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days of flower blooms

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Jimin’s been napping on and off for about two hours now, to Jungkook’s approximation. He was reading in his bed, but he nodded off, and Jungkook didn’t have the heart to wake him up. When he rolled over and squinted at Jungkook an hour later, a question on his face, Jungkook told him, “You fell asleep.”

“Kookie,” Jimin said sleepily, hair tousled, voice so soft that Jungkook nearly turned to ash on the spot. They’ve been dating for months but Jungkook doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to the soft way Jimin says his name in half-sleep. “C’mere.”

“I’m doing work,” Jungkook argued from his seat at Jimin’s desk, but it was half-hearted. They both knew he didn’t stand a chance. It only took a small sad whine from Jimin for Jungkook to close his book with a sigh, walking over and getting underneath the covers next to Jimin. His readings can wait, he tried to convince himself as Jimin made a pleased little noise, cuddling into his side.

Jimin’s been napping on and off, but Jungkook isn’t sleepy, so that leaves him here with time to think. He thinks about his half-finished to-do list for the day, about how he needs to go to the grocery store before he goes home; he thinks about the figure drawing project he has due at the end of next week; he thinks briefly about Minghao’s invitation to a poetry reading on Friday; and then, when Jimin makes a little involuntary noise against Jungkook’s chest, pressed tight against him, Jungkook thinks about sex.

He’s not trying to. He’s actually really, really trying not to. But Jimin whimpers again, a cut-off thing in the back of his throat, and Jungkook is, unfortunately, a human being who experiences sexual attraction. So Jungkook thinks about sex.

Taehyung, Namjoon and Jimin have been taking things slow with him. They’ve been together for a few months now, and things haven’t gone beyond kissing with hands wandering up Jungkook’s chest, leaving him hard on one of their laps when someone says, “That’s enough, baby,” and pets his hair. They’re trying to be considerate, not to rush him along, but he thinks that sometimes he’d like to be rushed along a little. He’s been a little too embarrassed to mention it, but — he wants more. He’s ready for more, he thinks.

Especially because the last three months have left him like this more often than not, trying not to get horny whenever he hears Jimin breathe weird, or sees Namjoon hold the cap of a pen between his lips as he chews it. He’s dying a little.

“Hyung,” Jungkook says suddenly, trying not to talk himself out of it.

(“The secret to talking about things you don’t like talking about is to rip it off like a band-aid,” Taehyung told him a few weeks ago. He’s trying to follow that advice.)

Jimin stirs, groaning as he blinks his eyes up at Jungkook. “Mm?”

“Hyung, can we talk about something?” Jungkook asks.

Another groan from Jimin, which honestly isn’t helping things. “Kookie, hyung’s sleeping.”

The soft pleading in his voice would usually have an effect, but Jungkook knows for a fact that Jimin got plenty of sleep last night, that he’s just cat-napping because he can. “I want to talk about sex,” Jungkook says.

Jimin stops complaining at that, picking himself up a little bit to look at Jungkook properly. He blinks a couple times, like he’s trying to wake himself up, and then he says, “Okay. Talk about sex.”

“Uh, I would like to...have it,” Jungkook starts. Jimin looks unimpressed. “Not right now. I general. With my three boyfriends. Sometime.”

Jimin hums, sitting up properly and stretching his arms up above his head. When he had answered the door earlier for Jungkook, he explained his outfit with a simple roll of his eyes as he said, “Laundry day.” Apparently laundry day meant a t-shirt with the bottom hem cut off, leaving a few inches of stomach visible if he reached too far up, and a baggy pair of grey sweatpants. And, Jungkook noticed very quickly earlier, no underwear.

He only realizes he’s staring at the strip of skin Jimin is showing as he stretches when Jimin goes, “Wow, okay, you really do want to have sex.”

Jungkook’s eyes go back up to Jimin’s face instantly, a blush already warming his cheeks. “I — sorry,” Jungkook mutters.

Jimin shrugs. His arms go back down and his navel disappears, and it’s really better for everyone. “I guess I can’t blame you, we’ve left you with blue balls for three months.”

“Yes,” Jungkook agrees, trying not to sound desperate. “You have.”

“Okay, well, let’s discuss,” Jimin says. “And as much as I love the attention, I need you to stop...drooling.”

“Jimin,” Jungkook says, voice a little strained, “I can literally see the outline of your dick right now. So maybe you’re not helping matters.”

Jimin looks down at himself. “Oh, hm. Yeah. Here.” He pulls his blanket back over himself, and things get considerably less distracting.

“Thanks,” Jungkook says with a sigh.

“So,” Jimin starts. “You’d like to have sex with us.”

“That’s been established, yeah,” Jungkook says, rolling his eyes.

“Well, the feeling is mutual,” Jimin says cordially. “It’s just, you know, a matter of logistics.”

“I’m...not a virgin. I know how sex works,” Jungkook says, eyebrows furrowed and voice slow.

Jimin snorts, rolling his eyes. “Congratulations, but I wasn’t talking about literal sex logistics. I mean, like...there’s three of us. Do you want all of us there, or...I mean, just one of us, or…?”

“All of you,” Jungkook says, ignoring his embarrassment at talking about this plainly. “I want all of you.”

“That makes things a little more complicated, but it’s cute,” Jimin tells him with a sweet smile.

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows. “Complicated how?”

“Well, it means you’ll need to figure out what you...want, exactly,” Jimin says, sounding like he’s trying to be delicate.

“I want...I mean, I want anything.”

“Nope,” Jimin chirps back in response. “Not true, and not how this works. We have to know what you want before we start.”

Jungkook looks at him, hung up. “Well, I don’t know what I want.”

Jimin sighs. “See, Mr. I’m-Not-A-Virgin? It gets a little complicated. Let’s start with foreplay.”

“That’s usually where things start,” Jungkook agrees with a snort.

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Just say yes or no.”





Jungkook pauses. “Giving or receiving?”

“Well, which are you comfortable with?”


“Then why did you ask?” Jimin asks, narrowing his eyes at Jungkook.

“I was just curious,” Jungkook defends himself.

“If there’s one you don’t want to do, just specify, alright?” Jimin asks, eyes still narrowed before he gets back to business. “Uh...analingus?”

Jungkook looks at him blankly.

“Being eaten out. Eating someone out,” Jimin enunciates, giving him a deadpan look.

“Oh,” Jungkook says, going a little pink. “I’ve...never thought about that before. I don’t know.”

“Fair,” Jimin says with another shrug. “Alright, so that’s...that. Did I miss anything?”

Jungkook tries to think, but he’s having a hard time coming up with anything after Jimin said the words “eating someone out.” “Um, I don’t think so.”

“Okay, so penetrative sex.” Jimin pauses, looking at Jungkook for a reaction, and Jungkook realizes that it’s a thing Jimin is asking for approval on, not just a fun statement.

“Oh. Yeah. I mean, I just assumed that —”

“The whole point is not to assume!” Jimin says, a huff in his voice. “If you didn’t want to have penetrative sex, we wouldn’t.”

“Well,” Jungkook says mildly, “That’s really nice and all, but I would really love one or more of you to put a dick in me just as soon as it’s convenient.”

Jimin pauses, cheeks going pink in apparent surprise. “I was going to ask if you had a preference in roles, but I guess that answers that,” he says quietly.

“I mean I’m fine either way, but,” Jungkook hesitates, embarrassment hitting him after his boldness a moment ago. “Um, yes. I have a preference.”

Jimin nods, and then a smirk appears on his face, eyebrow raised. “One or more of us?”

Jungkook really goes red now. “I didn’t mean — not at the same time.”

“And see, that’s a great boundary to know,” Jimin says with a laugh in his voice.

Jungkook glares a little, pouting. “I was trying to be very cooperative here, with this game, and now you’re just making fun of me.”

Jimin nods, looking like he’s trying to get serious again. “Sorry. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jungkook says with a little sigh.

Jimin reaches out and holds Jungkook’s face, only squishing his cheeks a little bit, before he scoots forward to hug Jungkook around the middle, situating himself in Jungkook’s lap.

“We weren’t trying to torture you,” Jimin tells him. “It’s just...a lot. I know you’ve had sex before, but not with three people all at once. We didn’t want to overwhelm you, or push, or...I don’t know.”

“I know,” Jungkook says, wrapping his arms around Jimin and pouting only a little bit. “Kind of unfair that you get to keep having sex even after you send me home with an embarrassing boner, though.”

Jimin pulls back. “Is it bothering you? Because we can talk about how we’re feeling about —”

“No, no,” Jungkook says, shaking his head. Early in this whole thing, like kind of overwhelmingly early, in those first few days when Jungkook ended up staying over for about three days straight while they just talked about everything in their relationship, they had a conversation about that. About how the three of them had gotten to a place where they’re fine with only two of them being intimate, and Jungkook agreed, didn’t feel any particular jealousy or hurt over the concept. It made sense for them. It still does make sense. And it’s not like his feelings are hurt — there’s just a petulant whine permanently in the back of his throat lately. “It’s not bothering me. I just…”

“Want to be included,” Jimin says, smirking at him lazily.

Jungkook nods, feeling a little embarrassed under Jimin’s gaze. But Jimin leans forward and kisses him, hands on Jungkook’s cheeks again. He’s perched in Jungkook’s lap, warm and heavy, and Jungkook appreciates the weight. When Jimin pulls back a little, he’s looking at Jungkook through half-lidded eyes.

“Have you been thinking about it? About us?” Jimin asks softly. There’s something in his tone that makes Jungkook exhale uneven, and he looks at Jimin nervously. “You don’t have to answer,” Jimin follows up with a moment later, leaning forward to kiss Jungkook’s cheek.

Jungkook swallows, brings a hand to Jimin’s waist. He’s not sure where Jimin’s going with this, but he wants Jimin to keep talking to him like that, voice hushed and heavy and questions leading. “I’ve thought about it,” he says.

Jimin gives him half a smile, but it keeps its smirking edge. “You wanna tell hyung what you’ve thought about?”

Jungkook’s nodding before he even realizes it, feeling slightly hypnotized by the way Jimin’s biting his lip. Jimin hums, runs a hand through Jungkook’s hair. “Lay down, baby,” Jimin tells him, shuffles out of his lap to let him move. Jungkook finds it easy to do what Jimin says, likes the way Jimin nods at him approvingly. “Is this okay?” Jimin asks, lying down next to him, bringing a hand to stroke across Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook nods again, because it is, because it’s — a lot more than okay, actually. That petulant whine that’s been in his throat for a month dies out a little under Jimin’s attention.

“What have you thought about, Jungkook-ah?” Jimin asks him in that quiet voice. His fingers move against Jungkook’s sweatshirt, and he suddenly wishes he was wearing something lighter, that he could feel Jimin’s touch better.

“I…” Jungkook starts, thinking. And there’s still an element of embarrassment, but Jimin’s looking at him like he really wants to know. “I’ve thought about Namjoonie-hyung.”

Jimin hums again. He leans over and kisses Jungkook, soft and fleeting. “What about him?”

The truthful answer is everything, but he knows without saying it that Jimin would tell him to be more specific. “About him, um, fucking me,” Jungkook says in one breath. He does feel embarrassed about that one, but Jimin’s not laughing at him. He’s looking at Jungkook with something like hunger.

“Is that what you want, honey?” He asks. His hand winds down, wiggles under the hem of his hoodie and strokes against his bare stomach. The touch, coupled with the sweet name (and Jungkook doesn’t know why that’s — he didn’t know he liked that, before, but Jimin had seen his blush the first time he called him baby and ran with it), makes Jungkook want to gasp.

“It’s one of the things I want,” Jungkook admits, feeling brave under Jimin’s gaze.

“Joonie would treat you really sweet,” Jimin says, sounding a little fond over it. “He loves you so much. He’d hold your hands and kiss you the whole time, that’s what you want, right?”

“Sometimes,” Jungkook admits.

Jimin smiles sweetly. “Yeah. You seem like the type.” His fingers are tracing the shape of Jungkook’s ribs. “What about me and Taehyungie? What are we doing?”

In his head, in his most recurring fantasy, Namjoon is overtop of him, gentle with him because Namjoon is gentle with everything he can be, and Taehyung and Jimin are at his sides, touching him and whispering sweet things in his ears. It feels selfish, but he supposes that’s why it’s a fantasy — it’s supposed to all be about him in a fantasy. The idea of saying that to Jimin is more than embarrassing, it feels vulnerable in a way he doesn’t quite know how to be.

“Um...whatever you want,” Jungkook says. Jimin frowns at him a little.

“But what do you want?” Jimin asks him. “That’s what I wanna know.”

“It’s embarrassing,” Jungkook says, face flushing. Jimin’s hand moves down, resting on his stomach, inching lower.

“But you’re doing good,” Jimin says. “Can I keep going?” His hand, he must mean, because it stops just above the waistband of Jungkook’s sweats.

Jungkook nods. “Yeah, yes —”

“Tell me first,” Jimin says. He’s looking at Jungkook expectantly. “Or if you really don’t want to, you can tell me that.”

