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Cora Harper's life as a lesbian free use whore

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Cora Harper thought this time would be different. In Andromeda, she would start anew, free from the constraints of her previous life a huntress, free from hiding who she was. She had learned much from the Asari, how to fight, how to use her biotic powers, how to plan out her battles and how to be the best version of herself. But, more importantly, she learned the taste of azure.

And she loved it.

Not a day went by where she didn't have sex with an Asari or a human woman, and she was more than happy to be the sub, letting the others take charge and use her to their own pleasure. Gradually, her barriers went down, and she went from being a shy virgin to a shameless lesbian slut, know to fuck any that bought her a drink and slapped her ass.

Cora knew her ass was enticing, big, bouncy and beautiful, and she took pride in it, her long workouts planned to give her the perfect rump. The rest of her body was also stunning, from her perky c-cup breasts topped with small, pink nipples to the rock hard abs and well defined muscles. She has a strong, well-defined jaw and green eyes, hair dyed blond in a undercut style.

The Andromeda Initiative promised freedom for all, an unspoken promise of sexual liberty, and Cora jumped aboard the project in order to be who she truly wanted to be: a free use toy for any woman or Asari that desired her, anytime and anywhere. Of course, she knew building a hedonistic paradise would be a lot of work and that her skills as a biotic soldier would be necessary, but that only made the final reward so much sweeter, so she entered cryosleep with a smile on her face, the dream of things to come fresh in her mind.


The wake up process for the Pathfinder's crew was a mess, and it seemed that in two days everything went to shit: the chosen planet for the ark was unlivable, they lost Alec Ryder, the human Pathfinder and the Nexus was in a state of distress, without a power supply and still reeling from an uprising; Still, though she was disappointed in not being named the next Pathfinder, they pressed on and soon they were off aboard the Tempest to explore Andromeda, find a new settlement location and find the missing arks.

Cora was specially interested in the Asari ark, because she knew there were thousands there that shared her view of a free use society. But for now, she would make do with the women aboard the Tempest using her like a sex toy. She called Sara Ryder, Lexi T'Perro and Suvi Anwar to her fairly spacious room, that had a queen size bed and a couple of confortable chais,  and measured their reactions when she explained her plans and reasons for coming to Andromeda, and much to her delight all showed clear signs of interest.

"So, Cora..." Sara was the first to speak, a wide grin in her face. "If I ask you to strip naked and finger yourself right now you would do it?"

"Yes." Cora's answer was quick and confident. She already had one in the bag.

"Wait a minute!" Suvi interjected, face as red as her hair. "I'm... I'm not sure about this..."

"It's her choice." Lexi spoke clearly, and Cora smiled. That's two. "I take it for now we will only use her in private places, sparing the rest of the crew from seing our debauchery?"

"Yeah. I mean, she would probably be cool with it, but I don't want Kosta seeing my tits." Sara quipped, and took one step closer to Cora. "I, for one, am overjoyed at the offer and will make sure to indulge myself plenty."

The sexual tension was now palpable, and Suvi ran away, muttering under her breath that she would come back later. Lexi decided to leave Sara and Cora alone, but promised that she would return when her workload lightened.

When they were alone, Cora could see Sara falter, the young woman still grieving and burdened by her new role, so she took the initiative, stripping down and hugging the pathfinder, guiding Sara's hands to grab her ass. She knew Sara would need the encouragement, and whispered in her ear: "Take me, Pathfinder. Fuck your whore."

Sara breathed deeply, the scent of the other woman intoxicating. She pawed her ass roughly, Cora's husky moans encouraging her to be harder, rougher, and marveled at how her fingers dug into the soft flesh.

"Damn, Cora, you are so hot..." Sara slapped Cora's ass, the sharp strike sending it jiggling. "I'm going to enjoy fucking you..."

"Mmmm.... Anytime, anywhere, Ryder..." Cora melted into Sara's hands. She was so close to getting what she wanted... "Don't hold back, I can take whatever you throw at me...."

