had a couple of days left to confess to Deku, and fuck if he hadn’t been trying so hard already; he had no goddamn clue as to how he was going to be able to pull this off. He was normally confident in himself and his abilities, but with this?  It just all went out the window. He wanted to bury his head in the sand and call it a day.

He sighed to himself and scribbled a quick note when he caught a part of the lecture he didn’t quite understand.  He’d have to go over it later.

Maybe he could ask Deku if he wanted to do a study date?  Well, maybe not a date date (although it'd be cool if it turned into that), but like just a study session.  Yeah...yeah that sounded cool--like a good idea. Now the question is just how was he going to ask him.

Katsuki turned around in his seat, body twisted at an odd angle, to look at the nerd.  His face was nearly pressed into his paper as he ferociously took notes on the lesson. He looked over his concentrated face, from the way his eyebrows scrunched down to where the tip of his tongue poked out between his lips and god he was so fucking cute.  He just wanted to squish his cheeks in and smother his face with kisses.

And that , Katsuki thought, was an incredibly gay thought holy mother fucking shit. 

He quickly turned back in his seat to face the board and dropped his forehead to his desk, his head making a loud thwack! that reverberated throughout the mostly quiet classroom.

Everybody’s attention suddenly turned to the blonde, some eyebrows raised in question.  Present Mic had even stopped mid sentence to give him a funny look before clearing his throat and asking: “You alright there Bakugou?”

Katsuki could feel all eyes on him, could even hear some of his friends snickering at him, but he couldn’t care less about those idiots.  What he cared about most were the eyes he felt directly behind him on the back of his neck. He could feel Deku’s eyes on him, could practically see the confused worry on his empathetic face.

Katsuki quietly groaned to himself before lifting his head, a red circle now on his forehead, before nodding at his teacher.  “Just peachy,” he mumbled out.

Present Mic nodded, though didn’t look terribly convinced, before continuing on with his lesson.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and gulped before turning around.  “What is it, Deku?”

Izuku nibbled on the tip of his pen before setting it down.  “You okay?”

Katsuki tutted.  “Yeah. Was falling asleep and needed to wake myself up is all.” He lied.  Hopefully it was a believable fib and he wouldn’t get questioned on it.

Izuku hummed after a second of deliberation before nodding.  “Alright, if that’s all it was then.”

The blonde gave a grunt in reply and turned back around.  Damn what kind of excuse was that? Whatever, it worked and that was all that mattered.  Now if he could just convince the idiot quad that that’s all it was too then he’d be golden.


“Pfft, I don’t believe you for a second, Katsuki!” Mina hollered once class was over.

Denki nodded along, grinning at Katsuki’s expense.  “Yeah, you never fall asleep in class! No way was that you just trying to wake yourself up.  And I seriously doubt that Midoriya just so willingly accepted that flabby excuse too.”

Katsuki scowled down at the floor in irritation.  Dammit, he knew it was too good to be true!


“The hell was up with that though?  Not that it wasn’t entertaining or anything, but what gives?”  Eijiro asked, a look of concern on his face.

“Yeah, man, you okay?” Hanta seconded.

Katsuki groaned and looked up at the ceiling as they headed towards the nearest vending machine for a quick snack before their next class started.  “You guys’ll just think I’m a fucking chump if I tell you,” He groused. 

“Nah, we don’t think you’re a chump,” Mina frowned.

“Maybe he’s just chicken,” Denki teased.  He folded his arms into mock wings and flapped them as he squawked.  Katsuki lifted a fist and hit him square in the shoulder, not in the mood for his childish antics.  “Ouchie.” the blonde pouted, rubbing at his shoulder.

“I’ll fucking show you chicken.” Katsuki spoke, aggressively shoving a hand into his pocket to get some change for the machine.  “I embarrassed myself with how fucking gay I am for Deku. There, you happy?!”

Mina squealed and enthusiastically nodded her head.

“Oh, alright.” Eijiro nodded before grabbing hold of his boyfriend’s hand.  “Can’t fault you there.”

Hanta only nodded along, indifferent to the whole situation.  As long as nothing was actually wrong with his friend, he couldn’t really bother to give a shit.

The vending machine whirred before dropping Katsuki’s snack with a satisfying plop.  He quickly grabbed it before moving aside to let one of his other friends have their turn at it.

He sighed and popped the bag open and shoved a few chips in his mouth.  “He’s cute as fuck, alright?! Like what the fuck, y’know? With his stupid ass freckles and the way his tongue pokes out when he’s writing and shit.  Ugh!”

Mina giggled and patted his shoulder consolingly.  “Must be nice being in love,” she sighed dreamily.

“Yeah, I fucking guess.”

The bell signaling the start of class suddenly rang and the group all looked at each other with panic.  There was a slight pause before they all abandoned the vending machine to book it back to class.

“Well, I guess this would happen to me.” Hanta sighed, watching as the vending machine moved to deposit his snack.

That’s okay, this was fine.  He’d just be late. No big deal.

He sighed again, grabbed his snack, and trudged his way back to class.


“Help.  Oh god, someone fucking help.” Katsuki spoke, monotone, as he stared up at a group of his classmates from the bottom of the gorge he was ‘trapped’ in.  He really wanted to punch the asshat who volunteered him for the shitty job (cough, Denki, cough).

“Don’t worry Kacchan!  We’re on our way down!” Izuku called from where he was currently being lowered into the gorge.

Katsuki, to his credit, continued to play his role of victim.  “Oh great hero. I am saved. Hooray.”

Izuku chuckled when he reached the bottom, a bright smile on his face.  He was completely in his element--saving people. It was what he’d always looked forward to the most during hero foundational training and he excelled in it.

“Don’t worry Kacchan, I am here!” 

“Cool, now hurry up and fucking save me.”

Izuku nodded, trotting towards his ‘fallen’ friend.  “Okay Kacchan, I’m gonna need you to be really still for me, okay?  Your arm’s broken and I’m going to need to wrap a splint around it. Think you can do that for me?”