Jungkook appreciates that, the way Jimin keeps letting him know it’s just a game. The easy exit path Jimin is giving him. The trouble is, Jungkook likes playing games, and he likes winning them. He knows Jimin will touch him even if he says he doesn’t want to tell him, but — that’s not as satisfying as winning.

“You’re next to me, um, on either side,” Jungkook starts. Jimin’s lips twitch into a smile, and he moves his hand to Jungkook’s hip, down to his thigh. “Kissing me, and — and touching me,” he stutters when Jimin’s fingers head to the inside of Jungkook’s thigh. He opens his legs wider, an invitation, but Jimin takes his time doing anything about that.

“Touching you how?” Jimin asks, whisper-quiet.

“Jerking me off,” Jungkook says, eyes closing when one of Jimin’s fingers strokes idly at his half-hard dick, the tent already forming in the front of his sweatpants.

Jimin hums. “What’s so embarrassing about that?”

“Seems kind of selfish,” Jungkook manages.

“No,” Jimin argues. Jungkook opens his eyes to see Jimin with furrowed eyebrows, a frown on his lips. “It’s not selfish. If it was selfish it would only be for you. You don’t think me and Taehyungie would like that?”

Jungkook doesn’t know how to answer that. “I don’t know,” he mumbles. Jimin’s hand has gone still now, the game on pause.

“If Taehyungie came up to you and said ‘Jungkook-ah’,” Jimin starts, pitching his voice lower in imitation. Jungkook, despite himself, laughs a little. “‘Can you please help Namjoonie-hyung and Jiminnie make me feel good?’ would you want to do that?”

“Of course,” Jungkook answers, maybe too quickly.

“Why?” Jimin asks him, like he’s leading to an illuminating point.

“Because I love Taehyung, and I want him to feel good, and...” Jungkook trails off. Jimin’s smiling at him.

“No, keep going. And?” Jimin prompts.

“And it would be hot,” Jungkook admits.

“Yeah,” Jimin agrees. “It would. See? Not selfish.” His hand starts moving again, though, and now he’s gripped loosely over Jungkook’s length through his sweatpants. “Personally, I would find it really rewarding to help wreck you.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says through a gasp. Jimin giggles, rubbing the heel of his palm against Jungkook.

“You’re so sweet and good, and I just wanna pull you apart a little bit,” Jimin says. He repositions himself, taking away his hand so he can lie half-on top of Jungkook, a thigh slotted between Jungkook’s own. He leans down and kisses Jungkook with all the sugar from his touch gone hot instead. He moves his thigh, rubs it against Jungkook’s hard-on, and Jungkook breaks away from Jimin’s mouth to groan quietly. Jimin nods down at him, in acknowledgement or maybe encouragement, Jungkook’s not sure, but he’s glad for it, and they keep up like that, Jimin’s thigh grinding against him hard enough to make his breath shaky, to make his eyes shut tight, to bite his lip and feel unable to focus on anything besides Jimin above him. Jungkook wants, wants more, wants to feel Jimin’s hand on him again, and —

“Ugh,” Jimin says, and Jungkook opens his eyes to look at him, thrown off, having a tiny bit of fear that he’s done something wrong.

“Oh, no,” Jimin says at the look on his face, leaning down to press a sweet kiss to his cheek to assure him. “No, not you, baby. Sorry. I was just thinking about how it’s been a while since I wanted to fuck somebody this bad.”

The doubt twisting Jungkook’s stomach up melts away, and he feels flustered instead. “What’s stopping you?” He asks, that fleeting bravery rushing alongside his blood again.

Jimin raises an eyebrow at him. “You just said you wanted the first time to be with all of us.”

“Well...yeah...” Jungkook says, sheepish.

“And anyway, I — it should be more special than this,” Jimin says, sounding a little embarrassed himself.

Jungkook’s turn to raise his eyebrows. “Special, huh?”

Jimin rolls off of him onto his back, crossing his arms primly. “What can I say, I’m a sentimental person sometimes.”

“And that extends to when, where and how you dick me down?” Jungkook asks, amused.

“Kookie,” Jimin says, exasperated and blushing a little.

“No, it’s good to know,” Jungkook tells him. “You tell me your fantasy, hyung, does it involve being laid gently down on a bed of rose petals, or —”

Jimin grabs a pillow and hits him with it so swiftly that Jungkook doesn’t even see it coming. Jungkook blinks, and the two of them look at each other for a moment as if to figure out how the dust will settle, before Jungkook decidedly picks the pillow back up.

“Jungkook-ah,” Jimin says, sitting up, sounding pleading. “I know I started this, but please don’t —”

“Your actions have consequences, hyung,” Jungkook says solemnly, before whacking Jimin over the head with the pillow. Jimin wobbles over, loses balance, and grips wildly at Jungkook to keep himself upright. Instead, all he accomplishes is to pull Jungkook along with him when he falls backward, the two of them rolling bodily onto the floor with a loud thud.

Jimin groans, pushing him away. “You’re so heavy.”

Jungkook, though, just laughs, wrapping his arms around Jimin. Jimin keeps up his whining pout for a minute before he laughs too, tucked into the crook of Jungkook’s neck.

“Yah!” Seokjin yells from outside Jimin’s door. “Whatever you’re doing, do it quieter! You scared Hoseokie!”

“Sorry, hyung,” the two of them call in unison. Jungkook can hear Seokjin huff away from inside the room, and he laughs again.

Jungkook pulls himself up a little, moves his weight off of Jimin, and Jimin gives a little residual giggle.

“Thanks for talking to me, Kookie,” Jimin says. “We can talk about it more all together, right?”

Jungkook nods, leans down to kiss him again briefly, and they go back to normal. Jungkook goes back to his schoolwork, Jimin goes back to the book he was reading, and none of it feels so urgent or embarrassing anymore. And Jungkook can almost, just barely, push the feeling of Jimin touching him out of his mind.

(Almost. Barely. He’s only human.)


“So,” Taehyung calls to Jungkook from the couch. Jungkook’s in the kitchen, standing in front of a pan of fried rice. They keep telling him he doesn’t need to cook for them, but Jungkook likes it, likes it even more now that they’ll kiss him sweetly on the cheek to tell him he did well.

Jungkook looks back over his shoulder, waiting for the rest of Taehyung’s sentence. Taehyung’s lounged across the couch, head resting in Jimin’s lap as Jimin watches something on his phone.

“I heard you want to have sex.”

Jungkook blinks. Jimin says, “Aish,” and reaches down to pull at Taehyung’s hair. “No tact.”

“I have never claimed to have any tact,” Taehyung says.

Namjoon walks in through the back door, cheeks a little pink from the spring chill. There’s dirt on the soles of his shoes and the tips of his fingers, and Jungkook finds it painfully endearing. He looks around at the three of them quizzically.

“Why does everyone look weird?” Namjoon asks.

“Jungkook wants to have sex,” Taehyung repeats.

Namjoon pauses, looking at Jungkook. “Oh. That.” He walks over and washes his hands in the sink, leaning against Jungkook for a moment in a comforting kind of gesture.

Jungkook had known that Jimin would tell them; if he was honest, it was comforting, that he didn’t have to broach the subject out of the blue again, that at least they were prepared for it. But the three of them are big on letting Jungkook speak for himself, especially when it would be easier for one of them to speak for him. He gets it, and he’s getting better at it, he thinks, but sometimes something like this happens. Sometimes he has to suddenly talk about how he wants to have sex with them when his mind was previously more concerned with whether the egg was mixed into the fried rice well.

“I do want to have sex,” Jungkook agrees, turning back to the fried rice. He’s trying his best to not blush over it, and he thinks he’s doing an okay job.

“Are you staying over tonight, Kookie?” Taehyung asks.

Jungkook raises his eyebrows. “What, you want to have sex...tonight?” Jungkook asks.

“No, not necessarily. I was just wondering,” Taehyung says with a shrug.

“Jimin said he wanted it to be special,” Jungkook teases. Jimin pouts, but Taehyung laughs. Namjoon smiles a little too, but it just looks kind of fond. “I don’t know that a random Saturday night is special enough for him.”

“You brat,” Jimin accuses. “Fine, what do I care, go fuck Taehyung in the dirt. Sorry that I care about these things.”

“I think it’s nice that you care about these things,” Namjoon says, walking over and kissing Jimin’s forehead.

“I can want to fuck Jungkook in the dirt and also appreciate your romantic sensibilities,” Taehyung says. “I’m multi-faceted.”

“No one’s fucking me in the dirt!” Jungkook says, blush finally getting the better of him. “I’m horny, but I’m not Taehyung.”

“I do not understand how this turned into a campaign against me,” Taehyung says with a little pout of his own.

“I love you so much, you’re my soulmate, but you’re gross,” Jimin says gently, leaning down to kiss him.

Taehyung’s pout stays where it was. “Is this about me staining your hoodie?”

“Weren’t we talking about Jungkook?” Namjoon interrupts, before Jimin can get out whatever response he’s puffing himself up to give.

Taehyung and Jimin seem to remember themselves, turning away from each other. Jungkook snorts as he spoons fried rice out onto plates. Namjoon walks over, grabs two of them and kisses Jungkook quickly before bringing them out to sit on the coffee table, where it’s big enough for them to eat all together. Jungkook grabs the other two plates and follows behind him.

“I was just gonna tell you, like, no pressure, you know?” Taehyung says to Jungkook a moment later, mouth half-full. “Thanks for telling us. But we don’t have to plan for it, or make it a big deal, if you don’t want to.”

“But we can,” Namjoon points out. “If you do.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “No, I don’t want that.” The idea of making a big fuss over it kind of stresses him out, if he’s being honest. Taehyung must feel it, because he reaches over and squeezes Jungkook’s knee.

“Okay,” Jimin says easily, smiling at him. “No worries, then.”

It seems like kind of a bold statement to Jungkook, who has many worries all the time, but he nods, willing enough to agree. “Yeah. No worries.”

Taehyung takes another bite, and with his mouth full, points his chopsticks at Jungkook. “You’re worried,” he accuses.

Jungkook sighs. “Only a little.”

“About what?” Taehyung asks.

Jungkook pushes his food around. “I haven’t had that much sex before.”

Namjoon nods. “That’s fine, Kookie.”

“And the sex I have had wasn’t...amazing,” he goes on, feeling distinctly embarrassed.

“What wasn’t amazing about it?” Taehyung asks, sounding curious.

“Well, maybe you wouldn’t like to discuss unfortunate sexual encounters during dinner,” Jimin says mildly. “So feel free to skip that one.”

“I’ll share some if it’ll make you feel better,” Taehyung offers.

Jungkook snorts. “Shut up. It’s fine. I mean, I don’t know. Most of it was kind of...impersonal, I guess. I didn’t know him that well.”

“It sounds like it wasn’t amazing because you wanted something you weren’t getting,” Taehyung observes. He’s so uncannily good at shit like that, at reading between the lines, that it bowls Jungkook over sometimes. Makes him wonder what could be accomplished if Taehyung’s emotional intuition was paired with Jungkook’s intense self-awareness (a quality that Taehyung lacks, most of the time), if between them they could make one extremely emotionally intelligent human being.

“I guess,” Jungkook agrees.

“If you want emotional connection, babe, look no further,” Taehyung says with a wink and a goofy smile.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, smiles despite himself.

“Honestly, the sex part is the least important part to me,” Namjoon chimes in. “I don’t really care about like, you know. The sex of it all. I care more about...well, it’s nice to be close,” His voice is quiet, like maybe he’s a little embarrassed about it, and Jungkook has the strong urge to hug him very tightly. He’s not going to, because they’re in the middle of dinner, but it’s a powerful urge.

“I know, it’s sweet, hyung,” Taehyung says. “I mean, the intimacy is nice, but I do care about the orgasm.”

Jimin hums in agreement. “Sex is weird,” he says, not elaborating further on that. Taehyung nods.

“But what if I’m bad?” Jungkook blurts. The three of them look at him for a moment before they start laughing quietly between themselves. “That is not a helpful response!” He says, embarrassed.

“We don’t care,” Jimin says simply. “We love you. Stupid.”

“But I want to be good,” Jungkook whines under his breath, getting another bite of food.

“First of all,” Taehyung says. “I’m trying to imagine a nightmare situation, like the worst possible sex I can imagine having with you, and it’s still pretty good. Second of all, you know what makes you better at something?”

“Practice,” Jimin intones.

Jungkook huffs out a sigh, not satisfied.

“Look. Sometimes, sex is awkward, and you gotta figure stuff out. But that’s fine. I like those parts,” Taehyung says with a shrug. “You still look all pouty, though.”

Jungkook’s not satisfied with this whole conversation. He feels embarrassed and self-conscious. Taehyung sets down his chopsticks to scoot over toward him, rest his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder.

“Aw, Jungkookie. Don’t be stressed over this, it’s such a dumb thing,” Taehyung says.

Jungkook pouts harder. “It’s not dumb to me.”

Jimin hums, like he’s trying to think of something that’ll make Jungkook feel better. “You need a cheat sheet or something.”