Regretfully, Sara let go of Cora's ass in order to lose her own clothes. Though she was short and petite, Sara was quite busty, her big teardrop shaped breasts and pink nipples, already stiff with arousal, made Cora drool with desire.

"Get on your knees and eat my cunt."

Cora slowly dropped to her knees, licking her lips and sticking her ass out to show Sara a glimpse of how much she wanted this, and when she gave a long, sloppy lick to Sara's wet folds, the Pathfinder sharply inhaling and biting her lower lip, she knew she had her hooked. She grabbed Sara's thighs for support and maintained eye contact as she used all of her expertise to make her lover cum, alternating between flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue, lapping up Sara's wetness and sticking her tongue deep inside the clenching, eager pussy.

"Oh.... fuck, you are sooo good at this..." Sara grabbed Cora's head with both hands, pressing her face deeper into her cunt. "I'm gonna cum on your face... oh God.... Fuck! I'm cumming!!!!"

Sara bucked her hips, her whole body quivering from the mind-bending orgasm. She only had a few lovers in her life, but no one could compare to Cora. The skill, the eagerness.... and the huntress didn't stop, her tongue working overtime on Sara's engorged pussylips, quickly making the Pathfinder moan louder as she got on the edge of another orgasm.

"Keep going..... ooohhhhh.... fuuuuck..... Cora, make me cum..... Cora... CORA!!!!"

Making beautiful women cum was Cora's purpose in life, and when she backed off, basking in the grool that Sara squirted on her face, she knew coming to Andromeda was the right choice. She waited with baited breath for another order, watching as Sara enjoyed the afterglow of cumming hard, and could see in her smile and the mischief in her eyes that the Pathfinder was thinking what she would do next.

"Cora, now I want you to..." Sara started, but the synthetic voice of SAM interrupted.

"Pathfinder, director Taan requests your presence in a videoconference."

"Goddamnit!" Sara sighed, annoyed, and began gathering her clothes for a quick shower before meeting the Salarian. "Tell him I'm in a team building exercise and I'll call him back in ten."


"And as for you..." Sara held Cora's chin, staring straight into her eyes. "I'll come for you later."

"Anytime, anywhere, Ryder."


Much to Cora's surprise, the next time her door opened it wasn't Sara coming for a second round, but Suvi that entered her room, shuffling nervously. Cora was laying in bed, naked, reading a datapad, and seeing how flustered the other woman was, she sat down and patted the space next to her.

"Come sit here, relax." Cora smiled, the promise of great pleasure behind her eyes, and Suvi's legs obeyed before her mind could formulate any rational thought. Once she sat down, Cora straddled her lap and nibbled her earlobe, whispering softly. "Tell me what you want me to do. No holds barred."

"Mmmm... I.... don't know...." Suvi was having trouble thinking, Cora placing gentle kisses in her jaw had her mind reeling with arousal. "Ohhh... please... take the lead Cora..."

"Let's get you more comfortable, then."

Cora lifted the science officer's shirt and unhooked her simple bra, tossing them aside, before falling to her knees and pulling down her trousers and her panties. Through all, Suvi obeyed Cora's unspoken commands, but the submissive way in which the huntress moved awakened something primal within her, and the thought of using her like a sex toy, began to feel... right.

"Now, why don't you start by spanking me?" Cora laid in Suvi's lap, and wiggled her ass, the motion sending the perfect mounds jiggling obscenely. She knew she would need to work hard to bring out Suvi's dominating side, but that was fun in itself. "And do it hard, I love the pain."

The first slap was weak, tentative, but Cora enjoyed it nonetheless, and was vocal about it, moaning in satisfaction, and Suvi's smacks got progressively harder until she was unleashing all of her strenght into Cora's reddening derriere. Granted, it wasn't much strenght, but it was enough to make Cora's ass jiggle with the motion of the ocean, and that wonderfully obscene sight combined with her moans and with the wetness from Cora that Suvi felt staining her thighs emboldened the science officer.

