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“Are you sure you want to do this,” Izuku asked Mirio as he leaned back in the chair. Rubbing a hand over the lid of a very large black metal box. Hiding away what was inside that interested them both. An item that got Izuku worried and Mirio excited. Midoriya pursed his lips together, hand stopping its mindless petting, while he took hold of the box to move it next to a red gym bag on the floor that’s by his feet. He grew tired of the weight it presented. Replacing the now vaccinate spot with his elbows. Allowing him to lean forward to better view his boyfriend.

“I am sure,” the blond answered, a leg crossing another while the bed bounced a little underneath the shift. A gleeful smile was now stretched on Mirio face. Thinking about the event that was about to transpire between them. Ignoring the worry plagued the mind of his lover. Izuku tended to over thing this and cause himself worry when they tried something new. Not that he could blame him. It was a week ago that the last of his injuries from Overhaul had finally faded away. Leaving only scares to be played with by his boyfriend. Not that he minded in the slightest. He also narrowly missed the ‘Quirk Destroying Bullet’ when saving Eri, much to everyone’s relief. Though his heart still ached for his mentor, Nighteye, after this whole ordeal. It was one of the many reasons he wanted to do this. To forget his troubles while being sedating the desire to be touched by the younger. It has been awhile after all.

“Look, I know the rectum can stretch up to nine inches without tearing that even a raccoon can crawl up it, but this item is still pushing it,” Midoriya stated, pointing to the box on the floor. A frown now marring the angelic, freckle face. The one that hide his true nature. The comment made Mirio snort in disbelief when he said, “The day I believe that is the day you’ll find that racoon clawing at my ass.”

Midoriya just stared as his mouth parted slightly in shock. Closing it soon after while laughter started to build up. Starting as giggling before turning into full blown laughter. One that was joined by Togata. It soon died away when Izuku pointed an accusing finger at his lover to say with eyes full of mirth, “You got me there.”

“But on a more serious note, do you really want to do this Mirio? This thing is massive. Bigger than me even and that is saying something,” Izuku stated, concerned lacing his voice as a look of worry decorated his face. He didn’t want the older boy to get hurt in this venture of theirs. Izuku watched Mirio uncross his legs to get up from the bed to stride across the room to place a hand on a shoulder to push the green haired one back. Easily sliding into the empty lap while being mindful of the items on the floor. Mirio typical mischievous smile danced on his lips as he wrapped his arms around the younger one neck. Making sure their bodies were pressed together. Mirio maneuver his head next to one of his ears to speak huskily, “I am sure, Daddy. More so now than the last time I brought it up.”

Izuku groaned when he felt his cock twitch in interest. It always does when Togata started using these keys words in private. Using them to get his way even though Izuku was the one in charge. But he couldn’t deny his baby when he was so sure about this.

“Fine, but on the condition that you will use your quirk should it become to much. Do you understand me?” Getting a nod that the order was understood. This caused Izuku to grin, “Good. Now undress for me, baby.”

Mirio easily matched that grin. Rising from the lap to head back to the bed. Turning around to face his lover, undoing the red tie as he did so then pulling it off. Tossing it onto the headboard of the bed. He slowly unbuttoned the dress shirt he wore. Soaking up the attention Izuku gave him as he watched. Licking his lips in anticipation. Ready to pounce should the situation calls for it. Izuku sent up a silent thank you to Adheesha for this. Not only for letting them use his place for this but also providing them with the item in the box. It might have taken several weeks for it to be made since it was a custom order, but he didn’t regret the outcome now. They will have to give the Raithwall a gift sometime after this.

A thought that was quickly forgotten when Mirio hands fumbled with the large belt buckle. The now open shirt hung off his bulky arms. Showing off the toned muscles that were hidden underneath. All trailing down to the hidden treasure hidden behind grey fabric of the uniform pants. Completely focused on the hands as they undid the front of obscene thing. Letting of the weight of belt make the pants fall haphazardly to the ground. He stepped out of them when it pooled at his feet. Enjoying the view of toned legs and thick thighs that went up to bare hips. It pleased Izuku to know Mirio wore nothing under those clothes. Made all of this go a little bit quicker. The sight of the blond standing there with the shirt still the only thing covering part of his body was something to behold. It was getting his blood pumping.

Izuku followed suit by taking off his shirt and tossing to the floor. Getting off the chair to head over to Mirio. Placing hands on those wide hips to pull him close. Feeling the smooth, warm skin in his rough palms as the semi-hard erection rubbed against the textured pants. Brushing against his own that was growing. A thin piece of fabric the only thing keeping them separate.