Katsuki looked at Izuku, their eyes meeting at the end of his question.  The light was shining down perfectly on the boy, causing a halo to appear around his head.  Katsuki had to fight the urge to squint, though thought that the lighting was pretty fitting to the situation.

He gulped and his brain completely froze up.  What the fuck was were words again?

Katsuki opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.


“Are you sandpaper?!” He suddenly blurted.

This caught Izuku off guard, his body jerking at the sudden increase of volume and his eyebrows pinching in confusion.  “Wh-what Kacchan? Sandpaper? I don’t get it,” he frowned.

“‘Cause I really wanna rub my wood on you.”  Oh shit… Was that an echo?

Katsuki watched the red creep up on Izuku’s face, watched it darken until his face was nearly crimson.  “K-K-Kacchan!” He squeaked, arms wrapping around his head to hide himself. “Wh-Wh-What d-do you m-m-mean?  Wh-Wh-What?!” 

“Oh my GOD get a ROOM!” Mina yelled from the top of the cliff, her own cheeks stained red in second hand embarrassment.  She knew he was a bad flirt, but this?! God, it was just awful for all parties involved.

“The fuck do you think I’m trynna do?!”

“Oh my god!” Someone shrieked.

Izuku sputtered, face turning even more red if that was even possible.  “Kacchan!”

“Just--fuck!  Not like that you dirty minded freak!  I just wanna study, you nerd! That’s all, that’s it, I fucking swear!” Katsuki quickly amended, eyes wide with the realization that he’d delivered that that statement entirely wrong.   God, what the fuck was wrong with him?!  Well, he did wanna rub his wood on him, but that was beside the point.  Just...why, oh why, oh why did he have to fucking say that?

Katsuki just wanted to pound his head into the earth until the whole situation just somehow resolved itself.

Izuku peeked from between his arms, face still a stark red.  “Huh?”

Rubbing his face with a gloved hand, Katsuki sighed and sat up from where he’d previously been lying on the floor.  “I didn’t understand a word Present Mic said and I could practically hear you transcribing the entire lecture behind me.”  He lied through his teeth. He understood plenty of what Present Mic had said, but Deku didn’t need to know that. He just wanted to study with him and at this point, Katsuki was willing to say or do anything to get the nerd to follow through.

“O-Oh.”  Izuku’s arms slowly began to lower from his face, the color in it gradually returning to normal.  “Wh-Why didn’t you just s-say that in the first place?” Unfortunately for him though, his brain to mouth function was still stalled.

“I did, didn’t I?”  No.  He didn't and he knew it.

Izuku pursed his lips.  “You said you wanted to rub your wood on me.”

“Okay, and?”  Katsuki was sweating bullets at this point.

“I don’t get it Kacchan.  What wood? You don’t have any wood.”

Oh thank god he was so oblivious!  Though with his reaction earlier, he'd assumed he'd knew full well what he'd said, so either he's playing dumb or he was just embarrassed for Katsuki.  Katsuki was hoping it was the latter, though he knew somewhere in the back of his mind that it was most likely the former.  But hey, a guy could hope.

“You better not be slacking down there. I’ll fail you if you don’t hurry--time’s ticking.” Aizawa’s voice called from the top of the ravine.

Izuku eeped and quickly set himself back into rescue mode.  Katsuki wasn’t having it though; he needed to know if he was down for the study session or not.  This was going to be his chance! “So, will you fucking study with me or not, Deku?”

He nodded.  “Of course Kacchan!”

Katsuki nodded, a sense of accomplishment washing over him before he resumed his (rather pitiful) victim acting.


Katsuki breathed a sigh of relief when the school day was finally over, glad that he no longer had to endure the awkward atmosphere he’d accidentally created during rescue training earlier.

It was hard to look anyone in the eye after that admittedly horrible pick up line he’d accidentally used.  He really wished that any other line had come to mind, anything else other than that one.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t a goddamned quitter, so he toughed it out like any other person might not do and now here he was, backpack dangling off of one shoulder and his (hopefully) soon-to-be boyfriend one step behind him as they walked back to the dorms.

“Hey, Kacchan,” Izuku spoke when they neared Alliance Heights.

Katsuki grunted.  “Hm?”

“I’m gonna go ahead and get changed first and grab a quick snack before we start to study,” A pause.  “Of course that is if you it’s okay with you! I don’t wanna be a bother since you invited me and everything, and--”

“It’s fine,” Katsuki interrupted before the boy could continue to ramble on.  It wasn’t like he wasn’t about to do the same thing anyway. Well, maybe minus the snack.

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as he shrugged his shoulders to adjust his backpack.  “Alright! I’ll be quick then.”

Katsuki grunted again and pushed open the front door.

Izuku was quick to scurry up the stairs, leaving Katsuki behind to wait on the elevator.  That was one advantage he had on him: living on the second floor meant he didn’t have to wait on the elevator like most of his other classmates.

Katsuki frowned to himself and tapped his foot against the floor impatiently.  He wished he could just run up the stairs, but he was on the fourth floor and by the time he made it up then he might as well have just taken the elevator.  There really was no difference between the two besides physical exertion and patience. He really needed to work on the latter too apparently, so it was the elevator for him.

By the time he was finally able to make it back to his room, he was sure that Deku was already down in the communal kitchen making his snack.  That didn’t leave him much time to prepare himself for the impromptu study date he’d asked him on.

Katsuki chucked his jacket onto his bed and unbuttoned his shirt, only to stop midway.  He took a quick look around his room, eyes squinted as he assessed his surroundings. There was something wrong, something that was completely inexcusable.

His room was dirty.

Sure, everything was nice and tidy: no clothes on the floor, his books all properly put away on his bookshelf, his bed made like he did every morning and the rug nice and flat with no lumps.  But...there was dust and he didn’t remember the last time he’d swept his floor. How the fuck was he supposed to let Deku into his room like this?!

