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Awkward and Alone

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I watched with a smile on my face as I heard the energetic cheers, and chatter of kids. A group of them rushing by my place on the swings as they played happily.

“Fire attack! Boom boom boooooom!” One kid was throwing acorns at his group of friends, running in circles before the kid with a stick in both hands poked him hard in the stomach.

“Well my lance is magic now! It can kill someone with a single touch!" The kid that had gotten poked just pouted, throwing an acorn right in his friends face making him cry out in pain.

"No fair! No it can't!" He stomped his foot as the other boy was holding his injured face with his hand. The two started to argue much to the dismay of the rest of the kids. I just watched them with rapt attention by absentmindedly shaking my head in amusement.

I quickly noticed that my hands, clutching the swing set chains, were starting to get a little blue. Pulling me close to me so I could quickly warm them up. I looked up to see an array of oranges and purples filling the sky as the sun set. This was probably my cue to go home.

I jumped off my seat, black boots sinking into the gravel as I did so, and began the short trek home. Senior year was ending soon, and I wanted to enjoy my last bit of freedom as much as I could.

I thought I would have all of highschool to decide what I wanted, but now I felt like it was barely enough time. I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, and with the added pressure from my parents I just chose something and got on with it. It wasn't like I didn't want a higher education. I just felt so stagnant on the path of life and didn't feel like I had enough time.

I felt a gust of wind blow against my body, making me pull my oversized rainbow pastel cardigan closer to me. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to wear a black tank top in the middle of fall? The things I do for fashion I guess?

I continued to walk only for the wind to pick up some more, leaving me to push against the wind with barely any success. What the hell? The wind had actually blew me down on my ass as I struggled against it even more. Using my arms to cover my face against the wind storm.

I could feel my battle coming to a defeat as I was bing completely consumed by wind. Feeling the air swirl around me as it completely blurred my vision. A bright purplish/blue light blinding me even more before the wind slowly came to a halt.

I waited in the dark for awhile, unsure if it was safe to even try and see what was going on. Slowly I moved them, and opened my eyes only to gasp at what I saw. There was no longer a sidewalk, buildings, and streetlight. Instead I was sitting in the middle of a dense forest.

I flinched when my hands came in contact with some moss. Feeling my breath pick up as I bolted up, and turned in place. My mind racing about where the hell I had just ended up! Where did everything go? Why was I here!?

I screamed when I slowly backed into a large earthy tree. Falling back down as I crawled away from the offending object, dirt collecting all over my tights, and shorts in clumps. I was completely lost on what the hell I was supposed to do. Just looking around for anyone, or anything to help me. Though no one came.

I felt tears falling down my face as I continued to walk in an unknown direction. Hoping my wandering will bring me somewhere.


Wandering was not helping. I had just ended up ripping my tights after tripping on a root, the sleek material now slashed through, and so I discarded them quickly after. Feeling as though the constrictive clothing was holding me back. I must have thought correctly as I did benefit from it.

I tried my best to push onward. Fighting through my thirst, and hunger with nothing but sheer determination. Though I could feel the steam dwindling. My energy being consumed by the second. Consumed…..I need to rethink what I said.

I pushed through another thick area of foliage before coming across a clearing, a bright sunrise blinding me for a second making me wince. Holding my hand up to protect me from the bright light. Was I seriously walking around all night!? My shaking, and exhausted legs said yes.

There was a swift whoosh before I was torn away from my thoughts to see an arrow flying right at me. I screamed, and threw myself to the side. The arrow narrowly missing my foot. The hell!?

That's when I shakily looked out onto the battlefield. Seeing nothing but utmost chaos breaking out. People in medieval attire fighting one another for absolute blood. My face had paled as I looked upon the scene. When I saw someone get gutted open I screamed again and crawled backwards, covering my mouth to keep me from vomiting.


I shakily got up. My body falling under its weight before I stood myself back up onto my feet for a second time. Just watching the hell below unsure what else I was supposed to do. That's when I saw it. A blonde boy who looked to be about my age dressed in a black military outfit, and blue cape. He was holding his lance close to him before it was knocked out of his hands by a gruff looking man with an axe. Leaving him completely vulnerable to his foe.

I don't know why, but I couldn't stay back and watch. So I rushed down the steep hill, my heeled proving to make this more difficult than I thought, but despite a possible broken heel I grabbed an abandoned sword only to freak out in place over what to do.

I couldn't just stab the guy! Right!? Seeing the rough looking soldier ready to throw his ax down on the blonde teen I just decided to act. Throwing the heavy sword at the man and stopping his attack, and letting the mystery teenager throws himself back up so he could grab his lance. Cutting down the man in front of him as I screamed in horror. His blue eyes piercing at me in confusion.

I had never seen so much blood before. My hands were starting to feel cold, and clammy. The vision of the blonde blurring as dizziness started to take me over. His form getting closer until I felt someone grab my cold hand and pull my shaking body in the opposite direction.

“You need to get yourself to safety!” I was tossed forward out of the way of another blade only to fall on my knees. My body not wanting to move as nausea started to wash over me. I ended up vomiting up the little stomach contents I had. I had shakily tried to stand again only to get pushed down again.

“Get down!” I could see an arrow land close to my body making me scream again. Flailing and hyperventilating as I was lifted backup and carried to a more secluded area.

“Hey calm down.” I was dropped against a tree, looking up to see a tanned face staring down at me. His expression way too carefree for the situation. “You’ll be safe here, just stick with me.” he shot me a charming smile. Taking an arrow from his quiver and pulling back his bow so he could snipe from his spot. I just turned away with wide eyes, unable to look at anymore blood or death.

“Are you alright?” I slowly turned to see the blonde boy with the lance running to me. Out of breath as he panted. I was drifting in and out of consciousness at this point.

“I-I don't feel so good.” I began to dry heave again, the tree being the only thing keeping me up at this point. I could only shamefully look away as my body betrayed me. I felt a gloved hand rub my back, but when I looked up I could feel my heart stop.

He was smiling, but I wasn't paying attention to that. He had blood splattered on his face, and the glove pressed against me soaked in red. I screamed and pushed him away from me. Feeling my heart beat pick up as I crawled backwards away from the teen. The tanned skin boy just gave the blonde a confused expression.

“The prince of Faerghus scaring a sweet girl? How absolutely cruel of you.” He had a smirk on his face as the blonde teen just glared at him.

“I had done no such thing!” The rest of their argument was becoming muffled though. Everything spinning even worse at this point as my eyes completely locked onto the bloodied blade the blonde was holding. Only for that blood covered hand to come closer to me. My eyes widened.

“N-No. Stay away!” I swung my arms around violently at the swirling form before my vision slowly filled with black, and I grabbed the yellow cloaked man who had run next to me for some type of support. I only remember seeing two concerned faces before I completely blacked out.