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It's In Your Kiss

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(Small kisses littered across the other's face.)

It was a rare moment that you were able to see him look as peaceful as he did right now.

The silver-haired object of your affections sat cross-legged on the floor some feet away from you, the small, black ball of fur you knew as Cezar curled up in his lap. You watched as long, slender fingers delicately scratched at a spot behind the undead pug's ear, smiling as one of his back legs started twitching in enjoyment.

You joined him on the ground. "'s refreshing, almost," you murmured aloud, resting your head against his shoulder. "You've got that certain quality about you."

Hector slowly turned to face you, his eyes gentle. "And what might that be?" he inquired, his voice soft and fully indulged in your presence.

You reached a hand out to the small dog in his lap, scratching him lightly on the head. "Despite everything around us- Dracula's army, the rampage around Wallachia... your soul is still pure. It's one of the things I've always loved about you."

The ice blue eyes of the man next to you widened slightly, as if taken aback by your declarance of admiration for him. "'re far too kind to me, [name]," Hector whispered, reaching over to weave his fingers through the spaces of your free hand.

"With all you've seen and been through in your life, you're deserving of every ounce of it," was your response.

To that, the male placed both hands on either side of your face in a gentle manner, moving in to pepper soft kisses on your cheeks, which caused a giggle to escape you. "Hector, s-stop!" you chuckled as he pressed his lips to your nose. "That tickles!"

His smile, faint as it was, made your heart skip a beat. "It only seems fair that you receive the same love you've shown me for however long," he explained. "You're a light in the dark... one of my few solaces in knowing not all humanity is cruel."

You returned his upturned lips, giving his cheek a tender kiss.

"I hope I can continue to remain that light for you. For as long as it takes."

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(A small, fleeting kiss, which is immediately followed by a hungry, passionate kiss.)

It did more than hurt him.

It killed him.

That much you knew for fact, without even having to say a single word. The information told to him from the Brotherhood of Light itself was more akin to long-kept secrets, hidden from him to ensure his safety. If not also to keep the prophecy they had foretold alive.

But the revelation ate away at Trevor. And it killed you to see how it was taking its toll on the man you loved so dearly.

Woken that following night at the near eve of sunrise by the dim glow of only a small array of candles in the dining area of your shared cottage, you found him- slumped in one of the two chairs in front of the table, face buried in his hands. He hadn't even removed the dark teal coat he wore during the day.

Quietly, you took delicate steps to occupy the remaining seat to his right, wrapping an arm around his broad shoulders while the other came up to grip comfortingly onto his wrist. "I only wish I could find the proper words to say to alleviate you," you whispered, rubbing small circles into his back. "My own apologies, sincere as they may be, cannot offer much."

Trevor lifted his head from his palms to face you, dark eyes shining with what you hoped were not unshed tears of confusion and anger. "It is something, nonetheless," was his reply. "I want to believe the Brotherhood did this for my own good, and yet..." The hand he lowered found its way into yours, holding tightly as his thumb skimmed across your knuckles. "I have my suspicions it was because his return was not foretold."

"Yet they didn't even bother to prepare for that possibility..." you trailed off, gazing up at the male with sorrowful eyes. "And now you have to go after him yourself."

Dark hair falling in his face, Trevor gripped your hand tighter. "I have no choice," he declared, though almost reluctantly. "To avenge the death of my mother, and to protect your life with my own, I must. It is the only way."

You watched him slowly stand from the chair, immediately following him as he stepped through the door to the outside, the crisp, early morning breeze brushing through your hair. "Promise me one last thing before I go, [name]," his voice strained as he struggled to address you.

You could already feel the sensation of oncoming tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

Noticing this, he strode back over to where you stood, bringing you close to his chest with arms drawn around your kips in a comforting embrace. "If I am not back by tomorrow's dawn, promise me you will leave this place," his words were soft, laced with sorrow. "Run as fast as you can, and take to the mountains towards the south. Whatever you do, do not look for me." You could see it plain as day then- his gaze was downtrodden, a sad glint shining in his dark eyes. "Please, promise me."

