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What Does A Hero Need?

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Father's Day, a holiday for children to praise and honor their father. A father. The man that raised you with your siblings, that protected you, and taught you everything you need to survive in the real world. That type of man that is proud of you. The type of man in which he never had.

"Mao Mao!".

The black cat jolted up from reading down in the newspaper to look over to his little deputy as his co-hero cooked breakfast in the background.

"Yes, Adorabat?", Mao Mao asked his little deputy, "Are you okay? You sounded like you're sleeping".

Had he been in thought for a long time? "I'm fine, my little deputy. Just focusing on finding a hidden object in this puzzle. A hero needs to train their eyes to spot evil villians", he looked back down, "Now, where is that frog?". "Let's me have a try! I can spot it!", Adorabat insisted, "Um...Oh! I found the frog! It was inside a bush!"

"Now that you have found the frog, it's time for breakfast", the large badger stated as he placed a plate of pancakes to each of his friends, including himself. Immediately Adorabat and Badgerclops started to nom down on their breakfast, Mao Mao though wasn't feeling any sort of hunger or appetite so he just poked his pancake with the fork.
"Yo, man. You alright?", Badgerclops asked his partner with his mouth full, "I'm alright, Badgerclops. Just not really in a hungry mood". "Not in a hungry mood?", Badgerclops said within a bit of surprise, "Just look at the pancakes. The way the syrup is perfectly dressed on them with the smell of it being so fresh and the small smell streams".

The fresh smell was indeed intoxicating, but he wasn't in the mood of this. Not really in the mood for anything, except trying his best to be the thing that his father would be proud of. He really is trying. All of his sisters earned their father's love, now he has to work hard on earn his. That's how it works, work hard to gain some love from your parents.


Mao Mao realized that he had been in his deep thoughts again. "Here. Since you like pancakes, you can have my plate", Mao Mao said as he pushed his plate of pancakes over to Badgerclops before getting up, "I'm gonna go and train". "On an empty stomach? Mao Mao, are you sure you're alrig-".


Complete silence as the two stared at Mao Mao within shock as Mao Mao realized what he had just done then proceeded to clear his throat, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell". He let out a deep sigh before proceeding out of the kitchen to go to the training deck in silence. Badgerclops went ahead and took all the empty plates as he put them in the sink while Adorabat ate Mao Mao's abandoned pancakes with a concerned facial expression, "Badgerclops, I don't think he's fine". "He isn't", Badgerclops answered as he now realized the day that was pointed out in the calendar. "What should we do?".

"Let's just leave him alone right now, Adorabat. He's been having a rough day". "But it's just the morning. How can his day already be bad?", Adorabat asked in confusion, "You see, Adorabat. Some certain days are just bad to some people. Let's just leave Mao Mao alone. He'll be okay at the end of this day". She stayed quiet while still confuse. Why this day? What is this day?.

"Aw man! Out of dish soap", he said as disposes the empty bottle of soap, "Adorabat, want to go to the market with me to get more dish soap?". "Sure!", Adorabat followed along Badgerclops to the aerocycle outside the house. Before going to town, Badgerclops told Mao Mao of where they are going. Mao Mao didn't say anything and just nodded his head as he continued on training; Adorabat is now being in more concern, but stayed quiet as her and Badgerclops flew their way to the town's market, leaving Mao Mao alone in the empty house.

It was a bit hard to find a part to land on, but they managed to find a safe spot. The market had a lot of people walking around, "Why are there so many people?", Adorabat wondered as Badgerclops secured the aerocycle, "Okay. Just a quick little shopping. Now where's that shop?", Badgerclops looked over the town market's map for the shop of good dish soap.

Adorabat decided to fly up in curiosity to see the reason why there were so many people on this day. Is there an event that she didn't know about? Perhaps a new trending store? If it's those two scammers again then she's gonna go and grab Goldiech-Geraldine so she can chop them up instantly! She flew around a bit until hearing a conversation between a little kid and what assumes to be the father and took landing on a nearby light pole to listen in the conversation.

