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He had been working on that room since he sat down on the train, and Yoongi still couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. 


He was tired and he was ready to fire his coworker for having pulled this game on him, again. Do-jung called in sick: it was the third time he did something like that and it always happened when Yoongi and his team had a big project in hands. 


This time around Yoongi had been handed one of the biggest projects that had ever been assigned to the agency he work for: he had to design the interior of all the apartments built inside a ten-floored palace in the Gangnam District. He was proud that his team has been chosen for this, but mostly he couldn’t help but feel stressed for it. 


He was grateful, of course, this was a great chance for him. He could grow so much from this experience and maybe in the future his boss was going to trust him even with more bigger project, or even receive offers of designing interiors for very rich people. 


But for now, he was left with both his work and his coworker’s. Yoongi never was a man that liked to complain, and if he could lessen the workload for his team he would happily take it upon himself to decorate also the apartment that Do-jung couldn’t do. Besides Yoongi had already filled a request to get him fired, he couldn’t allow that behaviour at work. He could be really kind with who gained his respect but if someone took advantage of that kindness, Yoongi was quick to show him that there were still rules to follow. 


That’s how he found himself sitting on his way home, working his ass off on even more rooms than he was supposed to design, and trying to understand what was wrong with the one he was angrily designing now. 


There were all the furniture a room for a child needed; a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe. He even put a carpet in the middle of the room, toys on it just for the sake of it, and some pictures of cartoons on the wall but something wasn’t clicking. Something was just wrong .


“The walls are boring.” someone said in a little high-pitched voice beside him. 


He was so focused on his work that he didn’t notice that someone was sitting right beside him: a kid, to be precise.


Yoongi choose a seat on the train where he had one spot near him and two more right in front of him, so that he could use the little table at the center to rest his laptop on and work better. It was silent inside that wagon and he had been so immersed in his work that he didn’t notice that someone sat there with him. 


“Ji-hun, don’t interrupt the man. He’s working.” Yoongi looked up then to the voice that was coming right in front of him and oh god. 


A literal angel was sitting right in front of him, sand-kissed hair and eyes of a deep brown. Yoongi couldn’t keep his eyes off of him, and when they landed on his lips he had to focus hard to gaze away from how plump and full they seemed. 


He was brought back go reality when the man in front of him talked directly to him. 


“I’m sorry if he bothered you, he’s just really curious.” the man apologized, probably taking Yoongi’s silence as a negative one. The man then gave an hard look to the kid, which Yoongi labeled as the man's brother. Or maybe he was his son, Yoongi wasn't sure. He was just able to notice the man's expression shifting up to a annoyed pout. Cute.


“Oh, don’t worry! It’s fine.” Yoongi said focusing once again to the kid beside him. He could notice some sort of resemblance with the man in front of him: they had the same eye-shape and the same cute small nose. 


But the kid’s attention was soon caught by a sandwich handed by the man.


He soon enough got back to work again, the only difference was that now he was actually aware of his surroundings but still neck-deep in the room on his laptop. He seriously couldn’t tell what was wrong with it.


It’s the walls, the walls are boring.” the kid beside him whispered, covering his mouth with what was left of his sandwich.


You think?” Yoongi whispered back. He was getting desperate to get around the problem and solve it as quickly as possible so when the idea hit him he didn’t think it was that bad. And who better than a kid could tell him what was missing in a kid’s room? 


Boring how? and why are we whispering?”  


The little boy gave a look then that made Yoongi feel a little dumb, but then proceed to sink his teeth in the sandwich and just when he swallowed he gave Yoongi an answer. 


Because like this daddy won’t know I’m disturbing you, of course.”


Well, of course that was the reason why they were whispering and that also pushed Yoongi to look up again at the man in front of him. If there was a kid and a dad, maybe there was also a mom? Yoongi shook his head then, trying to clear his mind from these kind of thoughts so that he could focus back on his work. 


The man - Yoongi still had to ask for a name - was looking at the both of them with an amused smile on his face, clearly amazed by his son’s antics. 


“Are you sure he’s not bothering?” he asked, a worried frown quickly taking place over his features. 


“Not at all, I may really need his help actually.” Yoongi provided with a quick and reassuring smile. 


“Ji-hun behave, okay? and if you need anything-” the man said looking at him, “just say it, he can get insistent and too curious sometimes. I’m Jimin, by the way! Nice to meet you.” 

“I’m Yoongi, Min Yoongi. But please, don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll work together just fine.” he offered.


“So, what’s up with the walls?” 


Ji-hun pointed up a finger towards the laptop then. 


“They’re white!” he told Yoongi with such distaste in his voice, as if the color white had personally threatened him. 


“What’s wrong with them being white?” Yoongi half whined. Even though, now that he was made notice it, it was true. They were boring, and it did not suit at all the atmosphere he was trying to give to the whole room. 


“Let me try-” he said more to himself that to the kid, he had an idea and he was hoping it would stop making him hating the room he had designed from the start. 


“Yes!” Ji-hun said beside him, clapping his chubby hands together in excitement, “It’s perfect now!”  


Yoongi had just changed the wall’s color to a soft yellow so that it could suit both male and female kids. He couldn’t believe that something as simple as the walls’ color had been bugging him for at least thirty minutes of his ride back home. And now that he got to think about it, he had to get ready to get off the train.


