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your smile seen through the camera lense

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the hell class

Mrs. Smith: ankfndgjdnka
Mrs. Smith: guys!!! guys!!! look at this picture!!

[Image attached: Ochako has a shopping bag in her left hand, she stops to look at flowers growing near the fence and to adjust loose strands of hair with her free hand. She is smiling brightly, her round belly is visibly outlined under her long pink dress. The sun is making her hair look more auburn then normal.]

Alien Queen: aaaaa!!! My pretty Ocha!!!!
Alien Queen: it’s 4th month?

Mrs. Smith: yeah. My sprout is big!

Mr. Smith: Who took lovely that photo of my wife?
Mr. Smith: And when can I expect you home, darling?

Mrs. Smith: In 10 min?
Mrs. Smith: oh, some random lady, she said i was looking too good and she couldn't help and she snapped this pic and sent it to me right away and deleted it from her phone

small might: woah! my friend is so beautiful
small might: and that was a really nice lady

Mrs. Smith: shush you >//<

Mr. Smith: Izuku is right. You are beautiful, angel.

Alien Queen: I want to print it!!!!1

your friendly lesbian: so, maybe it’s finally time for making our photobook? @pikatchu 

pikatchu: yes? what?
pikatchu: Ocha!!!! nfksjdfgjdafjg pretty!
pikatchu: and yes.
pikatchu: yes, yes yes yes, we need that. 100%, totally, super legit
pikatchu: i’m well stocked with compromising pictures but we also need some decent ones
pikatchu: @tired

tired: why did u @ me?

pikatchu: pictures!!!!

tired: i will dig some later

pikatchu: love ya!

tired: yeah, yawns 
tired: night

Alien Queen: night!

Mrs. Smith: sleep tight!

small might: night!
small might: i also have some decent photos but we should ask Kacchan. 

Alien Queen: i’m on it!
Alien Queen: @lordexplosion i know u took some awesome pics of everyone
Alien Queen: u love our class, so share them and don’t be a grumpy boi

lordexplosion: i’m not grumpy 

i’m hard: i can confirm!

lordexplosion: shut up, shitty hair

Alien Queen: someone get some nice dicking

your friendly lesbian: lmao i’m out

Mr. Smith: Please, don’t talk about such a private stuff in out class chat! It’s highly inappropriate. 

Alien Queen: pouts
Alien Queen: spoilsport 

pikatchu: i can't wait for my shift to be over to come to my tired boi to have some fun

Mr. Smith: Naughty talk was prohibited in our chat rules! Please refrain from it.

Mrs. Smith: babe, easy. Let them be. We are adults. 

Mr. Smith: We are the future of the Japan heroics! We have some standards to meet.

pikatchu: dick

your friendly lesbian: vagina

I’m hard: penis

small might: sorry Iida
small might: cock

Alien Queen: PENIS
Alien Queen: VAGINA
Alien Queen: kinky anal sex!

Mr. Smith: I’m out. Don’t @ me.

Mrs. Smith: lmao, u broke my hubby xD
Mrs. Smith: It shouldn't be that funny




We are finally able to show you the results of our photography competition. It was really hard to choose only three pictures showing the true picture of heroics but we tried our best. We decided to assign one special award because we were torn and the picture was something else.
Without further ado, enjoy the winners.


First place - Homura Chisaki
The picture was taken without the knowledge of Hero Deku. Homura was just a bystander. It’s a phone quality photo but a really good one. You can feel the warmness that emanates from it. It turned out that the boy lost an All Might toy.

[The picture is taken mid-motion, the details are blurred a bit. Hero Deku is crouched before a small boy. There is rubble everywhere. Some buildings are demolished.  It’s the scene after an earthquake. The Hero Deku is looking for a toy the boy lost. In far left some yellow glimpse can be seen. ]

Second place -   Shin Terasaki
You can’t talk about our current heroes without looking to the past.

[It’s in the hero museum. It’s a section with an old heroes’ display. All of the old stars featured. The memorials about Crimson Riot and All Might takes the most of the space. A mother is showing her child something. In the big windows on the left, the villain - hero fight scene is caught. Cellophane swings on his tape to catch some villains. ]

Third place Eri Aizawa
There’s nothing to add to this photo. Just look at it.

[People dressed as the heroes from the hell class are visiting ill kids in the hospital. The kids look so blissed. Everyone is smiling brightly.]


Special award -  Rio Mikoto
Being a hero is more than just saving the world. It's also caring about your friends, even against their will.

[ Ground Zero is holding a box looking suspiciously like a bento box. Another box like that is sent flying to the Red Riot direction. Pinkie is laughing from sidelines, Cellophane looks unimpressed.]


Chargebolt @pikatchudenki
Why the pictures with kids are always winning stuff like that! It’s unfair.

Red Riot @redistheriot
replying to @pikatchudenki
Get used to it bro.

Pinkie @minashido
replying to @pikatchudenki @redistheriot
But there’s no kid on special award pic. I’m confused. 

Chargebolt @pikatchudenki
replying to @redistheriot @minashido
No kids? LOL. But our dear friend Ground Zero is there. 