He couldn’t, that’s how.

Growling in frustration, he left his shirt halfway undone in favor of quickly cleaning his pigsty of a room.  How he’d even allowed it to get this bad in the first place was a mystery to him, but he’d be damned if he let the nerd in like this.  He couldn’t let anybody know that he’d slacked off on his chores--couldn’t let anybody know how messy he’d been. It didn’t matter if everybody else lived in far messier rooms than his; his standards were high and he wouldn’t accept anything but the best.  And the best deserved to sleep in a pristine room.

He quickly stepped to his closet to fetch his cleaning supplies and set to work on fixing his room proper.  He needed to be quick, quick, quick. There wasn’t going to be any time before Deku showed up.

So with lightning speed, he yanked the rug off of the floor and draped it over his desk chair.  Sweeping was going to be his first priority--dust can come later. Unless Deku had developed allergy triggered asthma over the years?  Fuck: it was a possibility. Katsuki couldn’t have him having trouble breathing just because he wanted to sweep first!

He needed to hurry up so that it wouldn’t even be an issue.

Yelling, he aggressively swept his floor until there wasn’t a speck of dirt to be seen.  He’d even gotten a piece of blue tape and picked up the line of dirt the dust pan always failed to miss.

It happened when he’d just finished cleaning his room, the dirt picked up and the dust eliminated.  He was too busy trying to catch his breath from the quick sprint of cleaning he’d just accomplished while he undressed to hear the doorknob click.

“Kacchan?” Izuku called as he closed the door, back turned to the blonde and eyes focused on the notebook in his hands.  “I don’t know if you’ve done this assignment yet, but I kinda needed some help…” he paused when he turned around, eyes flitting up from the notebook to meet Katsuki’s from across the room.  “With it.” he finished lamely.

His eyes roved over the blonde’s bare chest, his cheeks turning a pretty shade of red the longer they stayed trained on him.  And wow, that was a chest alright.

Katsuki was sweating, red eyes wide with one bare leg lifted up as he was in the middle of taking off his pants.

“What the fuck.”

“I’m sorry!” Izuku squeaked as he turned around and brought his hands up to cover his eyes, dropping his notebook to the floor in the process.

Katsuki was quick to shuck his pants the rest of the way off and pull on a pair of sweatpants before putting a shirt on.  “Don’t you know how to fucking knock?!”

Izuku groaned in embarrassment and dropped into a crouch in an attempt to hide himself from his own feelings.  Of course he knew how to knock! Silly Kacchan for even asking him a question like that! It was was just…!  He spaced on it one time and this is what happens! He groaned again and tucked his chin into his knees. “I’m so sorry, Kacchan!  I didn’t...didn’t mean to barge in on you!”

Katsuki sighed and wiped his hands down his face.  “Fuck, it’s whatever. Not like you haven’t seen me gettin’ dressed before or anything.”

Izuku’s responding laugh was stressed and awkward, but the knowledge that Katsuki wasn’t angry at him for barging in gave him the willpower to unfurl from himself and stand back up.  God, was it warm in there, or was it just him?

“T-Thanks Kacchan.”

Katsuki waved him off and threw his uniform into the hamper in his closet.  He crouched to the floor by his desk and fished out his school supplies before moving to sit down at his desk chair.  “What assignment did you need help with, nerd?”

Izuku picked his notebook back up and dropped his backpack at the foot of the bed before sitting down.  “The math one.”

“Okay, well that wasn’t so hard.  What’d you need help with on it?” Katsuki asked and grabbed the material out of his own backpack, slamming it on his desk.

Izuku hummed and skimmed the paper before finding the note he’d written on his issue with it.  “Well, I was just a little bit confused about the imaginary numbers? I think I get it, but at the same time I don’t if that makes any sense to you.”

Katsuki nodded his head up in acknowledgment.  “Yeh, makes sense. Alright, so here’s what you wanna do with those little shits…” He began, his attention down on the paper in front of him as he began to instruct his small lesson on the issue.

Izuku, a better study than most of his friends, was quick to start scribbling notes on his paper and actually listen to what he had to say.  It was a breath of fresh air for Katsuki who was too used to putting up with the idiots that made up his friend group. Well, minus Hanta. He actually wasn’t that dumb.

“...and that’s how you deal with those fucky numbers.”

Izuku nodded as he peered at his paper, lip pinched between his thumb and index finger as he processed the information relayed to him.  “I think I get it now. Thank you Kacchan!” 

They continued on like that for a while longer, Katsuki asking questions with Izuku answering and Izuku asking questions with Katsuki answering.  It was an easy routine to fall into, far easier than any other person Katsuki'd studied with before. He was usually the teacher for most of his other study sessions, but with Izuku, it didn’t quite feel that way.  They were both capable in their academics and balanced each other out nicely.

With that being said, they were quick to finish their schoolwork in a timely manner.  It hadn’t even reached dinner time yet by the time they’d finished their work.

Katsuki thumbed his runny nose and glanced over at Izuku.  He was putting his stuff away, and now that they were done there was no reason for him to stay in his room with him.  Fuck he hadn’t even gotten to what he wanted to say yet!

“Hey, uh, did you wanna maybe--fuck…” Katsuki dropped his forehead to the table and breathed in deep.  Why the hell was it so hard to say shit around him?! It really shouldn’t be that fucking hard!


“You wanna stay and like, fuck, I dunno, chill or something?”

There was a pause as Izuku let his words sink in.  “Chill?”

Katsuki suppressed a growl and lifted his head from the desk.  “Yes,” he ground out. “Chill.”

Izuku put his bag back down and flopped back on the bed, his hair fanning out around him.  He smiled. “Okay Kacchan.”

Katsuki sighed in relief and smiled back, though his was smaller than the nerd’s.  He can’t believe that that had actually worked. Was that all he really needed to do? Just be straight forward and hope for the best?  Maybe he should just spit it out and get the whole thing over with.

