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You Don't Need Saving

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I've got that lightening in my veins
I'm feeling something I can't explain
Waking up the animal
Waking up
I've got this power living inside
It has no mercy
You cannot hide
Waking up the animal
Waking up
The animal

Animal- Zayde wolf




When you were young, you ran away. 

Nothing had been wrong, it was a perfect life, you had careful and accepting parents, and you lived in a beautiful two-story home, with two sets of siblings to keep you company. Three meals a day, freedom, You had the ears of your family to listen to your problems, and the eyes of your parents to watch over you. You were a straight B student through your schooling, had all the clothes you could ever want, and the toys most would only dream of. Back then, you had money, the newest cellphones, the strongest friendships... 

You had it all.

A limitless, flawless life. 

With the world literally in the palm of your hand, you could have gone anywhere, done anything your heart dreamed of, with a full ride to college after high school, you could've gotten a degree, gone off and worked a fancy high paying job.


You ran away.


Why did you run?

Why did you run here?




Large callus covered hands wrapped around your throat, you were shoved against a brick wall, the air knocked from your obscured lungs, resulting in a strangled hiccup. It was painful, but your body was used to the bruises. Your brain didn’t have to register the attack to retaliate, You’d been grabbed like this too many times before. 

The feeling no longer bothered you. 

You bashed your elbow into the crease of his neck, then reached out and dug your sharpened nails into the opposite cheek, raking them across his face swiftly in your goal to snap his neck to the side and tare his attention away. He loosened his hold, so you bit down on his arm, teeth sinking into the flesh, blood bubbled up and splashed into your mouth. 

The taste no longer distracted you. 

You wriggled from his grip and took off, The arena chosen for the day was a rather small oval pit, with stone walls surrounding it, rising over ten feet up. Above you? A huge crowd, screaming and cheering, hollering down in your direction, judging you, watching you intently, memorizing your moves. There were so many words and so many voices. It was all just background to you now.

The yells no longer unnerved you.

You bent down and scooped up a blunt object, one of the many objects the spectators threw into the pits to assist the fighters. Your eyes scanned over the man as he approached you, it was clear he obsessively worked out, his body was nearly entirely made muscle, your teeth and claws would do little to him. If you wanted to win this, you had to cause some serious hurt.

You lunged, the man had found his own weapon, a trashcan lid, a plastic one. His weapon of choice was tame compared to what he could have grabbed. There was a knife to his left: but you all knew the rules. Using bladed objects would decrease your reward, despite this place being illegal and pretty nasty, the overseers didn’t want many deaths on their hands. You use a blade that could potentially kill easier than any other weapon? There goes half your reward. This guy, though, he didn’t need a knife.

He knew his fists would knock you out, You were small, and had little meat on your bones. Your pipe crashed into him, he blocked, you swung again, he blocked, you snarled, stumbling back from the rattling force in your bones that reach strike resulted in. seething annoyance and anger festered inside you, it was like hitting a solid wall. He smirked, the bitch had perfect teeth, and he was toying with you. 



You took his hits and maneuvered around the man to tire him out, he was going defensive, which was an insult, only kicking you away or punching at you when you had a grip on his shield. He was trying to tire you out,you had a lot of energy, but all the energy drinks in the world wouldn’t keep you going at this rate. Ten minutes, several bruises, and a bloody nose later, he tossed away the trashcan lid and stomped towards you, holding his shoulders high, eyes glaring directly into your soul. 

This was pitiful, you realized. The money reward had been too high, you didn’t do your research, you weren't on this guys level, You’d been fighting for several years now, but this man? This walking behemoth?

Seamed like you were the one who had gotten cocky.

Still, you put up a fight. You fought like you always had: like each strike could be your last. You managed to land some hits that would definitely bruise with the pipe, tired him out just a little bit more, you drew some blood, and that's all you expected, he grew bored with you. His last attack had you sprawled out on your back a few feet away, he’d grabbed you by your literal face and tossed you like a simple stone. Your back landed awkwardly on some item, your entire body lit up with pain, it traveled up the length of your spine, and it suddenly hurt to breathe. 

