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Being Chosen to be The Great and Beautiful Ardata's Newest Toy

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         You spend your days getting to know the red-blooded boy in the cage next to yours. Your cage is wildly uncomfortable, the metal bars far too stiff and the space far too cramped for your liking. There are no soft blankets or pillows to make it more comfortable, either. Your spine is already beginning to feel the lasting effects from the way that you spend curled up for hours at a time. You feel more like a pet than a friend, or even a servant of some kind. You know that this isn’t right, but you don’t leave your cage. You don’t want to leave it. You know that you could if you really wanted to. The cages aren’t locked, and Ardata goes out frequently to visit friends or shop or… whatever it is she does when she’s not at home, doing gruesome things to the children she keeps in the cages in her basement. It wouldn’t be hard at all to get away, but after a while down here, you’ve realised that you really don’t want to at the moment. You like being down here with her. 

         The boy has apparently been down here for some time. Half a sweep or so, he says, but he can lose track of time like this. You understand what he means. It’s only been… a few days? You can’t tell whether it’s been three or four. The lack of windows means that no light ever reaches the basement. This might be intentional timelessness on her part, or it could be an advantage, according to your new burgundy friend. 

         When Ardata reenters the neighborhood, everyone in the room can feel it in a cold chill that goes down your spines. The feeling intensifies the closer she gets to her hive, the signature numb feeling running through your veins and sending chills down your arms. How can something can make you feel so warm, yet chilled to the bone at the same time? The feeling is completely alien, yet reminds you of the times you were stricken with a fever as a child. You hear the door open and close, but there is at least an hour before she comes down to the basement. You and everyone else in the room are on edge the whole time, anxiety peaked as time increased before you heard from her. Each of her dainty footsteps come down the stairs slowly and patiently, as though she has all night. Likely, she does. The sound of the wood creaking echoes emphatically in your head. She comes to a stop near her own portrait, and you look up at her expectantly, seeing all three of her piercing black eyes trained down on you intently.

         You can feel that murky feeling in your brain that you often get when she’s around. You’ve grown to strangely… enjoy the feeling? It’s not necessarily the fact that she’s controlling you that makes it feel pleasant, but you miss it when she’s gone away for the night. It feels somewhat as though there’s something hollow when she isn’t around. The haze that slows your mind and makes you warm and chilled is thrilling in a different way than anything you've known. The boy next to you said that he feels the same way. 

         Your cage lock slides out and the door opens itself. She stands there silently, waiting for you to get out, cocking an eyebrow up at you. You scramble out onto the hard, concrete floor on all fours and sit at the edge of the stairs expectantly. The more she looks into your eyes, the murkier and cloudier you feel, your brain swirling around until you feel a slight disconnect from your body and mind. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it just feels a bit more hazy and harder to move. She smirks when this happens and you’re lifted to your feet to follow her up to the main floor. You feel warm in a way that feels exceptionally new and foreign.

         In the kitchen, you cook and feed her a meal in complete silence as she grins at you. You’re not sure what kind of meat this could be, or if you even want to know. You’re only vaguely aware of what is going on, but your stomach is flip flopping in a way that you can’t quite tell is nausea or pleasure at the moment. Your brain is slowly crumbling, and all you can think of is Ardata, Ardata, Ardata. She bid you to cut her food and feed it to her. You do so slowly, your limbs feeling particularly molasses-y. She gives you commands mentally, you follow them out without a second thought, despite your mental state. She watches you in a manner that is almost predatory, resting her head on her folded hands as you clean up for her. You feel strangely calm, more so than you usually feel around her when she’s controlling you, but you don’t have the brain energy required to understand why this is. Also you’re struggling to maintain a proper amount of drool in your mouth. You can’t really find it in yourself to be disgusted at that at the moment.

         “You seem to be haviiing some trouble,” she says. It’s the first thing she’s said aloud to you all night. You almost can’t hear it. It bounces around in your head and takes longer than you would like to admit to register as an actual sentence in your head. You shake your head, the movement small and yet it still feels like your brain is rattling around in there. Her voice is low and it feels so sweet in a strange way, but that might be the aforementioned brainrattling.

         She laughs shrilly at you. “Kneel,” She says and not a second later you’re on your knees in front of her. Your knees are on tile with a sickening crack before the thought can even sink into the mush that once was your brain. The implications of this command are quite alarming to some strange portion of your brain that you quickly suppress. She could not be asking of you what you think she’s asking of you, is she? Your brain feels like it’s lagging, so you’re not sure. You would obviously do it regardless, but the thought of her being offended makes you reconsider. 

