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like when i close my eyes (and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing)

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it’s very late at night when the doorbell rings.

the doorbell, which hasn’t been used in years. the doorbell, which they had forgotten the existence of. the doorbell, which causes yoongi to hiss at in surprise as it chirps loudly.

“what was that?” jin whispers. he peers over the book he’s been reading. “what was that awful noise?”

yoongi closes his own book. he shakes his head slowly. “i don’t kn—”

it rings again. seokjin’s book flies across the room as he jumps out of his seat. “what was that?” he repeats, his eyes narrow in the direction of the noise. he looks ready to pounce.

not soon after, there’s a hesitant knocking on the front door. it is only then that it dawns on yoongi. “someone rang our doorbell.”

“our what now?”

“our doorbell.”

“we have a bell at our door?”

“yeah. someone rang it.”

“why would they?”

yoongi shrugs uselessly.

another knock. jin glares toward the hallway suspiciously, before falling back into his seat. “they’ll leave eventually.”

yoongi, however, remains standing. “but it’s raining…”

“is it?” (he says this while finding his place in his book once again, he sounds bored, clearly already having moved on from the unsolicited visitor.)

“i’m gonna see who’s at the door…” yoongi moves away from the living room, stepping into the hallway and carefully padding over to the front door. he opens it very slowly, just enough to be able to peer outside.

a very young and very drenched boy stands outside, just beginning to turn around to leave. he looks very helpless and cold. yoongi’s first instinct is to pull him inside and park him in front of the fireplace. his second instinct is to brew him a cup of tea and wrap him up in at least five blankets.

yoongi opens the door a little more and clears his throat. “hello.”

the boy jumps a little and turns back around. “i thought no one was home…”

before yoongi can say anything, he feels jin’s chest press against his back as he peers over his shoulder. “why is there a wet human at our door? let it in, what if it catches a cold and dies!”

“they don’t die that easily,” yoongi whispers.

seokjin shrugs at the technicality and reaches around to grab the boy’s arm. he pulls him inside and closes the door. “can you withstand fire?”

“what… ?” the boy asks weakly, clearly very, extremely confused.

yoongi hastily pulls the human out of seokjin’s grasp and gently pushes him toward the living room. “don’t mind him, he’s very tired. let’s get you settled by the fireplace...”

“oh—i…” the boy begins, but he’s shushed very quickly and pushed onto the rug in front of the fire.

“i’ll see if i can find you a change of clothes.” yoongi is a little hesitant to leave the human alone with seokjin, but he ends up leaving the living room once he sees the boy shiver miserably.

“i’m sorry for intruding. i got lost and my car broke down and then it started raining and i saw lights in the distance, so i…” the human grimaces.

jin nods understandingly. “and the horses are okay?”

the boy blinks at him in confusion. “horses… ? what horses?”

“the ones that pulled your car.”

“why would…” he trails off, mouth open still. he’s now fully frowning up at seokjin, at a loss for words.

thankfully, yoongi chooses that moment to join them again. “like i said: please don’t mind him!” he nudges jin in the ribs, sends him a warning glare and hands the visitor a pile of neatly folded clothes. “if you go through that door over there,” he points at the door in question, “you’ll get to the study. you can change there. there’s a bathroom there as well, take a shower if you’d like, there should be some clean towels.”

“thanks,” the human murmurs. he disappears into the study.

the moment the boy is out of earshot, yoongi turns to sigh at seokjin. “horses? really?”

seokjin looks puzzled. “is it so wrong for me to ask after the well-being of his animals?”

“cars aren’t pulled by horses anymore!”

“what? since when?” jin crosses his arms in front of his chest defiantly and shakes his head slowly. “i heard jungkook and jimin discuss horsepower when they mentioned getting a new car the other day…”

“yes. a mechanical car. there are no horses involved anymore. we’ve been over this!”

“oh… mechanical. like the microwave?”

“like the microwave.”

“horsepower… you know. i just assumed… assumed they hadn’t changed that yet.”

“we used to ride them in the twenties… no horses involved. you don’t remember?”

“hm… the twenties? the 1920s?”


“i was drunk for most of the twenties, though.”

yoongi mulls that over and ends up nodding slowly. “that’s true.” he taps his chin in thought. “we had a car in the eighties.”

“we did? i don’t remember.”

“you dubbed it the mechanical beast?”

after a few moments, jin begins grinning widely. “i do remember! that monstrous rumbling machine! i crashed it and it ended up exploding!”

yoongi just stares at seokjin for a while, a soft sigh escapes his mouth. he’s about to speak again, but he’s interrupted by the human clearing his throat behind them. “uh…”

he turns around quickly, studies the boy cautiously. “how long have you been standing there?”

“he came in when you mentioned the twenties,” jin supplies.

the boy nods slowly.

“you knew he was listening this whole time and didn’t think to mention that?” yoongi asks, icily.

jin shrugs. “you’re a vampire, aren’t you supposed to just hear?”


“vam… pire?” hoseok asks. his voice sounds very small, all of a sudden. he takes a step back instinctively, looking from seokjin to yoongi and back.

seokjin nods happily. “yoongi is. not me, though! i’m a demon, actually.”

“i think i’m gonna pass out,” the human announces. he’s lucid enough to sit down, knees propped up, and sticks his head between his legs. he starts breathing in and out slowly.

yoongi approaches him carefully, patting his back when the boy tenses up but doesn’t move away from him. “i’m harmless, i promise, and i’m sorry about my husband, he doesn’t know any better.”

his soothing words fall on deaf ears, hoseok isn’t listening. can’t listen. his mind is going a mile a minute, awful, bloody scenes flashing before his eyes. he wants to run, get as far away from this place as he physically can, but his legs don’t seem to work. he can’t move, locked in the little ball he curled himself into.

he hears whispers from somewhere behind him, wonders if this is it. they’re whispering about the best way to murder him. not even in his thirties yet, and he’s going to die because he stupidly walked into a lion’s den.

except he would’ve much preferred to walk into an actual lion’s den. they wouldn’t have played around like this, tried to make him feel at ease, offered him towels and a change of clothes. they would’ve just pounced and put him out of his misery.

hoseok starts to hyperventilate.

the whispering becomes a little more urgent. he feels a hand on his wrist now, it’s not clawed or slimy. it doesn’t feel evil at all. since he’s in no state to move, he doesn’t shake it off. the fingers on his skin are soft, yet insistent. they lift up his wrist and, moments later, he feels two pinpricks of pain. they’re sharp, but they disappear almost instantly. the pain is replaced with an abrupt sense of calm. it washes over his body, seeps into his pores, into his deepest reaches. it’s a little jarring, how fast the panic is yanked out of him, but he can’t find it in himself to question his instant mood-change. he just slumps a little, relieved to be able to breathe in and out slowly.

hoseok finds the strength to lift his head. he sees yoongi, pulling his fangs out of his wrist. they’re bloodied.

rationally, he knows he should scream, or back away, but he isn’t scared in the slightest. he’s still shaking, but he thinks it might just be a remnant of the earlier panic attack he had. he regards the vampire calmly.

“you bit me.”

yoongi bites his lip. hoseok can see one of his fangs. it’s a pearly white now, his blood’s been cleaned off of it. “i’m sorry. i just wanted to calm you down. i didn’t take any more of your blood than strictly necessary.”

“why would biting me help me calm down?” he unwraps his knees to sit a little more comfortably.

“my fangs release a poison which has both calming and healing effects. it helps subdue our…”

“prey,” seokjin finished smoothly.

yoongi shoots him a death glare. it doesn’t matter. hoseok registers the word somewhere in the back of his mind, and he knows that it should freak him out, but his mind is awfully unimpressed. his inner voice just shrugs at him and goes he’s not wrong. we are prey. and hoseok can’t help but agree.

“aren’t you going to bleed me dry? i don’t understand....”

the vampire starts frowning in earnest. “but i don’t want your blood. i just didn’t want you to pass out or be scared.”

“oh. so you’re not going to kill me?”

“of course not!” seokjin answers for the two of them, he seems almost indignant.

“okay.” hoseok sighs. what a night.

yoongi reaches for hoseok’s face. he strokes the side of it. “i’m very sorry for biting you without your consent. i would’ve asked if you’d been lucid.”

the human sort of nods at that, nuzzling into the touch without meaning to. yoongi’s hand feels surprisingly warm and comforting on his cheek.

the vampire spends a few more minutes softly rubbing the boy’s back, before nudging him gently. “you’re still in your wet clothes. you should really change into something dry… let me help you.”

the human nods shakily and lets yoongi guide him back into the study’s bathroom.

(why does a study need a bathroom, you ask? yoongi, after centuries, still isn’t sure, but seokjin had been adamant. the study would get its own bathroom. so would the kitchen whenever it needed one. and sometimes there would be an extra one in the hallway, but only when seokjin was grumpy. living with a demon who could conjure up whatever his corrupt heart desired had its… perks and peculiarities...)

once in the bathroom, yoongi waits for the boy to nod lethargically again before he begins stripping him off his clothes. he throws them into a pile by the door and pushes him into the shower. “come on,” he coaxes, “let’s get you warmed up.”

after he’s positioned the human under the stream of water (but not before first checking the temperature carefully, of course, since human skin isn’t as indestructible as his own) he places a towel in clear sight. “i’ll be in the living room. call me if you need anything… i’ll be able to hear.”

he hears a sharp intake of breath and winces, realising he probably shouldn’t have reminded the boy of the fact that he’d accidentally stepped inside of a vampire’s house. “take your time,” he adds, and quickly leaves the boy to shower in peace.


“he still showering?” seokjin asks.

yoongi shakes his head slowly, not looking up from his book. “he finished about half an hour ago.”

“what’s he doing, then?”

the vampire shrugs. “looking around the study and avoiding the supernatural beings in the other room, i suppose…”

jin grins. “i’m gonna say hi.”

“hyung, don’t. give him some space. the poor creature is scared,” yoongi complains.

the demon doesn’t seem to have heard him. he hovers in the doorway after having opened the door to the study and smiles as politely as he can. “hi, human. what’re you doing?”

the boy’s very carefully studying a tome that lies open on the desk. he jumps in surprise at the sound of seokjin’s voice. “oh… i—uh. sorry… i just...”

“that’s okay!” seokjin takes that as permission to enter the room. he sidles up to the boy and nods down at the book. “did i interrupt your reading?”

the guy shakes his head. “what language is this written in?”

“latin. one of my native tongues.”

“one of them?”

jin nods. “the other one can’t be translated to written text. i’m not sure it can be translated at all, for that matter…”

“oh. i see…”

“do you have a name?”


“a name. what do humans call you?”

the boy doesn’t speak right away. he seems to be weighing his options. seokjin isn’t entirely sure why, but he decides to be respectful and stays quiet.

“can you tell me your name first?”

“my human name, right?”

he frowns, but nods all the same. “i guess, yeah…”

“they call me kim seokjin. and that’s min yoongi.” he juts out his chin in the vampire’s direction. “isn’t he handsome?”

“uh…” the human swallows visibly, he eyes the vampire curiously.

“what do we call you?” seokjin asks. he gives the boy a very gentle smile, an approach usually reserved only for the smallest of children and animals. yoongi observes all of this with curiosity, amusement written across his face.

“i’m jung hoseok. nice to meet you… seokjin-ssi?” he bows slowly.

seokjin coos. “yoongi, baby,” he calls.

yoongi, already standing just outside of the room, appears next to them in an instant. “hm?”

“it told me its name and bowed at me. how cute!”

“i’m not an it…” hoseok mumbles. he looks down at his feet.

seokjin mulls that over while pouting slightly and reaching out to pet the boy’s head. “no, you’re not. my bad… hoseok...” he tries out the name and ends up nodding sagely. “a worthy name. i approve. you may call me hyung.”

yoongi still looks very amused and merely shakes his head fondly. “are you still cold?”

“i’m okay.”

“i’m glad.” but yoongi still gently grabs the boy by the shoulders and directs him toward the happily burning fireplace. he once again sits him down and drapes a blanket over his shoulders. “how about some tea?”

hoseok frowns. “why are you being so nice to me?”

“because you needed help,” yoongi answers simply.

“are you guys really not going to…” he doesn’t finish his sentence, swallowing thickly and staring into the flames instead of making eye contact with either of them.

seokjin plops down right next to him and pats him on the back. “no, we really aren’t going to eat you or steal your soul. we don’t do that anymore.”


jin starts giggling, but doesn’t elaborate.

yoongi sits down on hoseok’s other side. “he’s kidding. we—“

“yes. we still do that.”

hyung!” yoongi flies up and has seokjin pinned to the ground before hoseok can so much as blink. fangs bared, he hisses down at the demon. “stop scaring him.”

seokjin merely wiggles his hips and eyebrows suggestively. “love being manhandled like this. maybe i should scare him some more to get you really mad at me.”

“would… would you guys like some privacy?” hoseok asks, suddenly. he’s smiling a little, some of the tension that has started to return seeps away, he sits a little more comfortably.

jin turns his head to grin at the human. “he even has a sense of humor! what a cutie! can we keep him, babe? can we? don’t answer that, we’re keeping him.”

yoongi glances over at hoseok slowly, his fangs still out. his lips curl up in a smile around them and hoseok has a hard time not staring at them openly. they don’t look very scary in this light. they look sharp, yes, but the way they’re on display in such a soft smile makes them look almost disarming. he has half a mind to reach out and touch them, curious to find out whether they’re actually as sharp as they look. (of course, he does no such thing. because it would be weird. would it be weird? yes, yes it would… also, he already knows that they are pretty sharp indeed.)

“we can’t. but he might want to stay the night?” he raises his brows and looks at hoseok expectantly.

“i don’t really have a choice…” the human shrugs helplessly. “i don’t want to bother, though.”

“don’t be absurd. i’ll even let you sleep in the middle.”

yoongi merely sighs, still atop seokjin.


“you don’t have to sleep in the middle.” the vampire supplies.

hoseok nods slowly.

“would you like some food?” the demon asks. “i’m gonna get you some food. don’t move.” he disappears in an instance. loud noises from the kitchen drift into the living room a few seconds later.

