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Fucks at Freddy's

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Okay so one, yes I'm really doing this

Two, okay writing don't expect greatness

And three, we are completely disregarding the lore surrounding this game

You just clicked on a story named Fucks at Freddy's you are here to be frisky with animatronics not learn about this game's elaborate story, so these animatronics are NOT children's ghosts they do NOT have children corpses inside of them. The children were killed at the place but they're spirits take over the animatronics (who are sentient and have their own personalitys) and murder people. Robots get horny too guys

A list of characters I'll be doing LEMONS for
Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy
Fnaf 2
(W) Freddy, (W) Bonnie, (W) Foxy,
(T) Freddy, (T) Bonnie
Fnaf 3
Spring Bonnie, Springtrap, Fredbear
Fnaf 4
(N) Freddy, (N) Bonnie, (N) Foxy, (N) Fredbear, Nightmare
Sister Location
Funtime Freddy

Any animatronic NOT named are ONLY FLUFF

Request sheet


Fluff or Smut:

Reader's Gender: (Non-binary, Male, Female) feel free to specify if you want the reader to be trans and it be a significant part of the story.

AU (Not required):

Storyline/short description of what you would like to happen:



Character: Freddy

Fluff or Smut: Smut

Reader's Gender: Female

AU: Tony Crynight (bIlLs)

Storyline/short description: it's day, Freddy's feeling stressed, and you know just know what to do (quickie in the backroom)

Feel free to do the Soulmate AU I love that

I will ignore your request if this is not filled out

Another thing

I know some people make them human like some weird shape shifters but I won't be doing that

You are going to get absolutely rawed by these animatronics. K?