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Stamp of Approval

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Midoriya Izuku was a kind child, who wore his heart on his sleeve and had big dreams of becoming a hero. In a world of quirks he might not have seemed like much at first. But with his fluffy green hair and matching emerald eyes, his freckles that resembled constellations and smile that could rival the sun in brightness, he was undeniably adorable. And could've made even the coldest hearts melt.

He never denied anyone his kindness, no matter who they were or how they looked. Yet despite trying his best to always do good, the world continued to give him the short end of the stick.


“It’s alright now. Why? FOR I AM HERE!”

“Izuku dear, if you don’t calm down you’re going to fly out of your seat.” The gentle voice of his mother contrasted greatly with the booming voice of the hero he admired more than anyone else. “But mom! He’s so cool!!!” Stars seemed to appear in his eyes as he started ranting about his favorite hero. “He’s the strongest Alpha ever! No villain could ever beat him!!! And when I get my Quirk, I’m going to be a hero just like him!” He declared loudly. Clutching his All Might toy tightly in his small fist, he raised it above his head and started swinging it side to side, imitating the hero’s laugh as best he could.

Laughing at her son's antics she started picking up discarded toys he’d left on the ground during his latest playdate with Bakugou. Some of them a bit scorched as the other boy had just recently gotten his Quirk and been claimed as an Alpha, making him rowdy and easy to upset (or explode now more literally). “Of course you will honey. Now, turn off the video and wash up for dinner. You’ve got the appointment with the Quirk doctor tomorrow.”

He reluctantly obeyed his mother and shut off the computer before hopping out of the chair and onto the floor with a small thud. However, unable to stay upset for long, he was soon back to his happy bouncing self in a matter of moments and rushed out to help his mom set the table.


“Well, your son definitely has a quirk. But that’s all I can tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see what turns up. If nothing happens in a month you can stop by again and we’ll try some more extensive test and see what we can uncover.”


“So did you finally get your Quirk Deku?” It has only been a week since the doctor's visit had taken place, and only a month since his fourth birthday had passed. It wasn’t too unusual for late bloomers to happen. Yet Bakugou continued to ask every day if he’d gotten his Quirk yet. “Not yet Kacchan! But I’m sure it’ll come soon.” Izuku replied just as cheerily as he always did, despite how annoyed he was starting to get with that particular question.
This time his answer didn’t seem to satisfy Bakugou. “You know what I think? I think you’re lying, and you’re actually quirkless. It’d be fitting for a worthless Deku like you!” Small sparks flashed in the young boys hands, not quite big enough to be called explosions, but still enough to hurt. “Hell, you’re probably going to be an Omega as well. You’ll never be a hero if you’re a quirkless Omega loser. Too weak to even take care of yourself.” he spat out with as much venom as a four-year-old could manage.

Ever the emotional one, tears had quickly begun to form at his friend's harsh words. “T-That’s m-mean Kacchan! And I’m n-not lying! The d-doctor said I’d h-have a quirk, I j-just have to find out what a-activates it!...” he didn’t even finish speaking before tears started to fall. “And mom s-said I’d probably b-be a Beta like her a-anyways...” at this point his shoulders were shaking with the force of his sobs. Normally it took a lot more than this to make him cry this hard, but with his struggles on trying to figure out his Quirk he had already been feeling very stressed.

“Whatever” Bakugou growled, before turning his back on his childhood friend and marching away from the park they had been going to play at.
Seeing the blurry back of his friend leaving him behind, he stumbled after as quickly as he dared. “W-Wait! K-Kacchan.!” But the tears had blurred his vision to the point he couldn’t see straight in front of him, leaving him desperately rubbing his eyes, trying to get rid of his tears.

Bakugou didn’t even turn back when he made it to the other side of the street. Not until he heard the sharp sound of screeching tires behind him.

Izuku heard it too. His vision seemed to clear only to be blinded by the car lights flashing in his face as it speeds towards him. It was going too fast, even as the driver tried desperately to break. He knew it wouldn’t stop, he wasn’t sure how he knew exactly but it didn’t exactly matter at the moment. He didn’t want to die. And the car wasn’t going to stop in time.
“STOP!” He screamed loud enough to make his voice feel raw, yelling at the same time someone else screamed an equally loud “DEKU”. As Izuku squeezed his eyes shut tight, bracing for the inevitable pain that would come with the hit....


...nothing happened.....

Slowly he forced his eyes to open, arms covering his head is a useless effort to protect himself. “W-What...?” He stuttered out, confused at the lack of pain and noise. The world around him had taken on a grayish tint. Nothing moved except for the static buzzing around the edges of his vision, like a paused tv show. Slowly lowering his arms he stumbled back a bit when he realized how close the car had gotten, only a couple inches away from him. The drivers face frozen in a state of panic as he tried to stop.

Looking up, he saw a group of birds frozen mid flight above them. To his sides he saw other pedestrians looking at the scene in horror, and Bakugou mid-scream with one hand reaching out towards where he was. Still incredibly confused as to what was going on, he stumbled away from the frozen car, towards his best friend. Suddenly feeling very dizzy and a bit queasy, he’d only made it about half way to where Bakugou stood before he fell to his knees and onto the asphalt. Pain burst in his stomach as if he’d been punched and a throbbing feeling pushed at his head. Sound came abruptly, but it sounded dull and fuzzy in his ears now. His vision blurred again, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t crying this time. Somewhere in the back of his head he was aware that he had somehow managed to move out of the way of the car. Although everything hurt to much for him to focus on that right now.

It sounded as if someone was screaming in the distance, but he couldn’t tell what they were saying. He felt hands grabbing at his shoulders and shake him roughly before being yanked away. They had been small and warm like Bakugou’s had become ever since receiving his Quirk. The last thing he remembered was being lifted up and set onto something flat and hard before everything went dark.