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Boys have a problem

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The sun was slowly going down, people are coming out of high-rise buildings, supermarkets, schools or cafes to get back home, their day is over. But not for the guards of this city.

He checked the rubber cartridges for the last time and put on his helmet, then went out the window. He fired a rope and a moment later he was already on the roof of the nearest tenement house. It was supposed to be a good patrol, unlike the morning, because of course, when he wants to sleep through a heavy night and fight, the neighbor had to play Chopin's songs with a drill. What consolation was the message that the Joker was seen near the old cotton candy plant. In order to dispel doubts, he does not kill, because father Bat says "he is not allowed" and Jason listens, because Jason has long been angry with the deceased, he does not hide the fact that he even likes to work with his brothers and Bruce. And to his toy, come on, who does not love the Batmobile ?!

So he comes out not because it would kill Joker, not just put him in Arkham. Immediately after getting a sharp fuck. Oh yes, Jason will not change a few things.
With a banana on his face he was heading east, closer to the territory of Red Robin.
Maybe later he jumped somewhere with his younger brother or maybe help him. Nah, just will pissed him off.

The factory was large and empty
,, What is? I missed the party? "He said to himself as he checked every room. "Holy shit," he closed the next door. "I'm starting to feel lonely, ehh enough," - he scanned the building, two people on the ground floor. He moved toward them.
He entered the closed cabin from the shoe.
"Respecting the motherfuckers," he began cheerfully, but his humor really broke down after what he saw.
Two guys, like nothing but Joker's body between them. Dead. Rigid. Like Dick's pants that had been under the bed for two years.
Attitude is clear, the death of this man is nothing bad. But it was his fucking role if ever, his had to die only from his hand, leg or finger.
He had to stop for a moment. Anger boiled in him like water in a kettle.
"SAID WHAT YOU DID !!!!! You! ,, - he pointed at them with a gun - "Why he is dead I am asking!
"I do not know, maybe he didn't wear hat in winter," one of them replied.
"You do not be so fucking clever," he struck him against the wall. - "Who killed him ?! ,,
"We did not ... It was not us - we were looking for him, he was asking for water - he explained himself showing the tray with a glass -" And when we came, he was lying "- the thug was scared which was strange. After all, if he wanted to kill Joker, he would have bragged to the right and left and not sniffed under him.
"No, I can not be so nervous," - he turned on the communicator - "Hood"
,, They hear you ,, it was Tim who had to run because the boy was clearly breathless.
"Listen, the matter is. Take your father, Robin and Nightwing. As quickly as possible, reach the factory on the eastern outskirts. ,,
,, Something happened? Fine? Are you injured? ,, - the boy was worried. Oh, Timmy, you do not even know what the fuck was going on.
"No, I'm not good. It's just, somehow ... Joker ... I'm dead, "he said, scratching his neck.
A moment of silence. Jason wanted to know Babybird's face now, it must be priceless.
"Hood, damn it was so good! Did you have to fuck the position ?! And I wanted to destroy Damon with you in the new Naruto game and now you will be in Arkham again. And no, I will not bring you Alfred cookies, do not even think ... ,,
Jason looked back. How much can you? He had to stop it. "Shut up and listen to me, okay? It was not me , I found him dead "- he looked at the guys next to-" Actually, I did find him during the support group meeting of his morons. I need you to confirm to me their version of his death. ,,
"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes,
"I am waiting" - there was silence on the line. "And we, gentlemen, will get to know each other,"


Tim parked the motor beside the rear entrance. But he came in through the window anyway because it was so humorous, okay? Jason finished tying alleged harvests and raised his hand in greeting. He scanned the room and saw him. It was a shock. He had to stare because Jason finally said, "Go ahead, do not bury yourself, his don't bite, at least it should not".
He rolled his eyes and crouched beside the body, there was no blood, no wounds, nothing to look like a murder. He had to take a blood sample, he extended his hand but it hung in the air,
Red, dead more will not be, and when it starts to fall apart, I left you with this stink, "his brother hurried.
"Ok, ok - he smiled under his breath - "Through this stress, it's all the way up and you just need that strand. ,, - he took out a medical kit
"Ha ha, stab him with a needle" - he supported the wall.
Tim took a blood sample and an analysis immediately appeared. His heart beat harder. Jason leaned over Tim's shoulder. They looked at each other in shock.
,, Hey people! What happened ... And !! Oh my God!! Suddenly, Dick appeared with the mouth open like a fish. Jason and Tim finished, jumped away from the corpse.
"Nightwing is not what you think we do ... we found him here, it was Joker who had a heart attack ..."
"I think I'm fucking too," Jay said, catching his heart.
"Jesus" - Dick ran his hand nervously over his hair - "We need to notify B,,