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I will love you for the rest of my life.

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A photographer is present all throughout the day taking pictures of friends and family as they wait for the two grooms to come out.

“Ahhh! Todoroki am I dreaming,” Izuku yelled panicking.

Todoroki tilted his head and responded, “No, Izuku you’re clearly awake. Are you perhaps getting cold feet?”

Izuku’s head shot up and he quickly responded, “No! I want to marry Kacchan! I’ve wanted that since I was a child! Kacchan means everything to me! I wouldn’t throw this chance out the window.”

Todoroki laughed and took a glance at Iida who was trying not to bash his head in. “Midoriya, Todoroki was just making a joke. We all know how deeply you care for Bakugou.”

Izuku stopped mumbling about Bakugou and rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just I want this day to go perfectly and oh god what if Kacchan gets cold feet.”

Todoroki sighed and headed towards the door. “Where are you going,”

“To see if Bakugou has cold feet or if he’s glowing with pride for getting to marry you,” Todoroki responded and shut the door before Izuku could stop him.

Bakugou was sitting at the vanity staring at himself. Kirishima came up behind him and rested his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder. “Dude are you okay? You’ve been spacing out for a while. If you’re nervous about how you look than can I say I think you look super manly dude!”

Bakugou acted like he was snapped out of a daze and snorted. “You always think I look manly. I’m just running over the vow I made for him. I don’t want to mess up.”

Kaminari appeared behind Kirishima and had tears in his eyes. “I can’t believe Blasty is going to get married! I always thought you’d end up alone!”

Bakugou got up to hit Kaminari but Kirishima grabbed Bakugou and led him away. “Dude you know if you hurt him then you’re going to have one ugly looking groomsman.”

Bakugou crossed his arms but soften when he thought about how he was getting married. “I know I don't express my emotions the best but De- I mean Izuku has stuck by my side since we were kids. I hope I can prove to him that I will be a great husband.”

Kirishima took a deep breath in and quickly wiped tears away. “Stop thinking like that bro! Midoriya is so excited to marry you. He knows you’re going to be the best husband ever,” Kirishima replied with while trying to hide the sniffling he was doing.

Sero cleared his throat and announce, “The one and only Todoroki has graced us with his presence. He has a question to ask our dear Blasty.”

Todoroki snorted and looked at Bakugou dead in the eyes and asked, “Do you have cold feet?”

Everybody in the room froze and Bakugou looked at Todoroki in anger. “Why the hell do you think I have fucking cold feet? Who the fuck told you that,” Bakugou growled out.

Todoroki raised his hands up and calmly replied with, “Midoriya is freaking out and he almost panicked because he thought his precious Kacchan might be getting cold feet.”

Bakugou frowned and headed towards the door but was stopped by Todoroki and Sero. “Get the fuck off of me. I have a husband to go comfort.”

Sero rolled his eyes and said, “You guys ain’t married yet. Plus you’re not allowed to see him before the wedding.”

Bakugou frowned and glanced at the clock. He relaxed when he saw it was about time to get this wedding started. He glanced at Todoroki and said, “Tell that damn nerd I’m not going anywhere so stop fucking worrying.”

Todoroki laughed and said,” I’m glad he has you Bakugou,” with that Todoroki walked out of the door heading back over to Izuku.

Bakugou looked at the door and smiled. Mentally thanking Todoroki for being able to handle Izuku. Bakugou turned to his groomsmen and asked, “Who’s ready to get this show on the road?”

They all crowded around Bakugou and gave him a big hug. “Remember me when you’re married,” Sero faked sobbed

“Don’t forget to take care of your child,” Kaminari cried out.

Bakugou looked at Kaminari in confusion and asked, “Who the hell is my child?”

Kaminari smiled and hugged him tighter. “Me, duh!”

Bakugou snorted and Kirishima looked at him saying, “I know you’re never going to forget us and you’re still going to take care of us. I only ask for one thing and that is...when you go on your honeymoon will you bring us stuff back?”

Sero and Kaminari snorted. Bakugou rolled his eyes and shoved them off to fix his tux. “How do I look?”

“You looking hot as hell, Blasty,” Kaminari grinned while walking out of the door.

“It’s showtime buddy,” Bakugou said with a grin.

As Bakugou follows his three idiots down the aisle he looked around and saw how happy everyone looked. His mom and Izuku’s mom were holding each other crying. Bakugou laughed at that.

No matter how many times they tried to tell them that they were keeping the families separated but those two wouldn’t listen. Bakugou looked over and saw Toshinori smiling gently at him. When Bakugou got to the altar he felt the nerves hit him. He stood up there question if he really deserved Izuku or not.

All of these thoughts went quiet when he heard the music signaling that Izuku was coming out soon. He looked down the aisle and his breath got caught in his throat. Bakugou was absolutely stunned and Izuku saw the face Bakugou was making. He blushed and gave Bakugou a soft smile. When Izuku made it to the altar he reached out for Bakugou’s hand and smiled. “Hey, Kacchan. Thanks for the message. It helped a lot,” Izuku whispered.

Bakugou felt all his nerves go away at that and he smiled. “You damn nerd. How could you ever think I’d ever get cold feet.”

Izuku laughed and whispered, “I just don’t know how I got so lucky to have the most perfect person ever to want to marry me.”

Bakugou blushed and tightened his hold on Izuku’s hand. “Bakugou Katsuki would you like to say your vows now?”

Izuku looked at Bakugou in shock and already started to tear up. Bakugou sighed and stared, “Izuku, Deku, damn nerd, and everything else I’ve ever called you let me tell you that I love you. You put up with my awful attitude. You stuck with me even when I treated you so bad. You believed in me from the beginning and I was a fool for thinking you didn’t. On nights where I can’t sleep, I can’t help but look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. You are the definition of perfect and I don’t think I deserve you. I know I don’t but I’m going to do everything I’m able to prove that I love you. I love you with all of my heart and I just want to thank you for allowing me to be the one to be able to call you mine. Midoriya Izuku I promise to love you for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to be announced as your husband.”

All Bakugou could hear was his own heartbeat but he saw the tears falling from Izuku’s eyes. He placed his hand on Izuku’s face and wiped the tears away with a soft smile. Neither of them was paying attention to how everyone else was crying. They didn’t notice Todoroki turning away to wipe his eyes or even Aziawa taking a deep breath to keep from crying. The only thing those two noticed was each other.

“...I now pronounce you husband and husband.”

It was like a gate had been opened up. Bakugou quickly pulled Izuku to him and kissed him with all the emotions he was feeling. Izuku smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s neck to deepen the kiss.

“I love you Bakugou Izuku.”

“And I love you Bakugou Katsuki.”