“Thank you, Ji-hun.” Yoongi said, “You really helped me a lot!”


The kid then threw his little hands up in the hair, ready to high-five, and Yoongi quickly complied. 


“Daddy, see? I was helpful!” he cheered up to his father and when Yoongi looked up to the man in front of him he saw a warm and full of love smile adorning his face. 


“You did good, baby.” Jimin said then, starting to gather his things at the same time Yoongi was closing his laptop and putting it in his bag. Yoongi then started to loosen the tie he had and the shirt, feeling uncomfortable now after a day of wearing a suit. 


“Thank you for letting him help me.” Yoongi said to the man, wanting to hear his voice again. It was smooth and sweet. 


“I’m glad he could be of help.” Jimin told him while zipping up Ji-hun’s jacket, tying his scarf around his neck and then helping Ji-hun's tiny hands inside a pair of gloves to protect him from the cold winter of Seoul. He also noticed that Jimin was struggling in carrying a big suitcase that had been hidden under the table for all the time. 


“Oh, let me help you.” He offered, and together they manage to get it off the train once it stopped at Yoongi’s stop, casually being also Jimin’s and Ji-hun’s. 


“You’re also stopping here?” Ji-hun said, looking up at him. 


“Apparently yes, little man.” 


“I’m not little, I’m five and a half.” he retorted and Yoongi was quick to accept defeat. He was no one to argue with a five and a half little kid. 


Then they hurried out of the train station among a crowd of people, Yoongi still carrying the luggage for Jimin since it is the least I can do, really. Your son just saved my life with that walls thing


Once they were outside Ji-hun left Jimin’s gloved hand to tug at the end of his long black coat. 


“It was a pleasure working with you.” Ji-hun said and Yoongi crouched down to shake Ji-hun hand like some business partners. 


“The pleasure was all mine.” 


Jimin thanked him again for helping him with their suitcase, then Jimin took Ji-hun hand again and waved goodbye to him. 


Yoongi took another direction to go fetch his car, focusing on turning on the heater as quickly as possible even if he was feeling quite warm inside by the sweet smile Jimin gave him when they parted their ways. 





It was one of those days that Yoongi particularly loved. It was cloudy, not too much sun and the promise of rain right behind the corner but what he loved the most about days like this was getting out of work hours earlier. He and his team worked a lot and he could tell that they were right on time now with their latest project. 


He had fired Do-jung and got sleepless night of work in return for that and for being on time with the deadline. His team still had a week to work on it and to finalize all the details, but they worked endlessly hard by his side, so he decided it was time to have at least an afternoon free from stress. 

He seriously didn’t know how he managed to work on his part of the project and Do-jung too, maybe it was the countless cups of coffee he gulped that kept him going. 


But maybe it was for a thought that didn’t let him go to sleep- one that he should keep his mind off. It was hard thought not to think about Jimin. 


It was strange for him, he was never one to be so caught up in someone just by some glance and a little talk. But that Jimin really had something that left him quite shocked. And of course, that’s where his train of thought had brought him while he’s on his way back home. 


His team loved the color of the walls on the kid’s room and that inevitably brought him in wondering how father and son were doing.


Of course Yoongi tried to think about Jimin that much, he didn’t know if there were a partner in the way and Yoongi was no one to mingle in and ruin a family. He just couldn’t help but think about him. And the man was right in his thoughts, distracting him, when he bump into someone right in front of his building’s entrance.


Yoongi looked up, ready to apologized but it soon died on his tongue. No way. 




Jimin’s confused but surprised look quickly faded in a smile, that made Yoongi feel warm inside.


“Oh, Yoongi-ssi?” his cheeks getting red after saying his name. “What are you doing here?” Jimin asked him, sensing that Yoongi didn’t really know what to say next. He was kind of dumbstruck: he couldn’t believe that Jimin was really in front of him. 


A week had passed since their first encounter and they never once crossed paths. 


“I live here, actually.” he answered and a little surprised oh left Jimin’s lips. “What about you?” 


Jimin bit on his lips then, maybe out of nervousness but Yoongi followed the motion like his life depended on it. 


“I live here, too.” and Jimin giggled and Yoongi’s heart did a thing that he never thought a human organ could do. 


Yoongi took a look at Jimin then: he was wearing a long coat to shield himself against the cold, and he was full of grocery bags. They must be heavy. 


“Oh, please let me help you.” Yoongi offered pointing at the four bags Jimin was balancing on his arms. It was a lot of groceries, and that really made Yoongi think that maybe it wasn’t just him and Ji-hun. 


“Don’t worry, it’s fine but thank you.” Jimin said, but he made no move to enter the building and neither did Yoongi. 


“I insist, really. It’s no bother.” Yoongi said, sensing that maybe Jimin refused his help to not bother him, that was also what he thought the first time on the train when he helped him with his luggage. 


He proceeded to move and take two of the bags off Jimin’s arm, and he knew he didn’t cross any line when Jimin smiled hugely back at him. 


“Thank you.” he said, moving in so that he could show him the way to his apartment. 


They soon discovered that Jimin was at the third floor just like Yoongi and since it wasn’t that much of a ride they decided against the elevator, opting to take the stairs. 


“How’s Ji-hun?” Yoongi asked, genuinely curious about the kid’s well being and doing. 