He decided against it, however, not wanting to be outright rejected and then have their chill session cut short.  That would be embarrassing and hard to bounce back from.

“So, uuhhh, what’s up.”

Izuku snorted and Katsuki swore his heart stopped at the sound.  “I dunno Kacchan. I’m just lying here amazed at how far we’ve come.”

Katsuki turned to look at him, brows furrowed in question.  “What do you mean?”

Izuku turned his head towards the blonde, a fond look on his face as he traced a finger in random patterns on Katsuki’s navy blue bedspread.  “Well, I mean, we were a mess last year and, well, you just asked me to stay in your room and chill, Kacchan. You wouldn’t have ever asked me that this time last year nor would you have even asked me to study with you.  We’ve really come a long way.”

Katsuki considered his words.  He wasn’t wrong, it was just--he was just...fuck he was right.  This time last year he would have thought the nerd’d been looking down on him or some other ridiculous shit like that, but now?  Now he was head over fucking heels in love with him and would probably do anything he’d say no questions asked. He loved that idiot.

He went lax in his seat and stared up at the ceiling.  “Huh. Yeah, guess you’re right.”

Izuku chuckled and it went silent between the two.  It wasn’t uncomfortable though, quite the contrary.

There was something relaxing about not having to fill the room up with idle chatter.  It wasn’t awkward like he would have thought it’d be, like it was sometimes when he and his friends ran out of things to say.  It was a little freeing actually.

Katsuki got up from his chair and moved to his bed, flapping his hands in a shooing motion to get Izuku to scoot over.  The smaller boy complied and made room for the blonde to lie down next to him. But instead of lying down with their heads parallel, Katsuki plopped down so his feet were in Izuku’s face and grinned when the boy made a face.

“Gross Kacchan,” he complained.

Katsuki shrugged and moved his hand up and ran his fingers on the underside of Izuku’s socked feet.  Izuku flinched and immediately brought his (very) ticklish foot away from the hand, face scrunched up as he stared down his childhood friend.

“You still ticklish, Deku?” Katsuki smirked.

Izuku whined and moved his feet further away from Katsuki.  “Yes, if you really hafta know.”

Katsuki snorted and pulled his hands away from the nerd’s feet.  “Okay then. I’ll save that knowledge for next time.”

Izuku paused.  “There’s gonna be a next time?” He asked, voice awed.

Katsuki lifted his head up and looked at Izuku’s equally awed expression.  Cute.  Katsuki cleared his throat before starting. “Well, yeah. I mean, if you want, I guess.”

Izuku’s smile was lazy, eyes glossing over with happy tears.  He sniffed. “Yeah, I’d really like that Kacchan.”

“Hey, Deku.”

“Yeah Kacchan?”

“This is gonna be fucking random as shit, but,” this was it.  Screw his earlier resolve to hold off, he was just gonna go for it.  Katsuki felt like his chest was about to burst he was so fucking nervous.  But the timing felt right. Everything about this moment just felt right to him.  It was now or never. “I like you.”

It was quiet as Izuku processed that statement.  “Like, like like?” He whispered hoarsely.

Katsuki hummed.  “Yeah. Like like.” He whispered back.

Izuku sat up and stared down at Katsuki, an unreadable expression on his face.  “Really?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and stared back into Izuku’s green eyes.  He was terrified shitless right now, but he wasn’t about to show it.  Maybe he could play it off when he got rejected if he just kept his cool.  “Really really.”

A grin slowly stretched itself onto Izuku’s face and Katsuki’s heart sputtered to a stop.  This didn’t look like it was a rejection… was it actually possible? Was this really actually happening to him?  Holy fucking shit!

“Kacchan!” Izuku yelled, dropping himself onto the blonde and hugging him tight.  “So those terrible pick up lines weren’t just to mess with me?”

“What?  Fuck no!”

Izuku’s laugh was giddy as he nuzzled into Katsuki’s neck.  “I like like you too Kacchan.”

“Thank fuck.  Jesus Christ I was ready to play off the rejection like a total noob.”

Izuku laughed.  “Well, you don’t have to do that now.”

Katsuki sighed and wrapped his arms around the boy lying atop of him.  Fuck yeah, it finally happened! He finally confessed! And all it took was touching a sticky magazine and a shitty game of truth or dare to do it.

He squeezed Izuku tight and grinned into his hair.  God this was literally the most exciting thing to ever happen to him what the actual fuck.  If he thought getting his quirk was cool, then he was sorely mistaken.

Izuku giggled.  “Does this mean we’re boyfriends now?”

Katsuki nodded.  “Fuck, yeah I guess so.”

“Cool, because I really like your shirt.”


“It’s boyfriend material.”

Katsuki groaned, but smiled anyway.  He guessed he deserved that terrible line considering the shit he’d been throwing at him the past couple days.


Tonight was the night.  Hanta was going to finally start on his part of the dare to get Izuku angry.  He didn’t want to, god did he really not want to, but he had to.  There was no other options for him here.

So when he caught sight of his friend running up the stairs to get to Katsuki’s room, he took it upon himself to slip away from the group before they could start up tonight's round of dares to sneak into his bedroom and nab a piece of his merch.

He just hoped he wasn’t going to get murdered for this.

Well, he supposed he wouldn’t be so long as he didn’t damage the action figure.  He should be okay...maybe.

But looking at Izuku’s room again, there was just so many pieces to choose from, and well, which one should he take?  Should he take one that was still in a box so there was less chance of it breaking?  Or should he take one that already looked like it was worn so any new scratches wouldn’t be noticeable?

Hanta felt like he was trying to pick the Jesus cup in that old movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Was he gonna end up like that dead dude, or was he gonna make the wise choice? He didn’t know and that’s what was killing him on the inside.

He frowned and tapped his foot in thought.

It took him a moment before he shrugged and pointed at a shelf and began to chant: “Eenie meenie miny mo, catch a tiger by his toe.  If he hollers let him go, eenie meenie miny mo.”