“did he just teleport?” the human asks in a quiet voice.

yoongi snorts. “he only does that when he’s excited.” he shifts in his seat until he’s sat more comfortably.

“so he’s not always like this?”

the vampire laughs. it sounds very cheery and loud, and he tilts his head back as he does so, exposing his fangs once again. from all the vampire stories he’s ever read, one of the few things he remembers is that vampire’s always seem to be portrayed as gloomy and dangerous. this particular vampire doesn’t seem particularly gloomy or dangerous. he seems sweet and caring. it might be an act, though. hoseok rubs his chin in confusion.

“are your—” he begins, and quickly stops himself. he bites his lip and shakes his head.

“are my what?” the vampire’s still smiling.

the human gestures toward his own mouth, he’s blushing furiously. “your fangs. are they always out? i didn’t notice them before…”

yoongi hides his mouth behind his hand. “oh… sorry. it’s a little weird, isn’t it? they peep out when i’m relaxed sometimes.”

“no, it’s…” hoseok shakes his head. “it’s not weird. it’s kind of… cute.” the words that leave his mouth bring only more confusion. he’s still not convinced they aren’t going to murder him, yet he stands by what he’s said. it does look cute. it looks really cute, even.

“oh.” he lowers his hand slowly. “thanks.”

“i’ve been trying to tell him that…” jin’s voice comes from behind hoseok. he sets down a small table loaded with side dishes and three bowls of rice. “but he just won’t listen. he’s very self-conscious about them. and for what? look at him!” he sits down and places his hands on yoongi’s cheeks. “look at his cheekies! and his little fangs! just poking out! he has no business being this cute!” he squishes the vampire’s cheeks between his thumbs and index fingers and makes a noise halfway between a giggle and a cooing sound.

yoongi pulls his face out of seokjin’s reach with an irritated huff and scoots away.

seokjin picks up his chopsticks and smiles at hoseok gently. “eat.”

the three begin eating in relative silence, until jin unexpectedly pulls three glasses and a bottle of soju from behind his back. he shakes the bottle in front of hoseok’s nose, something of a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “do you drink, hoseok-human?”

hoseok shrugs. “i guess, yeah.”

“excellent.” he sets down one glass in front of the human and unscrews the cap. (hoseok scrambles to present his glass to seokjin, at which the demon starts laughing in delight.)

“please, let me,” the human utters once jin moves toward his own glass after having poured one for yoongi as well. seokjin hands him the bottle with a lopsided smile.

“no need for such formality, sweetie. i’m not a human. we demons don’t care for formality.”

hoseok looks pained at that. “aren’t you like… an ancient being? i can’t just…” he gestures vaguely.

“can’t you think of me as your slightly older hyung who doesn’t care for such frivolities?”

“frivolities? but—”

seokjin shakes his head. “shush. now we drink.”


“this is the perfect lap to nap in. can you stay like this for a couple of hours?” seokjin looks up at hoseok from where he has his head deposited in the boy’s lap and blinks slowly.

the human looks down at him with half-lidded eyes, clearly very sleepy after the food and the alcohol and the fire still burning brightly. he’s kind of smiling, cheeks rosy and limbs loose and comfortable. “‘mkay, hyung.” he stretches his arms above his head and yawns.

it no longer matters to him whether they murder him in his sleep or not. the fire is too warm and the cushion he’s sat on too soft for him to worry about any of that. he just really wants to sleep, is all. there’ll be more time to worry in the morning.

“yoongi should offer his lap to you, and he can use mine. a nap-lapping triangle? no... a lap-napping triangle.” the demon starts giggling. “please. yoongi. where’s yoongi? oh, dearest husband of mine, please grace us with your presence!”

“what is it?” yoongi sighs. he comes walking into the living room carrying a set of bedding. he starts arranging a place to sleep while looking up at seokjin with mild annoyance.

“no, don’t give me that face.” seokjin pouts. “no grumpy, only smiley.”

“he’s about to fall asleep while sitting! for once, pay attention to our guests rather than use them as a pillow. please?”

“that’s an absurd request, i can’t believe you would ask that of me.” but seokjin does get up and gently nudges hoseok. “c’mon, human, sleepy time.”

the two supernatural beings end up coaxing hoseok into lying down. (yoongi does most of the work, lifting the human up at one point while seokjin just stares sort of lovingly at his strong husband and also at the increasingly sleepy human.)

once hoseok is safely tucked in, right in front of the heat of the fireplace, yoongi looks toward seokjin. “let’s leave him alone,” he whispers.

“let’s not.” the demon conjures up two pillows, one on either side of the already occupied one. “what if he gets scared in the middle of the night?”

yoongi lets out a very, very long and exasperated sigh. “fine. i’ll go wash up first. don’t bother him any more than you already have.”

seokjin has already stopped listening. he’s stretched out on his side, back toward the fire to face hoseok. he studies the boy’s face (which is made easy by the fact that he’s rolled onto his side as well, face reaching toward the fire for that extra bit of heat), reaches out his hand to touch the frown between his eyebrows. he gently smooths it out with his thumb and ends up leaving his hand tangled in the boy’s hair. it isn’t the most comfortable position to lie in, but he’s okay with that.

“hoseok-ah, are you sleeping?” he whispers.

“yeah,” hoseok whispers back.

seokjin chuckles. “good.”

hoseok’s almost gone by the time yoongi has made it back and seokjin gets up for his turn to wash up. he feels the vampire lie down behind him, feels the way he tugs up the covers a little to wrap hoseok up just a little more. then, he feels a hand pat him on the side once, twice, before finally settling there, heavy on his body. it feels reassuring, in a way. makes hoseok feel safe. “i’m sorry about my husband. i think he just likes the company, is all.”

it stays quiet for a bit. the two of them lie in a comfortable silence. eventually, hoseok huffs out a tiny, sleepy sigh. “thank you.”

“don’t mention it.”

hoseok ends up falling asleep to the soft murmur of the vampire and the demon talking comfortably to each other, seemingly paying no mind to the boy lying in between them. he falls asleep with a smile on his face, the frown no longer in sight.


hoseok wakes up a few hours later. it’s still dark out, yet the living room itself is not. the fire is still going strong, showing no signs of going out or burning with a little less intensity. it bathes the whole room in a soft, orange glow. he stares at it curiously, feels the pleasant heat radiate from the burning logs.

he thinks he knows the reason why it’s still not out. that reason is currently curled up next to him, keeping his arm trapped beneath a heavy head. the demon is still sleeping, very peacefully so.

hoseok realises he probably shouldn’t be in this situation, lying next to a demon. and a vampire. for one: the supernatural should not exist. he’s gone his whole life surrounded by nothing but humans. he’s never once heard so much as a rumor about an actual, living (maybe not so much living. he isn’t sure what vampires are classified as) and breathing (yoongi lets out the tiniest sigh in his sleep, so obviously vampires must breathe) vampire, let alone a demon so ancient he’s been around long enough to witness dinosaurs (seokjin told him so, but hoseok just realises he could have been lying). the supernatural he knows only exists in fairy tales.

secondly: supposing the supernatural does, in fact, exist in the world hoseok knows… which it does. probably. he’s almost entirely convinced at this point that the two beings currently using him as their pillow are real and not, as he previously thought, products of a fever dream. supposing all of that, he really does not think he should be here, being cuddled up on by a vampire. and a demon.

hoseok isn’t entirely sure about demons, but he’s consumed enough fiction to know that vampires drink blood. “what else would they have fangs for?” he wonders out loud. he turns his head to the side, studies yoongi’s sleeping form. the guy’s lips are parted slightly. his plump bottom lip is hooked behind one fang, only barely sticking out.

the human turns his face back up toward the ceiling. he sighs deeply.

“that’s a very deep sigh,” a soft voice comes from the side.

he turns to find seokjin staring at him sleepily. “you’re awake.”

“so are you.”

“did i wake you? i’m sorry.”

seokjin shakes his head. “it’s alright. what’s keeping you up?”

“just… thinking, i guess.”


hoseok contemplates that for a while. he ends up shrugging, which immediately shifts all of his focus onto his fully asleep arm. static pulsates through his arm as he slowly balls his fingers into a fist and releases them again. he grimaces.

the demon is quick to lift his head and pick up hoseok’s arm to put it at the boy’s side. he pets it softly. “sorry, your arm must be asleep by now. let me kiss it better…” he twists his neck enough to plant a peck on hoseok’s bicep. in a matter of seconds, the tingling sensation disappears.

hoseok tests out his arm by moving his fingers around. “thanks.”

seokjin sends him a lopsided smile as he shifts onto his side. “vampires do drink blood, yeah.”

“you can read minds?”

“no, but you mentioned fangs just now. i made an educated guess.”

“oh.” hoseok laughs sheepishly and quietly enough not to wake yoongi. “how come i’m still alive?”

“do you slaughter every cow you see, just because you eat beef?”

hoseok contemplates that. “i guess… that makes sense. but wouldn’t bloodlust be harder to control than normal hunger? a person may like beef, but they have other ways to satisfy their hunger. they don’t need cows to survive.”

“so you think he would murder you even after he took you in and looked after you?” there’s a dangerous edge to seokjin’s voice. hoseok doesn’t catch it, since he hasn’t known the guy long enough to know what his voice should and should not sound like. yoongi, who has been awake to witness the entire conversation, does notice. he tenses up a little, preparing to intervene if need be.

no intervention is needed, however, because hoseok’s reply comes almost instantly: a soft laugh and a tiny shake of his head. “no. this may sound strange, but i trust him. i feel safe here.”

“and me?” the demon sounds a little more relaxed now. he brings the question as a joke, but yoongi knows that he’s being serious.

“i trust you not to hurt me on purpose,” hoseok says, very diplomatically.

seokjin scoots a little closer. “elaborate.”

“hmm…” the human taps his chin in thought, trying to adequately express his feelings.“you know how when you play with a puppy they sometimes hurt you on accident with their nails or teeth because they’re a little enthusiastic and love you a lot? but you don’t really mind because they’re cute and you know they don’t mean to hurt you and that, over time, they’ll learn to be more careful?”

“the only puppies i’ve ever had have all been hellhounds. they definitely mean to hurt you.”

hoseok smothers a laugh behind his hand. “okay… most puppies don’t mean any harm.”

“mhm, okay. explain where i tie into this analogy.”

“you’re the puppy.”

“ah. okay.”

“okay?” hoseok’s brows raise a little. he rolls onto his side to study the demon’s face a little more comfortably. he doesn’t look particularly mad, so hoseok thinks he’s in the clear.

seokjin nods. “a puppy is used to playing with other puppies that can handle being more rough during playtime, it needs to get used to their human who is a little more fragile. yoongi is the puppy i’m used to playing with. you’re, well, the human, obviously.”

hoseok nods.



“may i kiss you?”


“i’ve never kissed a human before. i’d like to give it a try,” the demon announces simply.

“what about yoongi?”

“he won’t mind. and, even if he did, it’s not like he’d murder me. he can’t. he’s tried before. failed miserably.” he scoots even closer, places his head on hoseok’s pillow. their noses are close to touching.

hoseok sucks his bottom lip between his teeth while he thinks it over. “but he could still murder me. we just agreed that i’m kinda fragile.”

yoongi decides to finally step in, then. he rolls onto his side as well, wraps his arm around hoseok’s waist while he also inches closer. the three are now impossibly close, heads on the same pillow. “it’s okay. i don’t mind. you can let him kiss you if you want.”

“you were awake this whole time?” hoseok murmurs, eyebrows shooting up.


the three of them are silent for a bit. yoongi and seokjin seem to be waiting for hoseok to speak. he’s pursing his lips a little, the spot between his brows wrinkles. he’s thinking.

“and a demon’s kiss can’t harm a human?”

“didn’t i just kiss your sleeping arm better?” seokjin looks at him pointedly.

the human seems to remember that only now. he laughs a little. “i forgot.”

the demon takes hoseok’s chin between his thumb and pointer finger softly. “this isn’t a ruse to steal your soul. i don’t want your soul. collecting souls is boring. i just want to know what your lips taste like.”

hoseok’s cheeks color a little. “why?”

seokjin shrugs as much as he can. he scoots just a little bit closer until his nose bumps into hoseok’s. “they look… tasty. and kissable.”

the human nods without further thought. “okay.”

“okay? are you giving me permission to kiss you?”


why?” seokjin moves his head a little until his lips are hovering over hoseok’s.

“i don’t know… maybe because your reason is flattering. and probably non-threatening. maybe it’s because i’ve never kissed a demon before.”

“so it’s because i’m handsome. you just wanted to kiss me and you’re also using this opportunity to kiss someone else’s husband.”


hyung.” yoongi unwraps his arm from hoseok’s waist a little. he pinches his demon husband in the side. “stop confusing the poor boy.”

seokjin mutters something in a language hoseok doesn’t understand. he can’t make anything from the strange, melodic sounds that leave his lips, but maybe that has to do in part with the fact that the words are breathed against his lips considering their proximity.

the demon says something else, but it’s cut off as hoseok bridges the remaining distance between them and presses his lips to seokjin’s. it’s kind of clumsy and the kiss lasts maybe a second, after which seokjin pulls back enough to huff and complain: “you didn’t even give me time to prepare! i didn’t get to do the ritual! how will we know it’s safe now? look what you’ve done! your soul might end up in eternal damnation!”

hoseok’s brows furrow. “safe? ritual? eternal… damnation?” his voice rises considerably at that last part.

yoongi’s up on his elbow in a matter of seconds, chest pressing into hoseok’s shoulder as he leans over the boy to reach for his husband. he grabs the demon’s chin and tugs his face up a little. “will you stop with the jokes? now is not the time.” yoongi’s eyes, iris turned red, bore into seokjin’s now completely black eyes. seokjin’s grinning, so widely hoseok thinks his cheeks might split. yoongi’s still leaning over him, draped over his back and shoulder in an attempt to tame his husband. hoseok is completely caged in by a vampire and a demon who are either about to fuck or fight to the death—he can’t really get a good reading on the weird energy that’s filled the room.

seokjin looks back down at hoseok. his eyes have returned to a more human look, but he’s still grinning wickedly. “to answer your question: yes, he’s like this in the bedroom as well.”

