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Forbidden Desires

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Chapter One


Hastur was shirtless.

Gabriel stood with widen eyes as he scans Hastur’s back. It was smooth with patches of bumpy skin that looked like the back of a common toad. The smooth parts of the demon’s skin were colours of yellows, greens and blues that swirl around his body in intricate patterns alongside the common skin of a human. Gabriel bite his bottom lip when he looked up and down the demon’s exquisite form, wondering where the Mark of the Beast laid on his person as he didn’t seem that Hastur’s has his on his back. Gabriel thought of his two demon lovers Beelzebub and Dagon as he remembers where theirs were with a smile.

Dagon with her silvery glittered scales as if scattered stars all over her body with a mark of a tribal piranha above her left breast.   Beelzebub with tiny hairs all over their body gleamed in the light of greens and blues with darkened thin stripes that runs down their back and chest. The mark of a fly laid at the back of their neck where Gabriel enjoys kissing them.

All too soon Hastur looked up and saw the angel staring at him at the doorway. Hastur didn’t know what to do as he turn to face him as the angel didn’t look like he was here for a fight. It won’t be the first time an angel looked at his bare skin and cringe at the sight as he always make sure to cover himself in many layers specially when he’s on Earth, in the presence of angels and in Hell he doesn’t like being teased about being so colourful then most inhabitants of Hell. But what he saw in Gabriel’s eyes was not disgust and horror, it was lust.

An archangel is checking him out, licking his lips at the sight of him. It wasn’t a normal occurrence even in Hell as most demons’ view Ligur as the more attractive one between the two of them. Ligur’s ever changing eye colour that span in all colours of the rainbow, his hair changing from his long dark curly hair to the body of a chameleon, has a tail that is all the rage in Hell of having one, his charm and his easy going personally that can easily work with anyone, seem to drawn people in like moths to a flame.   Where on the other hand for Hastur, most demons don’t like to touch him, as the mucus that comes out from his pours when he feeling extreme emotions lean to be toxic at the touch.  Of course, not during sex has it has the opposite effect of being more euphoric then poisonous. Ligur does not have immunity against any effects from him as it shown that being close to him is safe enough, but many demons don’t feel safe to even dare to be intimate towards him without Ligur, as well Hastur has a short temper.   He has the common coloured eyes, them being abyss of all black, no sharp teeth, or tail or anything useful in a fight other then toxic mucus.  Even in human standards he isn’t a looker.


Looking back at the Archangel, Hastur can feel lust pouring out from him like waves.  There were no negative feelings that Hastur can tell, no fear, no disgust, no anything of that nature. Perhaps curiosity mix with excitement as each demon has different anatomy, it’s a common feeling to be curious of what laid beneath all the clothes.  A warm feeling went through Hastur as he remembers what he and Ligur had joked about a few nights before during their last moment together in their bed about a fantasy of them bringing Gabriel into bed with them. At the time Hastur thought it was only a fantasy, something to imagine that will never come to light that spiced up their night but now? It’s possible to make it into a reality as the angel haven’t run off screaming at the sight of him.


“Like what you see, Angel?” Hastur purred as he stepped closer to the angel as he swayed his hips. He expects the angel to step back into a run as he approached but instead Gabriel surprised him of standing still with his pupils dilating at the sight of him.


Hastur grinned as he leaned closer to Gabriel’s face. They were about the same height, maybe he was taller than the archangel but not much as he breathed hot air into Gabriel’s neck. The angel shivered with a smirk.


“Touch him.” Ligur whispered into Gabriel’s ear making the two of them jump as Hastur and Gabriel looked up and saw the chameleon demon standing there watching them. Ligur can easily hide himself by blending around his surroundings such as walls or ceilings. The demon walked behind the angel, wrap his arms around him and Hastur as he pressed his clothed hard length against the angel’s arse. Ligur is much smaller than the two of them, but with his demanding voice makes him seem much taller.


The demons knew that if Gabriel wanted to he could easily get away; either by snapping his fingers to miracle himself to escape or by sheer force of pushing them away but again the angel did nothing of those things but instead followed Ligur’s suggestion and cupped Hastur’s face into his hands and pulled him into a fierce kiss.


Hastur has kissed many people in his life (not as much as Ligur of course); either through his job of temptations to orgies that he and Ligur enjoyed doing together in Hell. He expected the angel to be sloppy of kissing him, never have kissed anyone before like a naive virgin but the angel seemed to have many surprises up his sleeves as Hastur felt the angel’s hands gone down his sides and to his pants.


The angel has done this before.


This excited Hastur, as he wondered who Gabriel’s lovers are. Do they know them? Are they angels or other demons? Gabriel didn’t flinch as slime started to ooze from his pores as often his body does when he’s excited. Hastur bet at least one of the angel’s past lovers is a demon as Gabriel didn’t flinch of the weird secretions that Gabriel’s hands touched all over his back, neck and chest as he rubbed himself closer to Hastur’s body as the angel licked and nibbled his shoulders and neck moaning at the taste as he beckoned more of the ooze from his glands.