Okay, looked like the worn one it was.

Hanta quickly, but gently, grabbed the action figure before dipping as quickly and inconspicuously as he could and heading back up to his room to put the figure away in his sock drawer.

Mission (halfway) accomplished.

Chapter Text

Izuku blushed when he and Katsuki walked down the stairs to grab dinner, hand in hand.

Mina was the first to notice, eyes bulging out of their sockets as she squealed and pointed at the two boys.  “Oh my god! He really did it!” She kicked her legs and flailed her arms as she gushed at the two.

“Deku!” Ochako exclaimed, a bright smile on her face.  “Are you two a thing now?!”

Izuku sputtered, his face turning impossibly redder and turned to hide his face in Katsuki’s shoulder.  Ochako and Mina gripped each others hands and squealed in tandem.

Katsuki frowned at the two, a light dusting of pink on his own cheeks, and tutted at their idiocy.  “Yeah, we are, anybody got a problem with that?” There was a collective shake of heads and the two silently breathed a sigh of relief.  Well, that was one silent fear quickly diffused. “Cool. Have fun with your shitty game, dweebs. C’mon Deku, let’s get some food.”

Izuku hummed and silently followed Katsuki to the kitchen.

Hanta turned his attention back to the group and whistled lowly.  “Man, I didn’t actually think he was gonna do it,” he confessed.

Eijiro chuckled and scratched at the back of his head.  “Yeah, me neither, not gonna lie.”

Mina tutted and crossed her arms over her chest.  “He doesn’t pussy out of anything, you guys are just mean.  He really was going to blow up Mineta’s dirty mag until he touched his…” She shivered at the thought and memory “sticky pages.” 

Ochako nodded her head in agreement.  Katsuki was many things, but a quitter wasn’t one of them.  He’d never go down without putting up a fight first, no matter what kind it was.

But finally, finally!  The pining was over! She really couldn’t have been more glad about it.  Ochako swore if she had to go another night listening to Deku’s mindless ramblings about the blonde and then following up with a dejected sigh she was going to scream.

At least now she wouldn’t have to hear the dejected sigh anymore.

She clapped her hands and rubbed them together.  “Okay, now where were we?” She asked, getting the group back on track to their original topic.

Hanta nodded and grinned.  “Right. Like I was saying before,” he started.  He scratched at his chin before lowering his voice so as not to alert to two in the kitchen.  “I ‘borrowed’ Izuku’s All Might figurine earlier. Just waiting for him to notice now.”

There was a collective ‘ooo’ at the news.

“Well done, Hanta!” Denki cheered, clapping his friend on the back enthusiastically.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“So who’s turn to dare was it again?”  Eijiro asked.

The group turned to Denki who then nodded.  Right, guess it was his turn. “Alright, alright, alright, alright,” he mimicked, causing the group to snicker.  “Babe.” He turned to face his boyfriend. “I’m sorry, but y’know I had to do it to ‘em.”

Eijiro nodded.  “It’s alright, I get it.”

“Good.  I dare you to go steal Katsuki’s food and eat it like he made it for you.”

“Oh fuck.”



Eijiro sighed, but stood up from the couch.  He could do this, it wasn’t anything serious.  All he had to do was take his bro’s food, that’s all.  Yeah...he totally wasn’t

He clapped his hands together and, ignoring the stares on his back, waltzed into the kitchen.

“...and then I was like, die you piece of shit!” Katsuki spoke and Izuku giggled.

“Sounds like a hard level.  Did you win?” A pot clanged against another one and Eijiro watched Katsuki turn on the stove and dump a plate of curry into it from his spot by the kitchen entrance.

His eyes widened as he recognized the dish and he immediately took a step back.  Fuck, he had to steal and eat his bros favorite ultra spicy curry!  His mouth and asshole were going to die tonight.

“‘Course I won,” Katsuki smirked.  “Only took me twenty three tries.”

Izuku snorted before bursting into a fit of laughter.  “Kacchan! That level only took me ten tries.”

“Fuck off, no it didn’t.”

“Yes it did.”

“Ugh, fuck you, whatever I still beat it and that’s all that matters.”

Eijiro sighed and walked into the kitchen.  If he was gonna do it, he might as well just do it now.  Maybe it wouldn’t taste as spicy if he ate it cold?

“Hey Eijiro,” Izuku greeted with a smile.

Katsuki only raised his head in an upward nod before turning his attention back to his food on the stove.

Eijiro returned the head nod and strode towards the stove with a confidence that he didn’t have.  Katsuki eyed him warily, suspicions raised as he watched his friend head straight towards his food.

Eijiro, without any pause, slapped Katsuki’s hand away from the pot handle, took it off of the flame, took the wooden spoon he’d used to stir it and left the kitchen without a word, leaving Katsuki and Izuku to stare at him open mouthed and leave Katsuki furious.  That was his food! What the actual fuck?

The red head hastily power walked back to the living room and set his prize down on the floor in front of him.  Someone laughed and he shoveled a large scoop into his waiting mouth.

“Fuck, it’sh shtill shpichy!”

Mina snorted while the rest of the group laughed at his misfortune.

“Fuck are you loser laughing at?!  Did you make him steal my food?!” Katsuki yelled, barging into the living room with his hands popping.  He’d really been looking forward to eating those leftovers!

Mina gasped and jumped up at the intrusion.  “Scatter!” She yelled, and everybody was quick to follow suit and get the hell out of dodge, laughing giddily all the while.

Katsuki sighed and shook his head.  Those idiots were gonna owe him a dinner now.

Izuku walked up behind Katsuki and rubbed his back soothingly.  “It’s okay Kacchan. You can have some of my leftovers, okay?”

Katsuki thumbed his nose and nodded before turning back around to head back to the kitchen with Izuku.  “Yeah. Yeah, alright.”

Katsuki rolled over in his bed with a quiet whine.  He’d gone to bed a bit later than he normally would, and he was really feeling it: eyes heavy and consciousness waning.  He was ready to just knock out until morning.