“but i didn’t ask…”

“that’s right. but you were going to.”

the human nods slowly at that. “yeah, i was going to.”

seokjin looks back up at his husband. “is it okay if i kiss him now?”

yoongi lets go of the demon and backs off a little. he sighs deeply, but nods and waves his free hand non-committedly.

“baby, lie on your back for me? i want your vampire-hyung to be able to see as well.” he places his hand on hoseok’s shoulder and gently pushes him down until he has him where he wants. the human looks up at seokjin curiously. he’s smiling gently.

seokjin scoots close enough until he can lean over hoseok enough to be able to look him in the eyes. again, he lets his face hover just inches from hoseok’s. he makes no attempt to kiss him just yet. instead, he begins to speak again. “i’m sorry i joked about eternal damnation like that. i didn’t mean it. your soul will be fine.”

“why do you keep talking?” hoseok murmurs. his hands reach up to grab the demon’s head. he pulls him down until their lips meet in a quick peck.

seokjin pulls back again. “will you just… can i pl—”

the human doesn’t care to listen. he kisses the demon again.

“if you kiss me one more time i will—”

and again…

“—actually see if i can arrange—”

hoseok grins softly while pulling down a halfheartedly struggling seokjin once more.

“—eternal damnation!”

yoongi snorts. hoseok bites his lip in an effort not to laugh.

“is my soul damned now?” hoseok asks innocently.

seokjin’s eyes narrow. “it might be.”

the human pouts.

“i’m sure it won’t be if you let him kiss you first for once,” yoongi supplies. he reaches his free hand out and cups the back of seokjin’s head. he scratches his scalp softly and sort of lovingly.

seokjin responds by scrunching up his nose in disgust. “i’m not that petty.”

“he is definitely that petty.”

hoseok laughs softly. “come on then, demon boy.”

“that’s demon man to you,” seokjin grumbles, but he does lower down until he has easy access to hoseok’s lips. he doesn’t waste precious seconds this time, he just dives in. dive in really is the right term, hoseok thinks vaguely, as his lips move against seokjin’s and he feels the demon’s tongue against his lips, feels teeth scrape against his bottom lip and tug a little, feels the way his lips curl up into a smile as hoseok lets out a soft sigh when he tugs a little harder... seokjin is a slow, thorough kisser, and hoseok feels as though every inch of his mouth has been mapped by the time seokjin pulls back.

hoseok doesn’t say anything for a while, just pants a little and tries to get his breathing under control. his hand is still on seokjin’s cheek, where he’d left it earlier during their kiss.

“you look like you got the air knocked out of you,” yoongi comments. he’s grinning softly, untangling his fingers from his husband’s hair to trace hoseok’s swollen bottom lip with his thumb.

he glances over at his other hyung at that. he’s still panting lightly. “would… you like to… as well?”

“would i like to what?”

“kiss me.”

there isn’t the slightest trace of hesitation in his voice when he answers: “yes. i’d like to. is that okay?”

hoseok merely nods.

yoongi takes his husband’s place hanging above hoseok, still propped up on one elbow. he slides his hand over the boy’s cheekbone, up the side of his face, until his fingers find their way into hoseok’s soft hair. he leans down, then, lips slightly parted.

the vampire kisses softly, gently. he doesn’t use his teeth, doesn’t tease. there’s just the soft slide of his tongue against hoseok’s, against hoseok’s lips… hoseok does his best to chase him, to deepen the kiss just a little more, but yoongi doesn’t allow him to go any further than lightly sucking on the vampire’s bottom lip.

he pulls away too soon, and hoseok frowns up at him with a slight pout. “did you not like it?”

yoongi quickly shakes his head, still absentmindedly petting through hoseok’s hair. “it’s not that, i…”

“it’s the fangs,” jin whispers, having laid his head back down on the pillow. he gently pats the boy’s chest. “they usually come out when things get a little more heated, and they’re kind of sharp. he doesn’t wanna scare you or accidentally hurt you.”

hoseok, still looking up at yoongi, catches the way his gaze wanders off during seokjin’s explanation. a look of mild disappointment flashes over his face, but it’s gone almost instantly. instead, he sort of smiles and meets hoseok’s eyes again. “i liked it.”

“are your fangs out now?” hoseok’s hand wanders up while he asks the question. it lands on yoongi’s cheek, thumb on his lips. he pushes the vampire’s top lip up just a little to see. he’s greeted with a flash of a sharp fang. “show me,” he coaxes, when yoongi pulls out of his grasp.

after some careful deliberation, he bares his fangs for hoseok to inspect.

“they look sharp.”

“they are,” yoongi answers dryly. “didn’t you feel them before? in your wrist?”

“i felt them, yeah. i think it’d be… kinda hot, though.” hoseok’s blushing a little, but he’s mostly just staring at yoongi’s mouth. at the way his lips curl around his fangs, the way they look sharp enough to pierce his skin easily, the way they gleam in the flickering flames of the fireplace. he doesn’t know why, but he would love nothing more than to run his tongue over them. it confuses him a little. hoseok doesn’t understand why they look so appealing, especially when he’s already been bitten by them once.

seokjin huffs out a tiny laugh. “last night he didn’t know vampires existed… and now he’s developing a vampire kink.”

“i’m not,” hoseok mutters. he drops his hand from yoongi’s face in favor of hiding his own face behind it. the problem is, they have him trapped between the two of them. there’s no place to hide, no way to mask how his cheeks color.

pulling hoseok’s hand away, seokjin grins. “i, too, have a vampire kink. don’t be embarrassed. he’s irresistible. it’s very hard not to develop a vampire kink. or...” he stops talking, cocks his head a little. “... would it be a yoongi kink? baby, what do you think?”

“how am i supposed to know?” the vampire grumbles.

“how do you know i wasn’t asking the human baby?” seokjin counters. he’s smiling.

“were you?” yoongi stares his husband down.


the vampire raises his brows. the demon leans closer to press a kiss between them. yoongi looks away and bites back a smile.


hoseok doses off, after a while, with yoongi still hanging over him and talking to his husband. his hand has found its way onto the human’s chest, fingers tracing his collarbone and rubbing soft circles into his skin every once in a while.

seokjin’s on his stomach, arm slung over hoseok’s waist. one of his legs is trapped beneath the boy’s.

“i like him,” jin whispers randomly.

“me too.” yoongi finally lowers his body until he’s on his side. he catches his hyung’s stare and returns the soft smile he gets.


the next time hoseok wakes up, he’s alone. he sits up, yawning loudly and stretching his arms above his head. he looks around a little, before getting up and finding the bathroom in the study.

by the time he makes it back, freshly showered, he’s greeted with… “are those croissants?”

seokjin looks triumphant as he nods. “you basically owe me. i went to paris for them.”

“you went to what now?”



“just now.”

yoongi rolls his eyes. “you don’t owe him. two days ago we went to spain for dinner because he craved paella.”

hoseok sits down, just blinking stupidly for a while, trying to process the words that were just spoken to him. “i see…”

“there’s also a normal, korean breakfast, for normal people. if you want to be normal and eat breakfast the way it should be eaten. normally.”

seokjin hugs the bag of croissants to his chest, pouting. “listen, i sweated over these. don’t disrespect my croissants and i like that.”

“you were gone for five minutes. three of those you probably spent arguing with some frenchman over bread.”

“... you have no proof.”

yoongi just looks at him pointedly.

hoseok ends up accepting both a bowl of rice and a croissant and quickly shakes his head no when seokjin suggests he can also get crêpes, would you like some crêpes? i’m gonna go get some, i want crêpes. the demon is gone before hoseok can finish shaking his head. he comes back not a minute later, carrying two different plates.

where did you get those? did you steal someone’s food again?” the vampire sighs.

no! i just misplaced it. i’m gonna misplace it again, into my stomach, unless either of you want some. baby?” he raises his eyebrows at yoongi and offers up one of the plates. when the guy declines the offer, he looks at hoseok instead. “other baby?”

“uh…” hoseok stares at the plates, brain still trying to process how they were probably on a whole different continent only moments ago.

“since that’s not a no, i will feed you some.”

hoseok ends up being fed from both plates, chocolate running down his lip and chin by the end of it because of jin’s absolute unwillingness to feed the boy without pretending the fork is an airplane. he doesn’t really mind, because seokjin then proceeds to lick him clean, only sitting back after having pressed a sticky kiss tasting of chocolate to hoseok’s lips.

the three continue eating in relative silence, until they’re all done and everything’s cleaned up. (seokjin snaps his fingers and the dirty plates and bowls and chopsticks disappear. where did everything go? hoseok asks out of curiosity, at which the demon shrugs. he doesn’t know either. yoongi sighs very loudly at that tells hoseok that this is why they’re constantly short on dinnerware.)

hoseok gets to his feet slowly, clearing his throat. “i should probably get back to my car. see if i can get it to start or whether i should call someone. and i don’t want to overstay my welcome.”

the other two get to their feet as well, seokjin’s nodding slowly. “we’ll accompany you to your car.”

“oh, no, that’s alright! i’ll be fine on my own.”

but neither seokjin nor yoongi take no for an answer. the fresh air will do them good, seokjin claims, and yoongi assures hoseok that the demon can probably just snap his fingers and fix whatever is wrong with the car.


the human, the vampire and the demon leave the house. outside, everything is wet and calm and green. they don’t meet any cars or hikers on their way. the only sounds they hear are their own footsteps and loud bird calls coming from the trees around them.

“i don’t think living in isolation is for me, but... “ hoseok looks up, and around him. “this is nice. it’s calm. quiet. very...”

“serene?” yoongi supplies.

he nods. “yeah. i’ve lived in seoul for a few years now. it’s nice. i like living there, but… the city moves very fast. sometimes it feels like you’re always running toward the next moment. it’s very hard to... stand still and clear your head, i guess.”

seokjin smiles. “cities are funny places, aren’t they? we’ve lived in most of the big cities at some point. they all have their unique charm, and some i like better than others, but they all have something in common: they never really sleep. when one human wakes, another goes to sleep. when most humans sleep, the supernatural comes out… it isn’t hard to find signs of life. it’s interesting, but after a few centuries it gets kind of tiring. we figured it would be better to retreat to the mountains.”

“and now you use… teleportation… to go wherever you want to?”

the demon nods. “or portals.”


“some of my powers i can transfer to other easily, but teleportation works differently. for yoongi to be able to teleport he needs me with him. he’s my… plus one, i suppose. i teleport and bring him along.”

“so he uses a portal when he travels alone?”

again, seokjin nods. “we’ve been together for so long that doing separate things can be nice sometimes, so i carved out an extra room and stuck a bunch of portals in there. whenever he needs a new destination i add another portal,” he explains easily.

the ease with which he talks about it makes hoseok forget what exactly they’re talking about for a moment. teleportation and portals no longer seem outlandish and completely made up. it just… all makes sense somehow.

“are there any limits to your powers?”

“some,” jin admits. “i can’t control the cycle of life and death, for instance. i can’t bring back the dead, the same way i can’t snap my fingers and have someone drop dead. although...” he mulls it over. “i could potentially have two people swap states, i guess.”

“swap… states? like… ?”

“you know. the alive state. and the dead state. of a person.”


“it’s not very legal, though. it’s kind of dark magic. except demon magic is already supposed to be dark magic? but… like… that would be darkest of dark magic, and therefore illegal.”

“illegal in… your world, right?”

“yeah. i mean, it would probably be illegal in the human world as well, since it’s technically murder. displaced murder, but still probably murder. unless the fact that you bring back another person cancels out the murder? yoongi-yah, what do you think?” seokjin stops walking for a moment so that yoongi, trailing a little behind, can catch up. he links his fingers with his husband’s and pulls him forward a little so that the vampire’s now walking in the middle.

“sounds like murder to me.”


“you sound disappointed.” yoongi laughs softly.

he shrugs.


before they know it, they stumble upon hoseok’s car. it sits parked on the side of the road, looking kind of sad and lonely but otherwise okay.

hoseok gets in, running his hands over the wheel for a while and silently telling it to be alright. it isn’t, of course. when he slowly puts the key in the ignition and tries to start the car, it splutters helplessly for a while.

he sits back with a sigh and looks up at seokjin who joins him. he leans down, arm resting on top of the car, and peers down. “that sad noise means it doesn’t work, right?”


“where’s the thing that makes the car work?”

“the motor?”


hoseok climbs out of the car and pops open the hood of the car. he points at the motor. “that thing.”

seokjin reaches over and places his hand on top of it. moments later, the car comes back to life with a loud roar. the demon pats the motor softly and looks over. “there you go! it roared because it’s happy, right?”

hoseok bites his lip in a poor attempt to cover up an amused smile. yoongi snorts without hiding it.

“i see you laughing at me and i would like you two to know that it doesn’t affect me in the slightest.” true to his word, the triumphant smile caused by fixing the car stays firmly in place.

“i’m not. it’s just… cute,” hoseok admits.

seokjin just beams at him.

standing in front of the two, hoseok shoves his hands into his pockets and looks down. “thank you so much for taking me in. and helping me. and feeding me. thanks for… everything. i don’t know how to repay you.”

“i do.” it’s yoongi who says this. his hand, placed under hoseok’s chin, guides the boy’s face up until he’s able to make eye-contact. “you don’t have to repay us, but if you want to you could… stop by sometimes? or let us visit you?” his eyebrows raise a little, a hopeful expressions paints his face.

seokjin just blushes.

“oh.” yoongi’s words take him by surprise. “you really want to see me again?”

“if that’s okay.”