Jungkook looks at him. “Huh?”


Jimin takes another bite of food, looking unbothered. “A cheat sheet,” he repeats through a mouthful of rice. “For what we like in bed. So you can feel, y’know. Confident.”

“Please explain the process of giving Jungkook a sexual cheat sheet,” Namjoon prompts, voice dry.

“Well,” Jimin says, sounds like he’s still thinking. “I mean. He could watch.”

Jungkook pauses in his chewing, looking between the three of them. Taehyung and Namjoon are looking at Jimin, Namjoon with raised eyebrows and Taehyung with a considering look on his face.

“That’s a thought,” Taehyung says.

Jungkook swallows, throat feeling dry, and Namjoon looks over at him. “Would that...I mean, would you want to do that?”

“Uh,” Jungkook says, not sure how to communicate I’ve had wet dreams about the three of you together for six months succinctly and without being gross. “Yes. Yeah, that would be...I would be fine with that.”

Taehyung gives him a smirk, scooting back over to his own plate to take another bite of food. “Feels like that’s putting it lightly.”

Jungkook feels his face go pink.

“Don’t tease him,” Namjoon says quietly.

“I’m not teasing,” Taehyung defends himself. “I, personally, am very enthusiastic about the idea.”

“Of course you are,” Jimin says, sounding amused. He looks at Jungkook. “I think it would make you less stressed. To already, y’know, have an idea of what you’re jumping into.”

Jungkook nods, trying to will his blush away. His own attraction to them aside, Jimin’s right. He has a vague idea of their sex life, informed by a few jokes Taehyung or Jimin have made in passing, but seeing them together would maybe make him feel better about his role in the whole thing. He’s trying to think very very rationally about this, instead of what he wants to do, which is spend all his mental faculties imagining a hundred different configurations of what exactly they look like together. He shifts, begging his body to let him remain erection-free as he finishes eating his dinner.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Jungkook says. “And not just because — well, I mean —”

“Not just because you want to watch us fuck,” Taehyung fills in for him calmly.

Jungkook closes his eyes for a moment, face hot, but he nods. “Yeah. That.”

“You’re in good company, you know,” Taehyung tells him. Jungkook furrows his eyebrows in confusion, and Taehyung shakes his head. “Not in wanting to watch us fuck. I mean, that too, I like watching, but — I meant that Joonie is no good at talking about sex either.”

“Hey,” Namjoon says in a quiet voice, but he doesn’t seem too offended by the claim. “I’ve gotten better.”

Taehyung smiles at him, fond. “You have, honey, but I think you still hate having to answer any direct questions about it ever.”

Namjoon makes a face. “I’m just weird about sex.”

“Weird how?” Jungkook asks, curious. It’s the first he’s heard of this, but he guesses that makes sense, given that this is the most they’ve ever talked openly about sex. Before, it’s been a little unspoken — an assumption that Jungkook felt more than comfortable making, but never put on the table for them to discuss.

“I like it fine, you know. Sex is fine. I like that it’s really — well, intimate, I guess,” Namjoon says, pushing food on his plate. “That’s the part I care about, really, like I said. But I’ve never, uh, cared about it that much, I guess? It’s nice and everything, but it’s a lot more important for most other people than it is for me. Specifically, it’s a lot more important for Taehyung and Jimin than it is for me.” He smiles at them, looking slightly embarrassed, as he says it.

“Huh,” Jungkook says.

Namjoon shrugs. “It works out fine. It’s just that I don’t really have, uh, specific requests or interests or anything. Most things are fine with me, most of the time, and if it’s not, I just don’t do it.”

“Jimin wouldn’t let me say that.” Jungkook points out.

Namjoon laughs. “Yeah, they hate that.”

“Look,” Jimin says. “I’ve had a decent amount of sex in my life.”

Taehyung hums. Jimin glances at him, then rolls his eyes. “Alright, fine. I’ve had a lot of sex in my life. And it’s important to actually communicate about what you want, and need! In specifics! Especially with this many people. Sex gets tied up with a lot of other relationship stuff and feelings stuff, and if you aren’t getting what you need, then —”

Taehyung nods. “Right, it can end up being weird and resent-y.”

“Yeah, I know,” Namjoon says, with the amused tone of someone who’s said it a lot of times before. “That’s the thing though, sex doesn’t really get tied up in relationship stuff or feelings stuff for me. It’s kind of just a thing I do because you like to, and it’s nice, and it feels good.”

“Well, I know,” Jimin says, his knowing tone diminished into something softer. “But I only know because we’ve talked about it a lot. And because you and Tae have talked about it a lot.”

“A lot,” Taehyung emphasizes with a nod. “I was just trying to tell Kookie that, you know, most people aren’t me and Jimin.”

“Taehyung-ah, that’s true in so, so many ways,” Namjoon says with a smile. “But yeah. You guys talk about sex like it’s the weather.”

“Well, we’ve just had an awful lot of it together, is the thing,” Taehyung says with a smile of his own. Jimin laughs quietly.

Jungkook takes another bite of fried rice. “Cool,” he intones mildly, and the other three pause before they laugh. “Thanks for telling me that, though, Namjoon-hyung.”

Namjoon’s laugh fades into a smile, and he nods. “Yeah, sure. It’s not a secret or anything.”

“I just think it’s interesting,” Jungkook comments. He didn’t know, really, that there were different ways to feel about sex. When he was really young, he didn’t understand the fuss, but that’s because his friends wanted to talk about girls. Once he figured out that sex with men was a thing some people were doing out there, he felt like he understood the world a lot better. But it’s naive, he guesses, to think that his experience would be universal.

“Sex is weird,” Jimin says again with a shrug. He leans back against the couch, plate clean.

Jungkook nods. “That’s true.”

There’s a pause, and Taehyung looks at the table before asking, “Whose turn is it to do dishes?” He asks like it’s a natural flow for the conversation to take, because sometimes Taehyung just does that.

“Yours,” Namjoon and Jimin say together.

Taehyung sighs. “I was afraid that was the answer.”

“Then you shouldn’t have asked,” Jimin says with a grin, leaning past Jungkook to kiss Taehyung’s cheek. On his way back, he kisses Jungkook’s cheek too.

“I found another snail today,” Namjoon says conversationally. Well, not exactly, because Jungkook can tell that he’s more excited about the snail than he’s letting on.

“Yeah?” Jungkook asks, leaning forward and smiling to indicate that he does, in fact, want to hear about the snail. They’ve all been very encouraging about the snails, because Namjoon seems a little embarrassed about the terrarium he started over in the corner by his cauldron. Initially, Namjoon was trying to figure out how their slime would effect a couple potions he was working on, but now he just likes them. Jungkook thinks he’s named them — it’s very cute.

“I think it’s a different species than the others,” Namjoon goes on, looking encouraged. He’s so cute when he talks about things he likes, Jungkook thinks. It’s impossible not to nod and smile along. Jimin is doing the same next to him, even though he personally finds the snails much less cute than Jungkook does, but Jimin’s opinion on the snails doesn’t matter, because they’re Namjoon’s snails.

Anyway, the conversation drifts — Taehyung’s whining about the dishes, and Jimin’s arguing back with him and Jungkook scoots closer to Namjoon and says, “Hyung, do the snails have names?” And it’s warm and familiar, and Jungkook wants to be wrapped up in them like this always.


Jungkook thinks waking up with Namjoon, Taehyung and Jimin might be his favorite part of dating them.

When they started dating, he wasn’t sure exactly when he was supposed to cross the literal line of the doorway to their bedroom — it felt forward to assume, especially since he had very much not ever been in it before. It didn’t take long, though, for Jungkook to resolve to spend the night on the couch, only to be met with Jimin giving him an incredulous look and asking, “Aren’t you going to come to bed?”

Jungkook just went red, painfully embarrassed, and followed behind Jimin, who was holding his hand after he realized how badly he had overwhelmed him.

“Did you know the bed is magic?” Jimin asked as he plopped down into it.

“Of course it is,” Jungkook grumbled. It was just them in there, Namjoon making tea in the kitchen and Taehyung in the bathroom. Jungkook walked over to the little chest of drawers in the corner where Namjoon keeps his clothes, dug out a t-shirt and pair of shorts to wear instead of the hoodie and jeans he had on.

“It gets bigger, if there’s more people in it,” Jimin told him, standing back up to walk over to his own sleep clothes, like he just realized Jungkook had a good idea with the pajamas thing.

Jungkook paused, thinking about that for a moment. “That’s...really something,” he landed on.

“I think Yoongi did it? I know he did a lot of the house,” Jimin said with a shrug.

“Huh,” Jungkook commented, pulling Namjoon’s soft t-shirt on over his head. “Have you met Yoongi?” He turned around to sit down on the bed, and accidentally came face-to-face with Jimin’s mostly naked back. He turned quickly, sitting down and averting his eyes.

Jimin snorted. “Yeah. I’ve met Yoongi. He does not care for me.” Jimin sounded a little delighted over the whole thing, though, and Jungkook didn’t know how to interpret that.

“Why are you talking about Yoongi?” Taehyung asked, padding into the room and scratching his tummy sleepily before flinging himself onto the bed next to Jungkook.

“I was talking about the bed,” Jimin explained. He sat down primly on Taehyung’s other side, but let himself be pulled into Taehyung’s clinging grasp easily.

“Bed’s great,” Taehyung said simply, reaching out a hand to pull Jungkook into their little pile. And Jungkook followed, because he’s good at that when it comes to Taehyung and Jimin. “I wish I had more arms, to hug more people at once.”

“I wish that for you too,” Jungkook said, patting his head consolingly.

“I would be your cool boyfriend with so many arms,” Taehyung said, looking at Jungkook seriously. “Imagine how much cooler I’d be with more arms.”

Jungkook giggled, and Jimin muttered, “God, you two are weird together,” but he looked endeared, and then Namjoon shuffled into the room with his mug of tea and paused when he saw them, smiling at them, and Jungkook felt — well, he felt loved.


He feels loved like this, waking up between two bodies on closed-curtain-dark weekend mornings. It’s a warm little candle that gets lit in his chest, and he grins a little when he registers being awake. The shower’s running, so someone’s already up, but that’s fine. He likes that too, when he can hear the little sounds of living while he’s tucked away safe. Taehyung’s in front of him, Jungkook’s chest pressed to his back and an arm around his waist. Namjoon’s on the other end of the bed, snoring quietly, and that means Jimin must be in the shower. The sunlight gets stronger through Jungkook’s closed eyelids, and he furrows his eyebrows, thinks about a cloud moving in front of the sun just right to keep the room dim — and after a few seconds of concentration, it does. Jungkook smiles to himself smugly as he blinks his eyes open.

Jungkook loves their bedroom. It’s a weird cobbled-together portrait of the three of them — a big bright abstract painting on a canvas that always goes crooked on the wall, a closet with clothes packed into it a little messily (Jungkook never organized this room in his cleaning tirade through the rest of the house, but he tries to focus on the way the mess is charming.) There’s a drawer in Taehyung’s dresser with Jimin’s things in it, and Jungkook likes that. Wonders, idly, if he’ll get a drawer. There’s clutter on all the surfaces, and a pile of laundry in the corner, but also a big scented candle and a lamp shaped like a tree on one of the end tables, and the sheets and blankets are worn-soft and comfortable. He likes it here, he thinks as he squeezes Taehyung a little.

The shower turns off. Namjoon lets out a particularly loud snore, and Taehyung mumbles something under his breath.

“On your side, hyung,” Taehyung mutters, sounding more awake, as Namjoon continues. He wiggles out of Jungkook’s grasp to scoot over to Namjoon and nudge him off his back. Namjoon goes easily, seemingly mostly awake now as he turns on his side, snoring disappeared. Taehyung hums into a yawn, rolling back into Jungkook’s grasp, and Jungkook is happy to have him back. Taehyung twists his head back and kisses Jungkook, sleepy and easy and a little messy, and god, Jungkook loves waking up with them. Loves that Taehyung is sweet and kind of needy in the morning, even while Jimin complains that they need to get up, loves that Namjoon always asks Jimin to bring him coffee if he’s getting up in a quiet, sleepy voice.

Jimin walks back into the bedroom, towel around his waist and hair wet, and he smiles when Jungkook catches his eye.

“Good morning,” Jimin sing-songs with a smile. He leans down near the far side of the bed and kisses Namjoon’s forehead. Taehyung shifts out of Jungkook’s grasp toward Jimin, and Jimin laughs.

“You’re cute,” Jimin tells Taehyung, moving to crawl up the middle of the bed to kiss Taehyung, who’s moved to lay on his back to make it easier. That’s when Jungkook realizes Taehyung’s hard. Which, you know, isn’t uncommon for any of them, but it feels different after last night, especially with Jimin (naked, Jimin is naked, Jungkook’s brain is screaming at him when he sees a glimpse of thigh) crawling on top of him. He watches them kiss, Jimin straddled over Taehyung’s waist as best he can be with one hand still holding his towel closed, and when Jimin tries to pull back, Taehyung follows him. Jimin laughs again. “Need to kiss Kookie too, Tae,” Jimin says quietly, and that convinces Taehyung lets him go.

