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Adrien sat in his room staring at the clock that filled the space with it's constant ticking. It was currently 3:50 in the morning and he has yet to hear anything from his wife who said she'd be home over two hours ago.

He's called her phone multiple times and left multiple messages as well as texts in an attempt to reach her and she still hasn't responded to a single one.

Adrien sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. She's been doing this a lot lately, she'll say that she'll be back at a certain time and then won't show up until several hours later and every time she does it leaves Adrien worried sick about her whereabouts. The least she could do is respond to one of his calls, just what exactly was she up to.

The blonde's attention goes to the door that was slowly opening itself. On the other side was his wife, who had finally came home. She looked tired, but Adrien knew better by now that that tiredness was a result of nonstop drinking.

She was drunk again.

"Lila where have you been?" Adrien asked giving somewhat of a stern tone.

"I went out." She says simply. "I told you I'd be back."

"You said you'd be back nearly three hours ago Lila. You had me worried sick, why didn't you answer any of my calls?"

"My phone was dead." She stated, before walking over and taking a seat on the love seat in their room. "I don't understand why you worry so much. I'm here now aren't I?"

"That's not the point Lila, the least you could have done was give me a call telling me you were gonna be late or better yet you could have told me where you were going in the first place." Adrien sighed. "I bet you don't even remember what today is, do you?"

"Babe please I'm really tired. I've had a long night and I just want to get some sleep." The brunette stood up. "I'm going to go freshen up in the bathroom and get ready for bed."

Lila walked over to the bathroom and shut the door. Adrien walked over to the dresser and pulled out a black box. Inside the box was a diamond necklace that he had bought earlier that week as a gift for Lila.

It was to celebrate their 7th year anniversary.

Adrien sighed and tossed the box back into the dresser before slamming it shut. He had the entire evening planned for the two of them and he thought this would help bring things back to the way they used to be and maybe he'd feel that spark from when he first got married once again.

Sadly, that wasn't the case. Lila made plans to hang out with some old friends of hers at that last minute and she said that she wouldn't be out long, so Adrien decided they'd have there evening when she returned, but she never did and now their anniversary is over.

The blonde heard a buzzing over by the love seat where Lila previously sat. When he walked over he saw her phone on and bright as it flashed an unknown number across the screen. Once he picked up the phone the ringing stopped and that's when he saw that her phone was on full battery.

Lila came out of the bathroom wearing nothing, but a robe and was currently puffing a cigarette. Adrien turned to his wife and showed her phone in his hand.

"Your dead phone was ringing." He said before tossing it on to the bed.

"I charged it on my way back." She responded nonchalantly.

"Then why didn't you call me?" He said getting noticeably irritable. "..and who's calling you at 4 in the morning?"

"Adrien can we please not do this right now? I'm really tired."

"No! You always do this, everytime I ask you a question or address a problem you push it to the side and pretend that the issue no longer exist. I want answers!" Lila puffed her cigarette again and Adrien stomped over and grabbed the cancerous thing out of her hand. "I thought you said you quit smoking?" He said ashing it out.

Lila grew angry. "It helps when I'm stressed Adrien. I thought you understood that!"

"Well excuse me for trying to prevent my wife from getting lung problems." Adrien rolled his eyes. "Anyways that's not the-"

"I don't understand what your problem is? Are you trying to be my dad or something? Did you forget that my dad was a drunk piece of shit who used to beat me whenever he got bored."

"Lila that's not what I-"

"I thought you cared about me Adrien..." Lila started to cry and Adrien immediately felt bad for making her so.

"Lila please...I do care, just please stop crying." He held her arms. "It's because I care about you that I worry when you don't come home when you say. Just please let me know next time okay."

The brunette sniffed and wiped her eyes. "Okay..."

They shared a quick kiss, Adrien didn't want to go any further,  but Lila began to undo the buttons on her shirt and slowly slipped her robe off her shoulders. She pulled him back down for another kiss, this time more heated than the first.

She tasted like smoke and rum and it repulsed Adrien a bit, but he pushed through it. He tried to feel something, anything to prove that this was all worth it, but the passion he longed for couldn't be found...not with her.

Even after he made her come three times over and she claimed to love him more than anything else. His heart felt numb.

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Adrien sat outside a cafe with his best friend as he explained the irritating situation with his wife.

"I just don't understand why she's acting like this." Adrien said to his friend Nino. "She never tells me where she's going or when she's coming back. When she does it's always hours after the time she said or she's not where she said she'd be and whenever I confront her about it, she gets super pissed and goes on this rant before bursting in tears and then we drop it and have sex." The blonde let out the sigh. "It's just not the same as it used to be you know?"