“My beautiful baby boy. Getting so hard for me, looking so flushed, and pretty in my hands. Do you like it when your pressed against me?” Mirio moaned at the words and question. He always loved it when Izuku said these words to him. No one dared to call him that. Other than the few times he was called handsome, but those times were fleeting and forgettable. Not with Izuku though. Each bit of praise made him feel alive with each touch. Made him feel wanted and twitch with desire.

“Yes, I do, daddy. I really do! It feels so good when I am close to you,” this earned him firm squeeze as deep growl erupted from Izuku. Making sure his hold was secure while he grinded into him. Mirio hummed at the sudden attention. Cock swelling and throbbing under the ministration. Becoming flushed and fluster with each rub and grind.

“My beautiful baby boy… So pretty… So perfect… So wonderful,” Izuku continued to croon praises, matching each bit of praise with a rough rut against skin. Feeling Mirio quake a little each time in his hands. The blond rewrapped his around Izuku neck to keep himself steady. Allowing his daddy to continue what he was doing. Submitting fully to what he wanted to do in that moment. This got Mirio even more excited as he endured the humping. Coming to full mast to the point Mirio bucked against his lover. Wanting more these few hard grinds. Mirio whimpers as he tightens his hold on his lover. Feeling ever so close, but it was too soon. This made Midoriya grin for he recognized the signs being given off. Just need a little more push in the right direction.

“You look so beautiful right now. Flushed in my hands like this. So brilliant and gorgeous,” Izuku cooed, hands slipping from the hips and down to the plump globes. Clutching them firmly before he pulling their bodies harshly against one another. Mirio let out a strangled cry as he came against the smaller body. Staining the pants and their stomachs in sticky white. Izuku hummed in a pleased toned, absently rubbing his thumbs on heated skin, whilst he waited for Mirio to catch his breath.

Daddy…,” Togata whined breathlessly. Big blue eyes sparkled with need and desire. Izuku chuckled as he let go of the taller male. Mirio did the same as he waited for his order.

“Lay down on your back with your legs spread wide,” the greenette ordered, going back to the box on the floor. Bending down to undo the latches on it and lifting open the lid. Revealing the contents held inside that had him so worried earlier. It was an extra-large dragon dildo that appeared to be to big for anyone to handle. An angry red colored the large bulbous head and shaft to fade into a dark burgundy one. The muscular head and shaft curved to an even bigger base that wouldn’t fit into his lover. The head was only barely smaller than the shaft itself, but it will still stretch him wide open. The actual useable length of the toy was several inches longer than his own dick. Not that he felt emasculated by it since the toy was meant to be this big. He took it out with a large bottle of lube that was given with the dildo. He set his sights on his lover as he stood back up. Enjoying the view of Mirio patiently laying on the bed with his legs spread open. Mirio flaccid cock starting to show his excitement when he sees the toy. Hungrily eyeing the item like it was the only thing in the world. Izuku gave a snort of amusement, lifting it up to ask, “Is this what you want? To have this stuffed inside you. Stretching you.”

Mirio could only nod a response. Watching Izuku come closer with a devious smirk. Placing the tube of lube onto the bed next to him. The smirk was broken when he spoke again, “Now, now my baby…”

A hand gently stroked a tanned cheek then went lower. Eyes following his hand as it trailed down the neck and over the chest. Grazing the sensitive nipple as it when even lower. Feeling Mirio shudder under his fingertips from the simple action. The One for All user reached the stomach to feel the toned abs that were earned from years of training at the school. Eyes entranced by each muscle twitching under his touch. Hand halting right above the hairless crotch. Turning his attention back to Mirio, “I believe I asked you a question. I want to hear you say it.”

Mirio shuddered in slight fear when heard the tone in his voice. He was familiar with that tone. The one that was authoritative and was willing to end this on a moment notice if he didn’t get what he wanted. The blond let out a whine like cry to signaled he didn’t like the tone that was given but was rebuffed easily. Rebuffed by the cocky smirk that came back in full force and narrowed eyes that told him to answer.

“Yes, daddy. I want it rammed so far up in me I see stars. I want to be left gapping,” whimpers Mirio as he gazed up at Izuku. Cock twitching at the thought of what he wanted. Smugness rolled off Midoriya when those words rolled off his boyfriend tongue. His hand resumed downward to the very responsive organ. It wasn’t completely aroused yet but that easily fixed when he raised his hand and took hold of it. Stroking it until it was stiff and hard in his hand. Releasing his hold to pick up the bottle of lube. The dildo taking its place soon after. Opening the bottle to squeeze a glob of thick substance on the fingers. The scent of spice hitting his nose. Oh, he really needed to thank Adheesha for knowing him so well. He smeared it over his fingers.