"You are truly enjoying this.... you are a real slut, Cora!" Suvi pulled Cora's hair, tugging her head up, and began to rub her pussy with the other hand.

"I am...." Cora smiled, on the verge of cumming. Perhaps she wouldn't have to work hard at all...

"Then... beg me to keep spanking you!"

"Please, Suvi, smack my ass... it was made for you... please give your naughty slut a spanking she will never forget..."

Cora's husky, lustful voice lighted a fire in Suvi, and as she watched the huntress shake her hips, begging for a spanking, erased all doubts she had. If this was what Cora wanted, why should she deny it? After all, didn't she come to Andromeda to become a new person too? With her resolve set, she gave Cora a swift smack in the bun, followed by another. And the another. And she kept going, switching up the intensity of her slaps, where they landed and period between them, reducing Cora to a writhing mess of moans and orgasmic cries.

"Cum, Cora! Cum from getting spanked!" Suvi shouted, fully lost in lustful madness. "Cum, bitch!"

The order drove Cora over the edge, and her toes curled as she came with a loud scream, squirting her love juices on Suvi's thighs. The science officer looked at the beautiful woman in her lap with awe, and unconsciously licked her lips. Cora just looked so good like this, so happy, that she couldn't help but to feel a little jealous. And horny. More horny than jealous.

"God, you are so beautiful... and sorry I called you a bitch..."

"Thank you, Suvi." Cora answered in between breaths, the huntress still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. "And don't be sorry, I love the dirty talk."

"Okay.... I think we should trib now, Cora."

"Your wish is my command, Suvi."

Cora crawled in bed, and laid in her back, opening her legs. Suvi hesitade only a moment before making her way to the huntress, hooking her legs with Cora's until their pussylips kissed. An eletric jolt coursed through her spine at the contact, and she began grinding their cunts together, missionary style, and soon both of their moans filled the room.

"Cora, you are so hot like this..." Suvi picked up speed, making Cora's tits bounce wildly. She grabbed two handfuls of the mammaries, squeezing them hard and making Cora moan even louder, and used every ounce of her strenght in grinding their sexes together. "I'm gonna cum, Cora... Oh god, I'm gonna cum... mmm.... oohh Cora! I'm cummning!!!!"

Hearing Suvi cry out her name in that sexy scottish accent while she came drove Cora over the edge, and her own girlcum mixed with Suvi's as they continued tribbing through their shared orgasm. Making a gorgeous woman cum, seeing her basking in the afterglow of a hard orgasm, knowing that she was the one responsible for it... This is what she lived for, and when Suvi collapsed on top of her, she made sure to shower her in kisses and whispered praise until the woman recovered her strenght. Suvi eventually recovered enough to be able to get dressed and then run for the communal showers, promising to come back many, many times.


Cora was laying in her bed, reading from a datapad while she waited for another visitor. Fortunately for her, she didn't have to wait long before Lexi entered the room unceremoniously, sitting on the edge of the bed. She didn't show the same nervousness that Suvi or Sara had, only a cold, dominating aura that sent shivers up Cora's spine. The huntress was the first to speak, sitting by Lexi's side and putting a hand on her thigh.

"What can I do for you, Lexi?"

"First, call me Mistress Lexi when I'm using you. Second, get on your knees."

Cora obeyed the orders quickly, and waited impatiently as Lexi simply stared down at her, enjoying the show of submission from the powerful biotic. The asari doctor ran her delicate fingers through Cora's face, tracing her features before drawing her hand back and slapping her in the cheek, making the huntress moan in pleasure. Lexi got up and undressed quickly, neatly folding her clothes in a pile on the table, showing off her slim curves.

"Third, you should know that you are not the first free use whore I've met, so this will make things easier. Now start by worshipping my feet."