Meanwhile, Ligur felt himself get more excited as he watched his love make out with an angel. Originally, he thought the angel was here to attack them, but this turn of events couldn’t be better. He knew they should go to the large bed in the room as doing this in the doorway of their quarters in the Palace of Justice as well three men making out to each other is very frown upon at this day of age.


Ligur pushed against the angel’s arse to get them to walk forward so he can close and lock the door. Eventually both Hastur and Gabriel got the hint, the two of them stopped their make out session to look at him. Looking at the two of them took Ligur’s breath away. The angel’s once neat hair was now a mess as Hastur enjoys grabbing hair during foreplay, their lips swollen as Gabriel’s chin was covered in frog mucus.


“Get on the bed. Spread your legs.” Ordered Ligur to Hastur as the demon shivered as he followed directions as he drops his pants on the floor as he went, got to the side of the bed and held his legs wide for the two of them to see. Gabriel licked his lips as at the sight. Hastur markings went down around his chest and down his legs. Gabriel had the sudden urge to lick and bite all over his body to mark and claim him. Without being ordered to; Gabriel rushes towards the bed diving face first into the moist folds there; licking the opening and slightly sucking at the nub, he moaned at the taste as he felt the rush of toxins upon his tongue which made him make a satisfying moan.


Ligur smirked. “Eager, are we?” he asked Gabriel as he followed the angel towards the bed. He stood with his legs on either side of Gabriel’s hips as he took hold of his head, threading the silky hair between his fingers. “How does it feel, Hastur? Having an angel suck at your cunt?”


Hastur didn’t reply as he moan as he spread his legs wider pushing Gabriel’s face deeper into his core. Ligur laughed, as he started to take off his own tunic and unbuckle his pants. He stretches out his long prehensile tail that was wrapped around his leg as it swish around as if it has a mind of its own. He looked down saw that the angel still had all his clothes on, which needs to be fix. “Hastur, get on the head of the bed. Gabriel, clothes off now.”


Hastur took no time to follow the request as he crawled towards the pillows, folding his arms in the back of his head, enjoying the view of a kneeling Archangel at the foot of the bed and his naked partner behind. Gabriel stood up, licking his hands of where he whipped the slime off his chin. Hastur’s widen at the sight of someone enjoying something from him. Only Ligur ever done so before.


The two demons watch the angel hesitated for the first time; before complying on taking off his tunic slowly.  What greeted them wasn’t what they expected; as all angels seem to be too perfect with smooth unblemished skin with no scars on anywhere on their bodies. Gabriel’s however was much smoother and plainer than what they are used to as angels aren’t cursed of having their forms imprinted by earth’s ecosystems. However, it wasn’t perfect as it plainly seen was a beet red handprint wrapped around his left forearm and a curious pink C shaped print on the side of his ribs, almost as if someone held onto his shirt, pressing the side of their hand to his ribs and burned him. At the center of his chest was a dark bruise as if someone kicked him square in the chest. [1]

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees.” Ligur ordered Gabriel. Gabriel grinned as he dropped his pants on the floor and climbed on the bed as he crawled right back on eating out Hastur reaching into the heat with his fingers, digging out more juices for him to suck. Hastur moaned as he gripped the silky hair, biting his lips. Ligur followed, as he slapped Gabriel’s arse as the angel obediently raised his arse in the air for Ligur to see. Ligur reached out to touch the pecker entrance, as he rubbed around the area. Ligur gasped as he felt wetness as he spread his fingers looking for a hard length and balls. What greeted him was a cunt at the base of Gabriel’s dick. Cupping the angel, he felt Gabriel’s testicles that unlike he’s, didn’t hang low but there were there, just on the smaller side.  Gabriel had both genitalia, which made him want to fuck the angel more. “Satan, best of both worlds.” Ligur chocked out. Oh, how he wants to fuck both holes at once. He wasn’t expecting Gabriel to have both, he looked male and Ligur expected to only find one hole and a penis.


Ligur grabbed hold on his own cock, as he closed his eyes to make an effect to grow another along with his already existing one. One appeared just above with barbs coving the head of the penis. It won’t be the first time ever growing another one, Ligur wonders if the angel ever been this stuff before with two cocks up into him at the same time. Hastur enjoys the feeling of being full himself; as Ligur grew accustomed to make his standard penis grow a knot just for Ligur’s benefit they as well both like being locked to each other after their coupling.


He found the olive oil at the nightstand as he willed it into his hand. Ligur didn’t warm the oil, as he enjoys seeing his partners squirm at the sudden cold; as he coated his fingers and his tail. He entered the first finger into the tight ring of muscle. Gabriel let out a noise that was a mixture of a gasp and groan as he rocked himself into Ligur’s hand. Hastur yelped when Gabriel suddenly bite him on his inner thigh as he felt Ligur’s tail teasing his own pecker.


“Don’t be soft on me, Ligur. I can take it.” Gabriel gasped, as he watched memorized at the tail between his legs as it slowly pushed its way into Hastur’s ass as the tail pushed further into the tight hole. Ligur grinned as hand slapped him hard on the arse.