Jungkook grins at Jimin, feeling shy at his presence being acknowledged, and Jimin leans over toward Jungkook, pressing a kiss to his lips that feels a lot sweeter than the kiss he gave Taehyung. Namjoon is waking up properly on the other end of the bed, and Jungkook feels the mattress move underneath him with his eyes still closed. As Jimin pulls back, Namjoon yawns loudly, looking incredibly sleepy, and Jimin just lets out another sparkling kind of laugh.

“Come back,” Taehyung whines to Jimin, reaching a hand out to rest on his shoulder.

Jimin turns to him, leans away from Jungkook with a sort of half-hearted amused eyeroll. “I need to get dressed.”

“I disagree,” Taehyung says, pulling Jimin down toward him.

Jimin glances up at Jungkook, and Jungkook doesn’t do much besides look right back. He went from candle-light-warmed to overheated in a matter of seconds, and he doesn’t know what Jimin’s looking at him for, really — his reaction? His permission? He’s about to ask when Namjoon interrupts the moment.

“I’m not sure Jungkook meant that he wanted to watch, uh, immediately,” Namjoon says gently, like kind of extremely gently for someone who looked five seconds away from falling back asleep a moment ago.

“No,” Jungkook says, voice sounding too loud for the quiet bedroom as the three of them turn to look at him. Jimin moves to pull back from Taehyung, but Jungkook shakes his head. “No, I’s fine.”

“You sure?” Taehyung asks him, craning his neck back to look Jungkook over. Jungkook feels certain that Taehyung must know he’s sure, but Taehyung tries not to rely on that alone for stuff like this, Jungkook knows. Relationship stuff, where he needs to hear Jungkook say yes or no. Sex stuff too, Jungkook figures.

Jungkook just nods. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Jimin nods, gaze still locked on him as he asks, “Joon-hyung, are you involved in this?”

“I don’t know, probably,” Namjoon says around a yawn. “Check with me later. Kookie, c’mere.”

Jungkook nods, shuffles off his side of the bed and walks around to settle in next to Namjoon. But Namjoon puts a hand on his waist, pulls him in so that he’s sitting in Namjoon’s lap. “Good morning,” Namjoon says to him, resting his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder. They’re both turned toward Jimin and Taehyung, Jungkook’s eyes stuck helplessly on the press of them together, at the way Jimin went from looking approvingly over at Jungkook to looking down with a smirk at Taehyung.

“Yeah,” Jungkook replies quietly, bringing his hand to rest on top of the one Namjoon still has on his stomach. “Is this just how your normal mornings go? Have I been keeping you from sex every time I stay over?”

“Well, normal is hard to define, but. They’re big on morning sex, yeah,” Namjoon says in a conversational voice, smiling against Jungkook’s shoulder.

“Sure,” Jungkook agrees breathlessly.

“It’s nice,” Taehyung adds, sounding pretty conversational for the current situation.

“It’s because you always wake up clingy and hard,” Jimin says with a little laugh. He sits back on his feet, the towel around his waist not doing much of its job anymore, and Jungkook’s trying not to stare. There’s too much to stare at, really, to capture his attention, between the way Taehyung is leaned up on his elbows, Jimin tucked between his sprawled-open legs, the hard-on in his sleep shorts, the soft rumple of him next to Jimin, sharp and awake and still a little damp.

“You got me there,” Taehyung says with an easy little smirk, reaching out to rest a hand on Jimin’s hip. “Can you blame me, though?” His fingertips move down to push at the towel, pitifully hanging on, and Jimin laughs. He finishes the job himself, sits up a little to take the towel off, and Jungkook’s proud of himself for not choking or gasping or doing anything else stupid. It’s not that big of a deal, Jimin being naked. Jungkook knows this rationally. But the way Taehyung and Jimin are good at building tension so fast between them, the way it sets Jungkook on edge, makes it feel big. Makes Jungkook feel like he’s seventeen and all of this is brand new, which is a stupid thought.

Though, he supposes, some of it is brand new; being loved like this is new. The anticipation of sex in front of him while someone holds him sweetly from behind, while Namjoon keeps him steady, that’s new. Maybe the three of them had a point, keeping things careful and slow, because Jungkook kind of feels on edge from the unfamiliarity.

He doesn’t gasp or choke, but maybe it’s his quiet that makes Jimin look over at him. Or maybe he just wants to see Jungkook’s reaction — Jimin is like that. Regardless, if Jungkook hadn’t already started getting hard before he would be now, from the way Jimin looks him up and down slowly, the way he smirks a little.

“You good, honey?” Jimin asks him, and Jungkook nods, face warm.

“Good,” Jimin says in a quiet voice. He turns back to Taehyung, and Jungkook sees the way Taehyung’s lips are parted, looking over Jimin hungrily. Jimin laughs, leans down over him to kiss him. Jungkook doesn’t miss Jimin’s hand, the way it moves down to cup Taehyung’s dick through his shorts, especially doesn’t miss the way it makes Taehyung’s back arch.

“Cute,” Jimin says in a soft, dangerous kind of voice, a little teasing but mostly fond. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung says easily. Jimin smiles at him again, a familiar lovestruck look that Jungkook always sees him aim at Taehyung. It’s different like this, Jimin naked and leaned over Taehyung, but it’s comforting that this doesn’t change.

Taehyung hums before he pulls Jimin back into a kiss, but then he pulls back. Jimin leans forward automatically in his wake, eyebrows furrowed like he’s confused once he realizes that Taehyung’s pulling away from the kiss.

“That isn’t a very rich learning experience for Jungkookie, though,” Taehyung says matter-of-factly.

Jimin stares at him blankly for a moment.

“I feel very fulfilled,” Jungkook says, glad that his insurmountable arousal doesn’t stop him from being a smartass when he needs to be.

Taehyung laughs softly, turns to Jungkook. “No, but, I mean. As much as I’d like Jimin to fuck me into the mattress all sweet like he does in the mornings —”

“Sure,” Jungkook comments mildly. Namjoon chuckles into his shoulder behind him.

“What, can you blame me? Anyway, that’d be great, but I’m no good at talking when I bottom, and —”

“Did you have a speech prepared?” Jimin asks with a snicker.

“Stop interrupting me!” Taehyung whines with a pout. Jimin offers a quiet apology with a smile, leans in to kiss his cheek. “If we’re giving Jungkookie a cheat sheet, I want to give him a good one.”

“Mm,” Jimin agrees, rolling off of Taehyung onto his side. “So what do you suggest?”

Taehyung looks over Jungkook’s shoulder. Says, “Joonie, swap me? If you wanna.”

“Well, when you put it like that, it sounds irresistible,” Namjoon says with a laugh in return.

“If you don’t want to, that’s fine, we can just —” Taehyung starts, but Namjoon is shaking his head behind Jungkook.

“No, it’s fine. It sounds nice. Jungkookie, scoot a little.”

Jungkook snorts, but he moves out of Namjoon’s lap to let him move. Namjoon leans forward and presses a fleeting kiss to the nape of Jungkook’s neck, and he smiles. Jimin catches Jungkook’s eye, rolls his eyes a little with a smile, and then looks over at Namjoon, who’s stretching on his walk around the bed toward Jimin. Taehyung rockets himself into Jungkook bodily, laughing when Jungkook grunts on impact.

“Hi,” Taehyung says, wrapping his arms around Jungkook and kissing the side of his neck. All the tension from five minutes ago, thick and heavy and pulling Jungkook in headfirst, has dissipated. Taehyung’s smiling with his arms around Jungkook, Jimin’s still laughing a little, and things would almost feel normal if there weren’t at least two erections and one naked body currently located on the bed.

“You don’t have to do everything Tae says, you know,” Jimin says, sounding amused as Namjoon settles in next to him.

“I don’t have to, but he gets all pouty otherwise,” Namjoon says simply with a smile.

“Do not,” Taehyung defends himself, resting his cheek on Jungkook’s shoulder. “I’m not bossy like Jimin.”

“I’m bossy because I’m always right,” Jimin says calmly. “You’re just a brat.”

“Yah!” Taehyung whines. Jungkook laughs, reaches out an arm to wrap around Taehyung’s back.

“It’s not that he’s a brat, he just has this...this energy,” Jungkook adds. Jimin and Namjoon look at him, grinning.

“Yeah. He’s compelling,” Namjoon agrees, looking at Taehyung fondly.

“Ooh, spooky,” Taehyung says, sounding pleased at that. He settles himself around Jungkook, positions the two of them so they’re facing Jimin and Namjoon properly.

Namjoon has his eyes on Jimin again, and he reaches out and grabs the towel where Jimin left it on the bed. “Here,” Namjoon mutters, brings it up to pat at Jimin’s wet hair.

Jungkook, suddenly, finds he has questions. About Namjoon, mostly, about what his side of this is. If he isn’t really interested in sex, does he still get excited about having it? Is he turned on? What does that mean for him? Taehyung asked earlier if he was interested, and Namjoon said he didn’t know. What made him know, what made him switch with Taehyung? Jungkook is itching to ask, itching to know the boundaries that Taehyung and Jimin already know, but he feels kind of — he’s not sure if Namjoon wants to talk about it. He’s not sure that he’s supposed to ask right now, as Namjoon pulls Jimin closer to dry off his hair, the nape of his neck, his collarbones, sweet touches that Jimin preens into.

Taehyung leans in close to his ear, mutters, “What are you thinking about? You’re doubting something.” Jungkook thinks it’s quiet enough that Jimin and Namjoon don’t notice, or maybe they’re just pretending not to, for Jungkook’s sake. Jungkook feels a familiar rush of appreciation for Taehyung, for the three of them, for the way they give Jungkook a little room. This must have been what Taehyung meant — he wanted to be here, next to Jungkook, feeling him out and whispering in his ear. He’s right, Namjoon wouldn’t have been that. Namjoon would have been kind and sweet and made sure Jungkook was comfortable, but he wouldn’t be this.

“I was just wondering about...about Namjoon-hyung,” Jungkook mutters back. Namjoon glances over at them at the sound of his name, gives half a little smile. “Sorry,” Jungkook says, embarrassed, but Namjoon shakes his head.

“It’s okay. You can ask about me. You can ask Taehyung if you want, if you don’t want to...I don’t know, if you’re worried about making things uncomfortable. I know it might feel kind of awkward, but you’re not like — I mean, this is for you. You’re not interrupting anything.” Namjoon is still looking at him kindly, and the words this is for you are giving him a hard time, making him blush.

“Okay,” Jungkook says with a nod.

Jimin gives him a smile too. “You talk to Taehyungie, okay? And we can just do our thing over here. Don’t worry about it, Kookie.”

Jungkook nods again. Taehyung kisses his cheek. Jimin looks back at Namjoon, scoots forward and brings his hand up to move Namjoon’s towel hand, until Jimin can lean in and kiss him. Jungkook’s seen them kiss before, but it wasn’t like this, it was an entire other thing than the way they are right now, the way Jimin keeps moving forward until he’s almost perched in Namjoon’s lap.

“What were you wondering?” Taehyung asks low in his ear again. “Because I’m willing to bet everything you wanna ask, I’ve asked him before.”

Jungkook nods. Turns to say quietly, “Earlier, you asked if he wanted to be involved. Is he...sometimes, does he not?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung says. “Sometimes he doesn’t feel like it. Like anybody, you know, just...more often, I guess. He doesn’t really have a sex drive, or...maybe that’s not the right wording, but. Similar.”

“Huh,” Jungkook says softly, watching Jimin push Namjoon’s sleep shirt up and off his chest. There’s a little tattoo on the back of Namjoon’s shoulder blade, a whale jumping backwards out of the water, and Jungkook has seen it before, but like everything else, it feels a little different to see it now. “Does…” Jungkook trails off, trying to find the right words, aware that Namjoon can probably hear him a little.

“Get horny?” Taehyung fills in quietly. Jungkook nods, embarrassed. “Not a lot. Sometimes. I think it’s different than how I do, though. It’s like, separate from wanting to have sex.”

Jungkook feels like he’s been horny for four months straight. He wonders what it’s like to...not. Or for it to mean something different. It’s all mixed up so tight together for Jungkook — the being in love, and the wanting sex. He’s not sure about Jimin, but for Taehyung, he guesses, it’s less like that, sex further away from love. Two separate trees planted in his mind. Maybe Namjoon just has a different ratio than the three of them. Or maybe Namjoon only has love growing there, and the sex is an idea he visits; maybe he’s just a tourist to the idea of needing it. Jungkook’s not sure, is still having trouble figuring it out, but likes learning about it a little more. He watches Namjoon and Jimin, the way Jimin nudges Namjoon to lay down on his back, the way Jimin kisses down Namjoon’s neck, well-practiced.

“Gotta take your time with Joon-hyung,” Taehyung murmurs to him. “Treat him real sweet. He won’t tell you, but he likes to be taken care of.”

Jungkook nods, swallows heavily. Taehyung’s tone feels a little different now, his fingers gripping into Jungkook’s hip.