“Oh, he’s fine. Throwing a tantrum now and then because he doesn’t want to go to school.” Jimin said and that made Yoongi laugh. He could relate perfectly, when he was a kid Yoongi would use everything in his power to not go, preferring to stay at home reading his favorite book. 


They were almost there thankfully, the weight of the bag was starting to make Yoongi’s arms feel a little numb. They kept chatting a little bit more about how Ji-hun was having a hard time adjusting to the new school and classmates. 


“When did you move here?” Yoongi asked while they were getting nearer and nearer to Yoongi’s door. He was confused as to why Jimin was heading in that direction.


“Actually, the day we first met on the train.” Jimin said once they were in front of the door of Yoongi’s neighbor


“You live here?” Yoongi asked suddenly, before that Jimin could even say something else. “You live with Taehyung?”


“Oh, yes.” he said, “He’s my best friend and when he knew that I was looking for a house here in Seoul offered to stay in until I found a proper home for me and Ji-hun.” 


Jimin explained and Yoongi was not focusing on the last part, at all. He and Ji-hun. 


“But how do you know Tae?” Jimin asked him, dropping softly the bag on the ground so that he could start searching for the keys to open the door. 


“The right question is how can you not know Taehyung.” Yoongi said, and that made Jimin laugh with his whole body, a hand on the wall to find some balance. Yoongi felt like he won the lottery. It was the best sound and sight in the whole world.


“Right,” Jimin breathed, “I guess the moment you moved in, he not so kindly entered your house demanding to be friends and have dinner together at least once a week.” Jimin half joked or maybe not because that was actually what had happened. 


“How did you-” 


“-Know? Because that’s what he did when we were in college together. We were room neighbors for the first year, and I swear to god I’ve been terrified by him for at least two whole weeks!” Jimin joked and Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh. 


“Well, at least you’re reassuring me that the fear won’t pass soon. It’s been a year now and it’s still overwhelming.” Yoongi half joked. 


Yoongi had moved there one year ago, which also happened to be when he started to work for his current company. Taehyung had literally rushed inside his apartment two nights after he had done with all the moving asking him to have dinner together, making it become a habit of them.


At first Yoongi was kind of annoyed, he just wanted to rest and not having a noisy neighbor around like that. Yoongi was calm and quiet and Taehyung was the very opposite but somehow they made it work. Soon enough, Yoongi was reserving a soft spot for Taehyung in his heart. 


It was inevitable, Taehyung was made to be loved by everyone with his sparkling personality. He cared about people deeply and if he could he’d give them everything they need. Taehyung was like that, wholesome and overwhelming. 


Jimin smiled at him then, nodding to what he had said. 


“Thank you for helping me again .” a flush rose to his cheeks and Yoongi couldn’t help but be endeared by it. 


He was about to say something when the door swung open and a confused Taehyung appeared with Ji-hung holding on one of his arms. 


“So you’re not talking by yourself!” Taehyung erupted, “I heard you laugh but I didn’t know you were talking with Yoongi-hyung.” 


Yoongi smiled in embarrassment. “Hey, little man, how’s hanging on there?” he said to Ji-hun that in all answer started laughing out of fun. 


“Yeah, we were just talking, Yoongi-ssi helped with the grocery.” Jimin supplied, handing a bag to Taehyung that promptly put Ji-hun down to help his friend. 


“Hyung.” Yoongi supplied, it was strange being called in such a formal way by Jimin. 


“Uh?” Jimin turned around to look at him, as he handed him the bags he had brought up for him. 


“Call me Hyung, Yoongi-ssi is too formal.” he offered and Jimin nodded. They were kind of close now and then Yoongi handed him the last bag their hand brushed together and the little contact made him feel warm all over. Maybe it was the mix of that and Jimin’s warm eyes and smile locked on his. 


“Okay.” he said.


“Thank you, Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin finished and turned around so that he could Taehyung’s apartment before his friend could embarrass him in front of Yoongi. In the mere seconds that it took for the door to close Yoongi could hear a bye, Yoongi-huyng from Ji-hun and a nosy how did you meet him? we have to have dinner all together then!! by a very loud Taehyung. 


And for once, Yoongi agreed with him. 


He would love to have dinner with them. 







It actually becomes a routine. Not the dinner - that one still has to happen - but mornings. Those become a routine. 


They found out that their morning schedule matched, and that when Yoongi closed the door of his own house, Jimin would do the same. 


It happened for the first time the morning after Yoongi helped Jimin with his groceries: they walked the way out of the building together. Jimin holding Ji-hun’s hand. It was awkward the first morning, neither of them knowing what to talk about while stepping down the stairs, but thankfully Ji-hun helped them. 


“I am hungry.” he said, rubbing his still sleepy eyes. 


“You already had breakfast, baby. Don’t try it.” Jimin said, giving a hard look to his son to make him understand to quit whining because he wouldn’t get anything out of him. 


“I know, but ’m still hungry.” and Yoongi would laugh because he already knew that the kid had won the battle the second he gave puppy eyes to Jimin. His father already softening, phone in hand to find a coffee shop nearby. Yoongi had to have breakfast as well, and looking at his watch he noticed had a good half an hour before he had to take the train to go to work. 


“Here around the corner there’s a nice coffee shop-” he started but the moment of bravery soon slipped away because he didn’t know what to say next. Was it too much to ask him to have breakfast together? 


Jimin was looking at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish up the sentence. 