Ground Zero @lordexplosion
replying to @pikatchudenki @redistheriot @minashido
You have a death wish, or what?

Deku @smallmight
replying to @pikatchudenki @redistheriot @minashido @lordexplosion
The Bakusquad in nutshell.

Ground Zero @lordexplosion
replying to @pikatchudenki @redistheriot @minashido @smallmight

Deku @smallmight
replying to @pikatchudenki @redistheriot @minashido @lordexplosion




Being the photographer in a world full of heroes and superpowers was hard. Sometimes really hard when you just wanted to live peacefully with everyone without causing any scandals and just take pictures of things you loved, in a way you loved. It would be lying if Rio Mikoto said that she never cried under constant pressure, tons of unsatisfied clients. She did plenty of times but she never gave up. She was persistent. In the world full of Quirks her only assets were unshaking hands and a good eye. That’s all. Nothing astonishing like blink-snapping pictures, recording with your eyes, camera fingers, slowing time Quirks to catch the best moment in slow motion, light enchanting Quirks and plenty of others that were more useful. Rio was focusing more on her acquired skills than Quirks of any sort. It wasn’t that popular nowadays.

The industry had changed from how it used to be. To survive some fame was needed. And the easiest way to gain it was to stalk heroes and sell photos of them, which was awful, in Rio’s opinion. She would never do something like that. Even when she snapped some pictures of heroes, she would never violate their privacy. They were also people who needed to have a break from all of that social scheme of PR. But unfortunately many didn’t get that. It didn’t mean that every famous photographer was like that. No, there were decent ones. The industry was just hard. And sharp around the edges.

It was okay though, Rio was managing. She had enough money to live a normal life. She had enough to offer her friends presents from time to time, to print photos for her brother and buy some nice clothes, and of course to upgrade her photography equipment. Sometimes some expensive lenses were needed to be able to make a good photo of people with weird quirks.

Rio’s photography studio focused mostly on small events, birthdays, graduation, small weddings - mostly her friends, and portrait pictures. She loved taking them. It was her hobby to portrait people in a way that showed their true selves. To catch in that short moment everything about that person. The emotional side of every picture was the most important for her. Every time her older brother praised her for a well-taken picture, she was swelling with pride.

She was a photographer because she loved it, but she was also the photographer because she wanted to show the beauty of the world to her brother.

Rio was a freelancer, she had her studio where people came for portrait pictures but her work was mostly based on being requested to attend some event. It also paid better than portrait pictures.

When someone called her, she was sure that it was a new job request.

“Hello, is this the Rio photography studio?” the male voice asked. The man was sounding like he had no clue what he was doing. It was weird.

Rio was always professional, so she answered the phone in that manner, “ Good morning, Rio Mikoto on the phone. How can I help you?

“I want to request you to be a photographer at a wedding.”

“Okay. When?”

“Em... In June.”

“I have a quite free calendar there, which weekend?”

“I can’t give you the exact date,” the man sounded apologetic.

“So...Just June, okay...” It was really weird. When people were calling her they always had known the exact date, not just saying the month of the wedding.

“I’m sorry. It’s a bit of secret.”

“And the same probably goes for the married couple, yeah mister...?”

“Em… I’m Smith.” It sounded fake but okay, let’s roll with that. It was getting more and more suspicious with every passing second.

“Okay, so, just to be clear, Mr. Smith.” The man gulped audibly.” You want me to be a photographer for a wedding for some unknown people someday in June.”

“Yes! Exactly!”

Rio wanted to facepalm so badly. She did not because she was professional. But she was close to. 

“We will provide transport for you! And cover all of the expenses!”

It was like some lame joke. She took some breaths in and out to calm herself. She was used to some pranks but this time it was different.

The man didn’t hang up, so that meant that he was kind of serious. It all looked like an arrangement for a wedding for some celebrities, maybe even for some heroes with a mysterious vibe.

“Mr. Smith, why did you decided to choose me as your photographer?” Rio asked. The answer to that question was really important for her. Depending on the answer she would decline or accept that weird job offer.

“I saw a few of your pictures on the Internet, and I asked people around. The way you take the pictures is unique. There’s something in them I can’t find in the works of others. I want someone who can catch the moment and the emotions in the right way. I want a good and skilled photographer for my friends’ wedding.”

The reply was sincere. Ok. It was something she was looking for. Rio was in. It will be a crazy thing to do, but she was in.

“Ok. I’m in, Mr. Smith."

“Thank you!”

“I’m guessing you can tell me what kind of quirks the married couple will have.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t. It’s really important?”

“Unfortunately yes. Changing the lens to make sure I will catch everything during the crucial moments takes some time and it’s good to have a proper lense already in reach.”


“Don’t worry. I will manage somehow. You value your privacy, that’s ok. I will send you an email with a survey and you will check the types of effects the quirk of the married couple will have. Is that working with you?”

“That’s a perfect solution, Mikoto-san.”

“Just Rio is ok. If you are taking care of my transport, I will take all of my lenses just to be sure.”