“yes!” maybe hoseok responds a little too quickly and too eagerly, but no one notices because of the shared relief that seems to wash over the three of them almost instantly. “that’s okay with me,” he adds a little more quietly. “i’d like that.”

they part ways after exchanging phone numbers (yoongi and hoseok exchange numbers, since seokjin doesn’t use a phone, but the demon vows to get one soon just to talk to hoseok and hoseok fights the urge to encase the guy’s face in his hands and tell him how cute he is) and after hoseok presses a hesitant kiss to both of their cheeks. he gets in his car, then, and drives off.

hoseok sees them in his rear-view mirror for a while. they’re holding hands and waving at him. he keeps glancing over at them until the road curves and they disappear from sight.

by the time he finally makes it back home, his cheeks hurt from smiling.


he tells himself not to text right away, that it would be too soon and too clingy. he tells himself this while he steps inside of his apartment, while he puts away his stuff, while he pours himself a glass of water to gulp down.

but then he finishes his glass of water and digs his phone out of his pocket. i made it back safely, he types. he presses send and puts the device on the kitchen counter.

“why did i do that? i must have really caught a cold.” hoseok shakes his head.

why would they care whether he made it back home or not? what is it to them? why would he bother them already?

i’m glad to hear that! thanks for letting us know, yoongi’s reply comes minutes later.

before he can send back anything, he receives another message: the house feels strangely empty without you.

that almost sounds like a compliment :)

it is.

oh. i don’t really know what to say to that

they text back and forth a little more, until yoongi announces that he has a few errands to run and they say their goodbyes. hoseok decides to take a nap after that. he crashes on the couch, phone in hand, and reads through the text conversation until his eyes drift closed.


by the time he wakes up, it’s the late afternoon and there are a bunch of new messages waiting for him. some are from his friends, two are from yoongi, but the bulk is made up of messages from an unknown number:


i havw a phone niw!

its me drmon hyung

sprry the letters ate tiny m

are timy


so its hard tp write

i miss you alresdy

yoingi just shower me how to make a fave on the phone



thats me because i miss u but without the extra eyes those arnt supposed to be ther e

hoseok’s growing grin is threatening to split his cheeks.

hi hyung! he types back. i didnt think you’d get a phone so fast!

pf course inwould!! inwanted to talk to you

you did? he spends a good few seconds looking for the right smiley to send, and ends up going for his usual choice of emoji. (you know. that one.)

ohmy ! what is yhat howndid you ro that wait im going to asj yoongi

hoseok laughs. three dots appear at the bottom at the screen, so he decides to wait it out. about a minute passes, before he finally gets a new message back. it’s just three lines, full of emoticons. there are some angry smileys and some that are smiling, and a bunch of animals and plants and some that are just symbols… if he didn’t know any better, he would have guessed he were staring at a bunch of hieroglyphs.

hoseok sends back a bunch of his own, only to then add a how cute.

thank u thabk u, the demon adds more smileys. im not sure if its too soon to ask but wouod it be okau if we come visit u when u have some time?

i’m free two days from now… ?



two days from now sounds incredibly soon when making plans, and hoseok is excited at first, because he gets to see them so soon after parting ways.

but two days is 48 hours. and every single one of those hours passes by as slow as humanly possible. not even work and a planned hangout with friends make it go faster. all he can do is look at his watch or his phone every once in a while and calculate how many hours he has left before he can see them again.

time, when observed, goes by so slowly. he feels as though centuries have passed by the time almost all of the 48 hours have come and gone. (the one positive of this is that he now knows how the two of them must feel. hoseok feels similarly ancient now. he has witnessed the passage of time… the immensely slow crawl of life and all that it entails… the—)

seokjin texts him to ask if it’s okay to create a portal in an alley close by and hoseok’s fingers fly over his phone’s keyboard in an attempt to type at the speed of light.

no problem hyung!

the demon texts him again, this time to inform him that the two are coming over a little earlier because they’re curious about the neighborhood he lives in. he almost combusts while reading that.

i can leave the studio right now and we can meet up earlier?? if u want

ur in the studiio?? dancing?

i am!

can we come watch u danxe :3

hoseok’s brows lift. you want to see me dance?

yes please

he laughs while he sends his location. it takes only a few minutes for seokjin’s face to appear behind the glass in the door. hoseok doesn’t question how they managed to bypass the security, he doesn’t care. he just wants to see them.

“hyungs! hi!” he says, as soon as one of them opens the door.

jin bounces in, yoongi trudges in behind him.

“go finish your practice, we’ll just wait here and admire the view.” seokjin sits in front of the mirror, leaning back on his hands, legs crossed. he’s definitely not hiding the fact that he’s ogling hoseok and hoseok respects the power move.

“i’m sorry about him! he has no manners today.” but yoongi does join his husband on the floor.

“that’s okay. you can stare freely as well. i promise i won’t mind.” he smiles, slowly finding his way back to the middle of the room. “jin-hyung, can you rewind the song for me?”

“of course! i have no idea how to do that.”

hoseok tries again. “yoongi-hyung? my phone’s right next to you.”

yoongi snorts and does as asked. soon enough, the familiar beat of the song he’d been practicing a choreography for fills the room. he doesn’t really need to think anymore, his body just starts moving on its own, and he doestn't pay attention to the way it moves this time around. he can’t, not with the way his audience is paying their undivided attention to him. he looks at them, instead of the mirror. he watches the way seokjin’s eyes are transfixed on his hips, his thighs, his chest… and he sees the way yoongi’s decidedly trying not to stare at those same body parts.

he can’t help but grin as he works his way through the song, watching them fixedly. he can do that, while dancing, because it gives him the confidence he doesn’t have while standing still. dancing allows him to capture seokjin’s gaze while his hips rotate slowly. dancing allows him to dart his tongue out and lick his lips while he’s on his knees, in front of yoongi.

dancing allows him to show them a side of him he normally wouldn’t even know how to be.

seokjin’s fanning himself by the time hoseok’s done. yoongi’s ears have gone red.

“how was that?” hoseok sits cross-legged in front of them, smiling cheekily.

“that was… a lot.” the demon rubs the back of his head. “wow.”

they make it out the studio and onto the street. hoseok takes them back to his apartment after explaining that he wants to take a shower before they head out again. both seokjin and yoongi like the idea of seeing where he lives, so they don’t mind.

that’s how they end up sitting in his living room, while he’s barely a room away, naked and wet in his shower. he can’t help but think how similar of a situation they’d been in before.

i was scared of them back then, though… hoseok snorts. and sort of poisoned.

the two sit talking intimately where he left them when he comes back, one shower and a change of clothes later. he watches them from the door opening.

yoongi is leaning into seokjin, who has his head turned just enough to whisper into his ear. he must’ve told him a particularly bad joke, because the vampire is laughing through a deep, deep frown.

the demon looks very pleased at this. he presses a triumphant kiss to his husband’s nose, who swipes at him in response and grumbles something hoseok can’t quite make out. it can’t have been something very mean spirited, because jin is smiling at him as though he hung the moon.

his living room looks a little more complete with the two of them there, on his couch, being disgustingly sweet. suddenly, he doesn’t really want to go out anymore. he wants them in his apartment a little longer, just to himself.

yoongi finally notices him staring. he looks up and smiles. “what are you doing there? come join us.”


they decide to stay in and watch a movie instead. hoseok orders food from his usual restaurant. seokjin marvels at this. he is familiar with the food being brought to him, but this is usually done through very sketchy ways that involve supernatural powers and sometimes flirting?

being delivered food legally is a concept so foreign and amazing, however… “humans never cease to amaze me.”

yoongi contemplates his husband for a while.

hoseok is just… confused. “you’ve never heard of food delivery? ever? but you’ve been on this earth for so long.”

“it’s because he uses his powers for everything. why have your food delivered when you can just appear randomly in a kitchen and take a plate. or, even more convenient, just will it into existence with a snap of your fingers?” yoongi sounds sufficiently annoyed while he says this.

“you know, you always say that, but i do truly think it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. i don’t have that much power. i can’t just break all the laws of physics. i can only break some of them.”

“you’re saying demons abide by the law of conservation of mass?”

“probably! i don’t know, actually. but since matter can’t be created i’ve always sort of assumed conjuring just means i misplace stuff a little.”

“stealing. he means stealing.” this earns yoongi a smack. yoongi jabs him right back.

the living room looks like it was made to accommodate them. hoseok stares at them in awe.

“what’re you staring at, sweetie?” seokjin’s sat in front of him. he flicks hoseok’s forehead gently. “earth to hoseok...”

he blinks slowly. “uh…”

“what movie do you wanna watch?”

“oh. um...” hoseok scratches the back of his head. not one title comes to him.

“i know what we can watch. hoseok-ah, do you like fantasy?” yoongi looks over at him.


“lord of the rings? it’ll be easier for him to get into. or… actually...” he taps his chin in thought. “let’s start with something a little less heavy. do you like toy story?”

hoseok nods.

yoongi nudges seokjin. “do your thing.”

toy story?” he asks, a little unsure.

“hmm. the first one.”

the television turns on, seemingly on its own (hoseok assumes a certain demon is behind this). the movie starts playing.

the three of them end up on the couch. seokjin is draped over both of their laps, all of his attention on the movie. he only whines a little when hoseok gets up to receive their food and doesn’t take his eyes off the tv when they eat. he’s so focused on the story that he doesn’t even respond to their hands in his hair or on his hips or stomach. seokjin’s completely unavailable right up until the end credits roll onto the screen.

seokjin sits up once it’s over. he looks back at hoseok, and then at yoongi. “you said this was the first part? there’s more?”

“mhm. the fourth one was just released.”

“we’re watching all of them now.”

“woah, he’s a binge watcher…” hoseok comments. both he and yoongi laugh softly at this.


hoseok falls asleep just at the beginning of the third movie. he’s in between them: his head resting on yoongi’s shoulder and holding onto seokjin’s hand.

for the first time since they started their movie night, jin looks away from the screen. he studies hoseok. “he looks very small like this.”

yoongi looks over at that. he follows seokjin’s gaze. a fond smile creeps up his face. “yeah...”

“makes me want to protect him.”

“i think he’s pretty good at fending for himself already.”

“i know, but…” he takes his free hand, caresses the cheek that isn’t squished against yoongi’s shoulder. “just wanna make sure no harm comes to him. he deserves the best.”

“he does.”

“does that mean it’d be selfish to take up his time like this?”

yoongi mulls that over for a bit. he looks up for a bit, notices that the movie has been paused. “depends, i guess.”

“depends on what?”

“on what’s best for him.”

“i don’t know what’s best for him, though.” seokjin sucks his bottom lip between his teeth. he looks a little sad.

even though he doesn’t actually voice his opinion, yoongi knows what’s going through his mind: they’re in a bit of a tough situation. not only are they already an established couple, but they’re also definitely not human. to make matters worse, historically, humans are prey to their kind. it makes this all kind of complicated.

“that’s the point. only hoseok knows this.”

seokjin nods slowly. he’s not sure yoongi’s words are convincing, but they offer the little bit of hope he needs at this time. “still, though…” he turns away from the two guys next to him to stare at the unmoving screen. “it’s… weird, isn’t it? to feel this way so soon after meeting him?”

time doesn’t mean much to them so liking him that fast and that easily isn’t that weird. what’s more, they’ve met so many people in their long lifetime that it makes sense: they’ve never met anyone like him, so of course they know almost instantly. the vampire doesn’t say any of that, though. “hyung,” yoongi says softly instead. he waits until jin looks up at him with big, watery eyes. “you really like him?”

he nods. “i feel—like—like when we first started going out. you know? it’s… new. and exciting, and also familiar. you know how i once said getting to know you was like coming home?”

of course, yoongi remembers this. the words had always stuck by him as being hopelessly romantic, yet they never failed to make him feel all warm and tingly.

“i don’t… know if this is out of line to say. i know we’ve talked about this before, but other than sleeping with other people sometimes we haven’t really… you know. we’ve never… another person… like, romantically…” which each word that rolls off his tongue, seokjin seems to twist himself a little more into a web of confusion of his own making. he stops talking for a moment to gather his thoughts. “what i’m saying is…”

“you like him,” yoongi finishes his sentence gingerly.

seokjin’s gaze lowers. he looks into his lap, at his fingers, his legs, the bit of couch he can spot… “i do. and if you’re not okay with this then i will back off, because you come first. i feel like i’m at a stage where i can still safely step out, but… if i don’t, and… and he returns these feelings? then i think it has the potential to become something more.”

he’s still not looking at his husband. he can feel yoongi’s eyes on his face, searching, gently willing him to make eye-contact, but seokjin’s not sure he can look up, not when he doesn’t know what he’ll find in the vampire’s eyes.

“you don’t need to back off,” yoongi says simply, after his failed attempt of catching his eyes. “i feel the same way. about him.”

“you do?” he finally looks up.

unexpectedly, yoongi frowns at him. “you didn’t… know this? i thought you knew? i thought i’d made it obvious.”

“not to be that guy again, but you also thought you made it obvious when you dropped hints of wanting to date me, only to get frustrated when i didn’t get your convoluted hints. you know you have to be on the nose with me, baby, you know this.”

yoongi gasps. “not that again! i did my best!”

seokjin slides his hand out of hoseok’s and gets off the couch. he sits down sideways on yoongi’s other side, legs folded underneath him and his body twisted enough to face the vampire. “i know. you always do. i love you.” he places his palm on yoongi’s cheek.

yoongi smiles up at him. he nuzzles into the warm touch. “i love you, too.”

the demon tips his head forward. their lips meet in a languid kiss. their tongues map each other’s lips and mouth, much like they’ve done a million times before. it doesn’t ever get old. they still get lost in each other’s taste… in each other’s touch…

they’re too preoccupied to notice hoseok waking up. the boy peers up from where he’s still resting on yoongi’s shoulder. he eventually sits up, unable to take his eyes off of them. they’re breathtaking together. if given the choice, he could probably stare at them forever.

it takes a while, but finally seokjin notices their audience when he pulls back a bit to catch his breath. he has his eyes closed, at first, but then they open and wander down to yoongi’s shoulder, where hoseok should have been.

“you’re awake.” his gaze finally lands on the boy.

“yeah,” hoseok croaks. his mouth has gone kind of dry. he swallows thickly.

“do you like watching us?” the question is so direct that it catches both hoseok and yoongi off guard.