“Would like to go- to buy Ji-hun something to eat of course and-” he was deeply embarrassed. He never stuttered before but one minute with Jimin and he was a mess. 


“Yoongi, yes.” Jimin said then, helping him out of that terrible attempt at asking Jimin something as simple as having breakfast together. 


“We both would love to have breakfast together.” Jimin said, “But we gotta be fast, or Ji-hun will be late and miss our train and then will be late for school. And we don’t want that, right baby?” he added, eyeing his son who had already started muttering something along the line of no, of course not late to school. 


And from that it became routine. Every morning they would meet outside their door and will head together to have breakfast. Then they hopped on Yoongi’s car and headed to the train station. They found out the first morning that they had the train at the same time, going in the same direction. 


Asking them if they wanted a ride was no problem for Yoongi. He had categorically refused to let them both walk in the cold wintery streets of Seoul. 


It was nice really, and Yoongi found that his day would be a lot happier if it started with talking with Jimin and laughing for something cute or absurd that Ji-hun said. 


Entering the coffee shop a week later since their routine started, Yoongi headed straight to take their order - having them memorized already: a caramel macchiato with a lot of cream for Jimin, an orange juice for Ji-hun and an americano for him - while Jimin would go take their favorites seats near the window. 


“Yoongi-hyung, drink some of my juice.” Ji-hun said at some point, handing him his glass. “Coffee is not good, you should take some vitamins.” he added, and he looked so smart just for a five years old boy. 


“Where is this coming from? coffee is good for me!” Yoongi replied, as if he was going to win that argument. 


“No, it’s not! Joon said so.” and at that both Jimin and Yoongi’s head snapped up to look at each other. 


In those mornings on the train, Ji-hun would often fall asleep on Jimin, leaving the two adults to quietly chat. Jimin one time confided to Yoongi what was bugging him, after the older caught the worried look on his face and asked him if everything was fine. 

And Jimin told him, he trusted Yoongi enough to tell him what was bothering him. 


“It’s just that he still can’t get used to the new school and he still has made no friends. I wished it could be easier for him.” Jimin had said and Yoongi just wanted to hug him for comfort, because he knew how hard it has been also for Jimin to move here. 


It was something he told him always on the train. Jimin had moved because he was asked to become a dance teacher in a modern dance school, and it paid better than his previous job. Plus, dancing was Jimin’s second world soon after Ji-hun. 


He feared he was being selfish in taking Ji-hun away from everything the kid was familiar with, but the need for more money while doing what he loved the most was too tempting and he couldn’t decline. 


So he called Taehyung and asked if he knew if there were house up for renting at a low budget and he ended up in Taehyung’s home. No budget needed. 


But Ji-hun still had problems at school and Jimin was starting to question his decision. 


“Jimin, hey-” Yoongi said, taking Jimin’s hand out of bravery, “You’re a good father and Ji-hun loves you.” 


“It will take some time, but he will soon get used to it. He’s smart and kids are strange, they need to study the new kids for a while before getting the courage to ask him to be their friend.” He said, confidently as if knew something about kids but he was ready to pull out all the shit he knew if it meant to make Jimin smile again. 


“Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing the best for him.” he continued, and after Jimin squeezed back his hand a small smile finally appeared and the conversation lightened after Jimin thanked him. 


And that’s why hearing Ji-hun talking about another kid had them both on their spot. 


“Who’s Joon, baby?” Jimin asked, his eyes moving from Yoongi to his son by his side. 


“My friend at school! He says a lot of smart things, I really like him.” Ji-hun said. 


For a moment the both of them thought that was all they were gonna get from him but Ji-hun continued. You know, Joon is so tall but we have the same age. Isn’t it funny? That he’s five but tall and that i’m five, almost six, but short? Joon said it’s gentics.” 


“I think the right word is genetics, baby.” Jimin supplied but he was quickly shut down to a dismissive whatever, daddy by Ji-hun.  


And it had Jimin smile so widely hearing his son talking about his new friend that Yoongi didn’t dare to interrupt the moment, if not for humming and agreeing to something Ji-hun was telling them. 


It was nice, and the train on his way to work had never been more enjoyable.





From: Taehyung is the bestest neighbor ev-


Yoongiiii-hyung  [16.57]


Yoongi-hyung reply to me [16.57]


Stop working, reply to me it’s important!!! [16.58]


Yoongi!!! I got hit by a car and now I’m at the hospital [16.58]


R E P L Y [16.59]


Jimin wants pizza for dinner, we’re having it at yours [17.00]

To: Taehyung is the best neighbor ev-


Jimin wants pizza? [17.00]


Favorite flavour? [17.00]



From: Taehyung is the best neighbor ev-


Unbelievable [17.01] 




oh he likes whatever, just NOT pineapples on it. [17.02]


when are you gonna tell him you like him? Hyung? [17.02]

To: Taehyung, DO ignore!!


okay for pizza at mine, be there at 20 [17.05]


stop changing your contact name on my phone [17.05]


gotta work, byee [17.06]

From: Taehyung, DO ignore!!


Hyung!!! [17.06]


you like him, do you?? of course you like him. [17.07]


you get all red when he’s around [17.07]


HYUNG!! have put to ignore me again on your phone? [17.07]









G   [17.08]


wait [17.09]


Jiminie talks a lot about you too, you know? [17.12]


To: Taehyung, DO ignore!!


really? [17.12]


what does he say? [17.13]


in a very not interested way [17.13]


From: Taehyung, DO ignore!!