“No problem. How about the payment?”

“I will send you all of the details in the email. The contract form you need to sign before or, in special case after but if that’s the case I will need some advance payment to book you in. I will also send you my wedding price-list.”

“I will prefer to sign it at the wedding. And you don't need to worry about appropriate payment. Thank you once again. I will call you a week before the date when the wedding will take place.”

“Okay. Thank you, Mr. Smith. Have a nice day.”

“You too, Rio-san.”

Rio exhaled loudly. Ok. It was something. But… She got a job. And it seemed that it would be a well-paid one. And a really interesting one. She had a feeling that she knew the voice of Mr. Smith from somewhere but she couldn't pinpoint it. The phone call made it all messy.

She looked at her calendar. She had no appointment in June, so it will be okay. Rio decided to find the quirk effects form and prepare it to be mailed to the mysterious Mr. Smith and probably take a break to calmly analyze that situation. It was too early to drink some alcohol. But in the evening she would nurse some glass of vine.


Some quirks or the effects of them need a special lens to be caught in the camera properly. Please tick all the boxes that applied to the married couple. You can also mark the effects that applied to more important guests, like the closest family.

  • elemental quirks,
  • sparkling skin,
  • sparkling in general, 
  • illuminating skin,
  • transparent/partially transparent quirk,
  • star oriented quirks,
  • glowing coming from quirk,
  • transformation quirks when the size of holder changes drastically,
  • quirks that may be sensitive to the flash of the lamp,
  • phasing quirks,
  • reflecting light quirks,
  • invisibility quirks,
  • any quirks with a side effect in the form of an explosion,
  • transformation type quirks that changes the look of the skin,


Rio decided to not comment on the reply she got from Mr. Smith with almost all of the boxes checked. It will be one hell of the wedding.

She was so excited. She loved a good challenge, even as crazy as this.


Rio packed all of her lenses, every memory card she could find and her best lavender suit. Her favorite and the most comfortable stilettos were safety packed in her duffel bag. Appearance at a wedding was important but she also needed to feel comfortable. She was sure that she would need to run from one place to another to snap the best photos in record time. Who needs to go to the gym to exercise when you can be a professional photographer? Nothing can train your arms better than trying to snap the best photo of a group of moving people. Or to hang for hours in a weird place in questionable pose to eternize the perfect sunset. She was a dedicated person, ok?

Rio managed to tie her pink hair into a loose braid before she heard a car honk. She got all of her bags near the door so she quickly checked if she was ready to exit her home and went outside. She managed to take everything in one trip. She was so proud of herself because she took so much stuff. Cryptic weddings, thank you very much.

She almost dropped her bag when she saw the black shining car waiting for her.

“What the fuck?!” she muttered. 

“Good morning, are you Rio Mikoto?” the driver asked her. She nodded unable to word the reply.

“Excellent. Let me help you with the bags. We need to be on time so you can catch your flight.”

“Flight?!” Rio asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, your flight. You didn’t know?”

“Well, I know nothing aside from that I’m going to be a photographer for a wedding.”

“Typical,” the driver laughed, taking a suitcase from her. “ They are always like that. You will get used in no time.”


The driver was nice enough to spill the beans that Rio would be able to finally see Mr. Smith on the plane. She wanted to yell at him for all of this cryptic stuff.

When she entered the plane and saw people already seated there, she just froze. The long complaint she was rehearsing in her head was forgotten quickly.

“Holy shit,” Rio murmured.

It was not everyday you got a chance to travel in a plane full of heroes. With Entropy snuggling into Deku’s lap with the audible yawn. With Pinkie painting Froppy and Uravity nails. With Ingenium discussing something on a phone while gesturing wildly. With Enigma sleeping on a coach when Chargebolt covers him with a blanket.

Rio wasn’t a fangirl but how could she not be excited seeing such amazing heroes in one place?! It was like a dream to see them in such a casual setting. She wanted so badly to snap some photos of them to commemorate this, to catch this heartwarming atmosphere in a frame.

It wasn't something you would see daily. After mentally counting to ten to calm herself a bit and kill that urge, she managed to say,” Ok. I assume Mr. Smith is Ingenium.”

“Mr. Smith? Seriously?” Uravity laughed.

“You are really creative, Iida,” Pinkie added. “ That earns you some retarded points!”

“I panicked, ok?"

Rio couldn’t help herself and laughed. Retarded points? Seriously? She read countless times about silly stuff that the hell class did but she still can't believe that one of the most promising young heroes of Japan were so… so dorky and adorable. So human. They weren’t untouchable idols, they were just crazy bunch of young adults. 

“I’m Rio Mikoto. It’s nice to finally meet you!”

“Sorry, I hope I’m not too late,” the man appeared behind Rio and stopped abruptly before he crashed into her. She was alarmed by the flapping of wings. And that voice. It couldn't be the truth. She knew that the hell class was close with Hawks but to meet the Winged Hero like that? It was like a dream.

“Oh, my goddess! It’s Hawks! The real deal!” Rio squealed, turning to face her favorite hero. She was a big fan. Hawks was a style icon for her. She loved his charming personality and how expressive he was. And that wings. The wings. No one in their right mind would not adore them.