“YES.” Gabriel hissed was he rocked himself on Ligur’s hand. Ligur added another finger as he started to scissor the angel open. He then turned his other hand to finger Gabriel’s other hole just below his rim. The angel was soaking wet, easily welcomed two fingers in one go.


“You’re ready.” Ligur told Gabriel as he pulled out. He tapped him again on his arse. “Get up. Hastur should be ready for you to fuck him now. He’s been such a good boy.”


Hastur nodded as he looked up at the purple eyes. The angel’s pupils were now different size but still they were bright looking at him in adoration. “How you want me big boy?” he smirked looking up at the Archangel. He gasp as he rocked himself on the tail that was still in his ass. Gabriel said nothing but grabbed his legs, pushed his knees up to his face and rammed into him in one fluid motion.


“Yes, yes, yes.” Hastur gasped as Gabriel pounded into him hard. Ligur took hold of Gabriel’s hips as he positioned his two cocks to both of Gabriel’s holes as the angel slowed down for Ligur to push into him.


Gabriel gasped as he felt something go near his holes at the same time, none felt like fingers. The one to his ass had some form of pins on them. The feeling wasn’t unwelcomed, but it was a surprise. “What? Ah!” Ligur grinned as bottomed both of his cocks into the tight heat in one fluid motion. Both holes welcomed him as he shifted inside the angel as the angel screamed being filled at once.  


“Take both my cocks!  That’s it, little angel.” Ligur leaned over Gabriel’s back, tracing a hand down the spine. He wonders if he can get the angel to bring out his wings?


“We can do that?” Gabriel’s eyes widen and gasped as Ligur slammed himself hard into him an answer. He can feel one cock scrapping against his inter walls with the barbs as the other seem to grow in girth at the base. The feeling was bliss.  Hastur wrapped his leg around Gabriel’s neck to push him back to fuck him.


“Show me what you got.”  Hastur dared, as he leaned closer to Gabriel to kiss him, biting his bottom lip enough for it to bleed as he sucked at the copper taste.


Gabriel flux his hips back into the demon as he pushes forward, he felt the two cocks slide out and then back in as he pulled back from Hastur. Having two dicks in him and having a warm cunt surrounding his own cock was the best feeling in the world. Gabriel wondered how he never done this before. Gabriel rubbed himself with the slime from Hastur body, as he licked it off where he can reach without pulling out from the demon. He saw that Hastur’s belly is more transparent up close as he looked down, as drips of blood from his mouth dropped on top of the demon’s skin. Gabriel moaned as he noticed his penis diving back and forth inside in the inter parts of Hastur, as something longer darker just below his was Ligur’s tail that seem to twist inside the demon pounding into him hard.


Ligur never thought fucking an angel was this amazing. Such a delicate skin between him and Hastur as the angel seem to love to please him. Taking everything that Ligur would give. Ligur wonders how wide he can make the angel gap but that will be for later. Ligur sped up his thrusting as he imaged the angel begging beneath him with both cocks and his tail fucking him in one hole as Hastur would have his fingers in alongside helping to widen the angel for them. How far will Hastur be able to shove in alongside? Just his fingers or both his hands?


Hastur laid helplessly on the bed; his legs wrapped around Gabriel’s hips as the angel hammered into him, the demon knew that he will be sore for the next few days. Ligur’s tail nicely snuggled deep into his ass, twisting and turning deep inside. Gabriel’s cock was smaller than he is used to as Ligur enjoys stretching him, but Gabriel’s knew how to thrust his hips just the right way that make him scream in ecstasy in his orgasm.  He yelped when Gabriel reach to his nipples and started to suck on them. Gabriel’s hands reached for his small breasts, marvel over their size in his hands. Hastur doesn’t wear anything to show his small breasts often as humans view him as male, but he never got rid of them.


Gabriel felt long tongues licking up and round his neck as he pounds harder as he felt the growing heat just below his bellybutton. Ligur’s second penis was enlarged around his cunt as his thrusting became jagged.  The knot rubbed against the barbed penis making it extra hurt, Gabriel grind deeper into the feeling of it with a smile.  The licking started going down his back and chest. Gabriel doesn’t have to look to know that it was both demons licking every inch of him as he wasn’t surprised as the two of their animal counterparts, a frog and a chameleon have long tongues.


Hastur dig his heels into his ribs as he screamed, Gabriel grinned as he milked Hastur through his second orgasm. He too felt himself coming to his own very soon as he bites into Hastur’s neck as he cum deep inside the demon.   The angel was spent as he laid there on top of Hastur, snuggling his face next to the demon as he cupped his face lovingly as Ligur was still pounding into him. With roar, the demon knotted the angel’s cunt as Gabriel screamed muffled into Hastur’s hair as Gabriel’s felt himself orgasmed again that ripped out of him unexpectedly.


“Ours.”  Ligur whispered into Gabriel’s ear as the two of them dropped on the bed alongside Hastur into a pile of limbs.


(End of Chapter One)


Words: 3,309

*hides* Hope you all enjoyed this. Please let me know how well I did. My goal was to post this on my birthday and i did it. Yay. 




[1] Michael isn’t known to follow “don’t harm the messenger”