Unbelievable pt.2 [17.14]


The ride back home was silent, neither Jimin nor Ji-hun to keep him company since for what Yoongi knew Jimin had a lesson rescheduled and it allowed him to be home sooner. 


It was almost 7.30pm when he got inside the car, ready to stop and take the pizza to bring home. Taehyung had texted him late in the evening, informing Yoongi that he had already placed the order and that all he had to do was to go pick it up. 


He could have been home sooner but he and his team had to do a not so quick reunion to sum up their progress on their project. 


There were some problems with the chiefs: they wanted the project to be done sooner than planned, and Yoongi couldn’t say no so he had to run up a meeting and tell them the bad news: work till late. 


It wasn’t like they were in dire straits: the project was almost finalized but they all needed to review it, looking for any imperfection and to add even the slightest, small and apparently insignificant details that could do the difference. 


Yoongi was stressed, but the idea of spending a night with Taehyung, Jimin and Ji-Hun really didn’t make him hate the day. 


He loves his job, he really does, and he’s used to the tight schedule and anticipated deliveries but sometimes having a little time to breathe would be appreciated.


Entering his apartment with pizza and two portions of fries in a paper bag  Yoongi could finally breathe, have a break. And his break was sitting on the couch with his son resting on his crossed legs watching TV. 


“Yoonie-hyung” Ji-hun greeted him in the moment he heard the door shutting close. Jimin turned around to look at him with a sweet smile. 


Yoongi could breathe and he didn’t know already if associating peace with the two boys was a good idea. He was nowhere in Jimin’s life and he was no one but a friend. He hoped he could be more, but he didn’t know if it was even a possibility. 


The older boy was about to ask how they got inside but then he heard shuffling from the kitchen and Taehyung appeared through the door to look at him. Yoongi gave him a spare key some time ago. 


“Finally, we were starving!” Taehyung said, coming in front of him to help him take the pizza off his arms to put them on the table. 


“Baby, go wash up your hand.” Jimin said to Ji-hun, who quickly moved and tapped his little feet off the sofa to Yoongi’s bathroom, moving inside the house as if he has always lived there. 


Jimin moved near Yoongi then, closing some of the room that was keeping them at distance. It was silent, they were just looking each other up. Yoongi moved his black fringe from his eyes at some point; he had to cut them, since they were starting to get a bit too long. 

He took in how Jimin was dressed then: cosy and soft. Jimin was wearing tight black jeans, a loose shirt and a red fluffy cardigan and soft black socks, those that one usually wear to be inside the house during winter. He was gorgeous and Yoongi wished he could tell him that. 


“Who ordered fries?” Taehyung interrupted the silence that was inside the dining room, taking a fries and munching on it. 


“I did, thought that Ji-hun would like it.” Yoongi explained, not noticing the way Jimin’s eyes got soft at the mention that he had thought about his son. 


After Taehyung went back inside the kitchen to get ketchup from the fridge, they sat down at the table. Ji-hun came back from the bathroom after washing his hands, squealing in happiness when his father put some of the fries on his plate with his favorite pizza: mozzarella and ham. 


Eating together was nice, Yoongi never told Taehyung but he secretly loved the company that the younger boy imposed inside the apartment. He was pretty much alone most of the time, too caught up in his own work to properly go out and have a real life. He had friends, of course, but keeping up with them when everyone had a different schedule was hard. 


Jimin was sitting near him, Ji-hun was at the head of the table and Taehyung was on the other side in front of his best friend. They seemed like a family and Yoongi felt his heart swelled up when Ji-hun spoke directly to him, “Yoongi-hyung how’s going our project?”.


It was funny and cute to watch how proud Ji-hun would get whenever Yoongi mentioned how his team loved the idea of the different wall’s colour, and Yoongi found himself thinking that he would do anything to keep that look on Ji-hun’s face. 


“They loved it so much, really.” Yoongi said, “In our office there’s already a desk ready with your name on it, little one.” he continued and Ji-hun smiled so bright and jumped out of the chair to go catch a book on the sofa, that Yoongi was sure didn’t belong to his own library. 


“Look, Yoonie, I asked dad to buy me that today.” he handed him the book, a big one with a room drawn on the cover. “I want to become just like you and create rooms.” the kid said to him and Yoongi really had to force himself not to cry and keep the emotions inside. 


It was one of the best things someone said to him, but when he looked up at Jimin and saw how warm were his eyes, how soft he was looking directly at him and not at his own child Yoongi dared to hope. 


“I bet you’re gonna be the best.” Yoongi said, taking Ji-hun on his legs and moving his plate so that he could place the book on the table and open it. “Even better than myself.” Yoongi added, making both Taehyung and Jimin laugh. 


“So, humble Yoongi-Hyung.” Taehyung said as Jimin leaned in a little bit closer to both Yoongi and his kid to look inside the book as well. 


They spent some times like that, flipping through the book and sometimes Yoongi answering Ji-hun question as “why is everything so black and white?”


“Because some people like it like that, it’s called minimay. Usually people who don’t spend so much time inside their house and like it neet and just with the essential goes for it.” Yoongi said and Ji-hun looked up at him with his wide eyes, exactly like his father even though there was something in there that didn’t belong to Jimin. 