“I do too,” Taehyung says with a little giggle, “But sometimes I’m too impatient.”

Jimin’s kissing down Namjoon’s chest now, tongue moving across his nipple and making Namjoon gasp a little. He’s half-hard in the boxers he’s still wearing, Jimin straddled across his lap, and it looks — they look so good together. Jimin looks good; Jungkook’s been trying not to fixate, but it’s hard not to. His body is pretty, pretty to match everything else about him, all slim with smooth skin, and when he moves right Jungkook can see the promise of muscle underneath. Namjoon is lankier, softer, long limbs and tan skin, and if Jungkook wasn’t already sure he was gay, he would feel certain of it when Jimin tugs Namjoon’s boxers off. He thinks maybe his mouth is watering a little at the sight of Namjoon’s dick — he knew Namjoon had a nice dick, he knew it. It’s not a pretty look. Jimin glances at him and his face scrunches up in a giggle.

It’s fine. It’s not like he’s been thinking and trying not to think of Jimin and Namjoon naked for months. It’s fine.

“That’s such a nice feeling,” Taehyung tells him, kissing his cheek.

“What is?” Jungkook asks, feeling distinctly distracted from Taehyung.

“When you want someone.” Taehyung says it simply, and it makes Jungkook blush a little.

“Is horny an emotion?” Jungkook asks, turning to him, only feeling half-kidding.

Taehyung smiles. “For you it is.”

Jungkook just blushes again, turns back to watch Jimin and Namjoon, and Jimin’s hands are everywhere. Trailing up and down Namjoon’s chest while they kiss, then down to just barely ghost over the inside of Namjoon’s thigh. And Jungkook feels a desperate sort of pang in him when Namjoon’s thighs part at the barest hint of a touch, at the way he kisses Jimin while his body moves.

“Hyung,” Jimin says to Namjoon through a breath, pulling away to look down at him. “What do you want?”

Namjoon seems to think about it for a minute. “I would like you to fuck me but I don’t really wanna go through the effort,” he says, face screwed up.

Jimin chuckles. “That’s okay. I — well, in the shower, I kind of —” he stops for a moment, glances at Jungkook.

“What, now you’re embarrassed?” Taehyung asks with a little snort. “You’ve been naked for twenty minutes, but you don’t want Jungkook to know you fingered yourself in the shower?”

Jungkook feels his breath hitch a little, but Jimin just glares at Taehyung, a dull kind of thing. “Unlike some people, I try to practice self-control.”

“Is that what it’s called? God, I’ve been calling it masturbation for all these years.”

Jungkook laughs, maybe a little too loud and bright for the atmosphere of the room right now, but he can’t help it. Maybe it’s excess nervousness pealing off of him, or maybe he just thinks Taehyung is funny. Jimin looks like he’s biting down on a smile, too.

“That’s fine, though,” Namjoon says, smiling where he’s laying against the bed. “I can fuck you.”

“Easier,” Jimin says with a shrug and smile aimed at Namjoon, leaning in to kiss him again.

“Jimin tops more often than not, honestly,” Taehyung is telling Jungkook. He’s back to being quiet, like they’re having a private conversation even though Namjoon and Jimin can probably hear most of it.

“Oh,” Jungkook comments. It doesn’t seem entirely surprising to him.

Jimin ruins their illusion by raising his eyebrows at Taehyung. “It’s not that I have anything against bottoming. It’s just that you two are needy. And now we have another one. What am I going to do? Deny you?”

Taehyung seems to ignore most of that, even though it’s made Jungkook blush ferociously, whispers, “I think he likes to feel like we need him like that.”

If Jimin hears that one, he doesn’t respond. He just turns his attention back to Namjoon, straddles his legs over Namjoon’s hips, and it’s — Jungkook’s not sure if he’s envisioned this particular configuration before, but it sure is good to look at.

“They look good together,” Taehyung is saying close to his ear, breath on his skin, and Jungkook is so — he didn’t mean to be, but he’s worked up over it all. He just nods through his shiver at the sensation, lets Taehyung pull him in close. He can feel Taehyung hard against his back and that’s something too, this is all just really…something.

“You okay?” Taehyung asks him, voice losing its little edge. “You feel overwhelmed.”

“I am,” Jungkook tells him softly. “But not in a bad way.”

Taehyung hums, nods close to him, and Taehyung’s hand is on his hip again. His fingers make their way under Jungkook’s shirt to grip at his bare skin, and Jungkook feels on-edge enough from everything going on around him that he almost presses back against Taehyung over almost nothing. He doesn’t, though, keeps himself under control, keeps himself present to watch Jimin lean to grab a bottle of lube from a drawer in Taehyung’s messy nightstand. He grabs Namjoon’s hand next, big in his own grip, and then Jungkook swallows loudly as he watches Jimin pour lube on Namjoon’s fingers with a little laugh. And Jungkook doesn’t know what he’s expecting, but it isn’t for Jimin to pull Namjoon’s hand back where he needs it, and for Namjoon to laugh under his breath while his fingers are pressing into Jimin.

“Fuck,” Jungkook breathes, out of his control, really. Can’t help it, watching Jimin push back onto Namjoon’s fingers, listening to the breathy little gasp he gives.

“I love watching them like this,” Taehyung mutters, voice sounding more affected than it did a minute ago. “Jimin’s so fucking pretty like this. God, I want him to fuck me.”

Jungkook nods, can’t imagine a world where he wouldn’t agree with every part of that statement.

Jimin’s back is arched as he moves on Namjoon’s fingers, eyes closed and lips pressed together, and he looks like every fantasy Jungkook’s ever had. He looks good in a way that doesn’t even seem real. Jungkook is so hard in his shorts, wants to touch himself, wants to be touched, but he’s not sure this is the time for it. He’s supposed to be watching, so he watches Jimin’s thighs flex as he thrusts down onto Namjoon’s fingers, watches hard enough that he doesn’t realize Jimin is looking at him.

Jungkook blushes when their eyes meet, but Jimin is just smirking, eyes half-lidded.

“You good, baby?” Jimin asks, voice breathy the same way his gasp sounded a moment ago.

“Yeah,” Jungkook and Taehyung say in unison.

Jimin smiles, laughing weakly. “I was talking to Jungkook, but I’m glad you’re good, Tae.”

“I’m your baby too,” Taehyung says. His hand moves up to hold Jungkook’s waist, and the feeling of anything on his skin at all is making him feel embarrassingly sensitive.

“That’s true,” Jimin says, eyes slipping closed again. “Always.”

“Can you fuck me after?” Taehyung asks, and Jungkook feels himself blush again at the openness of it.

Jimin hums, like he’s thinking about it. “I’ll be too tired to, if I stay in this position,” he says with another breathy chuckle.

“You wanna move?” Namjoon asks him. Jimin nods, and Namjoon pulls his fingers out so Jimin can get off of his lap. Jimin throws himself to Namjoon’s other side, closer to Jungkook and Taehyung than he was before, and he smiles up at them prettily before licking his lips.

“God, you’re sexy,” Taehyung is muttering.

“Ah, stop it,” Jimin says, though he looks flattered, and turns his attention to Namjoon. Namjoon’s turned up on his side, looking down at Jimin with a grin, and Jimin smiles back at him.

“You want fingers?” Namjoon asks him.

“Hm,” Jimin says, squirming his hips a little bit. “On the one hand, yeah, I like when you finger me. On the other hand, I really want your cock.”

Jungkook feels vaguely like he might legitimately pass out — he hasn’t been this turned on maybe ever in his life. “What the fuck,” he mutters, hears Jimin and Taehyung laugh at him.

“Jimin doesn’t make a lot of noise, but he fuckin’ talks,” Taehyung is telling him low in his ear. “You like it?”

“It’s —” Jungkook manages, voice high-pitched. Taehyung’s hand on Jungkook’s waist moves slightly, like he’s trying to adjust his grip a little, and the accidental swipe of Taehyung’s finger against a nondescript path of skin on his torso makes his hips kick upard. Fuck, it’s embarrassing, how turned on he is. He doesn’t finish his sentence, which works out fine, because he isn’t even sure how he was going to end it. He feels his face burn, and then hears Taehyung make a soft noise.

“It’s okay, Kookie,” Taehyung tells him sweetly. “Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I — it feels embarrassing,” Jungkook says softly. Jimin and Namjoon are paused, looking at them, and he feels bad for interrupting.

“Does it help if I tell you that I think it’s really hot, how worked up you are?” Taehyung asks him.

Jungkook has the urge to hide his face, but Taehyung is behind him, so he doesn’t have anything to bury his face in. He stares across the room at the painting on the wall instead. “Really?” He asks, voice quiet.

“Yeah,” Taehyung says. His voice is deeper than usual, and that’s affecting Jungkook more than he could have anticipated. “I love it. You’re so sweet and sensitive. Wanna make you come.”

With a little more direct stimulation, Jungkook thinks the words might have done it. His legs open a little on instinct, and Taehyung laughs at him softly. “You want me to touch you?”

Jungkook mind says yes, yes, yes, yes, please, yes, but he says, “Not yet.” He has his eyes on the prize, the prize being what he set out here to do: watch and learn. He finally feels brave enough to look down at Jimin and Namjoon again, and he finds them both staring at him with lips parted and pupils blown wide. He blushes again, but it feels less humiliating and more — he’s not sure, powerful? He’s more attracted to the three of them than he has been to anybody, ever, and they’re all staring at him right back like he’s something worth staring at.

“I know it’s not the time, but it’s really gonna be fun to fuck you,” Jimin says.

“Bet we can make him come without even touching his dick,” Taehyung adds. His hand moves slow and deliberate on Jungkook’s torso, just below his chest, and Jungkook shudders into the touch again.

“I’ve never tried to — to come like that,” he admits, swallows thickly.

“You’re so sensitive, I bet he’s right,” Jimin murmurs. “Not the time, though. Not the time.” He says it like he’s trying to remind himself to get back on task, and a moment later, he does. “You still wanna watch me and Joonie, right?”

Jungkook nods.

“Okay, baby. You’re doing good, watching us. Tae’s doing good helping you, right?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah,” Jungkook answers softly. Taehyung kisses the side of his neck sweetly, thumb stroking across Jungkook’s skin.

“Good. Joonie-hyung, you ready?” Jimin asks, turning to Namjoon, who’s been lounging on his side next to Jimin.

Namjoon nods, looking amused. “I was just waiting for you to be done. Didn’t want to interrupt.”

Jimin’s little facade, the sweet way he was talking to Jungkook and Taehyung, pouting and gentle but still with a sharp gleam to it, drops as he laughs quietly. He goes back to being just Jimin, soft and cute. Jungkook finds he likes him both ways.

“Don’t tease me,” Jimin says, covering his face with his hand. Namjoon’s smiling at him, a hand stroking himself back to full hardness (and jesus, that looks good, watching Namjoon touch himself like that), and Jimin says, “Grab a condom?”

There’s a shuffle of moving parts, then — Jimin putting a pillow under his hips, moving over a little so he can spread out, Namjoon unwrapping a condom and rolling it onto himself. The parts of sex where everyone remembers exactly how human and unpolished they are. Jungkook, though, finds himself rapt to it; it’s interesting to watch all the ways Jimin and Namjoon can communicate without talking, all of this so seemingly practiced. He’s caught up watching the way Namjoon handles Jimin carefully, hands placed delicately at his hips, despite all the ways Jimin seems to be asking for more. Jungkook thinks about Jimin telling him that Namjoon would treat him sweet, thinks about Taehyung saying Namjoon likes to be taken care of. He’s gentle about things like this, Jungkook’s gathering, and he finds it fascinating. Not that he would expect anything else — Namjoon is gentle about most things. But it’s interesting, the way he’s such an extension of himself in such an intimate setting.

Jungkook watches Namjoon’s careful hands move down Jimin’s body, and he thinks about them on him, about Namjoon kissing him sweet and slow, fingers skimming over his skin. Namjoon pushes Jimin’s legs apart just slightly, thumbs pressed into the soft skin on the inside of Jimin’s thighs, and Jimin, in response, wraps his legs fully around Namjoon’s back. Jungkook manages a choked-off little laugh, but he can’t say he blames Jimin.

“He’s flexible,” Taehyung is telling Jungkook. “Can bend right in half.”

“That’s horrible,” Jungkook comments.

“I know,” Taehyung murmurs in agreement.

“Come on,” Jimin says in a breathy voice, squirming. Namjoon has a hand stroking him slow and loose, almost teasing. “Want you, hyung.”

Jungkook thinks that Jimin could literally kill someone talking like that. It’s hugely impressive, the sheer power stored in his body.

Namjoon just hums in response, shuffling in closer to Jimin’s body, pressing in close. And Jungkook isn’t at an angle where he can see it when Namjoon finally fucks into Jimin, but he can hear it in the way both of them gasp. Jimin lets out a stuttering exhale, quiet, as Namjoon sinks in, and behind him, Taehyung is still, fingers gripped tight against Taehyung.