“yeah,” the human says again.

jin reaches forward, his fingers tangle into hoseok’s hair. “would you like to watch us do… other stuff… some other time? you can participate if you want. i wouldn’t mind that.”

he smiles lightly. “that sounds good to me.”

“yoongi? what do you say?”

the vampire’s lips are slightly parted while he looks up at his brazen husband. “hm?”

“would you want him to watch while i fuck you into the mattress? would you like him to know just how cute and broken i can make you sound? or maybe you’d like him to fuck either of us? or… maybe he’d like to be fucked by either of us… wait, i really want him to watch me getting fucked. the possibilities… endless.” seokjin taps his chin in thought, looking for all the world as though he’s actually discussing the weather instead of fucking and voyeurism.

yoongi continues gaping at him for a bit. finally, he shakes his head in an attempt to get out of his stupor. “yes to all. yeah.”

the demon looks pleased. “good. let’s continue toy story for now, though. hoseok-ah, you can continue sleeping if you’d like.” he settles down, cheek pressed against yoongi’s shoulder.

hoseok and yoongi share a long, suffering look.

“is he always like that? does he get a kick out of this?” hoseok peers down into his own crotch, tries to will away the beginning of a boner.

the vampire nods. although he doesn’t want to admit it, he too is mildly affected by seokjin’s very nonchalant words. his hand falls into his lap, palm pressed against himself to relieve some pressure. it doesn’t really help. he shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

“please, no funny business. they’re at a daycare, for heaven’s sake… be respectful.” jin reaches for yoongi’s hand to pull it away. “if you guys promise to be good, i’ll take care of what i started. let’s pay attention to the woody on the screen for now, okay?”

they both agree begrudgingly. hoseok sinks into yoongi’s side with a sigh.


the three wake up in hoseok’s bed the next morning. it’s kind of cramped, but that doesn’t ruin the experience of waking up wrapped up in a set of arms—two arms in this case—rather, it enhances it. it’s kind of too hot and hoseok’s afraid he’ll kick either of them out of bed if he moves so much as an inch, but he still can’t help but bite back a smile.

“d’you sleep well?” yoongi’s sleepy voice comes from his left. it sounds kind of rough, raspy… it shouldn’t make him feel things, but it definitely does make him feel things.

he turns his head back just enough to glance over his shoulder. after a moment of decision, he carefully turns around to face the vampire. “i did. what about you?”

“can’t complain.” a lazy, sated smile creeps onto his face. it exposes his fangs a little. hoseok stares at them.

“hyung…” he begins.


“how much of vampires in media is true?”

the question makes his brows rise a little. “like… all… vampire media?”

hoseok shrugs as much as his current position allows him. “yeah. like. i just want to know what it’s like being a vampire, i guess. i want to know more about you.”

a look of understanding replaces his earlier confusion. it’s not about vampires in specific. hoseok’s just showing interest in him. in yoongi. specifically. “well, i have fangs, obviously, which i draw blood with. you already know about their numbing effect.”

the human nods. he knows all about that. “and you need blood to survive?”

“yeah. about once a week. or spread out over a week in smaller quantities. depends on your preference, i guess.”

“do you… kill to survive?” hoseok doesn’t look entirely convinced by his own question. the idea of yoongi hurting so much as a fly seems strangely ridiculous to him.

“no, i don’t need that much blood.”

“where do you get it?”

yoongi juts his chin out a little, gesturing toward the sleeping demon on their right.

“so he steals food and blood?”

a very soft and endearing giggle escapes the vampire’s mouth. “sometimes. other times he offers me his.”

“you can drink demon blood?”

yoongi nods. “i can drink any blood, really. some is better tasting than others, but any blood does the trick, really.”

“so different species have different tasting blood…”

“sure. although some taste almost the same. even within species the taste can be different, though.”

hoseok nods understandingly. it makes sense for everyone to have a different taste. smell varies per person, so why wouldn’t their blood vary, as well? except considering what someone’s blood tastes like isn’t a thing most people think about. he hadn’t considered it until moments ago. now, however, he can’t help but wonder. “what does jin taste like?”

“cinnamon, but with a… dark edge.”

“dark edge?”

yoongi grins dreamily. he’s thinking about it. about jin’s blood. hoseok can tell by the gleam in his eyes. it doesn’t make him recoil, it doesn’t make him scared of the vampire, it just intrigues him. “it’s just something that comes with demon blood. the same way most people naturally feel afraid when they’re around a demon because of the way the air shifts around their energy. most humans will steer clear without knowing the true nature of a demon. they just sense the danger. drinking their blood is kind of like that, you can… taste it. i don’t really know how to explain.”

“wouldn’t that scare you?” hoseok’s trying his best to understand, but the idea of tasting a concept is so abstract to him that it makes his brain hurt a little.

yoongi laughs softly, breathily. he shakes his head. “no. i suppose it could, depending on the demon. it’s just… exhilarating, sometimes. other times it’s just… overpowering.” he can tell he’s completely lost the human, so he tries again. “do you remember that night you met us? the moment you learned what we really were?”

hoseok nods slowly. he remembers. he remembers the fear clawing its way up his chest, into his lungs and into his airways. the overwhelming sense of panic rising up, mingling with the fear. those two feelings just… surged up. took hold of him. took hold of his body. it seeped into every cell, every nerve, of his being until he couldn’t think about anything else anymore. looking back now, in such a calm setting, he can identify the feelings more easily than he could back then.

it’s strange, but most of all, it’s unsettling. he breaks the eye contact he’d so easily held with yoongi this whole time, drops his gaze. his chin gravitates a little toward his chest. it’s not that he feels any of the fear or the panic he’d felt back then, it’s just that he can still remember what it felt like. it felt awful.

yoongi notices the change in the boy’s demeanor almost instantly. he’s quick to wrap his arm around hoseok’s shoulder and pull him into his chest. he rubs tiny circles in the boy’s back in an attempt to put his mind at ease.

“that feeling you felt back then, some demons’ blood tastes like that. i think it’s because of the corruption inside of them, or it’s a defense mechanism… i’m not sure. luckily, hyung’s blood doesn’t taste like that. instead… it kind of feels like you’re tasting a forbidden fruit? like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to, and you’re getting away with it. other times, depending on the mood, drinking his blood just feels... reassuring. because jin, this ancient and very powerful being, is letting himself be vulnerable in front of me while i’m hungry and at my weakest. it feels like he’s protecting me, and yet also submitting to me even though he could probably snap me in half if he desired to. i don’t know how to explain it.” he whispers all of this with his mouth against the top of hoseok’s head. his arms are fully wrapped around the boy’s frame now, one hand tangled into his hair and the other one on his lower back, keeping the two pressed together.

hoseok, for his part, listens to yoongi’s words with his nose pressed into the crook of the vampire’s neck. he breathes in his scent, lets himself be enveloped in warmth and comfort. it relaxes him.

“hyung…” his already tiny voice sounds muffled, lips pressed to yoongi’s neck.


“you tasted my blood when you calmed me down that first night, right?”

yoongi nods slowly.

“what did i taste like?”

“spring.” the answer leaves his mouth without a second of thought, as though he’s had his answer ready for a while. he presses a kiss to the top of hoseok’s head. his fingers press into his lower back, reassuring, soft. “like… new beginnings. and life. and nature. like… spring.”


the guys eventually leave, but not before hoseok has seokjin place a portal in his apartment. you know, because it’s faster. and that way they won’t ever have to risk getting caught stepping out of a portal by strangers.

seokjin nods along. he thinks so, too. he thinks it’s the boy’s best idea yet, because it means he can stop by daily without breaking so much as a sweat.

the portal ends up in the small corridor leading up to the bathroom and bedroom. if a guest were to use the bathroom, they’d still have a lot of questions, but it’s a lot less on the nose than creating one in the hallway.

hoseok stands in front of it, admiring the way it glimmers and swirls mysteriously. it’s a vibrant purple, with splashes and streaks of white. “it almost looks like an artwork,” he comments. he cocks his head to the side, studies it from a different angle.

“so you like it?” jin asks. he comes to stand next to hoseok, admires his own handiwork as well. it does look pretty, probably some of his best work. not that he has any control over what it looks like, but… you know. he made it. so it’s his work that he can be proud of whether the artistic choices were his doing or not.

hoseok nods enthusiastically.

“wanna… give it a try?” he prods, a grin slowly forming.

“are you asking me to come over to your place?” hoseok’s brows rise, but he can’t contain his own smile. what better way to end a date than to not end it?

yoongi is already moving toward it. he grasps hoseok’s hand in his once one leg has been swallowed up by the purple swirl. “you had today off, didn’t you?”

hoseok doesn’t really remember. doesn’t really remember what day it is or whether he’s supposed to work. it’s hard to focus on those aspects of life when yoongi’s hand feels so nice and soft in his, when seokjin’s giving him his best puppy eyes, silently pleading him to come home with them.

and where’s the harm, anyway? he can just whip over for fifteen minutes… maybe drink something and chat for a bit. it’ll be fine. he probably has the day off. (he does.)

the boy lets himself be pulled toward the portal with no resistance whatsoever. jin’s not too far behind, his chest all but pressed to hoseok’s back, crowding him, wrapping his arms loosely around his shoulders.


he’s right. there’s absolutely no harm in being lured into a strange, otherworldly portal which has just been spawned in your house. but he definitely does stay longer than the allotted fifteen minutes.

in fact, he wakes up in their bed the next morning.


they don’t really stop seeing each other after that. having a portal around that connects them so easily means that they see each other every day. sometimes hoseok comes over for a drink, or a meal. sometimes they come over to his for another movie night.

(they come over one day and decide altogether not to stay inside for once. it’s already evening, so they end up leaving to get a bite to eat. somewhere during their meal hoseok asks whether they’re clubgoers, and he learns that they used to be, but that they haven’t been in a while.

seokjin seems very on board with the idea of going to one and seeing how things have changed. yoongi kind of shrugs, he seems fine with going, but only because the other two guys are so enthused.

“wait! do you guys have your ids on you, though? you may be ancient, but seoul bouncers will definitely not care about that.” hoseok shudders, his eyes comically wide. he looks like he’s seen some shit.

“my id? yeah, of course,” jin holds open his palm and conjures it up. he hands it over to hoseok.

hoseok looks at the wooden plate, at the chinese characters carved into it. he looks back at jin, speechless. “hyung, what is this?”

“my identification tag.”

“what the fuck… you cannot be serious…” hoseok looks over at yoongi pleadingly, “yoongi-hyung, please tell me this is a joke.”

yoongi merely shakes his head gravely. “i wish...”

“a hopae? does he still think this is joseon?”

jin scoffs. “don’t be ridiculous. i know it’s been a few years since the joseon dynasty ended.”

“how many years?” hoseok asks, desperate.

“a good few,” seokjin answers proudly.

they solve seokjin’s predicament easily enough by having him study both hoseok’s and yoongi’s identification cards. he creates one just like it, but adds his own personal details where yoongi instructs him to.

“that’s some nice forgery,” hoseok comments. he studies every inch of the card, compares it to his own. he can’t tell that it hasn’t been issued by the government. it looks as real as his own.

jin scoffs, he almost looks offended. “this isn’t forgery. this is art.”)

there are times when they hop over simply because they want a change of scenery. hoseok comes home once to find the demon on his couch, sleeping. he’s hugging a pillow to his chest, nose buried in it. it’s not the first time.

another time he comes home to the apartment smelling of delicious food. he finds yoongi in the kitchen, wearing an apron and reaching for everything he needs blindly.

it makes him wonder when they’d reached this stage. how did they go from hoseok, lost, standing drenched on their doorstep to yoongi not having to fumble around to find the right spices in hoseok’s kitchen? it seems a little silly, to take a moment like this and turn it into something with more meaning than it should have, but hoseok can’t really help himself. there’s something extremely intimate about yoongi using his kitchen without hoseok around.

“you know your way around,” he says. it’s a dumb thing to say, he’s only stating the obvious, but he feels like he should announce his presence. what he really wants to say is: hi, i missed you.

“you’re home.” another obvious fact. hoseok knows he’s heard him come in, knows that yoongi knows he’s been observing him for some time. maybe, if he’d said what he’d really wanted to say, he would’ve gotten a me too back. maybe.

hoseok comes to stand next to the guy. “what’re you making?”

“food,” he answers. he laughs at the way the human scrunches up his nose and sticks out his tongue.

“smells good.”

yoongi doesn’t answer, he just reaches out a hand to rub hoseok’s back slowly. “how was your day? did you have a hard time with the new choreography?”

they chat for a while, until the food is ready and seokjin comes skipping through the portal. they have dinner on the couch while they watch a show (stranger things, as per seokjin’s request. he took one look at season one’s bad guy and exclaimed that it looked like one of his old bosses so he had to watch it and find out whether his ex boss had taken up an acting career).

“the portal… in my apartment,” hoseok begins after dinner and three episodes have passed. he’s not entirely sure where he wants to go with this, but it feels extremely important to him to keep going. “it feels… a bit… like…” he sits twiddling his thumbs, doesn’t know how to continue. can’t find the right words.

yoongi’s warm hand encloses one of his wrists. “what does it feel like?” he leans his head down, cocks his head to the side in hopes of catching hoseok’s gaze.

“never mind,” the boy mumbles. he brusquely shakes his head. “it’s stupid.”

“no, it’s not.” seokjin grips onto one of hoseok’s hands, he squeezes it reassuringly. “i’m sure it’s not. go on...”

“it feels… like—” he attempts again. his cheeks flame up, a pretty pink rises to his cheekbones. the tips of his ears go red as well. “—like we’ve, you know, like we’ve sort of… moved… in together. i guess.” hoseok feels strangely out of breath after managing to struggle his way through that sentence. he hangs his head until his chin all but touches his chest, still blushing furiously. because of his downcast gaze he doesn’t notice the way yoongi and seokjin share a look over his head, doesn’t notice the way they’re both smiling.