         “Don’t worry, iii’m not.” Oh yeah, she can read your mind. What’s left of it, at least. “You’re not very far off. You’ve been very good, so iii thiiink that a reward iiis iiin order. Don’t you?” she sneers. You agree wholeheartedly and you nod emphatically. You have been so good for her, now you want to be even better.

         You vaguely feel confused about what to do, especially considering the fact that you truthfully have no idea what you would even begin to do down there. She is an alien, after all. She waits patiently in her chair, saying nothing but nevertheless opening her legs. You move forward without thinking- frankly, at this point, you really can’t- and run your hands softly up her thighs to her hips and take off her underwear. You’re unsure of what you’re looking at, frankly, but it does seem at least somewhat similar to human anatomy. She’s also cold. Not freezing like ice to the point where it’s unpleasant to touch her, but more like her body temperature is much, much lower than yours. It’s a stark relief to the way your skin seems to be burning up since she entered the house.

         You place the underwear on the floor next to you gently and she lifts her skirt up for you to gain better access. “Well, on wiiith iiit, now,” she says expectantly. You obediently reach your hand out and touch what you have to assume to be her genitals with one finger, running it gently over her hole. She has a small bump above a flushed hole. Upon pressing, it clenches around you and drips blue onto your finger. You aren’t surprised by the blue, but you make a note to file it away to ponder at a later date when you have more presence of mind. She seems to enjoy it when you press into the hole at the base of it, so you do so, running your finger along the inside towards her stomach. You watch her face intently. She shudders and more wet gushes out of her when you hit what appears to be the right place. You put another finger alongside the other one and continue on and you can feel her becoming somewhat looser, before you feel her convulse around your fingers. You think for a second she’s come, as you feel something wet on your wrist, but when you look down, it is decidedly not come that’s on your hand. What you’d thought was a clitoris has extended and now she’s got some kind of appendage that’s out now. You aren’t quite sure anymore if it’s like a clit, a penis, or something else entirely, but you can’t care. You lean in and take it into your mouth gently, avoiding any and all contact with your teeth. 

         She gasps in shock, making a disgusted noise, but doesn’t will you to stop. You take it as deep as you can, continuing to work your hand into her. When it’s all the way in your throat, she gushes out more onto your hand. Her dick twitches in your mouth in a way that almost makes it feel alive. It seems to gravitate towards your soft palate, pressing up against the top of your mouth. You’ve never been more disgusted and turned on at the same time. Her hips jump when you curl your fingers right and she forces herself more and more into your throat. You groan, trying to work your tongue against her as best you can. She cries out and clutches your hair. You still yourself as she fucks your throat forcefully. You’re so oddly calmed by this. She uses you and you sit there and take it as your brain swims, a million miles away. You can’t feel your body aside from where it’s touching her. Ardata is everything and all you care about it getting her off at this moment. She continues to cry out periodically, getting louder and more forceful, until you feel her body shake violently and she comes into your throat.

         It’s a lot. You choke it down the best you can, but it’s like her come exploded out of her. The majority of it ends up on your face and chest. You’ve never felt more contented in your life. Your eyes are dazed at this point, but when you look up at her, she seems satisfied. You lick some of her come off your lips and she seems to both enjoy and be repulsed by that. It doesn’t taste good, but you continue to clean off your mouth shamelessly. She lets go of you and you have no will to even sit up on your own. You rest your head against her knee exhausted. You want to do that again, but if she doesn’t let go of your brain soon, you won’t be able to do much of anything for a while.

         She releases her control on your brain and she relaxes her body as she comes down. When your senses come back to you, you’re more turned on than before,if that was possible. She softens and her dick- ???- returns back to her hole as her breathing falls back to a normal pace. You hold yourself up shakily, looking at her. She strokes your face gently with more care than usual, but the look on her face is extraordinarily territorial. She makes it clear to you that she owns you while you’re in the confines of her hive. You swallow and bow your head submissively. She clutched the back of your neck and you whimper. Her come has made your clothes wet and cold, and you’re basically sitting in a puddle of it. She pushed your head further down and you realise what’s happening and shudder. You don’t want to do this. You may have just cleaned this room, but still-

         You do it. You reach out your tongue and hesitantly lick a stripe of her cum on the ground. Your stomach churns but she hums in satisfaction. You feel a spark of arousal hit you at that. She presses a shoe under your chin and pulls you up with it. She looks down at you and grins in that dominant way that makes your stomach hot. Fuck, you belong to her more than ever now, don’t you?