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Poisonous Ships

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1. Orange sunrises

Tira loved the Merry Go and its crew. It was mostly a smooht sailing with them. Her memories from her last life and about One Piece started to fade.
They were only days apart from the Grand Line and who knows how long but they will arrive at the New World, her birthplace. She wasn't ready to face her past and family. She had too many painful memories.
It was nighttime. Tira was on watch duty and she loved the cold night breeze and the silence. She was active at night when everyone else was asleep. The darkness matched to her personality gloomy, negative and cynical.
She started to see what is important in this second life. Thanks to Monkey D. Luffy she gave life another chance, another shot and she is here.
There was many reasons why Tira smiled in these days. Luffy was a boy who always did something funny. Usopp's stories and lies were more colorfull than she remembered. Sanji's flirting helped with her acceptance and self-esteem. Zoro was her new drinking buddy. And Nami... she was the new best friend she never had.
In her family it was about being Mama's favourite. Sister punched brother and sibling lied to another sibling to have a better place on mother's crew. Lola was that friend she could trust but they weren't that close. In Big Mom's family you can't know who to trust. She felt that way.
With Nami she talked about everything. They had some common stories and experiences as women. She bonded with the navigator after Luffy and Tira saved her from Arlong.
Tira climbed up to the mast. All around was the peaceful sea and nothing in sight. She started to remember her shopping trip in Loguetown with Nami.
"What do you think Tira?" Nami asked from her. She wore a red dress with two matching earrings.
"You are...." She was shocked. When she looked at Nami, she saw a woman, not that young girl with who she sailed. She admired her orange hair, her brown eyes and her beautiful features. "Beautiful."
"I know that. But thanks. What do you think about the dress? Should I buy it?" She asked and she laughed at her obvious crewmate. Tira woke up from her trance.
"Yes, yes you should. Who knows when you need to wear a fancy dress.
"What is life on the Grand Line?" Nami asked with curiosity. Tira didn't want to talk about that place but they will arrive soon so it is normal that the navigator is curious about it.
"The Paradise is like her name suggests. It is the easier part of the Grand Line. It has beautiful islands and interesting cultures. It will be a hard work to sail."
"I am up to that challenge." Nami said with a determined face. Tira loved women who have strong motivation.
"I think you will be the first navigator who will sail to Raftel." Tira said and they continued their shopping trip.
She has an unrequited crush on Nami she realized. After two lives and many experiences she falls in love like an idiot schoolgirl.
The sky slowly clears and the night sky is gone. It is nearly dawn and she is here thinking about the cat burglar.
Nami is out of her league, like the rising sun. She can't reach the orange sun like Nami. If she thinks about it Nami is like the sun. Her charm and beauty is shining on the deck when she walks around.
"What are you doing here Tira?" Nami came out of nowhere and stood next to her.
"Night watch and thinking." Tira said and watched the sunrise.
"It is refreshing in this crew that someone thinks." Nami sighed. "But you should sleep. You were here all night."
"First I will watch the sunrise. Okay?" Tira asked and held back a yawn.
"But I will stay with you. Someone needs to look out for marines and you will fall asleep." Nami said and like she said Tira nearly fall asleep.
"Nami you are a thief." Tira said half asleep. Nami nearly punched the girl because she thought that Tira meant it as an insult, but let it slide because she liked her friend.
"Because you stole my heart, my orange sunrise." Tira said and she was asleep. Nami was shocked but smiled at this.
Nami let Tira to sleep on her shoulders. The navigator looked up to the sunrise but she couldn't see the similarities between her and the rising sun.