“hmmm,” jin finally breaks the silence. “does it?” he pulls his legs up on the couch and maneuvers in his seat until he has both legs wrapped around hoseok, only to wrap his arms around the boy’s shoulders until he’s practically clinging onto his side. the finishing touch is a kiss pressed to the boy’s temple. “i’m glad you think so too.”

too? hoseok’s brows rise up impossibly high on that last word. “too… ?” he repeats shakily. his embarrassment is overshadowed by confusion and curiosity. finally, he lifts up his head again. he’s met with both of their smiling faces hovering in front of him.

“we actually wanted to talk to you about that. i wanted to ask if you were okay with me moving the portal on our end.”

“moving it? where to?” part of hoseok wants to freak out. if they want to move their end of the portal, surely they’re sick of having him around all the time? he thinks, belatedly, that maybe the dinner yoongi cooked had been a goodbye. thanks! but no thanks, we’re no longer interested!

except none of that makes much sense, because the two of them are still smiling at him, their eyes too soft and too loving to mean any harm whatsoever. yoongi’s still gripping his wrist gently and rubbing his skin soothingly, and seokjin’s still wrapped around him like a monkey and hoseok can definitely still feel his temple that’d been kissed earlier burn where jin’s lips had touched his skin.

there’s no way that this is a goodye, but hoseok really doesn’t know what else it could be.

“somewhere in the hallway?” yoongi suggests.

either they seem oblivious to his inner turmoil, or they’ve respectfully decided to ignore it.

“or in the living room?” seokjin muses. he shrugs. “we’re not sure yet, but we wanted it somewhere closer to us. the portal room is nice… but… it kind of just becomes another portal when it’s grouped with the other ones. you know?”

hoseok frowns. he doesn’t know.

“the portal in itself is… it’s just a portal. but where it leads, that’s what important to us. and it’s more important than wherever the other portals go, so it feels wrong to put it there. does that make sense?”

finally, it dawns on him. he nods slowly. his eyes, wide, go a little watery.

seokjin moves in a bit, lips pressed against hoseok’s ear. “move in with us,” he whispers teasingly. yoongi’s face breaks off into a blinding smile.

hoseok nods again, a little faster this time. “okay. yes. yes.” he uses his sleeve to wipe at his eyes roughly, but lets his hand be pulled away by yoongi, who places his hands on either side of the boy’s face and uses his thumbs to swipe at the few tears that manage to spill from his eyes.

“you okay?” yoongi looks him in the eyes, searches his face.

he just nods again. “these aren’t bad tears, i promise.”

jin presses another kiss to his temple. yoongi presses one to the corner of his mouth.

they decide to put the portal in the foyer. the three of them stand in front of it, admiring the way it shifts and glimmers. hoseok gapes at it a little. his place feels like it’s fully connected to their home now.


hoseok’s dreaming. everything is a fluffy white and yoongi and seokjin are there. their laughs echo off the nonexistent walls and their silhouettes seem blurry. no matter how much he walks, he can’t seem to reach them. they’re always just beyond his grasp, in a world of their own.

they’re smiling and laughing at him, reaching their arms out and asking him to come to them. he can’t. he runs and runs, but it’s no help: they elude his searching fingers every single time.

eventually, hoseok stumbles to his knees. “come on, hoseok. come to us.” he shakes his head. tells them he can’t. his legs don’t work. he tells them he’ll catch up. he’s crying.

hoseok,” they repeat. their voices warp into something unthinkable, so twisted that he’s reduced to a whimpering ball on the ground. he’s still crying.

“hoseok.” a hand, on his shoulder. it shakes him gently. “hoseok,” the soft voice repeats. warm breath tickles his ear. he feels a presence at his back, pressing against him and wrapping something—an arm, most likely—around his waist.

“don’t cry, baby” the voice continues. it’s extremely soothing, warm and gentle, like honey dripping down a sore throat.

it takes hoseok a few moments of crying to realise he’s no longer dreaming. it takes him another moment to figure out that the soft voice he heard hadn’t come from his dream. it came from behind him.

he twists his body around until he can throw a leg over seokjin’s. he hides his face in the guy’s chest, clamps onto him for dear life. hoseok cries into his chest for what feels like an eternity.

“are you feeling better?” seokjin asks after a while. he still has the boy gathered in his arms, intending to keep him as close as physically possible. his shoulders are no longer shaking.

hoseok nods slowly. “i’m okay,” he croaks.

“did you have a nightmare?”

he only nods to that.

“want me to get you some breakfast and then take you on a date?”



“so you made these all yourself?” hoseok asks. his eyes sweep the multitude of paintings hanging on the walls, the ones standing in piles together, hidden among the painting supplies and miscellaneous things cluttering the room.

after breakfast, which had succeeded in lifting up the boy’s spirits a significant amount, seokjin had dragged him through the portal, through the maze of corridors in their increasingly difficult to navigate home, only to end up in… his painting studio.


two strong arms wrap themselves around the human’s waist. jin, standing behind him, trails after him as he moves toward the first painting hanging from the wall. it’s a painting of an almost angelic looking man. his hair, black, curls playfully over his forehead and around his ears. his eyes are a ghostly white. he’s painted in a dark room surrounded by roses. what stands out most is the third eye, just above the bridge of his nose. the eye is a stunning green and the more hoseok looks at it, the more he wants to shy away. it seems to be staring straight into his soul.

“that’s taehyung. a friend of ours.” seokjin says. the air that leaves his mouth tickles hoseok’s ear.

“he has a third eye.”

“well, yeah… he’s a witch. obviously he’s gonna have a third eye. comes with the whole witch thing.”

“witches have third eyes?”

“the third one is usually hidden, but yes. they do. it’s where they get their powers from.”

“why are his other two white?”

“they just… do that when his third eye is open. it’s a witch thing. i don’t know.” hoseok feels rather than sees seokjin shrug. the arms around his belly rise a little as he does so, only to wrap themselves more securely around him.

hoseok shuffles to the side a little until he’s in front of the next painting. this one also features a guy. he looks young, and he’s smiling happily. the smile reaches his amber colored eyes. he’s pictured sitting outside, surrounded by nature. the only thing to suggest that he isn’t human are the impressive fangs that come out of his mouth and his clawed hands.

at first glance, hoseok guesses he’s looking at a vampire, but the neat patches of fur that smooth into tanned skin on his arms suggest otherwise. “... werewolf?”

“yes! that’s our friend jungkook.”

they move onto the next painting.

this one has two guys in it. they are both sat on chairs that are placed in a big kiddie pool which has all types of sea creatures painted on the outside. hoseok snorts. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the guy on the left is a merman. his bare chest and waist transition from smooth skin into glittering blue and green scales. the very bottom of his tail is a dark purple which goes well with his fading pink hair. his eyes are half-lidded, head tipped back in a blinding laugh.

the guy on the right… his eyes, round and brown, remind hoseok of a puppy’s eyes, but he doesn’t seem to have very canine features besides that. he’s clad in a plain, white t-shirt and black shorts that show off his very impressive thighs. he has some type of brown animal skin draped over his lap, but it doesn’t seem to be part of him. he, too, is laughing, although it’s a bit more shy. it takes hoseok a while to spot the guy’s webbed hands.

“the first one’s a merman, but… the second?” he shifts his head a little to glance over his shoulder at seokjin.

“jimin is a merman, yes. namjoon’s a selkie.”

“what’s a selkie?”

“seal folk. did you notice the skin that’s in his lap?”

hoseok looks back over at the painting. “yeah.”

“in folklore, selkies actually shed their skin when they take on their human form. and when they want to go back into the sea and take on their seal form they put their skin back on. selkies don’t actually have to do that anymore. they’ve evolved to become shapeshifters like the rest of the guys up there. they can still physically shed their skin, but they usually don’t, because it… has lead to complications in the past.”


“female selkies would shed their skin when they came on land and a man would steal and then hide the skin from her so she’d be forced to marry him and bear his children.”

hoseok grimaces. “that’s awful. how did they manage to evolve?”

again, seokjin shrugs against hoseok’s back. “i’m not sure. my guess is that they made a deal with a witch or a demon or some ancient god. joonie doesn’t know either.”

seokjin guides hoseok over to the last painting. it’s yoongi. he’s wearing a white blouse and black pants. his feet are bare. he looks very soft, like he’s just rolled out of bed. he’s smiling sleepily. there’s nothing in this picture to suggest he’s supernatural, other than his fangs, peeking out shyly from behind his smile.

“d’you like it?” seokjin asks.

hoseok nods. “it’s beautiful. he’s beautiful. and so are your friends.”

seokjin doesn’t say anything, just pulls hoseok closer a little as a thank you. “i made these because i wanted to paint them as their true selves. they don’t usually look like this. normally, they look as human as you do and they hide what they really are. i like the way they look, so… i don’t know. i wanted to capture it, i guess.”

“you’re really talented.” hoseok turns around in seokjin’s embrace until he faces him. he presses a kiss to the smiling face and snakes his arms around the guy’s waist.



“would you want to… is it okay if i… paint you? i want to add you to the collection.”

“really? but… i’m a human.”

“and?” he’s smiling. “these paintings aren’t of my supernatural friends. they’re just paintings of the people i care about, depicted the way i see them.”

“oh.” hoseok nods slowly. “sure. i’d like that. is this what you had in mind for today? you wanted to paint me?”

the demon looks down at his feet, his ears are slowly but steadily turning pink. “maybe…”

“that’s a great plan.” he releases one arm from around seokjin’s waist to place his hand under the guy’s chin and guide his face up. “i’m honored to go on such a great date.”

seokjin beams.

“so what did you have in mind? where do you want to paint me?”

“in the greenhouse. i wanted you surrounded by plants. is that okay?”

hoseok nods. “you’re the artist. i’m okay with whatever you decide.”

“even if i tell you to take your clothes off?”


seokjin, smiling wickedly, winks at him. “don’t worry. you can keep your clothes on. for now. but a nude portrait would have been a great idea. wish i’d come up with that sooner… ah. maybe some other time.”


the two of them end up in the greenhouse and seokjin has hoseok sit in a big, comfortable chair that he conjures up with a mere snap of his fingers.

“you can just sit there and play with your flat rectangle for a while. switch? was that what it was called? you can play with your friend zelda, or mario, if you’d like. maybe not mario, though, because you move a lot during that game. play zelda.”

with another theatrical wave of his hand, hoseok’s own switch appears in his lap. he lifts a brow. “are you really just allowed to conjure up whatever you like?”

seokjin shrugs. “consult the demon handbook, if you must know. don’t move too much while i sketch. after that you’re free to do whatever.”

hoseok makes an okay sign and happily turns to his game console, while the demon messes with his easel until he has it positioned the way he wants. he starts rummaging through his supplies after that, looking for the right pencil to use.

soon enough, the two of them fall into a comfortable silence. the only sounds that can be heard are the soft scratches of pencil on canvas and buttons being clicked rapidly (paired with muttered swears when hoseok ends up in a particularly sticky situation with very shitty weapons and only five apples and one durian to recover health. but he’s determined, so he doesn’t leave the area to prepare a little. no, he goes in headfirst and dies a heroic but awfully stupid and completely avoidable death).

jin puts his pencil down after a while. “i’m done sketching. you’re free to do whatever you want now.”

“don’t you normally need the model for the actual painting as well?”

“i have you committed to memory. i don’t need to see you to paint you.”

“why did you need me for the sketch then?”

“i just wanted to look at you for a while,” he teases. “and i wanted to make sure i got the pose correctly. but i mostly just needed the excuse to stare at you.”

“you deceived me.” hoseok tries frowning, but it doesn’t have the desired effect: he pouts a little and makes seokjin coo over him.

getting up and stretching a little, he saunters over to the demon behind his easel. he peeks around it, but he’s very confused by what he sees: there’s a very vague suggestion of a person and an extremely accurately drawn switch, but what stands out the most… “why are there so many hearts?”

seokjin smiles up at hoseok. “this is just what i saw. don’t question the artist. i followed where my pencil went.”

“do you know how weird you are sometimes? like… do you hear the stuff that comes out of your mouth?”

he shrugs. “not really. i just speak. i don’t think.”


seokjin grabs one of his brushes and pokes hoseok with it. “you can’t just bully me like that. i’m a demon. i could have you grow a pig’s tail if i wanted to.”

“like in harry potter?”

it stays quiet for a bit, seokjin’s face slowly scrunches up into a cute frown. “that was the tiny wizard who went to a very inaccurate representation of a wizarding school right?”

hoseok, biting his lip, stays quiet. if he has to name one thing he adores about this whirlwind of a demon, his descriptions of modern media would definitely be very high on the list.

“his archenemy was the guy who lived on the back of someone’s head and then later came back and was dropped in a cauldron? and then it turned out he very stupidly split his soul, which was such an amateur move? and the entire wizarding world was afraid of him even though he had no nose. absurd. entirely absurd. didn’t the headmaster love knitting? i wonder whether he used magic to grow his beard like that?”

hoseok leans down a bit, placing his hands on either side of seokjin’s face. he presses a kiss to the very tip of his nose. “yeah. that one. can i watch you paint for a little?”

“hmm? yeah, of course.” he waves his hand to a nearby chair. hoseok watches it skid across the floor and come to a halt somewhere just behind seokjin. he sits down, wrapping one arm loosely around the guy’s waist. he peers around him, watches him work quietly.

“where are all the hearts going?” hoseok asks after a while.

“they’re not going anywhere. they’re just going to stay beneath the paint. like a hidden message. a hidden love letter? yeah. like that.”

“a love letter? for me?”

“of course. who else?”

hoseok presses his cheek against seokjin’s left bicep, smiling softly. “i’ve never received a love letter like that before. ‘s nice. makes me feel… warm.”

the demon just smiles at that. he continues painting with the one free arm he has left.

they sit like that for a while. hoseok watches him (and even goes so far as to let seokjin use his right arm as well), and seokjin paints.

by the time seokjin puts his brush down parts of hoseok’s face and hands are on canvas. the amount of detail in them is dizzying.

“let’s go eat something.” seokjin gets up and pulls hoseok with him. the two end up on the couch with a pizza watching the first harry potter again.

(“why?” hoseok asks. “we’ve just seen this one.”