And he would have had it not been for his phone.

He jerked back awake as it played its ringtone, the volume loud and jarring.  “What the fuck…” he hissed before angrily slapping his phone off of his bedside table, squinting at the too bright screen.

Why the fuck was Deku calling him right after they’d just said goodnight?

He clicked the green button and brought the device up to his ear.  “Hello?” He answered groggy.

“Kacchan have you seen my All Might figure?  The one you gave me when we were little?”

Katsuki wracked his brain and furrowed his brow.  “No. You kept it?”

He could hear Deku sigh on his end and Katsuki assumed he was probably running a hand through his unruly hair.  “Yes I kept it.  And where the hell could it have gone then?  I didn’t move it, but it’s clearly gone! Who the fuck took my All Might?!”

Katsuki winced away from the phone for a second before putting it back to his ear with a sigh.  He rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. Of course he knew who could’ve taken it, but he was too tired to properly think on it and give his boyfriend a clear answer.

So instead he shrugged, forgetting that Izuku wouldn’t be able to see the action, and smacked his lips.  “‘M tired, can this wait ‘till morning?”

“But this is an emergency, Kacchan!  Someone stole my All Might! What if he breaks, what if they’re not taking good care of him, who the hell took my All Might?!”

Katsuki sighed again, this one bone weary, and slowly sat up from his bed.  He yawned and stretched his arms, ignoring the indignant yelling on the other side of the speaker.  “I’ll be there in two minutes.”

The line went silent for a moment, and had it not been for the sound of Izuku’s breathing, Katsuki would have thought the nerd had hung up on him.  “Thanks Kacchan.”

The line clicked off after that and Katsuki tiredly pocketed his phone.  Hanta was really asking for it once Izuku figured out who took his All Might.

With one last tired sigh, he flung his legs off of his bed and shoved his feet back into his slippers.  His dorm door shut with a near silent click. His slippers shuffled against the rough carpet in the empty hall.  He stifled a yawn and punched the elevator button.

God, he was so tired.  Why did Izuku even want to deal with this right now?  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to think it over on a fresh, rested mind?  Wasn’t the nerd tired? 

He knocked on the door once he reached the second floor.  Katsuki didn’t have to wait long for it to swing open, revealing a haggard looking Izuku with a near bloody lip.  Shit, had he been chewing in it this whole time? Katsuki was instantly more awake.

“Kacchan,” Izuku warbled, his bottom lip wobbling precariously.  Oh shit, this was it. He was upset and it was all Denki and Hanta’s fault.  He was gonna kill those two losers! “Who would steal my All Might?”

Katsuki was quick to shuffle his way into Izuku’s room, his arms coming up to wrap around the smaller boy in a tight hug.  “I dunno, but we’ll find ‘em and kill ‘em dead on the spot, okay? No questions asked.”

Izuku nodded into his boyfriend’s chest and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

That All Might was really important to him.  He couldn’t bare the thought of anything happening to it, didn’t even want to entertain the possibility of anything having happened to it.  He was gonna destroy whoever took his action figure.  He’d find out who did it if it was the last thing he did.

But for now, he’d allow himself to be soothed by his boyfriend and get some sleep.  He always had tomorrow to exact his justice.

The next day, Izuku is wary of his classmates.  It’s not something that’s voiced, rather felt amongst the other eighteen students.

Ochako bit her nails as she glanced over at her best friend, worry evident in her gaze.  What could have happened to have put him in such a dour mood? Could he have broken up with Katsuki so quickly?  She didn’t think that would be the case though--he’d been pining over him for the entirety of first year up until now.

She frowned as she continued to think about all of the possibilities, already forgetting about the news Hanta had shared with the group the night previous.

Izuku slammed his textbook onto his desk, causing whomever was already present for class to jump in surprise.  He glanced around the room at the surprised teenagers before promptly turning away, head lifting up in indignation.

Ochako bit her cheek and looked down at her desk when it suddenly hit her.  I’m such an idiot! She slapped a palm to her forehead and ignored the worried glance Tenya shot her way.   Hanta took his All Might!  This has to be why he’s being such a grouch today.

“Yo, Katsuki, my man!” Mina waved as she entered the classroom, exuberant as always.

Katsuki grunted his greeting before turning around in his seat to face Izuku.  Mina took it all in stride, mouth opening to call out a greeting towards Izuku before catching sight of his sour face.  He almost looked like Katsuki on a good day. Which was weird because Katsuki on a good day still sported a resting bitch face.  Hanta you sly dog! She thought with a mental squeal.  She still couldn’t believe that he’d actually gone and stolen one of Izuku’s action figures, but hey, whatever works right?  Izuku would forgive him easy peasy (at least she hoped he would).

“Morning Izuku!” She decided to greet anyway.

Izuku grunted back, instead of answering normally like he always did.  Mina balked at him; did he turn into a mini Katsuki when he was mad? It would make sense considering how long they’d known each other.  To say she was intrigued (against her better judgement) was an understatement.

Aizawa walked into the room not a moment later and Mina was quick to run to her seat.

He quickly scanned the classroom in search of empty seats before sighing and pulling down the projector screen.  “Take out your notebooks and pay attention.”

By the time the bell had rung, signaling the end of first period, Izuku was still as tense as he was when he’d first walked in.  Katsuki pursed his lips at the sight.

“Deku, you finished the homework for next class, right?” Ochako asked, a forced smile on her face in a feeble attempt at keeping the status quo.  It was weird to see Izuku acting so stoic towards his friends--Ochako wished she hadn’t encouraged Denki to dole out the dare to Hanta.

Izuku shrugged, but pulled out his homework anyway.  Ochako noticed that it was, indeed, finished. She worried her bottom lip between her teeth in uncertainty and nervously wrang her hands.  She might as well just ask the elephant in the room and get it over with. “Are you okay, Deku? You’re acting a”

Izuku slowly put his papers down and turned to Ochako, a single brow raised in question.  “I don’t know, Ochako. Can you tell me what happened to my All Might?”