She quickly moved from the entrance to make a place for the hero to move inside.

“It’s an honor to meet you,” she bowed.

“Ok, I’m jelly right now, totally unfair” Pinkie pouted.

Deku laughed,” It’s just the so-called Hawks effect.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” Hawks noded in Rio direction.

“Don’t worry Mina, soon you will have a really big fanbase!” Ingenium tried to reassure his friend.

“It’s not about fanbase! It’s about the impression. Hawks wooed our photographer from the start and he will most likely get the biggest amount of photos! Unfair!”

Rio laughed. Pinkie was really adorable and a bit of a childish person.

“As far as I’m concerned, the married couple will be my main focus.”

Pinkie didn’t seem convinced. Rio put her bags on a shelf and rummaged through one. She took her favorite camera out. “How about a few casual photos before the wedding?”

“Hell yeah!” Pinkie cheered, almost spilling nail polish on her friends. The rest just laughed it off.

[Pinkie is smiling brightly while hugging Uravity and Froppy tightly to her chest. Deku smiles awkwardly from his place on the couch with Entropy sitting on his lap. The hot-and-cold hero didn’t even look in the camera. Ingenium waves awkwardly unaware that Chargebolt is jumping at him. Hawks is caught in the upper left corner, smiling brightly.] 


Rio warmed up to the heroes traveling with her and she calmed down a bit. She was still in a bit of fangirl mode because she realized that she would be able to meet more of amazing heroes in casual settings. They still kept from her who would be the married but she had her own guesses.

Rio was told to leave her luggage on the plane, so she only took one camera with her. The heroes took her to meet with their friends who arrived earlier. Rio didn't complain. She was too happy to do so. She was snapping casual photos on their road. At first heroes were embarrassed but they get used to it, especially when RIo promised to delete every photo they didn't like (within reason, of course).

They were on a small island. It was a property of the Yaoyorozu family, as Deku informed her. Their class took seriously all of that staying under the radar and having a peaceful wedding with no one interrupting them. Without wild paparazzi and villains interventions. Rio respected that, heroes deserved time to themselves. Time to finally relax and be human.

Meeting with the soon-to-be-married couple was also something. Ground Zero was even more explosive and impressive up close. The man was still dressed up casually in a tank top that left so little to the imagination, not that Rio complained, and sweatpants. She almost stumbled back a few steps when the explosive hero ignited his palm to greet hero Deku. They friendship were… unique.

“You are late, shitty nerd!”

“Five minutes, Kacchan! Just five minutes!”

“I want this wedding to be perfect! If you being late ruin it, you’ll pay.”

“Oh, come one. You planned your proposal but in the end, you went spontaneous. Not like Eijirou complained,” Mina added to the conversation. The hero insisted on Rio calling her by her first name.

Rio remembered that proposal. The media had gone wild. It was on the first pages for weeks until something new took the spot. The way Ground Zero proposed was nuts. And the kohlrabi thing. It would take a long time until another hero or celebrity proposal beat that one.

“You aren’t helping, Racoon Eyes,” Ground Zero said, a friendly threat clear in his voice. Rio hoped it was a friendly threat.  “And, what is that lollipop hair doing there?” he added, clearly talking about Rio.

At least she wasn’t called an extra. It was something.

Instead of answering she held her camera higher and snapped quickly a photo. It took a hero by a surprise.

“Rio Mikoto, your photographer,” she introduced herself and then moved to change her camera setting to display photos she had taken. “Look at the first photo of the groom. Ground Zero looks bomber in that one!” Rio tried to joke.

She held her breath when Ground Zero moved closer to examine the photo she just took.

[It was a simple photo. Ground Zero’s trademark scowl was present but it was also clear that the man was nervous. He was more bark than bite. The shoot focused on him, the rest of the people were blurred. Soft colors suited the man despite his undying love for a dark look. The lone sparks from his hands only emphasized his nervousness.]

“Bomber,” the blond hero laughed. “ Not bad Lollipop.”

Rio didn’t know she was holding her breath until now.


“I was hesitant at first to ask you to be the photographer at their wedding,” Iida-san said. He sounded like he felt bad for thinking like that but you had no idea why. It was okay for him to have his own opinion and be wary.

“It’s okay. I’m just the small-time photographer…” Rio started but was interrupted.

“You take really amazing photos. You can catch on the frame all of the emotions, the moment in a true light. It’s a real talent."

“Thank you, “ Rio tried to laugh her embarrassment off. “My big bro taught me that.”

“He must be a really amazing photographer then,” Iida-san mused.

“Not really.”

“Why so?”

“You see… The issue is that he is blind.” Rio could see the clear shock on Iida-san face, so she decided to elaborate. There’s nothing embarrassing behind her brother's history.

“It’s his Quirk. He is blind but he still can see somehow. He can sense the emotions through everything. He can see them really clear in the pictures. I always try my best to snap a good photo, to show him how beautiful the world is. How happy people can be.”