“i wanna see the small wizard boy and his big, hairy friend.”)

they end up watching the second one as well, because they have all the time in the world and seokjin insists.

(he ends up crying yet again when hagrid makes his return and is received with a standing ovation.

“you’re crying again?”

“it’s the music! the emotions! how are you not crying!”)

after that hoseok stretches out on the couch for a while, switch back in hand, while seokjin retreats to his studio once more for another painting session.

the boy gets lonely after a while, deciding to put his console away and paying jin a visit. or maybe it’s not because he’s lonely. maybe it has something to do with the scenes from his nightmare from earlier that replay in his mind. somehow, they’re still as vivid as they were before. either way, he decides he needs to see seokjin, who’s painting intently, smudges of paint on his hands and face. his brows are furrowed in concentration, eyes all but burning holes in the canvas while he stares at it as he works.

“hyung,” hoseok calls out.

seokjin jumps a little. “oh. were you watching me?”

he’s grinning. “i was admiring the view. how’s it coming along?”

in response, the demon shrugs vaguely. “wanna join me for a while?”

of course hoseok wants to join him. he moves toward the comfortable chair standing next to seokjin, the one he’d previously sat in. he frowns down at it.

it takes his hyung a little while to notice, but when he does, he cocks his head in curiosity. “what is it?”

hoseok’s still frowning down at the chair. “take a break and let me sit in your lap.”

“what?” jin guffaws, but he does get up from the stool he’s been sitting on and obediently sits in the other chair.

“come on, then,” he beckons, patting his thighs. “have a seat. it’s a special one. only good boys get to sit in it.”

the human sits sideways in jin’s lap. his arms wrap around the demon’s frame. he deposits his head on the guy’s shoulder. “so i’m a good boy?” he mumbles.

“the goodest.” seokjin wraps his arms around him, gathers the boy in an embrace and pulls him impossibly close, resting a cheek on top of his head.

hoseok snickers. “hyung,” he says again.

the hyung in question makes a vague noise.

“tell me more about demons.”

“what would you like to know?”

“anything.” he shrugs.

seokjin thinks for a while. his thumbs stroke hoseok’s back absentmindedly while he ponders over what to say. “hell… or… the monster world… is a bit like the upside down from that show we’re watching. stranger things? it’s just another world, except darker. not everything’s on fire, like many have been led to believe. it’s just… darker. kind of nightmarish.”

he thinks about it some more. “our mission isn’t really to gather souls. some of us, belonging to a special task force, do, but we’re mostly in charge of furthering the corruption of this world.”

“furthering… the corruption? what does that mean?”

“we just amplify the bad, the corruption, that’s already inside of a person,” he explains simply. he even shrugs while he says it. “the bad in this world fuels the monster world. i’m not sure how it works.”

“and how do you… do that? how do you bring out the bad side of a person?”

“depends on the type of demon you are, but a lot of it has to do with charming your ass off, if i’m completely honest.”

“are there different ranks?”

“there are. i’m just a petty demon, though. i’m pretty average.”

hoseok sighs at that, he shakes his head. “you’re not average to me, though.”

the demon seems pleased to hear that. he smiles fondly. “neither are you.”

“do you still work to… bring out the bad?”

“nah. not really. i kind of retired. i only step in to help when i’m extremely bored. i’ve done enough not to work another day in my life.”

hoseok asks some more questions, mostly about his magic (which, seokjin claims, is also pretty average), and then about painting and then yoongi and then...

eventually, the human falls asleep. he wakes up the next morning to two sets of arms wrapped around him loosely. he’s in their bed, surrounded by their arms and their love, which seems to have warded off any new nightmares.


(it’s only much later that hoseok comes to learn that seokjin is, in fact, not a petty demon. he’s one of the most powerful ones, outranked only by the big boss of the monster world.

and his magic? unrivaled.

but that’s a story for another day.)


hoseok doesn’t know what any of this means. why his mind is constantly occupied by the two guys. why everything he does can somehow be related back to them.

but that’s the predicament he’s been in, practically ever since he landed on their doorstep. since the two invited him in and took care of him. since he kissed both of them. and cuddled with both of them. since he started talking to them and since they started hanging out more and more.

it’s like there’s always been this pit inside of his stomach, ever since he can remember, and they’re slowly starting to fill it up with… them. with their laughter and their voices and their silences and their smiles and hugs and touches. hoseok doesn’t feel like he’s just hoseok anymore. he feels like so much more now. like something has been added. something that’s been missing.

it’d be silly to say that he’s dependent on them. he’s not. he has his own life and he can live it perfectly fine on his own. his life was fine before he met them, he wasn’t lonely or miserable, he was perfectly content. but now that he has met them he can’t help but think that parts of him have always been missing.

those pieces are seokjin and yoongi shaped.

he knows all this. has admitted it to himself. and yet… he’s not sure what it means. and how it came to be.

he couldn’t possibly be in love with them. he couldn’t possibly be in love with a vampire. and a demon. he couldn’t possibly be in love with a married couple.

they couldn’t possibly love him back.


about a week’s worth of days come and go before he ends up going on a solo date with yoongi. the vampire texts him the afternoon of, asking after his plans and whether he would like to go do something. or whether he’d like to be with yoongi and do nothing at all.

and hoseok texts back that he’d love that. either is fine. he texts him again to let the guy know that he’ll be home in about five minutes.

yoongi shows up about six minutes later, shuffling through the portal. he finds hoseok in the kitchen. “hi.”


the vampire approaches him and hops up onto the counter. “is there anything you’d like to do? anywhere you’d like to go?”

“not really…”

yoongi’s face breaks into a broad smile. “good. because i do have something in mind.”

hoseok’s brows rise, waiting for an elaboration, but he gets nothing of the sort: he just watches as yoongi clambers down and takes him by the hand, leads him through the portal, through a few corridors.

“where are we going?” hoseok asks.

but yoongi still doesn’t reply. he drags the boy along (and hoseok can’t help but notice how strong of a grip he has around his wrist. he wonders if yoongi could snap it in half if he tried. the thought should probably scare him, but it only stirs something deep within him, which he takes as a sign to stop thinking about yoongi holding him down with nothing but the strength in his pinkies). they end up in the portal room, with its mysteriously swirling doors to different places. hoseok once again gapes at every single one that they pass.

“here we are,” the vampire announces. he stops in front of a sandy colored portal. when the particles inside of it move, it almost looks like a sandstorm. hoseok peeks at it apprehensively.

“are we going to a desert?”

yoongi laughs. “no. although it is pretty warm. but it’s not a desert.”

“so where are we going?” hoseok asks again.


“oh. like… madrid?”

yoongi shakes his head. “it’s much smaller than madrid. and also very much south and by the sea. ever heard of málaga?”

“no.” he shakes his head. “that’s where we’re going?”

“unless you’re against the idea...”

“let’s go.” hoseok pulls his wrist out of yoongi’s vice to gently lace their fingers together instead. he smiles. “i’m ready.”

yoongi smiles back shyly. “okay.” he steps forward, pulling hoseok along with him.

hoseok feels the immediate warmth cling onto him. it’s kind of humid, but there’s a semblance of a cool breeze to make the climate bearable. they stand in a small, quiet alley. he looks up at the clear, blue sky and then back down at yoongi. “no air pollution.”

yoongi laughs. “yeah. how do you feel about coffee and churros? it’s ten in the morning here right now. it’ll be a bit busy, but we can probably still find a table.”

hoseok shrugs. “lead the way.”

the two begin walking in silence. hoseok’s too busy looking around to think of anything to say, and he thinks yoongi is too focused on coffee to muster up a conversation topic. it’s okay. they don’t need to talk. he feels comfortable enough around his hyung to not fill every silence.

they arrive at their destination and find a table to sit at. yoongi makes quick work to order something the moment a waiter shows up. hoseok doesn’t understand any of the words that leave his mouth, but he decides that his favorite sound in the entire world is now yoongi speaking spanish. he makes a mental note to ask him to speak it to him later.

“when did you learn spanish?” he asks.

“a couple of centuries back? i’m not sure… i’ve lived in spain for a few decades at a time.”

“when was the last time you’ve lived here?”

“technically i’ve been living here for about twenty years now. we still have the apartment. i don’t tend to stay for long periods of time, though. i just go there for some peace and quiet.”

“the portal sent us to an alley. wouldn’t it be more convenient to have one in the apartment?”

“there’s one that goes directly to the apartment, but this one was closer to where i wanted to go, so…” he shrugs.

“there really is no limit to portal-making, huh?”

“not for seokjin-hyung.” the two of them laugh.

“i’ve never asked, but how long have you known jin-hyung?”

yoongi thinks about this while stirring a minimal amount of sugar through his freshly arrived coffee. “first time i met him was just before the goryeo dynasty was overthrown. we didn’t really get along back then, but a few years into joseon he kind of wore me down and… over six centuries later and we’re somehow still together.” he frowns. “that’s… that’s a pretty long time.”

“you’ve been together this whole time?”

yoongi starts laughing. “no. we’ve definitely spent a few decades broken up here and there.”

“how did....” hoseok sits back in his chair and rubs his hands together in thought. “how did you know you loved him?”

the question makes yoongi cock his head a little. he’s smiling at hoseok in a way the boy doesn’t fully understand. it makes him want to hide, in a way, while another part of him wants to bask in the fact that he’s being smiled at like this.

“i don’t think i knew i was falling in love with him. i just woke up next to him one day and thought it’s you. does that make sense?” he falls quiet for a bit and sips his coffee. “i don’t know if this is the normal way to fall in love, but it is if he’s the one you’re in love with. he… has this way of just worming his way into your life. you don’t realise it at first. and then, all of a sudden, he’s everywhere, and there’s no way out. it just sneaks up on you.” he shrugs helplessly.

hoseok rips a piece off of the churro and dips it in hot chocolate. he pops it in his mouth to give himself something to do, some time to think.

it’s them, isn’t it? it’s them… it’s them it’s them it’s them.

he washes the sweet taste of chocolate away with bitter coffee. he grimaces a little at the contrasting flavors.

hoseok can feel yoongi’s eyes on him. he knows that the vampire’s gaze is soft and sweet, and yet he still feels like two holes are being burned into his face. he can’t bring himself to meet his eyes, so he stares down into the deep, bitter depths of his drink.

“i think… meeting you was really good for us,” yoongi begins.

hoseok doesn’t look up, but he does raise his brows in question.

“you brought out seokjin-hyung’s sense of wonder again. he’d been living in a bit of a slumber for the last few decades. he seemed… tired of life. not of me. not of our life together or his own life, but… life. new things. he stopped being interested in whatever new thing humans came up with, in what happened in the outside world. and then you came along, surrounded by all these new things he didn’t know about. and he liked you, so he started making an effort again. for you. and then for himself.”

hoseok looks up now. “really?”

yoongi nods. “living for a long time can be… tiresome. if you don’t watch out, you either get stuck in a routine you don’t know how to get out of, or each day becomes a struggle because you can no longer keep up with new information, or you no longer want to keep up with it.”

“i’ve never had a problem keeping up with the times, but i know what it’s like to get stuck in a routine. i feel like you broke me out of it. every day seems new and exciting.”

“i don’t really know what to say.”

reaching for his hand, yoongi squeezes his fingers softly. “you don’t have to say anything. just… think about what i said for a while. and think about what you want it to mean.”

hoseok nods. he places his free hand on top of yoongi’s, traces his knuckles with his fingers.

“want me to show you around?”

again, hoseok nods. he watches yoongi while he pays (and he sighs, when he realises he doesn’t have a single euro on him to pay with), watches him as he gets up and extends his hand. hoseok takes it wordlessly.

they walk for some time. yoongi shows him the port, they sit on a bench there for a while and watch an excessively large yacht being hauled in. hoseok doesn’t care for yachts, but he likes holding yoongi’s hand and watching the water. they circle back toward the city centre after a while and leisurely stroll past the different shops. yoongi points out random things every once in a while, explains what he knows about the city. hoseok can’t help but smile at some of his obscure knowledge.

they end up at the picasso museum. again, yoongi explains whatever tidbits of information he has. hoseok almost thinks to ask whether he knew the man personally at one point, but he realises how stupid of a question that would be. just because he’s lived for a long time doesn’t mean he knows everyone.

(except then the vampire says something so specific that can only mean that he did, in fact, know the guy. hoseok doesn’t really know what to do with that information, so he doesn’t comment on it, just kind of stares at yoongi in awe, fingers itching to grab for his hand to hold.)

they end up having lunch (dinner?) at a pizzeria yoongi frequents.

(“wait, is this lunch or dinner?” hoseok stares at his pizza.

“for us it’d be a late dinner, i suppose? here it’d be… early lunch.”



they make it back to the portal and end up back at yoongi and seokjin’s house in one piece.

seokjin’s there, waiting for them in front of the portal. he’s bouncing on his feet, looking excited. “hello, babies!” he wastes absolutely no time in snatching hoseok’s hand and pulling him along. “i’m stealing him! i’m not sorry!” he calls over his shoulder.

yoongi scrunches up his nose in mock annoyance, but he follows the two of them with a soft smile anyway.

jin brings them to his art room, where, smackdab in the middle, stands… “it’s done already? but you started only a week ago!” hoseok exclaims.

“i’m a demon, sweetie,” he dismisses. “what do you think?” he stands next to the painting, hands clasped behind his back. he looks very shy all of a sudden, unable to meet either of their eyes.

“it’s…” hoseok starts. he takes a few steps closer to inspect the portrait. a painted version of himself looks up at him, laughing. he knows it’s him, must be him, because he’s sat there, in the greenhouse, posing for seokjin, but otherwise he wouldn’t have known. he’d never thought of himself as this… “beautiful.”

the plants seokjin had carefully arranged around him are still there, in the background. green surrounds him on all sides. the console he’d been playing on has been left out, erased. instead, yellows and oranges have been added. yellow swirls. orange swirls. there’s a yellowish aura hanging around his head… around his body. he’s even wearing yellow. hoseok doesn’t remember wearing yellow that day, or seeing anything yellow or orange around him.

“what’s… with the colors?”