"Thanks, sweetie. I really appreciate this", the father stated as his child gave him a pretty white gift box that had a red bow tied on, "You're welcome! Only the best for you! Happy Father's Day, daddy". The child gave their father a hug to which they embraced as Adorabat has a facial expression of shock to realizing what the day is today and the reason why there were a lot of people in the town market today. Today was Father's day!

"It's Father's Day?! Why didn't Badgerclops tell me? No wonder Mao Mao is upset!", Adorabat stated. Of course he would act very upset on this day, she knew exactly why, and it just made her feel completely horrible. She didn't greet Mao Mao a Happy Father's Day with a gift for him. It is her first Father's Day with an actual father and she was already blowing it. Maybe that's why Badgerclops didn't say anything to her. It's because he wanted her to figure out herself and buy a good gift for Mao Mao. It may be too late, but she isn't gonna give up that easily. Badgerclops may deny her buying a gift for Mao Mao because of not greeting him this morning, so she had to distract him somehow to find the perfect gift.

Within all of her thoughts, she figured out someway to keep Badgerclops distracted for the whole entire day and immediately flew back to him. "Badgerclops, I know where the shop is. Follow me", Adorabat said and instantly began flying to where the 'shop' is. "Adorabat! Wait!", Badgerclops said as he immediately went on following Adorabat. He struggled through crowds of people and light poles, not even a couple of feet in and the badger manages to run out of breath. "Okay. Note to self. Go on a diet", Badgerclops panted before spotting a street lane that lead to many food booths, "Ooo! Free samples!". Adorabat saw Badgerclops distracted and immediately flew to back to the main shop section to find a good gift.

"Hm...Perfect gift, perfect gift. What's a perfect gift for the most heroic dad in the world?", Adorabat asked to herself as she flew around while looking at each of the items each shop had setted up. A tie? No, Mao Mao doesn't where those. A watch? No, he doesn't wear those either. Maybe one of those crystal swords? No! Goldiech-Geraldine is irreplaceable, Mao Mao will sure to take offense to that then he'll get even more upset "UGH! WHY CAN'T I FIND A PERFECT GIFT?!", Adorabat yelled out as she landed carefully on the cobblestone path where people roamed. Two child-like voices that were very familiar were heard calling after Adorabat. Her two other friends, Ketchup and Chubbum were walking over to her. They don't hang out anymore ever since she scared them with a cloud being a monster, but they see each from time to time in town and are still nice to each other.

"Hi, Ketchup! Hi Chubbum!", Adorabat greeted them as they approached with each of the two having a shopping bag, "You got some gifts already?". "Yup! I bought a purple glittering suit and tap shoes for my daddy. He loves tap dancing", Ketchup explained as of showing the purple glittering suit and white tap dancing shoes in her shopping bag, "Ooo! Very glittery!", Adorabat said her eyes sparkle seeing the sparkling suit. "I brought my dad a feathery fedora and some golf clubs. He really likes playing in style and he's gonna teach me how to golf soon", Chubbum explain as he show the fedora to Adorabat, "That is so cool!, Adorbat said.

The blue bat's happy smile turned slowly into a frown, "You guys have gotten amazing gifts that your dads will definitely love while I forgot that it was even today and what's even worse is that my adoptive dad is upset because I didn't greeted him. I want to get him the perfect gift to make up what I did, but nothing here is perfect enough for him!", Adorabat stated before sighing and looking down to the concrete floor, "I'm a terrible daughter...".

"Adorabat, you're not a terrible daughter", Ketchup reassured her, "Yeah. You can still make it up to him", Chubbum added. "But how?! Everything he likes to do is what he has right now! He already has cool clothes, cool weapons, and the coolest vehicle!", Adorabat stated, "The gift doesn't have to be an item, Adorabat. You can create something for him", the pink hedgehog agreed with the green frog as Adorabat thought about it. "Mao Mao needs a perfect him. A gift to make him know that I love him", Adorabat kept on thinking then gasp as an idea popped within her head, "I got it! I know what gift I'm gonna give to him. I need a bit of help though. Ketchup, please, I need to borrow something from you! Chubbum, you too!". Her two plushie friends nodded their heads and immediately followed in Adorabat's command to make the perfect gift for Adorabat's dad.