“But it’s boring, houses are pretty if they’re full of stuff and games, lots of games!Ji-hun continued and they started up a conversation about it with Jimin sitting beside them, one of his arms resting on Yoongi shoulder so that he could card his fingers through his son’s black hair, very different from Jimin’s.


Yoongi knew that blonde wasn’t his real hair color, but neither was black by the brown that his eyebrows showed. Yoongi found his mind wondering if black hair was something Ji-hun inherited by his mother. 


Jimin wasn’t heavy but that arm really felt like the heaviest thing Yoongi ever held on him. He felt Jimin so near and he was sure that if he moved his head they would be even closer.


Neither of them noticed that Taehyung was taking cute photos of them, and that he captured the exact moment in which Yoongi’s will to not move faltered and his eyes locked with Jimin’s. 


Yoongi was sure that he wasn’t able to do anything else then, he was paralyzed and Jimin looked paralyzed too but thankfully Ji-hun jumped off Yoongi’s legs to go on the sofa, bringing the book with him that made them both come back to reality.  


Taehyung covered up his smile with one of his hands and moved up to clean the table. Jimin got up as well, helping him. 


“Guys, really you don’t have to.” Yoongi said knowing that it was useless to tell them, they would have done it the same. 


“Yoongi, this is the least we can do.” Jimin said as he entered the kitchen to start cleaning up the glasses they used to drink. 


Yoongi then looked over to Ji-hun and moved to go sit near him on the sofa, book splayed open on the kid’s legs. A yawn welcomed him as he sat down and Ji-hun scooted closer to him as in to seek for comfort. 


“Do you like this one?” Yoongi asked him, noticing that the kid wasn’t changing page but was looking at him with dreamy but sleepy eyes. 


“Yes, it’s pretty. I’d like my room to be like this one!” Ji-hun said and then with one of this puffy and small finger he pointed at a chest full of games. “I want this in my room, big and full of games I can’t play with dad and uncle Tae!” he continued and then looked up at him. 


“With you too, Hyung!” 


Yoongi smiled warmly at him, a gummy smile in full display. He would love to have the possibility to play games with the little kid. He grew very fond of him and he found himself not disliking the thought to take care of him alongside Jimin. 


It didn’t take much for Ji-hun to fall asleep on Yoongi’s arm: Ji-hun simply asked Yoongi to tell him what does it take to create the beautifuller of the rooms and Yoongi started speaking softly. 


His head was now resting on Yoongi’s leg and he was carding his fingers through his black hair, hands holding on tight to the book as if it was a plushie. 


Taehyung appeared from the kitchen, “Jimin’s still cleaning, I’m gonna bring him to bed.” he said, moving to take Ji-hun in his arms. 


“Thank you, Tae. But Jimin isn’t coming?” Yoongi asked while he took the book out of the kid’s hands and gave it to Taehyung. 


“Don’t lose the chance, Hyung.” Taehyung smirked and winked at him after Yoongi opened the door for him and disappeared. What was that even supposed to mean? Did Taehyung know something? Did Yoongi actually had a chance?


He closed the door then, trying to calm himself and not overthink what Taehyung had said. 


The past weeks that they spent going on the train together were beautiful and Yoongi learnt how easy was to love Jimin and his son. How easy was wish to be a part of that little duo of a family, but Yoongi knew really little and he didn’t know if he could be a part of it. If Jimin would allow it, even if Taehyung said something different. 


Yoongi moved to go to the kitchen then, leaning on the door to look at Jimin washing the glasses, plates and cutlery by hand and not using the dishwasher. 


“You know there is a dishwasher, right?” Yoongi joked but Jimin only startled on his feet, not sensing that Yoongi was there. 


“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” he got closer and leaned with his back on the counter so that he could look Jimin in the face. He was beautiful and embarrassed, his rosy cheeks a sign of it. 


“Taehyung brought Ji-hun to bed, he fell asleep on me on the sofa.” Yoongi started to interrupt the silence, “He had the book clutched hard in his arms.” 


Jimin smiled warmly. “He loves it, he begged me to buy it since he first saw you working on that room with him.” 


It was clear how much Jimin loved his son, whenever he talked about him, his eyes were full of love. 


Yoongi moved then, picking up a cloth to dry what Jimin was cleaning. It was silent around them, but not uncomfortable. They looked almost domestic. 


“You know,” Jimin started then, “how Ji-hun is born was a mistake, the classic reckless mistake of a kid that thought condoms weren’t that important and that pulling out was actually effective.” he was extremely embarrassed, red up from his neck to his ears. 


“You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t feel like it.” Yoongi explained. 


“It’s not a problem really, I wanna tell you this.” he handed him a plate them to dry up. “We were happy actually, but then she told me she was pregnant and she was furious about it. Her parents did everything that was possible to hide the pregnancy, since she decided to have the baby.”


“At first, I didn’t want to. I wasn’t ready to have a kid when I myself was a kid too, but when I held him in my arms the first time I knew that it was the best mistake that I could ever do in my life. One that I would do all over again.” 


“She told me she wanted to put him up for adoption but I told her I wanted to keep him. She gave him to me and disappeared. He was and he is my life, and I do not regret keeping him. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” 


“How did you manage to get through that all by yourself? Did your parents help?” Yoongi asked, genuinely curious about what had happened. 