“you’re kind of like… the sun?” he scratches the back of his head while he thinks. “no, more like… sunlight. the sun is too hot. and kinda dangerous. and looking into the sun is tempting and not really good for your eyes? but sunlight is kinder. and also warm, but not too warm to burn you. you know? you’re like that.”

“i love it. thank you.”


yoongi and seokjin sit together one evening, much like that first night they met hoseok. the human hasn’t been around for several days. a business trip forced him to be out of town for about a week.

a week is nothing to them. a week is nothing to one significantly ancient and one less significantly ancient being. it’s nothing. and yet…

seokjin can’t help but wonder how the boy is doing. is he eating well? is he having fun? i hope teaching goes well. and he also wonders—although, if you were to ask him, he would fervently deny this—does he miss us?

they text every day, a few times a day, even. it’s not the same. he likes texting, because it allows him to talk to the boy whenever, but there’s something inherently missing in their text conversations. his smile. his little frowns. the way his laughter fills the entire room, loud and bright. his facial expressions, which do as much talking (if not more) than his actual mouth. texting him is nice, it gets the job done, but he can’t help but think that he’s getting an extremely watered down hoseok. he doesn’t like that. seokjin wants every part of him. he wants hoseok, brimming with life, overflowing with happiness. he wants quiet hoseok, sleepy or cranky hoseok. he wants sad and angry hoseok. he wants all the versions of the boy they’ve yet to discover.

seokjin wants all of him.

“i miss him.”

“mhm,” the vampire humors him. this isn’t the first time since hoseok left for his trip that he’s heard these words. he’s heard this many, many times. too many times.

“no, like, really. i really miss him.”

“i know,” yoongi mutters. he doesn’t look up from his book.

“are you even listening?” jin scrunches his nose up in irritation. his fingers curl around the top of the book and pull it down. “i miss him.”

yoongi finally meets his husband’s eyes. he looks very unimpressed. “i know. what do you want me to do about it, though?”

“help me understand why i feel this way. he’s just a friend that i like like, a lot, who we hang out with every day and kiss a lot and sometimes go on dates with, but, like, a lot of dates and we sometimes sleep together, and… i feel butterflies in my stomach when we hold hands or when you hold hands with him which… maybe… is weird? is that weird?”

yoongi closes his book slowly and threads his fingers together. he regards seokjin silently, waits for him to ramble until he draws a conclusion of his own.

“i miss him the way i missed you back when you would still attend university about a hundred years ago and you just wouldn’t let me go with you so i would wait outside and muck about until you were done with class and would coolly saunter down those steps and i kind of felt the way i imagine a golden retriever feels when their owner comes back from work?” seokjin’s out of breath by the time he’s finished. he shares a long, long look with the vampire. understanding blooms onto his face, slowly and unsuspecting. “ohhhhhh. okay. okay. i think i understand. okay. cool cool cool. cool.”

all yoongi does is laugh quietly at his husband. he doesn’t break their silence, just waits for seokjin to break it. he’s done all his thinking already, it’s all on the demon now. he leaves it all in his hands, trusting the guy to handle it.

“ah. hmm. so.” seokjin taps his chin in thought and purses his lips in mock contemplation. “so… husband of mine… do you remember the last time we talked about hoseok and we both admitted that we liked him?”

“i remember.”

jin stays silent for a few moments, trying to rearrange his chaotic thoughts, trying to find the best way to broach the topic. “this may be completely out of the blue, but—”

“i think i’m in love with him.”

“—how do you feel ab—” the demon blinks at his husband dumbly. he opens his mouth, closes it again, opens it once more… “you what now?”

“hoseok. i think i love him.”

“i see.” seokjin sits back in his chair, drums his fingers on his thighs. he’s slowly nodding his head. “yeah, me too i think.”

“i know.” yoongi pulls up one corner of his mouth in lieu of a smile. he picks his book back up.

“you know? what do you mean you know? how long have you known?”

he shrugs vaguely. “i’ve had my suspicions for a while.”

seokjin, unsure of how to respond to that, rubs the bridge of his nose. he leans his fingertips against each other, once again deep in thought. “and you kept this to yourself why exactly?”

“didn’t want to scare you off.”

“what makes you think it’d scare me off? i’m great at this stuff. i asked you to marry me the day we met!”

“you mean the same day you tried to murder me for the first time?” yoongi peers over his book, he raises one brow.

“there’s a fine line between love and hate.” jin crosses his arms triumphantly.

the vampire rolls his eyes and continues reading. “mhm. of course, baby.”

“yoongi,” seokjin begins again. “yoongi, yoongi, yoongi.” he gets up out of his seat, plucks the book out of yoongi’s hands. the vampire’s lap looks free and inviting, so he settles in. once he has one arm draped over his husband’s shoulders, he speaks again: “so we both love him, then?”

“it would seem so.”

“so we should talk to him about this? when he comes back?”


seokjin bends down to press a soft kiss to yoongi’s lips. he lets the guy pick his book back up to resume his reading.


the vampire just grumbles a little now, a cute frown knotting between his eyebrows. he just wants to read his book. that’s all he wants to do. what does a vampire have to do to finish his book?

“my feelings for him don’t change the way i feel about you. you know that, right? i still feel the same way about you as i did during king sejong’s rule.”

“you mean the second time you tried to murder me?”

“for the last time: i was trying to woo you.”

“you tried to poison me!”

“i said i was sorry!”

they stare each other for what feels like an eternity. finally, jin relents. he drops his gaze, starts pouting. he mutters something under his breath.

“what was that?”

again, seokjin mumbles something unintelligible.

“speak up, baby.”

“i said i love you.”

yoongi wraps his arms around the guy’s waist, pulls him closer. his book drops to the floor, but neither seem to notice. “i love you, too.”

they sit like that for a while, neither move, they just slowly kiss, let their hands wander comfortably. there isn’t an inch of each other’s body that they aren’t familiar with, but that doesn’t make it any less special. on the contrary: the complete trust they have in each other to know what’s comforting and what isn’t makes it just that more special.

it’s a while later when seokjin’s still in yoongi’s lap, sat just right for him to lean his head on the guy’s shoulder. yoongi’s thumbs rub tight circles into his waist. “so you wouldn’t be against opening up our relationship to hoseok?”

“no. i think he’s the perfect match for us.”

seokjin smiles, burrows his face just a little more in the crook of his neck.

“how do you feel about it?” yoongi asks.

“i really want two to become three. if he’ll have us.”

“we’ll ask him when he returns from his trip.”


they plan to ambush him as soon as he comes back. since hoseok hadn’t been too precise on the time he’d be back home, somewhere in the afternoon he had told them, they decide to show up early afternoon.

they’d prepare a home cooked meal, seokjin would put his magic to good use to transform hoseok’s place into something really romantic—a beach with hundreds of candles or a hill with no light pollution to disturb the night sky or… he isn’t sure about the concept yet, but he trusts his creativity to lead the way.

they don’t get to put their plans into action, because hoseok’s there the moment they step through the portal. the three of them look equally as shocked.

“uh,” hoseok begins. he scratches the back of his head awkwardly and laughs a little. “there goes my plan.”

“plan? what plan?” seokjin looks intrigued.

the human is fully pouting now. “i was gonna surprise you, since i got home a little earlier than expected.”

“were you gonna jump through the portal and shout boo?” he turns to look at yoongi while nodding fervently. “that would have been a great surprise.”

“something like that.” hoseok hangs his head for a moment, but his disappointment doesn’t last long enough for either of them to comfort him. he reaches for both of their hands, squeezes them. his face lights up, his smile is bright and infectious. “i’ve missed you.” he pulls the two of them into a hug, feels arms wrapped around him, hands on his back and shoulder.

“what are you doing here so early?” hoseok asks after a while. his face is buried in jin’s shoulder, so the words come out muffled and barely audible.

“same reason you were about to use the portal. we wanted to surprise you.” yoongi’s warm breath tickles hoseok’s ear while he speaks. it sends pleasant shivers down his spine—they both probably notice this, he realises, but they’re kind enough not to tease him about it.

“but how did you know i’d be home so early?”

seokjin hums. “we didn’t. we were gonna cook for you and welcome you home with the best food your taste buds have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.”

“home cooked?” hoseok inquires. the mention of food piques his interest enough for him to lift up his head in order to peer at seokjin.

“perhaps,” the demon replies evasively.

hoseok starts smiling cheekily, he steps away a little until he can meet both of their eyes easily. “i can pretend i have no idea what’s going on and you can carry out your original plan.”

seokjin seems taken to the idea. his eyes light up. “and you can leave the apartment and come back in and shout boo and we’ll pretend it was really scary and that we were totally surprised.”

yoongi looks between the both of them, his brows furrow in mock irritation. he reaches for both of their cheeks, softly pinches them between his thumb and pointer finger. “you’re both so stupid. i can’t believe this.”

hoseok starts giggling, seokjin follows suit. and yoongi… yoongi joins in on the laughter.

after releasing their soft, squishy cheeks he manages to trap them both in his arms (a vampire’s strength does come in handy every once in a while) while he hugs them tightly. the three stumble backward until hoseok’s back is pressed against the wall.

after some more hugging and chaste kisses pressed to unsuspecting mouths, yoongi is the first to pull himself free. he pulls them along to the kitchen and puts both of them to work.

soon enough, they fall into a comfortable teamwork (yoongi tells them what to do and they listen, because they fully trust his chef’s instinct). hoseok tells them about his business trip, talks in detail about the things he’s seen, the food he’s had. when he finishes, he asks them about their week without him and they both complain loudly.

it’s nothing new. they’ve been texting every day, so they already know exactly what hoseok’s been up to, the same way he knows what they’ve been doing. it doesn’t matter, it’s just nice. it feels nice to talk about your day, or your week, to the person who’s interested in you enough to listen.

it’s nice.

dinner is nice as well. the food is good, and the company is even better. seokjin decides to use his magic to make hoseok’s apartment look like a forest. it’s completely out of this world, but hoseok doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. he’s come to expect this from the demon. it just makes sense that a giant tree stands in the middle of his living room, the same way it seems completely believable that a bird sits on a low-hanging branch, chirping at hoseok.

they watch another movie once they’re done with their food, although hoseok couldn’t tell you what they watched. he spends the whole time focused on the vampire and the demon in his living room, on his couch, cuddling up to him.

and then the movie comes to an end, and he fully expects them to retreat but they don’t. yoongi turns to him slowly, and seokjin kind of turns, except his eyes are downcast and he rubs his hands over his thighs slowly. the demon seems nervous or shy, or maybe both.

“we wanted to talk to you about something,” yoongi begins. he’s the more composed of the two, almost looking relaxed (if it weren’t for the reddened tips of his ears, which give him away almost instantly).

it’s hoseok’s turn to become nervous now. he’s seen a serious yoongi and seokjin before, knows it’s nothing to be threatened by, but there’s something in the vampire’s tone and the demon’s behavior that makes him think this is more severe.

do they not want him anymore? is that it?

“okay,” he says carefully. it’s a feat to keep his expression neutral. “what… did you want to talk about?”

“it’s about the three of us.” yoongi’s no longer looking at him, he’s biting on the inside of his cheek, staring down at his hands.

“what about us?” hoseok starts looking more suspicious with the minute. it doesn’t make sense for such a nice dinner and movie night to end like this. it doesn’t. and yet, what else could there be to discuss?

“we…” yoongi begins. he contemplates his next words carefully before he continues. “... have feelings for you.”

the human waits. he looks at yoongi first, and then at seokjin, but neither of them elaborate. they’re expecting him to speak. “... yes, i know?”

he doesn’t think he’s ever seen yoongi frown that deeply before. “pardon?”

hoseok starts frowning as well, nerves making way for confusion. “i thought we all knew we had feelings for each other? we… basically moved in together? yoongi? i—just over a week ago with my dick inside of you i told you i loved you. what did you think that meant? jin-hyung, you drew hearts on that canvas and painted over them saying they were hidden love letters for me?”

the two supernatural beings sit on either side of the human gaping at him. seokjin is the first to speak, after deliberating for a while and sighing very deeply. “i suppose that makes a lot of sense.”

hoseok’s earlier frown and confusion make way for insecurity. he shrinks in on himself a little, wondering whether he’d gotten ahead of himself with this. should he not have presumed so much? weren’t they on the same page? “should i not have presumed we were unofficially dating?”

“no no no!” seokjin finally faces the human, who is growing hotter with embarrassment by the minute. “i mean… yes, actually.”

the boy looks distressed.

“no! i mean, why does it have to be unofficial? i don’t want it to be unofficial. that’s what we wanted to talk about. we wanted to… include you in our relationship.”

it takes hoseok a minute to calm down, it takes him another minute to process seokjin’s words. “so…”

“so… do you want to be our boyfriend? like… officially.”

seokjin reaches out to clasp one of hoseok’s hands in his, while yoongi encapsulates the other with his own. hoseok looks down at their connected hands. his hyungs’ hands are warm and gentle while they each hold a hand of his. they fit well.

he’s always thought that yoongi and seokjin were two puzzle pieces fitting seamlessly together. he’d admired that from day one. even envied it a little.

despite presuming they were unofficially dating, hoseok never considered he was a third puzzle piece. it was too presumptuous and it felt weird and wrong to insert himself in a relationship that had bridged centuries already.

and yet… when he studies their hands, tangled like this, it doesn’t seem so wrong to think of himself as part of that puzzle, not when seokjin’s fingers so effortlessly slide into his, not when yoongi holds his other so reverently. and certainly not when seokjin pries one of yoongi’s hands free and holds it in his own.

maybe it’s not so presumptuous, after all.

“i’d love to,” hoseok finally whispers. he uses one of his hands being clasped to thumb at a tear pricking in the corner of his eye.

he nods slowly. his face grows into a shy smile, at first, and then it keeps growing until his cheeks are ready to collapse. he’s still nodding while he lifts his head to look at the two guys who so effortlessly waltzed into his life, who let him waltz into theirs without complaints. they’re both teary-eyed, yet their smiles rival his own.

maybe he can be their third piece. hoseok thinks he might be the perfect fit for it.