The hand slithers below the engorged balls to spread the cheeks of the butt apart. A finger pressing against the tight, dark ring of muscle. Mirio let out a grunt when a finger entered. Feeling the ring of muscle burn as moved in and out. Another finger followed suit then another. Each moving, stretching and searching. A gasp and squirmed signaled he found the right spot. Pressing it again made Mirio buck against his fingers. Mirio whined when Izuku pulls the fingers out. Feeling empty and out of place without those intruding fingers.

Izuku shuddered himself as he mentally prepared himself for the next part. Picking up the dildo before squirting a generous amount of lube on it. Holding one end of it while smearing the substance all over. Making sure it was well coated then placing at Mirio entrance. Giving the blond one final questioning look to him. The Permeation user nodded his confirmation. Wrapping his arms tightly around himself when he felt the large blunt head breach the hole. Enduring how his ring was stretched even wider by the muscular like shaft slowly pushed into him until twelve inches was inside. This left Mirio ass feeling full by the toy. Groaning in appreciation and desire when it kept pressing against his prostate. Mirio couldn’t help but wiggle and squirm around. The ring of muscles repeatedly clutching the foreign object. Drawing a little bit more inside.

Bracing himself, Izuku pulled the toy out till the head was the only thing remaining. Ramming it back into Mirio that a surprised cry left him. It was one mixed with shock, pleasure and pain. Izuku repeated this action again and again. Enjoying each moan and wail that echoed from between those plump limps. Mirio unwrapped his arms to reach up to latch them around Izuku neck. Lifting his upper part of his body off the bed. Midoriya left out a pleased growl. Liking how his baby had sought him out. Regretfully, this part of their fun had to end. No matter how much the both was enjoying this. He pulled the toy out of Mirio then stood it up on its base on the nightstand nearby. A desperate whine came from Mirio. Not liking the empty, gaping sensation that was left behind. Hole twitching as it sought out the dildo that once occupied the space.

“Shush baby, you will be filled again soon,” Izuku cooed while he unhooked his boyfriend from his neck. Standing up straight as he reached for the buttons on his slacks. Undoing them and the zipper then pulled them off. Showing off that he wore nothing underneath his pants as well. Not that the blond cared in that moment. To focused on the large cock that sprang forth from the fabric. Erect and thick with veins pulsing. Mirio mind fought between two desires. One to nuzzle against the cock and the other to be fucked by it. But the choice was already made.

“Lay on your back, sugar.”

Mirio laid flat on his back. Izuku coating himself with some of the lube before inching himself onto the bed on his knees. Taking the hero legs to place them on either side of his waist. He eased himself into warm passage with a groan. Ignoring muscular arms rewrapping around his neck again. To busy focusing on the tight ring that clutched around his cock. As if it was eating him whole.

“Damn, your still so tight, baby. Even after taking that dildo,” Izuku exclaims as he finally bottoms out. Earning a moan when he brushed against Mirio prostate. Dragging himself partiality out to ram his cock back in. Repeating this process several times. Pushing deeper with each thrust as Mirio cries out.

“Please, daddy! More,” Togata wails. Tightening his hold around Izuku. This was something Izuku obliged his lover with. Quickening his pace to pound his boyfriend mercilessly. Leaving the room to be filled with the sound of screams, mewls, moans and grunts. Until Miro finally reached his limit. Balls tightening before cumming hard with a strangled cry. Pelting their stomachs and chest in hot white. Ass and legs tightening around Izuku in every way it could. Izuku followed suit after a couple of more deep, powerful thrusts. Semen flooding the channel to the point it started to leak out. He pulled out to leave the hole gapping wide. Allowing more to seep out onto his thighs and bed. He done so to crawl to the empty space on the bed. Laying down on the soft sheets before draping an arm around the larger male waist. Pulling him close to his body. Miro arms shifted from Izuku shoulder to wrap around his chest. Both falling asleep soon after.


“So… had a fun time last night,” a male voice full of mirth asked. Izuku merely creaked opened an eye to see his Adheesha standing in the door frame of the bedroom. Leaning against the frame as crimson eyes looked bright and amused while the smile on his face looked devious. It was mid-morning now and Mirio was still asleep in Izuku arms. Not that he minded in that moment.

“Yes, so much fun,” the All for One user answered. Matching his friend smile with his own. Tightening his hold on his boyfriend. Adheesha just waved it off as he turned to leave the room. Calling out from the hallway, “Breakfast will be ready soon, so wake your lover boy up. I would like my house back soon.”




Dragon dildo:

Head diameter: 4.5

Shaft diameter: 5

Total length: 15

Usable Length: 12