Ochako sputtered.  “Wh-What do you mean?”

Izuku narrowed his eyes in suspicion and turned his head away.  “No, I’m not alright,” he spoke before raising his voice for the rest of the class to hear.  “My very special, very dear to me All Might action figure that Kacchan gave to me was stolen out of my bedroom last night.  So no, I am not alright Ochako.”

A lot of the conversations among the room seemed to cease at the declaration, a muttered ‘oh shit’ the only thing breaking the tense silence.

Hanta gulped and tugged at his shirt collar nervously.  Shit, shit, fuck .  This was all his fault and now he was gonna fucking die if he didn’t give back the All Might!  Maybe if he was able to sneak it back into his bedroom? But what were the chances of him being able to pull that off one more time?  Maybe he could get Katsuki to distract him while he put it back? Yeah. Yeah, that could work.

Feeling a little bit better about the situation, he sighed to himself and pulled out his homework just as Midnight walked in.

“Man, first period today was a doozy, wasn’t it?” Denki asked as he dropped his lunch tray onto the table.

Hanta, the first one at the table, threw his head back and groaned.  “You’re only saying that because Midoriya’s actually mad or something now.”

“Bingo!” Denki clucked his tongue and shot his friend a double finger gun.  “And to think you took the one that Katsuki gave him too! Go big or go home I guess.”

“I didn’t even know that Katsuki gave that one to him!” Hanta groused, hands coming to cover the top of his head as he headbutted the table.  God, he was totally screwed if he was found out. Hopefully Katsuki wouldn’t rat him out.

Denki opened his mouth to say something when someone cut him off before he could even start.

“So, you’re the one who took his All Might…” A monotone voice spoke from behind the two and they both jumped in alarm, eyes wide as they whipped their heads around to face none other than Todoroki Shoto.

Oh god, oh fuck!  If Katsuki didn’t tell Izuku then Shoto definitely would.  Fuck Hanta was totally screwed now.

Ochako looked at the duo sheepishly, one step behind the heterochromatic teen.  “Sorry about that. We didn’t really want to sit with Deku today, seeing as well, y’know…”

“You three joining us for lunch today?” Eijiro asked as he strolled up to the group, a lazy smile on his face.

Ochako nodded.  “Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“Nope!  Come on, we can push some tables together to make a bigger one.”

Ochako nodded and moved to set her tray down on a nearby table before using her quirk to easily move it over towards Denki and Hanta’s table.  Shota and Tenya also set their trays down on the table but moved to grab the chairs instead.

Mina was the last of the group to come up to the table, a grin on her face as she spied the extra bodies.  “You guys are sitting with us today?” She asked happily.

Tenya nodded.  “Yes. It appears that Izuku is having a rather, er, off day today.”

Shoto hummed and slurped at his cold soba.  “I’d be mad too if somebody--” he turned his head to look right at Hanta.  “Took my All Might without asking.”

“Ah yes, his missing All Might.” Tenya stated, Shoto’s jab at Hanta flying right over his head.  “If anybody has any information about its whereabouts, please don’t hesitate to say something.”

Mina and Denki both snickered while Denki elbowed Hanta.  “Yeah, don’t be afraid to let ‘em know.”

“Ugh, I have a feeling you guys are never gonna let me live this down.”

Mina pointed her chopsticks at the tape user.  “Nope!”

Izuku glanced over in his friend’s direction from where he sat with Katsuki, eyes narrowed dangerously as he nibbled at his katsudon.  He wasn’t upset, per say, that they’d decided to leave him alone today, but he did wish that they would’ve just asked him first. Instead he was over here, while they were over there having a grand time with Katsuki’s friends.

He sighed and moved his gaze back down to his food, brow furrowed in thought.

“Oi,” Katsuki spoke, knuckles coming up to rap at Izuku’s head.  “What’s going on in there?”

Izuku frowned and chomped a piece of pork.  “Why didn’t they ask me if they wanted them to sit with me today?”

Katsuki sighed and leaned back in his seat.  He scooped at his curry. “Probably because you look like a mini me today and thought you’d have just said no.”

“I would’ve said no.”


“But they still could’ve asked,” he frowned, petulant.  Maybe if they’d asked he wouldn’t have felt like he was being ignored.  It was the thought that counted after all. He huffed through his nose and stuffed his mouth with food.

Katsuki watched his boyfriend shove down his food, an eyebrow quirked in silent question.  Well, he really didn’t know what the nerd expected to happen. He was being a little shit the whole first half of the day and then expected his friends to want to sit with him still?  Sure, it was the thought that counted when it came to asking, but they probably thought he was just gonna ignore them the way he’d been doing all day. It was a moot point and they were smart enough to realize that.

Well, he knew one way he could put an end to Izuku’s little bitch fit, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to come clean about it.  That would probably entail him having to come clean about his own dares and he wasn’t sure he wanted to open that can of worms quite yet.  Or maybe ever. 

The thing is, Katsuki had absolutely no idea how Izuku would react about his confession being a punishment dare.  It sounded bad and he knew it. There was clearly no way that Izuku was not going to take that at face value.  Him, having to confess as a dare? And punishment at that? He’d probably think that him going out with him was a punishment in itself and Katsuki didn’t think he could handle that.

So in the end, he decided to just bite his tongue and let the whole scenario play itself out.  Maybe, just maybe, if the group didn’t escalate the stakes or do anything else batshit crazy with the game, Izuku would never have to find out about it.

He didn’t have much hope of that happening, but there was some hope so he supposed he’d just live off that.

Izuku swallowed his mouth full of food and set his chopsticks down, sighing.  “I just…” he ran a hand through his messy hair. “I just want to know why someone would want to steal my All Might.  It’s not something I’d expected to happen at this school, y’know?”