Rio could hear the commotion from the main hall. It sounded suspiciously like an embarrassing speech about the best traits of just married.

“You should probably head inside, so you won’t miss the speech. It sounds fun.”

“Fun… Yeah… What about you?”

“Well, I will edit these photos. I don't want to know some things. It’s your private time.  Also, the less you know, the better you sleep,” Rio smiled gently.

“Thank you for your amazing performance today.”

That statement was a bit surprising but it’s just Iida-san way of being. The man is over polite. Rio was slowly getting used to this man antics.

“You will evaluate my performance when you will see the results,” Rio answered with a laugh.

“I saw how you were taking these pictures. That’s enough to know that they will turn out to be amazing. I’m really curious about the one you took in the state of zero gravity.”

“I’m really happy that I could be of some help and that you put some faith in me.”

“It’s one of the decisions I won't going to regret.”

It was really hard to not tear up, “Thank you,“ Rio managed to say. She wasn't used to such honest praise. 



Deku @smallmight
@Hawks raw broccoli wants to wish a silly pigeon all the best for his birthday. To celebrate it, I will grant the world my top ten photos of your awesomeness.


Hawks @hawks
replying to @smallmight
I’m scared.


Deku @smallmight
replying to @hawks


Hawks @hawks
replying to @smallmight
know why, problem chick. 


Deku @smallmight
replying to @hawks
have no idea what you are talking about


Entropy @theiceprince
replying to @smallmight @hawks
Did I smell secret brothers theory?


Deku @smallmight
replying to @hawks @theiceprince
please no


Hawks @hawks
replying to @smallmight @theiceprince
taste your own medicine, chick


Deku @smallmight
replying to @hawks @theiceprince
khem… so, the ten photos are in random order.
Happy birthday once again Hawks.

[Image 1: Hawks is crouching on the lamp in his trademark pose. His wings are folded on his back. They look like they are on fire.]

[Image 2: Hawks is casually sitting on a rooftop. He is eating some nuggets and chatting with pigeons.]

[Image 3: Hawks tries to surprise young heroes from the former class 3-A. He creeps from behind Pinkie, Uravity and Froppy completely unaware of the metal can he is going to step on in a few seconds.]

[Image 4: Hawks casually preening Tsukuyomi feathers. The other hero tries to look unimpressed to hide the fact that he is happy.]

[Image 5: Hawks and Deku are hugging each other, smiling wildly, a box of  KFC nuggets between them. Both of them look a bit disheveled. They are sitting really high on McDonald's sign.]

[Image 6: It’s sunset. Hawks is flying towards the setting sun. He looks ethereal.]

[Image 7: Hawks looks like he is having the time of his life while caring two young high schoolers in U.A.’s uniforms in his arms. They are laughing.]

[Image 8: Hawks and Miruko are shopping. Hawks looks a bit annoyed. He is laden with bags. Some of them are carried by his feathers. The Bunny Hero is hopping to the next shop.]

[Image 9: Hawks caught up while sleeping on his desk, cheek squished against some report and drooling.]

[Image 10: A candid picture of Hawks looking at Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow during their graduation. He is looking all proud and maybe, maybe a bit teary-eyed. It’s really hard to tell because of his glasses.]


Hawks @hawks
replying to @smallmight
Thank you




“Another year, and another hero charity calendar is a big success, don’t you think, Aki.”

“You are right, Tsugawa. It’s not even printed but the number of preorders is crazy. In no time we can expect the new record in sales. This year's calendar is focused on young heroes. It was really an amazing idea.”

“An excellent one. This idea won the pool we had with only a slight majority of votes.”

“Haha, but it was a really close call with the top 12 sexiest heroes of our time. Maybe we still can hold this session?”

“Maybe next time?”

“Maybe next time, how do you think about that, listeners? Let us know your opinions on our Twitter!”

“Also, on our internet page Your Daily Heroes you have access to the preview of pictures chosen for this calendar.”

“They are really something else.”

“The next generation looks so promising,” Tsugawa laughed.

[Picture 1 - January: Todoroki Shouto is draped over armchair with a casual pose. He looks disinterested. He is shirtless, his pants are really low and his happy trail can be seen. It’s a bicolored one. Behind him Inasa Yoarashi is leaning on the armchair with a big grin.]

[Picture 2 - February: Shindo Yuu and Monoma Neito stand back to back. Both of them are dressed in dark suits with white shirts, red roses are tucked in their buttonholes. Rose petals are on the floor. ]

[Picture 3 - March: Mirio Togata is princess carrying Tamaki Amajiki while Nejire Hadou sits on his shoulder. They had flower crowns on their heads and are dressed in matching baby blue suits. ]

[Picture 4 - April: Bakugo Katsuki is sporting his trademark scowl while Camie Utsushimi shows him her makeup box. They are sitting on the plush carpet surrounded by stuffed toys.]

[Picture 5 - May: Yaoyorozu Momo and Itsuka Kendo are dressed in traditional kimonos. They are caught in a dance pose while holding fans in their hands. Both of them have their hair loose. They look divine in moonlight.]