“Yes, they helped me a lot actually. They are happy to be grandparents, even if they were not so happy about how it happened. But they love Ji-hun nonetheless and that’s the only thing that matter.” he continued, and when Yoongi took up a glass this time to dry their finger brushed and their eyes interlocked again. 


“So, there’s no one new in Ji-hun’s life?” he stopped for a moment, “in your life?” Yoongi dared to ask then, taking up a chance as Taehyung previously suggested. 


Jimin looked at him, and shook his head. Yoongi felt his hope deflating a bit then, because for a moment he thought he could have been that new one in Jimin’s life. 


“After his mother went away I didn’t allow anyone to enter in out little duo, no one except Taehyung and some other friend before moving.” Jimin explained, “But-” he stopped. 



“But, there’s actually someone new now in Ji-hun’s life thought.” Jimin said, looking at him with a shy smile. 


“There’s this cute someone he met on the train and that he helped in fixing up a room for his job. He grew very fond of him in so little time and maybe his father warmed up to him a bit too.” Jimin said then, never one looking at him and maybe it was for the better since Yoongi was as red as a tomato could be. 


“Mhh, just a bit?” Yoongi said then, faking a confidence that he showed only when really nervous. 


“Maybe more than a bit.” Jimin said, turning his body to look at him and before Yoongi could even see it the younger boy was wetting his cheeks with water and bubble from the soap he used to clean the dishes. 


“Ahh, Jimin-ah!” Yoongi whined and started running after Jimin that was quick to make his way toward the living room. Yoongi run after him and hugged him from behind, his arms holding Jimin from his waist. 


It was the first time that both of them got so physical and Yoongi liked it, he loved the way Jimin’s body fitted with his. 


They stayed like that for a few seconds, maybe minutes. They didn’t really know, but Jimin found comfort in Yoongi’s hug and in how strong his chest felt against his back.


Jimin turned around at some point, hands moving and touching slowly Yoongi’s arms to rest up on his neck, behind his nape and intertwining with his dark hair. 


“You’re beautiful.” Yoongi said to him then, looking straight into Jimin’s eyes and loving the smile that reached them. He didn’t know what had gotten into him, he was usually straightforward but in this kind of situation. He had always been shy when it came to this, but Jimin made him want to put his shyness away. 


Jimin ducked his head then and rested it on Yoongi’s chest, too embarrassed to look at him but the older man pinched his chin up and once their eyes met he dived in to let their lips touch. 


It was a light peck, one to test the waters but it soon became something more when Yoongi pulled away but Jimin pushed him back on his lips. 


They both were waiting for this since their first met on the train and the moment was finally here and neither of them wanted to lose anymore time. 


Jimin caged Yoongi’s lips with his own, plump and full, and Yoongi couldn’t help himself but tug with his teeth on the bottom lip. It felt nice, their mouth playing with the other and crushing like they were meant for the other. 


Jimin sucked on his bottom lip then, just to lick then the seam of it. At that Yoongi brought one of his hands to Jimin’s side and one on his neck, to incline his head and have even better access to his mouth. His thumb gently caressing the man’s cheek.


Whenever Yoongi licked inside Jimin’s mouth, kiss not so chaste anymore, Jimin would get closer and closer to Yoongi’s chest until it was hard to say where one began and the other ended. Cute, little noises would leave Jimin’s mouth that made Yoongi lick and suck and bite even harder, so that he could hear more of it. 


Yoongi was almost out of breath, Jimin didn’t let him pull away not even once but it was fine. It actually felt like he could go on forever, it felt like he was born to kiss and hold the younger man in his arms. 


They slowed down then, until little pecks were all that they were exchanging. 


Yoongi leaned to leave one last kiss, lingering a bit on Jimin’s lips. They foreheads were touching and Yoongi’s thumb was caressing the seam of Jimin’s lips. 


“I wanna do it again, and again.” Jimin said, whispering but his voice rang loud in Yoongi’s ears. 


Taking one of Jimin’s small hand in his bigger ones and intertwining their fingers together, Yoongi smiled and kissed Jimin one more time. 


“and again-” Yoongi said, kissing Jimin. “And again-” another kiss, “and again, as long as you’ll have me.” he finished and Jimin looked up at him with stars in his eyes. 


“and again.” Jimin repeated, smiling as their lips met. 


one and a half year later. 

Yoongi was walking towards the front door of their new apartment, just a few blocks away from Taehyung’s and where he used to live next to him. 

It was now their apartment. Yoongi had asked Jimin to go live together five months ago, and from that moment they spent every minute to find the perfect house to live together. 


It was beautiful to think about how their relationship flew perfectly fine. It was really like they were meant to be and were just waiting for the other to pop up in their life. It went on smoothly, they fitted together just fine. 


Every night after work they would come back home together on the train and then Yoongi will give them all a ride home. Sometimes it happened that Yoongi could go take Ji-hun at school when Jimin had his lesson scheduled differently and Taehyung was also unavailable, and whenever that happened Ji-hun would run happily toward him, arms open wide ready to give Yoongi the warmest hug. 


They still had their dinner all together, Taehyung included. He was part of the family, the only difference was that he didn’t have to take Ji-hun back to his apartment but he could stay over at Yoongi’s: one of the guest room changed quickly in a kids room. 


But, they weren’t living together even though Jimin and Ji-hun spent most of their time at his and that was just not sitting right with him. So he picked up the phone and started asking his friend and his team to pull some strings, so that he could find the perfect apartment for three. And he found it, and now almost seven years old boy was running toward him to jump on his back. 