It was about to get even harder.

You looked up just in time to watch him grab his discarded trashcan lid, he lept foreword and frisbee’d it right at you. There was so much force behind it, you didn't even feel the impact it made when it hit you, it was instantaneous unconsciousness.


Something touched your shoulder, your brain took its time ‘powering up.’ the feeling of unfamiliarity sunk in. You were outside, chirping of crickets, some frogs in the distance, you smelt the fresh air, fingers scrunched at your sides, you were leaned against something, and you felt grass at your fingertips. 

This happened when you lost, you instantly remember, They’d drag you out and leave you somewhere closeby. Usually, it was in abandoned buildings or dark alleyways, sometimes if you were bad off, they’d leave you near a hospital. Your body ached and you felt the stinging of several cuts, but you were fine, you just needed to open your eyes, and pray to any higher power that you weren't blind.

You were about to give it a go, when a low voice struggled to reach you.

“hey uh, i get its a nice night’n all but you probably shouldn't sleep right here.”  You could tell by its distortion that you had a concussion: great, there goes your income for the next week while you recover.

You opened your eyes and looked up at the mass in front of you, you jumped, of course. Anyone would, upon seeing a fucking skeleton in baggy clothes leered over you, face stretched in a grin. You brought a hand up to defend yourself from the monster, upon thinking that word, it hit you.

Monsters. That's right, Monsters were a thing now. You pulled down your arm to peer out at him, he’d moved a few steps back at your reaction, but still looked down at your seated form with curiousness and worry, beady white eyes locking into your bloodied face. Most of the blood was from when you bit the beefcake, the rest was from your injured nose. 

This wasn't the first time you’d come back after a loss to another per- living being, sometimes you woke up in a strange house after being found by someone. Your body was already going through the motions, you stood, balancing yourself on the tree. At least he assumed you were just sleeping, that left out explinations you dind’t want to give. you reached up and felt your nose, dried blood flaked off at your touch. Your stink was already making itself known, you were sweaty, exhausted, quite literally beat. With little effort, you waved a hand at the skeleton and drew in a yawn. The stinging in your spine at the action had you wincing, but by now, you were used to holding it in.

 “Thanks, I can sleep anywhere, I swear.” You offered with a practiced laugh at the end, your tone light, but it still carried that tired graveness to it. After that man's grip around your throat, you knew swallowing for the next few days would be a pain in the ass. 

You took it upon yourself to investigate the underworldly being before you, he was a short thing, around your height, his eye sockets were adorably large, and now that your vision was returning, his grin was less terrifying then it had been when you awoke. A blue hoodie, striped black shorts, pink slippers. He stood tipped back a little, leaning his weight onto the soles of his feet, if his feet even had soles, this suggested he had a hard time holding himself upright.

“same, bud. names sans. you... don't look too good. are you alright?” you stared at his outstretched hand, processing his question, wanting nothing more than to go home and take a long shower, He was a monster, yes, and that interested you, you wanted to know more about him, but he was like everyone else. They offered you kindness and happiness, but you refused. This would be the first, and last time you’d see this ‘Sans’ You didn't include friendship in your life plan, you didn’t want it. 


To Hell if you knew the answer to that question. 

“Y/n. And yeah, I'm fine. This happens a lot." You returned with a shrug, taking his hand only out of politeness, you ignored the way his cold bones soothed the burn of your palm from gripping the pipe as hard as you had. You were sure one of the strikes you landed, had done some damage to your wrist, it was like hitting a massive statue.

“Thanks for waking me up, but its time for me to go. Id say see you around, but id be lying.” You gave him one last confident shake of his hand, before letting go. “So, it was nice to meet you.” You flashed him a priceless grin as you stepped by him. You were in a park, you noted. Huh… strange place to dump the defeated. You turned and gave one last wave to the silent skeleton as he watched you walk off. “Goodbye.” You called. He muttered something, but you didn't stick around to figure out what it had been, You walked off, scanning the buildings, trying to place where you were, so you could find your way home. 

Five minutes of observations, your eyes locked on a familiar store you always went to. From there, You found your way back.