Nino has been Adrien's best friend since grade school. He was the best man at his wedding and the first person he confides to in his time of need, just like now.

"I'm sorry to say this dude, sounds like she's cheating on you."Nino suggested with a frown.

Adrien frowned as well. "What makes you so sure about that?"

"Coming home anytime at night, not telling you when she's coming back or where she's gonna be, and whenever you confront her about it she turns around and pins the situation on you like it's your fault? Im sorry, but there's so many red flags." Nino took a sip from his drink. "Honestly, cheating or not, it's more than clear that she's hiding something from you and considering how long the two of you have been together, that's not cool. Alya and I have been together for two years and recently engaged, we tell each other everything, it's only far that Lila gives you that same respect since you're her damn husband."

Adrien sighs, "I don't know what to do Nino. Whenever I confront her about it, she either claims she's too tired to talk or we get into a huge argument and she storms out of the house." He rubs his temples. "Then she comes back as if everything's fine, seduces me into having sex and then we don't talk about it anymore...and that's another thing, the sex...there's no passion in it anymore, honestly I'm having trouble remembering if it was ever there to begin with."

"Have you considered going to marriage counseling?"

"I've tried..she won't go. She doesn't think there's any issues with our relationship. That we always work it out, but not talking about it is not the same as working it out." Adrien grumbled, "I'm sorry...I made this all about me when you asked to hang out."

"Dude don't sweat it." Nino replied nonchalantly. "There's nothing wrong with a little ranting."

"Yeah, but lets talk about something else. How are you and Alya doing? You guys are going to be tying the knot soon too huh? That must be exciting."

"Yeah it is, but we're thinking about postponing the wedding."

"Postponing?" Adrien looked confused, "Why?"

Nino scratched the back of his head, " you remember Marinette? Marinette Dupain-Cheng?"

Adrien had meant Marinette during the first year of highschool, she was very pretty and extremely down to earth and almost every guy who knew had a thing for her, including Adrien.

He developed feelings for Marinette within the first year of knowing her, but was never able to make it past the friend zone because for some reason everytime he talked to her she always seemed to be uncomfortable and nervous around him, but was kind nonetheless. His crush was diverted however when he meant Lila a couple years later.

"Yeah I remember her..." Adrien answered, "What about her?"

"Well some freak fire started a couple of months ago, at the bakery her and her parents lived in..." Nino explained with a sad expression. "Her parents were still there when it happened and they didn't make it..."

"Oh my God...." Adrien said in disbelief, "That's....that's awful."

"She's been staying with us for the past couple of weeks, but....I don't  know, she's really hurting a lot dude." Nino stared at the table. "She lost her job, her home, and her family all at once that's a hard thing to come back from. That's actually kind of why I came to you today dude."

"What do you mean?"

"She feels like she's intruding on our lives, but no matter how many times we try to convince her that it's fine she insist on leaving. The only family she has is all the way in Hong Kong and we really don't want to see her go." Nino looked back at the blonde, "I thought maybe you could give her a home and she could work for room and board at least until she's able to get back on her feet again. Didn't you say you needed more help around the house?"

Adrien thought about it, they had a few maids already as well as a couple of butlers, however they did seem understaffed due to Lila constantly firing people. Soeaking of Lila, she would most likely oppose to the idea at another woman living in there home, but at the same time she was never even home to begin with. Plus, Marinette needed help and it wasn't like it was going to be a permanent arrangement, just long enough until she's able to get up again.

"Of course I'll help her." Adrien agrees smiling.

Nino smiles as well. "Thanks dude, here I'll give you Mari's number." The blonde hands him his phone and he types it in. "I'll tell her the news as soon as I can and tell her to give you a call."

"Alright then, I should probably head back home anyway. Still got work and all."

"No problem dude, I'll see you another time."

Adrien and Nino say their goodbyes and head their separate ways. Adrien looks at the new number on his phone and he wonders if Marinette remembers him as much as he remembers her.

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Marinette Dupain Cheng was loved by almost every person she came in contact with, she was helpful, kind, and hardworking when she put her mind to it. She made good grades and never gotten into any troble, she always gave rather than take and never asked for anything in return.

So why would fate be so cruel to take away the two people that meant most to her in the world?

Marinette stared at the picture frame that held a picture of her now deceased mother and father. It held a photo from their wedding day and it always made her hope that she'd find someone that she could be happy with just like her parents were.