“C’mon, little one.” Yoongi said, crouching on the ground so that it would be easier to Ji-hun to put himself on his back. 


The kid circled his waist with his legs and hold himself on Yoongi’s shoulder and like that they entered their home , strictly decorated by Yoongi and Ji-hun himself. 


“I don’t want the minimal style.” Ji-hun said , “I don’t like it.” 


“But it’s mainstream now.” Yoongi said to tease a bit the kid, loving how he puffed his cheeks when something wasn’t going as he planned. He really didn’t like minimal. 


“I don’t care, Joon also says that minimal is ugly and I can’t invite him over to play if our home is ugly.” he argued and with that he looked over at Yoongi and Jimin with such fierce in his eyes that neither of them found the strength to push it a little bit more. 


They also didn’t like minimal, it was just funny to see how worked up Ji-hun would get over it. 


So they opted for something more cosy and warm, something that looked and felt like home and like the love they had for each other. Lots of photos all around the walls- Ji-hun on a swing and Jimin smiling behind him while he pushed him. Yoongi and Ji-hun crouched on the interior design book the kid loved so much. The photo Taehyung took of the three of them the first dinner they had all together. Even all of them with their friends at Taehyung’s house, or just the three of them with Taehyung.


It was their story and what made them them. 


Jimin was right behind them warning to be careful to not fall on the floor like some fools. He was holding a box, the last one they had to bring inside for the moving. 


It was all perfect, except that Ji-hun still had to see his bedroom. 


One evening Yoongi managed to convince Ji-hun to let him decorate his room all by himself since he wanted to surprise the kid. He knew what he had to do and thankfully convincing him didn’t take much, just a little deal- I’ll let you decorate my room only if you promise to not let me clear the table after dinner. 


And Yoongi worked hard on it, when he was in bed with Jimin by his side leaning and resting his head on his chest looking at the laptop Yoongi had on his legs. He didn’t stop till it was perfect and he remembered how Ji-hun wanted it, what he wanted inside his room from when he showed him the room inside the book. 


“Babe, your eyes are red. Rest a bit, you can do it tomorrow.” Jimin would often say to him, noticing how tired he was but also how much love he was putting in the project. And if Yoongi didn’t listen right away he would start peppering him with kisses on his neck and jaw until he closed the laptop and pushed himself in Jimin’s arms. 


But now, it was finally time to show Ji-hun what he had prepared, and to say that he was nervous was an understatement. 


“Can I go see my room now?” He asked looking at Yoongi first and then at Jimin, pleading directly at him, “Please, Dad can I?”


Yoongi and Jimin intertwined their hands, the younger man knowing how anxious he was about it. 


The both nodded and followed as Ji-hun ran toward his room. 


“He’s gonna love it, don’t worry.” Jimin said, leaving a kiss on Yoongi’s cheek. 


They watched casually as Ji-hun opened the door and bursted inside. Everything was silent for a moment and Yoongi feared the worst but then Ji-hun emitted a thriving squeal of happiness. 


HOW DID YOU KNOW !” Ji-hun screamed while he jumped happily around the room, he pushed himself on his bed and then up again to go see inside the wardrobe and the to open the chest of games that he desperately wanted. The smile on his face was all that Yoongi needed to feel happy, it was all he wanted all along. 


“Papa you’re the best!” Ji-hun said, running up to hug him and Yoongi froze in his spot for a moment. 



Ji-hun just called him Papa and he would have lied if he said he didn’t shed a tear. 


All he wanted was Ji-hun happiness but hearing the little boy calling him that made him feel invincible. Everything was perfect and he was so enormously grateful for how his life turned out. He had a family that he loved and that loved him back. 


He was papa now, not hyung, not Yoonie-hyung anymore. Papa. 


Ji-hun was completely oblivious to what he had caused inside Yoongi’s heart, and he was thankful for the break he had when Ji-hun focused his attention on hugging Jimin too. 


“You’re the best too, Dad!” He said, “I love you both as much as I love this room!” he finished and then turned around to start playing with his games. 


“I can’t wait to tell Joonie!” he screamed in happiness as Jimin and Yoongi slowly retrieved to the living room, to let the kid familiar with the space. 


It was silent for a moment between them, Yoongi still trying to absorb what happened. 


“You cried.” Jimin said then, a hand out to reach for him. Yoongi quickly complied and stretch his arm to take his hand and push him against his chest. 


“I didn’t.” 


“Oh, you so did babe!” he argued back, head resting on Yoongi’s chest as they were hugging and slowly moving as if music was playing somewhere near them. 


“Okay, I did.” Yoongi admitted and Jimin pushed his head up then to look at him, feeling the quivering of his voice. He learned everything about Yoongi and knew every single vibration of his voice and what that meant. 


Jimin dried with his thumbs some vacant tears that were leaving Yoongi’s eyes. 


“I’m so happy.” Yoongi said, and Jimin leaned in to kiss him. 


Jimin was happy too. 


“Again.” Yoongi said smiling, when Jimin pulled away and let their noses bump together. 


“And again.” Jimin said, kissing him again and a little bit more deeply. 

“EW!” Ji-hun interrupted then, “That’s yucky !” and he ran quickly back inside his room, leaving Jimin and Yoongi to laugh off in the living room. 



the end.