[Picture 6 - June: Setsuna Tokage is dressed in lizard kigurumi and Tsuyu Asui is dressed in a frog one. They are throwing colorful balls at each other while sitting in a small inflatable indoor swimming pool.]

[Picture 7 - July: Izuku Midoriya is shirtless, he is bench pressing Kirishima Eijirou, also shirtless, who hugs tightly a dozen of plush sharks. Both of them are smiling like madmen.]

[Picture 8 - August: Sero Hanta is sticking some notes on the wall  using his tape while Iida Tenya pulls a red cord around them. It’s like a comedy remake from one of the detective films with both of them dressed as old English detectives.]

[Picture 9 -  September: Kinoko Komori and Yui Kodai are sitting on a bench under a tree. They are dressed in lolita dresses.]

[Picture 10 - October: Tokoyami Fumikage and Shouji Mezo are dressed like demons from the nightmares. The photo is dark but their eyes are glowing.]

[Picture 11 - November: Shinso Hitoshi is buried under many blankets and only his hair is visible. Kaminari Denki is laying on him and drinks something while dressed in pikachu kigurumi.]

[Picture 12 - December: Ochako Uraraka is dressed as Santa Claus with a big gift bag and Mina Ashido is a cute elf with a red tight dress. The presents are floating around them.]


Entropy is my daddy @loveentropy69
OMG!!! The carpet matches the drapes. Now, I can die happy.



“Good morning, Rio-san.”

“Good morning, Mr. Smith. What can I do for you?”

“Well, first of all, I’m asking for a friend.”

Rio laughed. “Of course. I’m all ears.”


“I don’t know if I understood,” Rio asked unsure. She had just entered the building and was already snatched by Mina and her quick paced rambling. She caught some but not the full picture. 

“Ok, so once again,” Mina exhaled and slower her speech a bit.”  You just need to snap photos while we are dancing and then we will pick the best. Easy peasy!” The pink haired heroine cheerfully repeated. 

Well… That was an easy part. Taking photos was all her life. With good positioning task like that wasn’t difficult.  Rio understood the technical aspect of this session that but she didn't get why she was there. 

Why she was even invited in the first place. It looked like it was a really important and private moment for their class. They were making a photo book and were missing a few group photos if she caught that right from Mina’s rambling. And they called her to make them. ( More like bullied Iida to do it, from the way the man sounded). They could ask for every photographer but they called her. She still couldn't believe that. 

“Mina-san, but why me? You could ask every photographer.”

“Drop the san, I’m not that old,” the pink haired heroine pouted.” And don't ask silly questions. It’s obvious that it must be you! We could ask anyone, so we picked you.”

Rio tried to ask more questions but she was shushed by a pink finger on her lips. She sighed. Let it be then. 

Mina clapped her hands.“Ok, get ready!”

“Just roll with that. You are good and we noticed it,” Jiro-san whispered to her.

“You won't get rid of us that easily,” Ochako added.

Rio blushed. 


Rio was happy with the photos she had snapped. She was ready to thank the girls and go back to edit them but she was stopped. 

“Not so fast,” Mina’s black eyes shone in a dangerous way. 

The front door slammed but it only surprised Rio. Sounds like that were nothing for pro heroes. 

“Oi, are you done, Racoon Eyes? You don't have a right to snap Lollipop all to yourself!” Ground Zero snarled. 

“Why Ground Zero is here?” Rio asked dumbfounded.

“Did I forgot to mention that you will also have a session with boys?”

Rio was really close to facepalming. That’s the hell class for you. 

“Ok… Lead the way, Ground Zero-san.”

“Drop that, I’m off duty, no need to refer to me by my hero name.”

“So, how can I call you?”


Rio flipped her bag over her shoulder and and took her tripod in hand. 

“Lead the way, Bakugo-san.”

The blond hero groaned, his friends laughed. Rio was trying to be polite, not mean! She was giving the heroes respect they deserve. Not her problem that they felt old when she was calling them that. 

They moved to another hall. The rest of boys from the hell class were already waiting. They were dressed in similar fashion than the girls . Rio had a feeling that everyone was bullied by Mina to wear them. It seemed that that girl could be really persistent. 

“The same setting as with girls?”

“Yes, and after the shooting, can we discuss our photobook? We are curious if you could prepare it for us,” Iida-san answered. 

“No problem, Mr. Smith.”

“Mr. Smith, “ Chargebolt cackled. 

This joke will never get too old. 

It took a few tries to get a shoot that will finally satisfy Rio. All it took was to ask Cellophane to make a harness hanging from the ceiling. Iida-san was a bit opposed because safety and stuff and all of the worst scenarios he could tell on spot.

Bakugo asked his friend to shut the fuck up. It was really hard to not laugh at their exchange. Super strong and untouchable hell class? More like a bunch of dumb teenagers with a strong will to help the others and questionable self preservation skills. 

Rio was laying on her back in the harness, playing with a few pieces of foil before her lence while taking photos. She was sure that some of them were a bit blurred but, in her opinion, were perfect for that theme, especially when she would edit them together. 