“You can feel what he’s feeling,” Jungkook mutters, realizing what happened, and Taehyung nods, the rest of him still stiff. “ does it feel?”

“It’s kind of a weird — a weird thing, because it’s like, I get the emotional part without the physical part,” Taehyung says, jaw tense as he talks. Jungkook would like to look at him, but he likes being held in Taehyung’s arms more, so he doesn’t move. “And I get it from both of them, so it’s like — like —” he stutters as Namjoon pulls back to thrust in again, groaning softly into Jimin’s skin. Jimin makes another gasping noise, and Taehyung, connected as he is to everything happening, lets out a high whine against Jungkook’s shoulder. His teeth are biting down, and he says, “Sorry, sorry Kookie, I’m...” Namjoon is picking up a rhythm and Taehyung, like he can’t help it, ruts against Jungkook’s back.

“Shit,” Taehyung is muttering, and then another apology. He moves like he’s going to pull away from Jungkook, but Jungkook shakes his head, puts a hand on Taehyung’s knee.

“Stay,” Jungkook says. “It’s okay, you can — it’s fine.”

“Okay,” Taehyung tells him, breathing it out like he’s relieved, and he doesn’t hesitate before grinding against Jungkook’s back again, more purposeful this time. He’s making noise as he moves against Jungkook, and it’s — fuck, it’s hotter than Jungkook thought it would be. In front of him, Namjoon is thrusting into Jimin, making Jimin gasp on hard snaps of his hips, and behind him, Taehyung whimpers and groans so close to Jungkook’s ear, sounding wrecked. Jungkook can’t help it, he reaches down and grabs himself through his shorts, needs something, just a touch, something.

“Taetae, you still want me to fuck you?” Jimin’s asking, head turned toward them. His eyes are half-lidded, face flushed, but he would almost sound normal if it weren’t for the waver in his voice. Namjoon kisses at his shoulder, face buried where Jungkook can’t see it, and he thinks about how he’d really like to.

Taehyung nods, face pressed to Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook’s not even sure if Jimin can see him, and it must occur to Taehyung too, because he says, voice tight, “Yeah, Minnie, please.”

“Gotta wait, then,” Jimin tells him. “Gotta wait for me.”

Taehyung makes a pained noise, but his hips stutter to a halt. He’s breathing hard so loud in Jungkook’s ear, and the sound makes Jungkook grind the heel of his palm down through his shorts.

“Hyung,” Jimin says, running a hand down Namjoon’s back. “Want you to come, baby.” Namjoon nods, picks his head up, and oh, wow. His eyebrows are knitted together in concentration, bottom lip swollen from biting it, sweat visible on his forehead, and fuck, Jungkook wants to kiss him, wants to have his hands on him, wants all of it. Fuck, Jungkook loves him. Jimin grabs Namjoon’s chin in his fingers, brings it down to kiss him, the slow motion of their lips contrasting with the way their hips move against each other, fast and desperate. Jimin still has one leg wrapped around Namjoon’s back, but the other has gone akimbo, sticking up at a weird angle as Jimin gasps through his kiss.

And as good as they looked coming together, Namjoon looks even better falling apart. He pulls away from Jimin’s lips with a sudden sound, body going stiff, and Jungkook’s eyes get caught on him, not sure where to focus. His face is drawn together, looking almost pained but in the prettiest way possible, and his arms are flexed, holding himself up. His legs are too, muscles visible, and he just looks so good.

Behind him, Taehyung mutters, “Shit,” presses his forehead to the nape of Jungkook’s neck and grabs him tight. Jungkook can feel Taehyung’s legs trying to shut, hips trying to buck, but he keeps himself mostly still. Jungkook reaches for one of Taehyung’s hands, pries it off of Jungkook’s hip to bring it up to his mouth and kiss Taehyung’s knuckles.

“Poor hyung,” Jungkook mutters to Taehyung.

Taehyung, gone as he is, chuckles. “No, I feel good, it’s just — it’s just a lot. I’ll show you later, if you want.”

Jungkook nods, because he does want. Wants to know how it feels, to be caught up in the tide of all of them together. He’s distracted, though, not able to focus too much on his conversation with Taehyung, because his eyes are still stuck on Namjoon in front of him, breathing heavy in the wake of his orgasm. Jimin has his hands on Namjoon’s cheeks, muttering something softly enough that Jungkook can’t make it out. Namjoon’s head tilts to press a kiss to one of Jimin’s palms, and maybe the rush of fondness in Jungkook’s chest is part of the reason Taehyung mutters a vague little, “Aw.”

Namjoon pulls away from Jimin, making him gasp when he pulls out entirely, and Jimin seems to collect himself for a moment before sitting up. Namjoon, after tying off the condom and reaching to throw it away in the little wastebasket under Taehyung’s nightstand, lies back on the bed, looking spent. They’re both looking over at Taehyung and Jungkook, but the contrast between Namjoon, stretched out long and looking sated, and Jimin sat on his knees, hard and focused, is almost funny to Jungkook. Just almost, though, because Jungkook himself is still unbelievably hard, and Jimin’s looking at Taehyung so intense that Jungkook can practically feel it.

“Jungkookie,” Jimin says, soft voice at odds with the way he’s still looking at Taehyung. “Are you still good?”

Jungkook nods, only kind of aware of Taehyung’s hand gripping into his side a little harder. “Yeah. I’m good, hyung.”

Jimin moves forward, a funny little scoot across the bed that maybe would make Jungkook laugh a little in different circumstances. But the circumstances currently are Jimin on his knees, naked and straddled over Jungkook’s legs and reaching out to grab Taehyung’s hand off of him. He leans forward toward Jungkook, presses a sweet kiss to his lips. Jungkook, who feels kind of like he’s suddenly realized he’s starving for it, kisses him back eagerly, brings a tentative hand to Jimin’s waist. Jimin hums against his lips, gives him a few more little kisses before he pulls back, looking amused at the way Jungkook tries to follow.

“Do you want to keep watching?” Jimin asks him in that same gentle voice. “Or if you wanted, you could help a little.”

“Help how?” Jungkook asks in a breath, looking up at Jimin and feeling, in a word, desperate. Desperate to be kissed again, or to be touched, or to do more than rest his hand on Jimin’s waist.

“You could help prep Tae,” Jimin says. And the thought of that, of Taehyung spread out for him, whining like he did in Jungkook’s ear a few minutes ago with Jungkook between his legs — he swallows. “Or you can just watch, if it’s too much.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “It’s not. I want to.”

Jimin smiles at him, corners of his lips turned up, and leans in to give him another kiss. “Okay, baby,” he whispers as he moves back. Taehyung hums, kisses Jungkook’s shoulder through his t-shirt.

“You want to?” Taehyung asks him, and why is it so attractive, his voice being that deep? Why is Taehyung so completely attractive at all times?

Jungkook nods. He doesn’t have the mouth that either of them have, that much is clear — maybe if he did, maybe if the idea of dirty talk didn’t make him feel acutely embarrassed, he would tell Taehyung exactly how much he wants to make him feel good. Jimin scoots himself back, grabs Jungkook by the hand to pull him away too, and Jungkook follows. There’s a moment of shuffling and rearranging (inevitable, Jungkook figures, with this many people to arrange), and then they’re like this: Taehyung stretched out on his back in his sleep clothes, Jimin sitting between Namjoon and Taehyung, and Jungkook in front of him. Namjoon is looking over at them, half a smile on his still-pleased expression, and Jungkook feels compelled to smile right back; he’s not sure he’s ever been able to resist smiling when Namjoon smiles.

It’s strange, the mix of warm love and hot want in his system. A new experience, to find himself so fond, and have it be so tied up with everything else. With the sex, with the wanting, with the way he looks Taehyung over, from his cute messy hair to the way his shirt is half-pushed up to the tent in his shorts that’s making Jungkook feel desperate all over again.

Taehyung licks his lips as he brings his hands to the waistband of his shorts, his gaze on Jungkook steady. Jungkook can’t take his eyes away as Taehyung takes his own clothes off, lifting his hips as he pushes his shorts down, and oh, he wasn’t wearing underwear this whole time? It feels like a silly thing to think, but luckily it becomes hard to focus on when Taehyung’s dick is curved up to his stomach, thick and pretty. And suddenly, it becomes almost absurd, the whole situation — three naked men in front of him as he looks them over, like a scene out of some awful porn. Jungkook can’t help it — as Taehyung shimmies out of his t-shirt, he lets out a little laugh, strangled and awkward-sounding in the moment.

Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung all look at him, and Jungkook feels singularly embarrassed. There’s a second of silence that Jungkook thinks he’s going to drown in, and then Taehyung says, “Not the reaction I was hoping for.” He’s smiling, though, as he balls his shirt up in his hands and throws it carelessly off the bed.

“No, I — sorry, it wasn’t at you, or your — at you,” Jungkook says, tripping over his words to correct himself with pink cheeks. “You’re so hot, your dick is so —” he cuts himself off, a new wave of embarrassment, but Taehyung looks amused. Maybe Jimin and Namjoon do too, but Jungkook is too embarrassed to look at them at this exact second.

“My dick is so what?” Taehyung teases, picking himself up on his elbows to look at Jungkook better. He has one leg stretched out but the other folded with his foot flat on the mattress, thighs spread carelessly. Jungkook swallows.

“Nice,” Jungkook says lamely, voice weak.

“So embarrassed,” Taehyung says with a little laugh. “It’s cute.”

“I just — everything seemed so crazy all of the sudden,” Jungkook explains. “This whole thing is so crazy.”

Namjoon laughs quietly from where he’s laying next to Jimin, propped up on his side with a hand resting on Jimin’s thigh. “Yeah, that’s really fair.”

“Are you still overwhelmed in a good way?” Taehyung asks him, voice less teasing, more gentle.

Jungkook nods. He fidgets where he’s sitting cross-legged, hard in his shorts, and tries to keep his eyes on Taehyung’s face. He’s seen Taehyung shirtless before, because Taehyung seems to sometimes forget to wear shirts in general, but that doesn’t mean he likes it any less — he likes the soft broadness of him, the way he and Namjoon are soft-bellied and lanky, proportioned with long legs and broader shoulders, next to Jimin, who’s slim and comparatively compact. Taehyung’s pretty all the way down — pretty face, pretty shoulders, pretty waist, pretty dick, pretty legs. And he is still overwhelmed — Jimin and Namjoon’s eyes on him make everything feel even more intense — but Jungkook wants so badly, wants to do a lot more than watch.

“C’mere and kiss me,” Taehyung tells him with half a smile, spreading his legs wider still to make room for Jungkook between them. Jungkook just nods again, doesn’t waste time before he clambers his way up to Taehyung, straddled overtop of him and holding himself up with his palms on either side of Taehyung’s head. It’s surreal, looking down at him like this, even though they’ve been here before.

“Can I touch you?” Taehyung asks. His hand is already coming up to rest on Jungkook’s cheek, but Jungkook knows that’s not what he means.

“Yeah,” Jungkook breathes, and Taehyung smiles at him, moves his hand down to skim down Jungkook’s chest over his shirt until he gets to bare skin where his shirt gaps away from his torso, pulled down by gravity while he’s hovering over Taehyung like this. Taehyung’s hand moves slowly back up, then, brushes slow over the skin of his stomach until his thumb is over Jungkook’s nipple. And they’ve done enough, these past few months, that this isn’t totally unfamiliar — Jungkook’s gotten enough slightly embarrassing erections just from one of them kissing him and touching his chest for Taehyung not to know Jungkook’s reaction. But known or not, when Taehyung presses his thumb down, Jungkook gasps, eyes closing at the feeling.

He hears Jimin hiss out a swear, and when he opens his eyes again, he glances up to find Jimin and Namjoon watching him. Namjoon is looking at him sort of fond and sweet, but Jimin — well, Jimin isn’t. He’s biting his lip, looking the two of them over, and he lets his gaze settle on Jungkook when Jungkook looks up at them. There’s want on his expression, all open and dangerous. Jungkook swallows, licks his lips before he leans down to kiss Taehyung like he asked, lowering himself to rest on his forearms. It’s a lazy kind of kiss, Taehyung leading the pace, and while they kiss, Taehyung lets his hand wander back down to Jungkook’s waist, then his hip, then down to the back of his thigh just under the fabric of his shorts. Jungkook exhales heavy against Taehyung’s lips at each new expanse of skin that gets touched, at the way it’s almost too much even though it’s barely anything. He thinks about Jimin and Taehyung wondering if they could make him come without touching his dick, and he thinks he has it in him to come just from this, just from eyes and hands on him, from feather-light touch on his skin.

Taehyung kisses him without missing a beat through all his little gasps, but when Taehyung’s hand moves slowly around to the front of his thigh, fingertips pushing up under the hem of his shorts until they brush against his dick, just barely, barely anything, Jungkook inhales big and loud, pulls away to bury his face in Taehyung’s neck.

“God,” Jimin mutters, and Jungkook picks his face up to catch Jimin’s eye, feeling sort of flustered. Jimin’s looking at him with his mouth hanging slightly open, that hungry look still in his eye, and even Namjoon’s gaze looks a little less sweet now. Jungkook looks between them, feeling shy, and Taehyung’s other hand comes up to rub his back.