"...I promise," you all but choked out with a shaky nod.

With that, he cupped the left side of your face with one hand, his mouth meeting yours in a kiss that ended almost instantly; you could barely even register what had happened. But before he could turn to move away from you, you shook your head and reached back for him, running as fast as you could.


He had turned back just in the nick of time as you gripped tightly onto the collar of his coat with one hand while the other buried itself in the locks of his raven hair at the base of his neck, crashing your lips onto his in what could quite possibly be the last kiss you would ever share with him in your life. Desperate and yearning, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, the other reaching up to cradle the back of your head as he held you flush to his form and returning your kiss with equal force, lips melding together effortlessly. You could have sworn you could taste the smallest hint of the tears that streamed down both your cheeks, gripping onto the man you loved for dear life.

You only separated after you had run out of breath, blinking rapidly to avoid crying more, but failing. "Come back, my love," your request came in a whisper, masking a silent sob. "Please... come back to me."

His response was a silent nod. No further words were spoken, only a tender brushing of his thumb against your cheek to wipe away a stray tear that fell from your eyes. Then, more reluctant than ever before, he loosened his grip on your form, turned, and walked into the forest.

You remained where you stood until he was completely out of sight.

"Come home."

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(A breathy demand of, "Kiss me", and what the other person does to respond.)

In reality, it hadn't even been a day since he'd set out to the large, looming castle on the edge of the forest. Maybe ten hours at most.

But to you, it felt like forever.

Your beloved Simon had set off into the woods, out to the imposing cliff to stop the source of evil that had come over your town. Whip in hand and spirit shining, he assured you that he would come back.

Still, as strong as he was, he wasn't invincible.

Come the early morning, the rising sun was accented by the sensation of earth lightly shaking under your feet- to which you rushed outside to catch a glimpse of the tall, ominous structure rumbling in the wind.

You ran for the clearing at the edge of the forest, stopping when you reached a point where you could still see the castle. To your shock and surprise, it was falling. Crumbling down from the base, its walls collapsing to the ground.

Could that mean...?!

On instinct, your head whipped over to the gathering of trees some feet away, covering your mouth with a hand in relief when you saw a familiar figure emerge from the gravel pathway, blonde hair slightly disheveled and brown armor scuffed, but very much alive.

Once he tilted his gaze upwards, he saw you, and a smile broke out across his face as he broke out in a jog towards you. 


You, of course, sprinted to meet him halfway, all but leaping into his strong arms as he spun you around. "You did it, Simon! I knew you could!"

His upturned lips made your heart soar. "But of course," he mused, setting you back on the ground. "Dracula has never defeated a Belmont before, and I plan to ensure it stays that way."

Resting a hand on his strong, defined jaw, you hummed softly. "I cannot be blessed enough," you sighed to the male, eyes shining. "My heart belongs to the bravest man in all of Wallachia."

With that, Simon brought you closer to his chest, dipping you low in his arms as a cheerful laugh escaped you. His eyes, that stunning grey-blue which made you weak in the knees, gazed into the very depths of your soul.

"[name]..." He whispered to you, a simple breath of your name.

You blinked up at him, completely enthralled. "Yes, Simon?"

Two words. A single command, a plea, reached your ears.

"...Kiss me."

And you did. Arms wound tightly around his neck, your mouth met his in a bruising collision of lips and teeth, a hand woven in his golden blonde locks. In return, he cradled your body against his chest, holding you so close that nothing could come between you. He kissed you so deeply that you swore he was drinking in the very essence of your entire being. A sensation you reveled in, savored every second of. You wouldn't have it any other way.

Dracula was vanquished, your village saved.

You couldn't wait for the following mornings to come, the sun shining down on you and the man you loved for all of your days.