Thrilled at the admission, Cora bowed down in the ground, making sure to stick her ass out, and peppered Lexi's foot with sloppy kisses. She looked up at the asari doctor, licking all over her foot, and waited until she sat to work on her toes, vigorously sucking on each one and kissing the sole of her feet. She switched between both of Lexi's feet multiple times, loving them as much as she could, and all the while she studied her reactions, but Lexi kept on a mask of cold indifference, and that turned Cora on immensely. She was being treated like nothing more than a footstool, something that Lexi was using to de-stress, and she loved every second of it.

"Hmmm... that's enough for now." Lexi spoke calmly, as if she was shopping, not having foreplay with an utterly depraved woman. "A slut like you should have some toys, I am correct?"

"It's all I brought in my personal luggage."

"Show them to me."

Cora crawled to her locker, and pulled out a truly impressive array of dildos, from all shapes and sizes, lubes, massage oils and strap-ons, tossing them onto the bed. Lexi couldn't hide her surprise at the size of the collection, and browsed the toys with obvious interest until she picked a massive, footlong strap-on that had little mass effect field generators on the base that would stimulate her while she fucked Cora. She applied a generose dose of lube on the toy before sitting on a nerby chair.

"Ride me, Cora. I want to see your ass bounce on my hips." Lexi said, teasing her own nipples, pinching them slighty.

"Yes, mistress." Cora made her way to the asari slowly, seductively. When she reached her, Cora grasped the base of the toy and smacked her own face with it, moaning at the sweet, sweet pain. Lexi hadn't told her which hole she wanted to fuck, so Cora made her choice, rising to her feet and turning her back to Lexi, and aimed the toy at her puckered star before pushing down against the invading cock. She began to bounce on the toy, taking inch by inch into her eager hole, and soon she impaled herself on the toy, overwhelming pleasure coursing through her body.

"Ohhh, fuuuck!!!" Riding the toy like the whore she was, Cora bounced on the toy and soon the loud CLAP of her magnificent ass pounding against Lexi's thighs filled the room. She felt so good, every nerve in her backdoor alight with pleasure and pain. "Oooh yeah, pound that tight asshole... Do you like what you see, mistress? Do you like watching your slave cum on your cock? My ass belongs to you... I'll do anything you say.... oohhh... please watch me cum."

The asari only smiled in response, and fought against the urge to smack Cora's backside, content in watching it ripple lewdly. The vibrations of the toy against her clit made her inch ever closer to an orgasm, but before she could cum the characteristic WHOOSH of the automatic doors opening announced another visitor, and Sara walked into the room.

"Hey, Cora, I'm...." Sara stumped, seeing the scene in front of her. Cora was getting railed in the ass, and clearly noticed her entrance, but didn't slow down in the least. If anything, the free use whore got even more aroused, and groped her own tits hard as she bounced on the fake shaft. Lexi also didn't seem to mind, only looking at her with mild embarrassment. "...back for more. But I guess I'll swing by later."

"You can stay, Sara. She is more than enough of a slut to handle both of us." Lexi smacked Cora's jiggling ass with both hands, making the huntress shout in painful pleasure. "Are you not?"

"I am... you can use my mouth..." Cora licked her luscious lips. "My fingers..." Cora sucked her middle finger. "My pussy..." Cora pushed a finger into her sopping wet cunt "All of my body for your pleasure.... even my tight asshole..."

Sara's eyes nearly bulged out of her head at the last proposition. Only the first day, and Cora wanted a double anal? Well, it did seem like the hottest, most perverted act she could do in this situation, and the thought of throughly wrecking Cora's abused asshole made her moist, so she picked a strap-on as large as the one Lexi was using and lubed it up. She would never do something so wicked back in the Milky Way, but here in Andromeda...

"Then your asshole it will be." Any doubts Sara had were erased by Cora's pure look of smoldering desire. It took a bit of maneuvering, the huntress leaning against Lexi, but Sara managed to start pushing the toy into the already filled hole, Cora's face contorting in a mask of pain and pleasure as she shouted.