“This okay?” Taehyung asks him, and Jungkook tears his eyes away from his audience of Jimin and Namjoon to look back at him. His lips are wet from kissing, hair mussed and eyes dark, and god, god Jungkook wants anything and everything that Taehyung wants to give him, but —

But he was on a mission here. “Yeah, but,” Jungkook says, closing his eyes momentarily to try to push away the urge to grind his hips down, to get real friction on him, to ease his aching hard-on a little bit. “I want to — to help prep you.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “You don’t wanna get off?”

“Later?” Jungkook offers, feeling strange about implying that he has any expectation.

But Taehyung just smiles at him. “Okay. If that’s what you want.”

“I wanted to help,” Jungkook murmurs, looks up to find Jimin smiling a little bit too.

“Sweet boy,” Jimin says softly in a honeyed voice. It brings another wave of shyness over Jungkook, and Taehyung’s hands make their way to his hips over his shorts, squeeze there a little in what’s probably supposed to be a comforting gesture. He can feel every wave of Jungkook’s emotions, and Jungkook thinks that must be exhausting, in this particular situation, since there have been enough waves to make his own personal tides rise.

“Don’t get shy, you are sweet,” Taehyung tells him, leans up to press a kiss to the corner of Jungkook’s jaw.

“Of course he is,” Namjoon says quietly. Jungkook looks over at him and they share a smile, both of them slightly pink-cheeked. Jungkook lets out a soft little breath of laughter as he scoots himself back off of Taehyung, settling himself so that he’s sitting on his knees between Taehyung’s thighs.

He looks expectantly at Jimin, but he doesn’t have to ask for anything, because Jimin is already twisting his body to grab the lube where he last left it. When he hands it over, he scoots forward, close to Taehyung’s knee, and Namjoon rearranges himself too, moves further up the bed (so he can see better? The concept makes Jungkook feel shy again.)

“Thanks,” Jungkook says with a grin. Jimin is pulling at Taehyung’s leg until he folds it up again, foot flat against the mattress and his folded leg acting as something for Jimin to lean against. Jimin rests his head against Taehyung’s knee, a hand coming up to stroke at the inside of Taehyung’s thigh.

“Have you done this before?” Jimin asks, sounding curious.

“Um,” Jungkook says, shifting where he’s sitting. “Only to myself.”

Jimin turns his head, his forehead leaning on Taehyung’s knee and his face tilted down. “God, you’re going to kill me.”

“Oh,” Jungkook mutters, face hot. He’s not used to this — to being wanted so openly. It feels good, once he gets past how flustered it makes him. Jimin turns his face back to him, and he looks kind of fond.

“Well, you’re familiar with the concept,” Jimin says with a small smile.

“I would say so, yeah,” Jungkook says.

“This is all very cute and everything, but I would love if someone touched — “ Taehyung says, his voice cracking on a gasp when the hand of Jimin’s that was trailing across his thigh moves instead to touch the head of his dick. “ — me,” Taehyung finishes weakly. Namjoon chuckles quietly from his spot further up on the bed.

Jungkook licks his lips watching Jimin’s short fingers play with Taehyung’s dick aimlessly, not seeming to pay attention to the way Taehyung’s eyes are closed, back arching a little. Jimin pulls his hand back and Jungkook feels helpless to do anything but watch it come up to Jimin’s mouth, watch the pink of his lips as they part and his tongue pokes out, licking a stripe up his hand. Jungkook swallows, and then Jimin is looking at him, lips twitched up into a smirk.

“Touch him, honey,” Jimin says as he brings his hand back to Taehyung’s dick. Taehyung exhales heavy and Jungkook nods, his heartbeat loud in his ears.

Jungkook uncaps the bottle of lube, squeezing enough out to wet his fingers. Jimin moves his hand in front of Jungkook’s, palm open like he’s waiting for something, and it only takes Jungkook a second to realize what for. He opens the bottle again, letting lube drip onto Jimin’s hand.

“Thanks,” Jimin says with a soft laugh before he moves his hand back to Taehyung’s dick, the sound wetter now. Jungkook nods, swallows again as he uses his clean hand to brace himself on Taehyung’s thigh, moving a wet finger down to Taehyung’s hole. Taehyung groans a little even before Jungkook presses in, a deep noise that makes Jungkook wonder if he’s going to die from how hard he is.

“Come on, please,” Taehyung mutters, eyes closed and head twisted to the side.

“Be patient,” Jimin tells him with a little laugh. But Jungkook doesn’t have any desire to make Taehyung wait — he wants Taehyung to feel good with a sort of single-minded focus — and he presses his finger in easily. He wonders, thoughts drowning out Taehyung’s heavy sigh, how recently he did this. The thought is distracting, to picture Namjoon or Jimin in his place.

Jimin presses a kiss to the top of Taehyung’s knee, his hand on Taehyung’s dick loose and teasing. Jungkook pulls his finger out slow to press back in, enjoying the way Taehyung huffs out a breath each time he does, like it’s more than just one finger. Namjoon is watching, Jungkook realizes soon, his eyes flicking between Jimin and Jungkook and their hands and Taehyung’s face. He’s half-hard again, Jungkook notices, matching Jimin, whose erection has been hanging around half-heartedly since Namjoon pulled out of him. There’s a lot to focus on, really, and Jungkook doesn’t think it’s his fault that he keeps going with just his one finger for longer than remotely necessary.

“Jungkookie,” Taehyung says in a weak voice, “More, please.”

“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees, pulling out and pressing back in with another finger. “Sorry, hyung.”

Taehyung hums low in his throat, shaking his head. “Nothing to say sorry for.”

“You’re doing good,” Jimin says, and it’s really unclear if he’s talking to Taehyung or Jungkook — maybe both of them. Jungkook nods in response regardless, keeping his pace slow with Taehyung. He stays steady though, getting into a focused rhythm. At some point, Jimin moves forward, and Jungkook only really notices when he’s right in front of him, lips parted in an obvious request for a kiss.

His fingers still momentarily as he leans forward, presses his lips against Jimin’s. And jesus, somehow he always manages to forget how little of this it takes to make him feel electric — especially from Jimin, who kisses like he knows exactly what he does to people. It’s a few moments into the kiss before Jungkook remembers to keep moving his fingers, and the groan Taehyung lets out when he starts up again makes Jimin laugh against Jungkook’s lips.

“I’m gonna go kiss him,” Jimin breathes out quietly, biting his bottom lip as he smiles. “He’s very needy.”

“Right,” Jungkook says in an exhale. Jimin lets out another giggle, tripping out of his mouth with a breath, and he pulls away. He flops himself down on the bed dramatically, lying next to Taehyung and slinging an arm around his waist. They talk in quiet voices, too soft for Jungkook to hear anything but the whines Taehyung keeps letting out between words. Jungkook watches Jimin’s hand trail over Taehyung’s torso, fingers teasing around his nipples and making him go stiff as Jungkook keeps fingering him. True to word, Jimin eventually brings his hand to Taehyung’s jaw to turn his face toward him before he leans in to kiss Taehyung slow and dirty.

Namjoon, from his place just behind Taehyung, reaches out to trace his thumb down Jimin’s shoulderblade, and Jungkook watches the touch, the gentleness of it. All of this is so steeped in that, in gentleness, in love, and Jungkook lets his heart swell for a moment over the way Namjoon looks down at Jimin with warmth in his eyes, with affection. Taehyung presses his hips back against Jungkook’s fingers, and Jungkook remembers the task at hand. He licks his lips, pulls his fingers out entirely just to press a third in alongside them, and Taehyung responds with a choked-off noise, uttered against Jimin’s lips.

“Sound so pretty, baby,” Jimin says, just loud enough for Jungkook to hear. He brings his hand up to Taehyung’s chin, his thumb pressing down on Taehyung’s lower lip. It’s intoxicating to watch the two of them together, the way they only have eyes on each other, the way everything’s so much between them all the time. Jungkook keeps his eyes on them while his fingers keep fucking into Taehyung, because it’s hard not to. Namjoon has a hand in Taehyung’s hair, stroking through it, and it feels surreal for the four of them to be connected like this.

“Jungkookie,” Jimin says, still looking at Taehyung. Jungkook pauses, looking up at him expectantly, and after another moment, Jimin turns to look at him. “He’s good. Right, Taehyungie? You’re good, right?”

Taehyung nods, eyes locked on Jimin in a way that Jungkook finds relatable. It feels impossible to look away from him like this. “Yeah,” Taehyung says in a soft voice.

Jungkook nods too, scoots himself back as he pulls his fingers away. Taehyung closes his eyes, mouth opening in a silent expression of surprise. He really is pretty right now, like this, all unfocused and wanting. Jungkook again feels the impulse to give him anything, everything — but he figures his part is done. Jimin is sitting up, pulling himself away from Taehyung, and for a moment they’re all split apart again, all in motion. It’s almost funny, how much rearranging is necessary for sex with this many people, but honestly, Jungkook is a little too far gone for funny.

He watches Taehyung and Jimin, the way they shift themselves, the way Taehyung turns onto his stomach and looks back at Jimin over his shoulder as he pulls himself up onto hands and knees. The half-lid of his eyes makes him look more magical than he is, in Jungkook’s opinion; compelling, Namjoon called him earlier in a teasing tone, and Jungkook doesn’t disagree. Jungkook lets himself orbit around them as he moves from the end of the bed he’s found himself at, making room for Jimin to get behind Taehyung, and he sits down at the head of the bed next to where Namjoon’s still lying on his side, head resting on pillows and offering a comforting smile to Jungkook.

“Hey,” Namjoon says quietly.

“Hey,” Jungkook says back, suddenly aware that he hasn’t spoken in a while. Namjoon reaches a hand out and grabs Jungkook’s, both of them ignoring the ways that’s probably gross, and Jungkook’s smile blooms larger. Namjoon pulls himself up so he’s sitting next to Jungkook, leans over to press a brief kiss to his lips.

“This is nice,” Namjoon says quietly when he pulls back, Jungkook’s eyes just barely blinking back open to find Namjoon so close and sweet, dimples in his cheeks with his mussed-up hair.

“Yeah, it is,” Jungkook breathes. He squeezes Namjoon’s hand, and Namjoon smiles at him wide again. He presses a kiss to Jungkook’s cheek before he goes back to his own space. And it’s a testament to just how much is going on at once that Jungkook is almost surprised to see Jimin and Taehyung in front of him again.

Taehyung is propped up on his elbows and knees, Jimin knelt behind him with one hand steady on his ass and the other gripping his hip. Jungkook finds his gaze lingering on Taehyung, on how disarming he is like this, for long enough that he almost doesn’t notice Jimin’s eyes on him. He looks intense, in a not-totally unfamiliar way, but that doesn’t make it any less intimidating. Jungkook swallows, looks right back at Jimin until his lips twitch up into a smirk. He presses into Taehyung just then, Jungkook sees it in his periphery and moreover, hears the little noise Taehyung makes over it.

Jungkook feels sort of like he’s been dunked in boiling water, the way he’s too hot all over. Namjoon’s head is on his shoulder and his hand is squeezed between Jungkook’s fingers, and in front of them, Taehyung is falling apart little by little with each press of Jimin’s hips. Jimin’s slipping, too, some desperation in his expression after so long of looking so in control of himself. His fingers are gripping into Taehyung’s skin hard enough for Jungkook to see the way his skin indents, and Jungkook isn’t sure if he would rather be the one putting the fucked out expression on Taehyung’s face or the one held tight in Jimin’s grip.

All things considered, though, he’s perfectly happy being the one watching. From here, he can see both of them, the way their faces go lax as they breathe out heavy, the way Taehyung is biting his lip when Jimin thrusts into him. The noises are back, those little choked-off groans, but now Jungkook’s closer to them and can appreciate it a little more.

Jungkook swallows, staring at Taehyung and feeling sort of incapable of focusing on anything else, mutters, “You’re so…”

Jimin makes a noise like half a laugh, huffed out at the end of a heavy exhale. He holds Taehyung’s hips steady, keeping up his slow pace as he leans down and presses a kiss to the top of Taehyung’s spine.

“So what?” Taehyung asks. His breathing is labored, but he manages to find the strength to look up through his fluffy, messy bangs to give Jungkook something like a smirk.

Lots of adjectives. But the one Jungkook lands on, quietly, is, “Beautiful.”

The smirk falls from Taehyung’s face, and then he’s just looking up at Jungkook for a moment with that scary honest look he gets on his face. Like he’s never considered hiding anything he’s ever felt. It makes Jungkook’s heart pang in a way he wasn’t expecting — but then Jimin presses forward into Taehyung again, harder, makes Taehyung bow his head with a little gasp. Jimin’s pace picks up and Taehyung goes from his soft, half-restrained noises to something louder and more desperate and god, Jungkook is — this is — he swallows again, heavy, and clenches his free hand, the one Namjoon’s not holding, into a fist. Ignores the impulse to touch himself, because he feels like if he does, something in this atmosphere will break a little.