The blunette sighed and sat the picture into one of her suitcases and continued to pack. She didn't have much with her since the fire took away most of her belongings and she didn't see any point of buying new things since she had made the decision to leave Paris. It hurt, but it was the only option she had. She didn't want to burden Nino and Alya with her presence any longer than she already had.

There was a knock at her bedroom door, she stopped packing and proceeded to answer the door. On the other side Alya was smiling holding two plates with sandwiches on them.

"Hungry?" She offered.

"Not really..." Marinette replied sadly.

"Of course you are, let's eat." Alya entered the room and frowned at the suitcases on her friend's bed. "Marinette I thought we talked about this. You don't have to leave, you can stay as long as you need too."

The young designer sighed, "I know Alya and I'm really thankful for that believe me, but....I don't want to be a burden."

"You're not a burden Marinette."

"It's not just that, I don't know if I can handle staying in parents knowing my parents are gone."

"Running away isn't the answer, didn't you say you wanted to become one of Paris's best designers? Don't you think your parents would want you to live out that dream."

"Of course I do Alya, it's just that....."

"Do you even want to go to Hong Kong Marinette?"


"Then what's the problem?"

Marinette sighs, "The problem is, I'm not sure I can continue living in this city without them. I've lived here my whole life and they've been with me the entire way. I don't think I can handle another moment here knowing that they're gone.." Tears began to overflow and Marinette found herself breaking down crying for the third time that day.

Alya reached for her friend and pulled her into a comforting hug. "It's okay, I'm sorry Marinette I shouldn't have pushed it..."

"It's okay, you're right. I do want to stay and I know you and Nino would let me for as long as I need, but you guys are getting married, the last thing I want to do is intrude on that. I have to figure out my own solution. Going to Hong Kong could be a chance for a fresh start."

"If you really think this is the best thing for you Mar, then I won't stop you, but please at the very least just make sure that it's something you really want before you go through with it."

Marinette sits up and wipes the tears from her eyes. "I promise."

"Alya? Marinette? You girls still here." They heard the front door open and Nino was calling out for them.

"We're in Marinette's room babe." Alya called back.

Nino entered the room smiling until he noticed the tear stains on Marinette's face. "Hey are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Marinette tried to provide as much of a smile as she could. "How was your day?"

"Pretty good and I've got some great news." He grabbed the chair from the corner and set it in from both of the girls then took a seat. "A way for you to stay in Paris and a job offering as well."

"Really? How's that?"

"You remember Adrien, our good friend from highschool? Well, he has a job offer for you as a maid at his home and in return he'll give you a room today until you can get back on your feet." Nino smiled brightly happy that he was able to tell his good new, but that smile faded when he saw the looks that both Alya and Marinette gave him.

"Nino, what in the right mind made you think that this was a good idea?!" Alya shouted at her fiance.

"Well, this way Marinette gets to stay in Paris and we don't have to lose her, at least not anytime soon." Nino tried to explain and turned his attention to Marinette. "Plus, if I'm going to be honest this is also for Adrien as well. He been really depressed lately and I think he needs a friend close by."

Marinette looked at the ground trying to contemplate the situation. "Adrien's okay with this?"

"Of course, he wants to help you in anyway we can just like we do."

"What about his wife?" Nino didn't say anything and instead looked nervously to the side, which answered her question. "Really Nino?"


"He said he'd talk to her about it, but that place is so big you'll most likely never run into her anyway, especially since she's never even home...." Nino muttered the end to himself. "If it turns out to be a disaster and doesn't work out, then if you still want to go to Hong Kong I will personally fly you there myself."

"What do you say to that Marinette?" Alya spoke. "This might've not been Nino's brightest idea involving the Lila part, but he is right. This way you can earn income and have a place to stay here in Paris without feeling like you're bumming off of someone."


"We don't want to lose you Marinette and trust me when I say niether does Adrien." Nino mentioned.

The blue haired girl blushed at that last statement. Adrien and her were good friends, but she rarely ever saw him after they graduated from highschool. Not to mention she started seeing much less of him after he began seeing Lila, for reasons that she'd like to keep to herself.


Marinette sighed, it couldn't be that bad right? According to Nino, Adrien needs this just as much as she did, so she'd also be able to help out an old friend...right?

"Okay I'll do it." Marinette finally agreed. "...but if it doesn't work out, you're DRIVING me to Hong Kong."

Nino smiled at the comment, not entirelysure if she was joking, but happy nonetheless. "Heard."