[The photo is taken from the lower point than normal to give the photo nicer perspective. The girls from hell class are caught in a dramatic dancing pose with Mina backflipping. Jiro is dabbing in the corner. They clothes looks like they stormed through a few wardrobes and stolen some clothes on they way. It’s kind of fashion disaster but it suits them. ]

[The photo is taken from higher perspective. It’s turned upside down, it looks more surrealistic this way. It looks like the light is flickering due to combining a few photos with different lighting together. Boys are scattered and caught in various parkour dance poses. ]



It was a slow monday for Rio. Finally she got some time to relax. After the Bakugos posted some of the wedding pics and tagged her, she got really busy. People were showering her with requests and she didn’t have time for herself anymore. It calmed out a bit after the first month. People forgot and she was able to work at her normal pace. She couldn’t complain for having more clients but sometimes it was just too much. Especially with the ones more privy on gossip than being photographed by her. 

She allowed herself to wake up late and be a bit lazy. She didn't have many stuff planned. She only needed to do the final touches to the photobook of the hell class and send it to Iida-san for approval. She also wanted to ask if they wanted to add some notes on photos. It would make their album even more personal with their silly comments. And some of the chosen photos definitely deserved some commenting.

Rio was in the middle of brewing her tea and munching on toast when her phone started ringing. She checked the called and smiled to herself. Since the wedding, she was getting more and more call to be a photographer on various events from the hell class life or to help them in their mischief.  She put the bread on the plate and swallowed before answering. 

“Good morning, Mr. Smith. I will send you the final version in the afternoon, as we agreed,” she started. Rio hoped that the plans didn't change too drastically. The quickest she could do was to send the album back in three hours. 

“Good morning. Thank you about that, but no need to be in hurry. It can wait. I call with something more urgent.”

Rio was curious, Iida-san sounded a bit of desperate and annoyed. 

“What’s wrong?”

“You see… , “ the man sighed. ” Bakugo and Izuku were meant to have an interview and a photoshoot but the photographer couldn't make it, some last minute family situation. Bakugo don’t like the one provided as a backup from the studio and you know how he is… He called me to ask for you but I feel bad for burdening you all of a sudden.”

“Please, don’t worry about it. I will gladly take it but I’m afraid that they will need to wait for me a bit. They can do the interview part first while I will be on my way there. Where the session takes place?” Rio asked, already starting to look for stuff to pack. 

“Thank you! I had a feeling that you will agree. You are such a good soul.  It’s in The Young Japan headquarters. I already asked a friend to take you there. When you will be ready?”

Rio looked at her pajamas. She had almost all of the equipment gathered because she always kept it on one place, so she just needed to change into something appropriate and she was ready to go. 

“In like 10?”

“Perfect! My friend will be there in like 6. Thank you so much for your cooperation!”

“Oh, no problem. I like working with Bakugo and Izuku is always so nice. It will be my pleasure.”

“Oh. Not many openly say that they like to work with him.”

Rio just laughed it off. “ Maybe I’m just weird.”

Rio was good on time, she packed all of needed equipment in one bad. She put on her favorite long overhauls tattered around the knees. She was looking for a matching jacket  for her black lace shirt when she heard a knocking on a kitchen window. She turned quickly to saw what was that and she squealed in surprise. 

Hawks was sitting in her windowsill. Hawks, the number two hero. The real deal. And he apparently was her transport to the shooting. 

Rio calmed her fangirl down and quickly opened the window. 

“Good morning, Hawks-san,” she managed to say.

“Morning, Rio. Nice to see you,” the man smirked and her heart skipped a few beats. His smile should be illegal. “Are you ready?”

“Oh… Almost! I need to get a jacket and I will be ready.”

“Do you have something red? It will suit your outfit,” the hero proposed to her. 

“That's perfect! How i didn't thought about it sooner,” Rio said, running to rummage through her wardrobe in hopes to find her red blazer clean and not wrinkled. The fashion gods were merciful and her wishes were granted. “Okay, I’m ready!” She said. 

“Secure your equipment well because we will be flying.”

“Flying?” Rio repeated. 

“Yeah. I was in the area and Iida asked me for a favor. To be honest I don't want to see on tomorrow's newspapers that Katsuki blown the headquarter of one of the most popular japanese magazines, so you know...” The hero shrugged. 

“Flying… Like flying?!” Rio brain was still not cooperating with her. She was too starstruck.

“Yes chick, flying. Don’t be so shocked. It's the fastest way to commute.”

‘Flying’ Rio mouthed once again. Hawks just laughed at her. She clapped her on the cheeks, to regain her footing. He checked if he had everything and if she was looking decent to enter the headquarter of such high profile magazine. 

“Ok, I’m ready.”

“Ok, come here. I hope you aren't afraid of heights?”

“No. As far as I know.”


They exited the building using the window because using the doors was too mainstream. Hawks was princess carrying Rio. At first she was super embarrassed due to closeness to her favourite hero to enjoy her flight. She was just too stressed. 

The flight didn’t took long but for Rio it was like it lasted ages. She had a feeling that her legs were like cotton right now. 