Katsuki softened hearing that.  Yeah, he could see why he was so upset by the action.  It really wasn’t something that one would expect to happen, and especially with their class.  Hell, he’d be pissed if someone even dared touching a single thing in his room, so the fact that Izuku wasn’t being even pissier than he was was really saying something.  “Yeah. Not gonna lie, I’d have thought you’d be even more pissed than you are right now.”

“I’m not just pissed, I’m furious.  I’m just waiting to catch whoever the hell it was so they can catch these hands.”



“Well, for what it’s worth, I’ll hold ‘em down for you.”

Izuku cracked the first smile of the day and snorted at that.  It was a small smile, but it was the little victories that counted.

Katsuki smiled back and went back to eating.  “Now hurry up and eat your food before the bell rings.  Can’t beat the shit out of people when you’re not at full strength.”

“Psst, Eijiro.” Mina whispered as she nudged her best friend’s side.

Eijiro turned to look at her, brows furrowed in curiosity.  They were in the middle of foundational hero studies and were supposed to be watching the matches on screen right now.  “What is it?”

Mina held back a giggle and leaned towards his ear.  “Let’s continue the game right now.”

Eijiro reeled back as if she’d given him a wet willie instead, eyes comically wide at the suggestion.  Continue the game? Right now?! She was out of her mind! “Mina, we can’t,” he frowned.

“But Eiji, it’ll be fun!”  She whined.

Eijiro crossed his arms over his chest, determined to hold firm on his stance over the matter.  They were not going to continue their game of dares during class, absolutely not.  It was too risky! They’d either get in trouble or get hurt not to mention the possible risk to their grade depending on the dare.  No. They couldn’t risk it.

“Look Mina, I know you’re bored, but we gotta draw a line somewhere.”

“And that somewhere is not right here.”

Eijiro groaned, and a bit too loudly based off the look Tenya shot him from across the room.  Eijiro sent him an apologetic look back before turning his attention back to Mina. “Fine,” he relented.  “So long as we keep the dares easy, alright? I’m not about to get a detention for goofing off during foundational studies.”

“Yes!” Mina cheered excitedly.  “Okay, I’m gonna gather everyone around then.  Be right back.”

Eijiro nodded and then sighed in defeat once Mina was out of sight.  What the hell did he just agree to? At least he could keep his dare among the reigns of somewhat normal.  It was whoever got the next dare that had him concerned. Would they see within reason and also issue a relatively easy dare?  He had absolutely no idea and it terrified him.

He usually wouldn’t care either way if they weren’t in class, but as it were, they were indeed in class and there was only one way that this little fiasco could end in.  Disaster.

None too soon the group was assembled and Eijiro had to resist rubbing at his temples.  

Ochako side eyed All Might to make sure he wasn’t paying attention to them before saying anything.  Last thing she wanted was to get called out for not paying attention. “Hey, uh, are we really gonna play the game?  Like, right now?” She fretted.

Mina nodded enthusiastically.  “Yup! It’s Eijiro’s turn to take a whack at it this time.”

The group turned their attention to Eijiro and he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.  “Just for the record, I was officially against this.”

Mina whacked his shoulder lightly and playfully scolded him.  “I told you it’s gonna be fine! Just take it easy and give it your best shot.”

The red head only eyed her warily before sighing and letting it go.  Let’s just hope this didn’t get out of hand.

His eyes roamed over the group of teens, his mind whirring as he tried to think about who would be the most responsible person to dare.  His eyes landed on Ochako and he dropped a fist into his open hand in an ‘aha!’ moment. “Ochako!”

Ochako startled, only slightly, before turning big, round eyes on Eijiro.  “Yes?” She gulped slightly, somewhat nervous for this round of dares. The stakes were high playing in class and she had half a mind to just kick Mina’s ass for even pushing to play right now.

Eijiro hummed and nodded to himself.  “I dare you to stand behind All Might and mimic his every movement until he sees you.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.  That was it? That’d be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

“Alright.”  She nodded, determined.

She turned away from the group and moved so she was standing directly behind the retired hero, ignoring the looks she could feel on the back of her neck.  She could do this. She would do this.

All Might moved his arm up, and Ochako moved her arm up.  He scratched the top of his head and so did Ochako; moving her hand to her hip afterward.  She could hear people snickering behind her but she ignored it. She needed to concentrate on this task no matter how silly it was.

She continued on with her antics for a good couple of minutes, All Might none the wiser while the class holds back their laughter.

He lifted his arm once more, hand coming up to press onto the communications device in his ear when Ochako smelled it and immediately choked on a cough.

She should have known that standing directly behind someone would have its disadvantages, but holy shit did she not think that this would actually happen to her.  Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would choke on one of All Might’s farts.

All Might turned around questioningly at the sound, his face set into a worried frown before sunken eyes widen in what has to be the most bewildered expression the class had ever seen on the man.  He knew right then, from how close Ochako was standing to him, that he had been had.

“Are you alright, young Uraraka?”  He asked despite the utter chaos his inner mind currently was.

Ochako coughed once more before smiling, tight lipped, and throwing up a thumbs up.  All Might nodded and watched her scurry to the back of the room near her friends and take in a deep breath.  

He sighed to himself and pinched the bridge of his nose after turning back around.  That was an utter embarrassment to say the least.

“Yo, what happened?  You were doing so well!” Denki asked.

Ochako groaned and wrinkled her nose.  “I don’t wanna talk about it right now.  I’ll tell you after class.”

Denki and Mina cast her a look, but she elected to ignore it.  She really wasn’t in the mood to keep playing anymore, All Might’s stinky fart having dampened her earlier mood.  She sighed and scuffed her foot on the floor. “I’m not really in the mood to keep the game going right now. Rain check?”

Mina pouted, but finally nodded in aquisence.  “Fine, but it’s not over! I’ll get my kicks, while I’m still young!”

“Of course not,”  Ochako agreed easily.  She patted Mina’s shoulder and turned her attention back onto the screens displaying her fighting classmates.  “Now let’s pay attention so we can actually learn something.”