He felt so exhausted, he really wants to just go to bed already even if it is sounding sort of lazy, "A hero is never exhausted, they have to fight until the very end". Why does he listen to his father's advice when his father barely listened to him in the first place? Now, he can't listen to him at all. He needed to go away, he needed to prove himself to his family that he is capable of being a legendary hero like them. They didn't give a chance in the first place, so he made himself a chance. He let out a yawn as he rubbed his one of his green eyes before exiting out of the training deck as put his katana away, leaving one of the training dummies torn apart on the ground.

He sat down on the couch and one of his ears twitched as he heard his darling aerocycle being parked carefully; an indication his friends are back. "Hey, dude! Sorry it took so long! There was a long line", Badgerclops took a pause as he ate a mini-donut that was held in one hand as the other held the dish soap, "Also, a lot of food samples which is dinner". "Thanks, Badgerclops, but I'm not hungry. Just tired. Save mine for breakfast tomorrow", Mao Mao stood back up and start walking to the bedroom, "I'm going to bed now. Early training day tomorrow. A hero needs to be in shape no matter what". Adorabat immediately flew off of Badgerclops' shoulder and went to Mao Mao, "Mao Mao, wait! I need to show you something!", Adorabat said, "Adorabat, whatever you need to show me can be saved to tomorrow", Mao Mao said. "No! It's need to be today! I really need to show you! It's very important!", Adorabat stated. Badgerclops started to speak up while eating a corndog, "Um...Adorabat, I really think you shou-".

"I know why you're upset today. Mao Mao!", Adorabat explained. Silence then filled the house as the two males eyes widened in shock. The black feline looked over to Badgerclops as Badgerclops shook his head, "Dude, I know what you're thinking. I reassure you that I didn't say anything". "Mao Mao, please, just listen to me", Adorabat pleaded with tears threatening to go down her yellow eyes. Mao Mao, still being in shock, just nodded his head as he sat back down on the couch and watched Adorabat flew on top of the coffee table as she took out a small hot pink speaker and placed it next to her before turning it on and starting to sing.
Hello there, Dad! Happy Father's Day!
I made you a song in which I am singing for you.
Only for you.

Ever since you started taking care of me, I dance around happy and flap my wings in glee.
You're dad, you are my dad.
The best I ever had.

You forgave me even when I lied to you.
You gave me advice needed for a good hero's use.
A new group handshake that gave me a boost.
Revealing two people being scammers in which I had no clue.

You taught me and are now still teaching me facts, I never ever knew.
Comforting and helping me whenever sadness comes through.
Now I'm doing the same things, by singing this to you.
Each verse of this song is true.

You're a cool hero, an awesome adventurer, a good companion, and a neat cooker.
Mostly the best father ever!

You're dad, you are my dad, and I am very glad.
You're dad, you are my dad, and I promise to be the best daughter you ever had.
She looked over at Mao Mao to see a smile, but it was still nothing but a shock facial expression. Worry began to fill her thoughts, "Did he not like it? Was she too late on the gift?". Mao Mao started to clap with tears of happiness filled his eyes that looked at Adorabat with a sense of pride, "Adorabat, that was really amazing!", Adorabat's worriness turned into happiness seeing Mao Mao clapping at her performance, "You really like it?". Mao Mao smiled at her as he picked her up and gently hugged her, "I love it. Thank you, Adorabat", Adorabat smiled and returned the hug "You're welcome, dad".

Both sheriff and deputy continued to hug as the co-hero watched them with a feeling of glad for Mao Mao. He is sure now that Adorabat doesn't know the exact reason of why Father's Day is Mao Mao's most hated day, but he is sure that this day won't be Mao Mao's most hated day anymore.

Just because Mao Mao had a terrible dad doesn't mean he can't be a good one to Adorabat.