The security must be informed because they didn't make a fuss about them entering through a window. 

“I brought your photographer,” Hawks cheerfully announced, helping Rio to stand on her wobbling legs. 

“Good morning,” she bowed. 

“Took you long enough Lollipop. We are mostly done with the stupid questions.” 

“Kacchan! ” Deku scolded his friend.

Rio scratched her head in embarrassment. 

“My duty is over. I hope this two dorks will get you home safe. Cya!” Hawks said and then jumped out of the window. He was falling for a moment until he stretched his wings and soared. Rio was watching that in an awe. 

The interviewer cleared his throat, “ Nice to finally have you here. I will appreciate if you could get ready to work. We have few more questions to ask and we will move to the photoshoot. Does that work with you?”

Like Rio could say anything against that. “ Yes, sir.”

Despite the aura of hostility she managed to prepare herself quickly. She snapped a few warm up photos do adjust the camera settings to the lighting in this room. She got one nice casual photo of Izuku and Bakugo where both of them were smiling. 

The host asked one more question and the interview part was over. 

“We are behind the schedule, please start photographing them,” the host waved his hand in Rio direction. 

“What kind of photos do you want to get?” Despite the rudeness, Rio didn't plan on returning the favor. She was above that. 

“You don’t know that?”

“No, I don’t. It wasn’t the most important information when I was called twenty minutes ago, to be as fast as possible, so could you be so kind and tell me that, or you want to be even more behind the schedule?”

“Lollipop, don't listen to this extra. Just snap the best photos of us looking badass and it will be enough.”

And who was Rio to argue with Ground Zero?


We had the  pleasure to talk with Ground Zero and Deku, two of the most promising heroes from the new generation. As you know, these two are extraordinary in the field. They work well together, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes their teamwork looks like they are reading each other’s mind and most of the times the heroes looks like they had fun fighting criminals and saving civilians. 

We asked Ground Zero and Deku to describe what’s the most important part of hero-doing for them. 

“To win.”

“To save.”

They replied simultaneously and then looked at each others and laughed cheerfully like it was some good joke. Maybe it was? The depth of their friendship is still unknown for us. They didn’t want to share that with us.

[Picture 1: Deku and Ground Zero are sitting on the opposite sides of coach, they look at each others while smiling.]

Our last question was about how they find the new name for their duo that started circling the social media lately. 

“You mean Wonder Duo?”, Deku asks just to be sure. 

“Took them quite a long to come up with something nice,” Ground Zero said.  

His friend Deku shakes his head before adding,” It’s nice to have a title and to be recognized as strong heroes. We really appreciated that gesture!”

“Even if we didn't get any title, we would know that we are the best hero partners.”

“We know each others well and can rely on each other.”

“Exactly, and Deku isn’t a small fry, even if he looks like one.”

“Kacchan, come on.” 

[Picture 2: Deku and Ground Zero stands back to back. They are dressed in their casual clothing. They are looking ahead, shy smiles on their faces. Ground Zero’s hands are sparkling a little, Deku’s fingers are arranged to release a burst on compressed air. They are standing on a red carpet. The clouded sky is behind them.]

[Picture 3: Two hands reaching for each other's are visible. One is covered in countless scares with crooked fingers. The other is shining lightly. ]



“Good morning! It’s Rio photography studio, how can I help you?” Rio answered her phone. 

“Good morning, Rio-san. I have a request.”

“Another crazy one, Mr. Smith?” She would never stop calling Iida-san in this way. It was just too funny to tease this man.

IIda-san just groaned before he replied. “Not really. We want to throw a small party as a birthday anniversary for our mentor and maybe you could find some time to stop by and snap a few pictures?”

“No more secret requests? Some unknown date? Last minute call?”

“We are past that.”

Rio laughed. “Ok, I’m in. Send me the details two days before, is that working with you?”

“Perfect, thank you for understanding.”

“No problem.”



“Would you like to become our photographer? Our class likes the photos you make, and you as a person, Bakugo really praises your work and that’s something, and you are discrete and don't spam over social media with photos of us to seek some fame. We really appreciate that.” 

Rio voice wavered a bit, “I-it will be my pleasure.” It was something unbelievable. The hell class wanted her to be their private photographer. She would die happy. 

“May I ask something?”

“Go ahead, Rio-san.”

“It may be a bit inappropriate, but does that include that I will be able to snap some casual photos of Hawks-san?”

She was answered by cheerful laugh from the other side of the phone. 

“Probably yes. He stick with us a lot. But please, don’t tell Mina that you like him more than her.”

Rio squealed, “ It’s not like I’m not a fan of your class or something.”

“Don’t worry,” Iida laughed. “ I know.”




[Picture 1: It’s a small and very angry looking Pomeranian with a really fluffy fur looking like Ground Zero’s hair. The dog sits proudly on a big album.]

[Picture 2: Ground Zero and Red Riot are hugging their Pommeranian. The dog looks like he wants to bite their hands off.]

It looks like my and Red Riot's new son disapproves on our photobook. 

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