Jimin makes a distracting noise on his next thrust in, high-pitched and stuttering out from the back of his throat, involuntary, and Taehyung echoes him.

“You’re close,” Taehyung says between breaths, sounding like it’s taking him effort to say at all. Not a question, though — a statement.

“Getting there, yeah,” Jimin breathes back. Jungkook looks him over, the way his hair is mussed from brushing it off his face so many times, the way he’s flushed down to his chest. The sheen of sweat on his skin, the wet pink of his lips. Jungkook thinks he hadn’t realized before this the way muscle flexes under Jimin’s skin when he moves, and the gentle curve of the muscles in his thighs is something reminiscent of a marble sculpture.

“Jungkook-ah,” Jimin says, and Jungkook glances up to find Jimin’s eyes on him. His brain is moving slow, it feels like, and maybe that’s why by the time he’s opening his mouth to respond, Jimin’s already speaking again. “You want Tae to touch you?”

Jungkook doesn’t bother using an ounce of brainpower to mull that over. “Yes,” he breathes in a rushed exhale. “Please.”

“Polite,” Jimin jokes, his half-smile falling easily into a surprised gasp when Taehyung presses his hips back against Jimin. It’s in an effort to pick himself up onto his hands instead of his forearms, Jungkook realizes. Namjoon lets go of Jungkook’s hand, and when Jungkook glances over at him, he’s still half-hard, looking between the three of them with a focused kind of expression. Jungkook misses the touch of his hand, but he realizes he must be trying to make it easier for the three of them to fit together somehow, for Taehyung to touch him.

“Are you…” Jungkook starts, still looking over at Namjoon, not sure how to finish his sentence. He wants to ask if Namjoon’s going to do anything about the erection he’s had for a while now, if he’s going to be part of this, but he can’t find the right words for it that don’t feel awkward.

“I’m good,” Namjoon answers Jungkook’s non-question, smiling a little at Jungkook.

“Okay,” Jungkook says in response, not totally sure what conversation they just had, but satisfied enough with it. Namjoon leans over and kisses him again, soft and gentle. Disarmingly sweet, in their current context, but Jungkook appreciates it. He always appreciates kissing Namjoon, the careful press of his lips. He wants to melt into the touch, but Taehyung is moving again, and Jungkook wants to be pulled into his orbit so badly. Has wanted it from the first brush of Taehyung’s fingers across his torso earlier. Well, longer than that. Maybe since the first time Taehyung looked at him like he was something worth putting a lot of thought into.

Jungkook pulls back from Namjoon, kisses his cheek again before he pulls himself away and looks back at Taehyung and Jimin. Taehyung’s pulled up into something like a kneel, hands braced on his own thighs and Jimin knelt behind him with an arm wrapped around his waist, and Jungkook doesn’t think about it very much as he moves in front of Taehyung.

“Oh,” Taehyung murmurs when Jungkook sidles up, close enough that their chests are almost touching. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Jungkook echoes softly, looking from the half-lid of Taehyung’s eyes to the way his lips are hanging open, parted. Jimin’s face is obscured, his head bowed to rest his forehead on the nape of Taehyung’s neck as he breathes heavy, loud from this close to him.

“I wanna get you off so bad,” Taehyung says, breath hitching as Jimin’s thrust moves him forward a little. His hand reaches out to grab Jungkook’s shoulder like he’s using Jungkook to keep him upright, and there’s something about that, about the two of them holding him up, that feels good.

Jungkook doesn’t say anything in response, just reaches out to grab Taehyung’s other hand, and with an unavoidable bout of nervousness, brings it to his own stomach. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate before he pushes his hand under the fabric of Jungkook’s shirt — and that’s another funny thing, still being fully dressed like he is when the rest of them have been naked for so long. But he doesn’t mind, doesn’t care enough to take anything off, especially when Taehyung’s stuttering touch is drifting down to press his fingers underneath the waistband of Jungkook’s shorts, then past the waistband of his underwear, too.

Jungkook’s so hard, been so hard for so long, and even the barest touch making its way down to his erection is almost overwhelming. He breathes out heavy, moves his hand to push his shorts down, fumbling clumsily as he pushes the fabric down just enough. Taehyung helps, and between the two of them, they get the two layers of fabric moved just enough for Jungkook’s dick to be out between them. A new, weird vulnerable feeling — it’s been a while since anyone’s seen him naked, been a long time since he was touched. And never like this, never with so much emotion. There’s another nervous rush in his chest, and he’s half-expecting Taehyung to comment on it, but —

But Taehyung’s just looking down, looking him over, staring.

“Fuck. Fuck, I want to — wow,” Taehyung manages in a labored voice. “Jiminnie. Look at him.”

Jungkook blushes. Jimin picks his head up, looking significantly more wrecked than he did a few moments ago, and Jungkook can’t look away from the way Jimin looks him over.

“Can’t believe no one’s ever fucked you the way you deserve,” Jimin mutters, voice weak from exertion.

Jungkook burns all over from that, lets out an uneven breath in response. Taehyung’s hand moves from the junction of his hip and thigh, away from the fabric he was pushing down, and his thumb comes up to rub at the head of Jungkook’s dick without any warning, moving through the mess of precome there. Jungkook gasps, body pitching forward and head resting on Taehyung’s shoulder. At the same time, Taehyung groans, and Jungkook can feel his thighs twitch for a moment.

“You both feel so good. It’s so —” Taehyung says, gasping. He moves his thumb to the underside of Jungkook’s cock, rubbing there for a moment. “So much,” he mutters in a rush.

Jungkook’s hips buck into Taehyung’s touch, his body so desperate for it. “Please,” he mumbles, not even sure what he’s asking for. Just more, more of this, some friction to move against.

Taehyung nods, presses a tiny kiss to the side of Jungkook’s neck before his hand pulls away entirely. Jungkook pulls himself off of Taehyung’s shoulder just in time to see Taehyung spit into his hand loud and dirty. Jungkook swears under his breath, and the noise he makes when Taehyung wraps his hand around Jungkook’s dick properly is loud enough to be embarrassing if he was still capable of that emotion at the moment. He’s gonna come fast, he knows — he’s been too turned on for way too long. For that matter, though, it seems like Jimin is following his lead, thrusting into Taehyung quicker. Taehyung’s strokes on Jungkook are messy, uneven, but he doesn’t care.

Jungkook lets out another gasping sort of moan on Taehyung’s upstroke, and he manages, “Hyung.”

Taehyung makes a questioning noise in response, maybe not capable of much more than that. But Jungkook doesn’t let it stop him, just says, “Hyung, I want you to show me, like you said before. How it feels.”

“Oh,” Taehyung says softly. “Yeah. Yeah, honey, I’ll show you.” The hand that was still gripping Jungkook’s shoulder moves, comes up to cup the side of his face in a way Jungkook still associates with that first night he spent here, when he became momentarily consumed with the thought of Taehyung leaning forward and kissing him. But there’s no kiss that follows, or rush of calm like the first time Taehyung did this. Instead, it’s like — it’s like someone hooked up an amplifier to his own desire, like he can feel the way it echoes in Taehyung’s mind, all of it raised to a new exponent.

It’s intense. It’s a lot, all at once, to feel the three of them sending out a little syncopated chorus of good, good, so good. The strangeness of the way the emotion feels in his head — almost like language, almost like color, somewhere between — barely hits him, because the sheer impact of all of it makes Jungkook almost buckle at the knee. It’s like someone set the frequency of his body to a setting he didn’t know it could get to, and Jungkook realizes suddenly that this is going to send him over the edge.

For all the noise he was making just a moment ago, he comes quietly, mouth open and eyes shut tight against the skin of Taehyung’s shoulder, rapidly losing the control of his limbs to stay upright like this, but he stays still, stays sturdy for Taehyung to lean against, because Jungkook’s orgasm has audibly affected him. He’s shaking against Jungkook, all desperate whines, hands gripped tight on Jungook’s t-shirt as Jungkook comes down from his own orgasm.

“Jiminnie,” Taehyung whines, “Wanna feel you — come on —” His words come out in punchy breaths, but they do their job, judging from the whiny breath Jimin lets out, the way his pace goes quicker.

The three of them rock in a way that might be funny, if Jungkook’s mind wasn’t cloudy from coming, and even more cloudy from having three other peoples’ feelings in it a moment ago. Jimin pushes Taehyung forward, Taehyung presses back, and Jungkook is left to move in their rhythm. It doesn’t last long, though, before Jimin goes stiff with another whine; Jungkook can feel the way he tenses, and it’s a stray instinct, the way Jungkook reaches out to touch Taehyung while Jimin comes.

His hand is dry, but Taehyung still has the slick of lube on his cock from Jimin’s hand earlier, and Jungkook’s grip on Taehyung feels just slick enough. Taehyung lets out a shuddering moan at Jungkook’s touch, a noise that makes Jungkook overwhelmed with the desire for him to keep making it. He wants to be good at this, wants to make Taehyung feel good, wants Taehyung to feel as good as he did, as Jimin does. The air around them is chaotic — Jimin hasn’t pulled back from Taehyung, and his whine has turned into gasping little breaths as Taehyung continues to push himself back further, to take Jimin deeper. Jungkook strokes him quicker, feeling entirely focused, and there’s no questioning the moment that Taehyung’s orgasm hits him.

There’s a feeling like — like the skin of a bass drum reverberating, shaky and resonant, that passes through Jungkook’s mind for a moment. Must pass through all of them, from the way Namjoon gasps behind him. Taehyung’s cum hits Jungkook’s hand a beat later, and Taehyung collapses forward onto Jungkook, knocking them both onto the mattress in a pile.

Jungkook grunts on impact, but he can’t bear to move when Taehyung’s on top of him like this, dick twitching against the fabric of Jungkook’s t-shirt, groaning through the aftershocks of his orgasm. Jungkook brings a hand to Taehyung’s bare back, sweat clinging to his skin, but Jungkook doesn’t care. He runs his hand down Taehyung’s back, keyed into the heavy breath Taehyung is letting out. He only half-notices, really, the way Namjoon moves to lay at Jungkook’s side, his hand joining Jungkook’s on Taehyung’s back. After another few seconds, Jimin rearranges himself to lay on Jungkook’s other side, and he’s warm at the feeling of the four of them together. Jimin turns his head to press a kiss to Jungkook’s shoulder.

They’re quiet for a couple minutes, just the sound of slowing breathing, and Jungkook feels warm as he comes down from the rush of it.

“Well,” Taehyung murmurs into Jungkook’s chest. “Good morning, I guess.”

Namjoon lets out a goofy laugh, and Jungkook closes his eyes as he smiles right alongside him.


It’s a new set of things that Jungkook learns about the three of them that morning. He learns that Jimin is finished cuddling far sooner than the rest of them, ready to get up and clean things up around them; he learns that Namjoon has to nudge Taehyung into taking a shower afterward in a way that seems so gently practiced, it makes Jungkook a little emotional. A lot of things are making him emotional, really, including the way Jimin pulls Jungkook’s dirty shirt off of him and kisses his collarbone in passing, like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

“Come on, Taehyung-ah. You need to take a shower,” Namjoon is murmuring, a hand in his hair.

“Comfortable,” Taehyung says, voice muffled against Namjoon’s neck where they’re lying together on the other side of the bed.

“This is why we say you’re gross. You’re all cummy, Tae,” Jimin says with a soft little snort in Taehyung’s direction.

“Please don’t use the word cummy,” Namjoon says, sounding disgusted. Jimin laughs as he tosses Jungkook a new shirt.

“Maybe I wanna be like this,” Taehyung says defensively.

“Gross,” Jimin says with a giggle, but he walks around the bed and leans down over Taehyung, pressing little kisses to his shoulderblade.

It’s another twenty minutes of Namjoon and Jimin chiding and indulging Taehyung in turn, of Jungkook feeling sleepy and happy in his new clean shirt, before the four of them really move much of anywhere. And it’s a warm little routine, letting Jimin corral him and Namjoon out of bed, Jimin’s hands on his waist so casual and sweet.

“Jungkook-ah, will you help me in the garden? The lilacs need to be pruned a little, I think,” Namjoon says as he settles himself onto the couch.

The house smells like coffee and there’s bright sunlight pouring in through the windows, and Jungkook feels so sated and so loved and so — at home. Taehyung’s singing in the shower, Nabi is curled up asleep in a ray of sunlight on the floor, and Jungkook feels, most of all, like he belongs.


Jungkook turns to find Namjoon looking at him expectantly. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook answers easily, moving to sit down on the couch next to Namjoon. “I’m great. I’ll help you in the garden, hyung.”

Eventually Taehyung makes his way out of the shower, half-dressed and still singing, and the kisses he presses to the tops of Namjoon and Jungkook’s heads feel like another part of their little routine. Jungkook watches him dance to the song he’s singing in the kitchen with Jimin, the two of them slow-dancing with wide grins, and he settles into Namjoon’s side. Yeah, he thinks, mornings are the best part.