"FUUUUUUCKKK! FUCK! FUUCK! YES, POUND ME! STRETCH MY ASS!!!" Cora was in heaven, shouting as loud as she could. A beautiful, powerful woman and an intelligent, gorgeou asari doctor fucking her was all she could ever want in her life. She felt her ass stretch to accommodate the girthy toys, and she howled with pleasure as Sara pumped her toy in, sliding inch after glorious inch into her bumhole. Cora held back her orgasm for as long as she could, because she knew her next climax would be a mind shattering one, but when both strap-ons were fully hilted in her ass she came, hard, shouting incoherently. Sara and Lexi also came, the stimulation from the toys, the sheer perverted madness of the situation and the pure eroticism that Cora exuded driving both over the edge.

Sara didn't stop, pounding Cora with all of her strength, making her cum over and over again, until she could barely stand. She pulled out, sitting on the bed and discarding her strap-on, and watched in fascination as Lexi and Cora made out, kissing each other passionately. After a few minutes, Lexi broke the kiss, panting heavily, and told Cora to get up. The huntress pushed herself off the toy and stood on shaky legs, waiting for new orders.

"I'm satisfied, for now." Lexi got up, dropping her strap-on and making for the shower. "Besides, I should get back to work."

Watching the Asari headind for the bathroom, Sara turned her full attention to Cora. The woman looked exhausted but still eager for more, and was absolutely stunning in her messy appearance, covered in sweat and pussy juice and hair disheveled from the hard fucking she endured, not to mention the red marks in her body from where she was handled. Sara patted the spot next to her in the bed, and Cora obediently sat down.

"I still need you in fighting shape, Cora, so let's call it a night." Sora spoke softly, stroking Cora's thigh. "Any more and you will be unable to walk tomorrow."

"I... can still go, Sara." Cora pleaded through heavy breaths, looking at Sara with pleading eyes. "Ride my face at least, please."

"Ok. Fine." Sara couldn't say no to such a proposition, could she? "Lay down."

Cora's body obeyed before she could answer and she laid in her back, licking her lips and fingering her pussy. Sara straddled her chest, gripping her hair for a handle and pushing her face against her cunt, and she began grinding her pussy against Cora's velvet lips, the huntress doing her best to lap up as much of Sara's sweet nectar as she could. From below, her view of Sara's jiggling breast was absolutely divine, and as the Pathfinder picked up speed, going faster and harder, her big bosom started to bounce around, much to Cora's delight.

"Oh fuuuck... I'm gonna cum on your face... I'm gonna paint your pretty face in my squirt!" Sara pushed Cora's head against her quim, sealing her mouth against her pussy, and came hard, squirting down Cora's throat. The free use slut didn't slow down, even as Sara cut off her air supply, fingering herself to another climax and probing her hole as far as she could with her tongue. Her eyes flittered to the back of her head, almost losing counsciouness while Sara enjoyed her orgasm, body rocking with waves of pleasure. "Oh shiiit, this feels so good!!!"

Sara raised her hips, letting the huntress breath, before flopping to her side. Lexi had long finished her shower and left, but the pair was too distracted with each other to notice. The Pathfinder snuggled up to Cora, whispering in her ear.

"Thanks for that, I was really needing to blow off steam."

"Anytime, anywhere."

Sara just smiled, getting out of bed and picking up her clothes. She decided to shower in her own quarter, and with the crew asleep she could run the short distance naked. Cora watched her go with a dreamy look in her eyes, and let out a deep sigh of pure happiness. Only the first real day aboard the Tempest and as a free use slut and she was delightfully sore and with a gaping asshole. Thanks to her biotic metabolism, it would be tight again after a good nights sleep, ready to be abused once again in the morning. She drifted off to a peaceful sleep, dreaming of what was to come. There was a lot of work to be done in Andromeda, but there was a hell of a lot more fun to be had.