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Being the youngest player on the United States Women's National Team was truly an honor. It meant that you were the future, that your career was about to take off. So really, Tierna was thrilled beyond belief.

However, there was another job that came along with being the youngest player on the team, and it was one that Tierna was almost as excited to do. 

Since no coach wanted their players going out into the night and getting drunk to satisfy their sexual cravings, it had been decided that it would be the job of the youngest player on the team (provided, of course, that she was of age) to take care of it. 

As Tierna was tapping through her playlist on her cellphone, the thing rang.

"Hey, T."

"Oh, hey Abby! Do you need something?"

Tierna laughed to herself as Abby hesitated, trying to find the words to ask for what she wanted.

"Um, will you... Can I come over?"

"Yep! See you in a few!"

Tierna hung up the phone and set it back on her bedside table, already excited. She pulled open the top drawer of the dresser and dug around through her clothes until she found what she was looking for. She had gotten the single room, and so she didn't bother stepping into the bathroom as she stripped out of her tee shirt and sweats, replacing them with her favorite set of lingerie.

She had barely fastened the clasp of the bra when a knock sounded at the door of her room.

Fluffing up her hair in the mirror, Tierna made her way over to let Abby in. 

"Hey, Abs."

Tierna smirked as Abby took in her appearance, eyes raking hungrily over her toned body.

"Like it?"

Abby nodded, and her hand hesitated in midair as she lingered in the doorway.

"Oh, come in."

Tierna reached out a hand and took Abby's, pulling her in and kicking the door shut behind them. She led Abby to the bed, then let go of her hand and spread out on the bed.

Her hands cupped her breasts, and her legs were slightly open. Her loose waves spread out over the pillows, and she locked her eyes on Abby's, which were wide as dinner plates.

"Do you want to touch me, Abby?"

Abby nodded, and Tierna gestured her forward. Abby walked forward as if in a trance, slotting her body in between Tierna's spread legs, reaching forward and replacing the younger woman's hands on her breasts with her own. 

She weighed the mounds in her hands, palms stroking the dark purple fabric over Tierna's hardening nipples.

"Jesus, T."

Tierna let out a soft laugh, which quickly turned into a breathy moan as Abby slipped her fingers underneath the top of her bra to rub across the peaks on her chest.

"Does that feel good?"

Tierna nodded, arching into Abby's touch.

"Yes, Abs! Feels good!"

Abby ran a fingernail across her nipples, and Tierna could see the older woman's own hardening under her shirt. She felt herself beginning to get wet.

"What do you want, T?"

Tierna squeezed her pussy muscles around nothing as Abby's hands continued over her nipples.

"I want to make you feel good, Abby."

That was her job, after all.

Abby bit her lip, and Tierna could tell that the older woman was wet by the way she rubbed her thighs together.

"Fuck," she whispered. "How the hell did we get lucky enough to have you?"

Tierna pulled Abby's head down and planted a kiss on the blonde's lips. The kiss deepened when Abby pushed her tongue into Tierna's mouth.

"I guess Jill saw something in me," laughed Tierna when she finally separated her lips from Abby's.

"You... Will you...?"

Abby's cheeks reddened as she tried to think of how to ask for what she wanted.

"Will I what? What do you want, Abby? My fingers? My pussy? My mouth?"

Abby shivered at the last suggestion, and Tierna knew that she had found her answer.

"Ah, I think you want my lips on your pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," Abby whimpered. "I want your mouth."

Tierna put her hands on Abby's shoulders, guiding the older woman to lie on her back and then lowering herself between her thighs. 

Abby's panties were already damp, and Tierna slid them off her legs, over her creamy thighs and down to her ankles, then off over her heels.

With that barrier removed, Tierna slid a finger across Abby's slit and brought it to her mouth, taking a taste of Abby before she dove in. Abby gasped at the gesture, and it quickly turned into a moan as Tierna leaned down and licked a stripe up the older woman's pussy. 

"Fuck," she gasped. "Fuck, T."

Tierna laughed into Abby's pussy.

"Oh, Abs. I've barely gotten started."

Tierna dove into Abby's pussy with a fervor, digging her tongue inside the organ as her thumb scraped across the older woman's clit.

Abby moaned loudly, arching her pussy closer to Tierna's face. Tierna hummed, sending vibrations through Abby's core. The defender squealed, squeezing her pussy around Tierna's tongue.

"That feel good, Abs?"

Abby nodded frantically, curling her hands in Tierna's hair and pulling gently, urging her to speed up.

It didn't take Abby long to cum, her slick gushing over Tierna's face. The younger woman licked her lips, tasting Abby again.

"God, T," whispered Abby after her aftershocks faded, slowly releasing her grip on Tierna's hair. "That was so good."

Tierna laid her head on Abby's still clothed stomach, enjoying the rise and fall as Abby breathed.

"I'm glad to hear that I haven't gotten rusty."

Abby was asleep before Tierna could ask for a return performance, and so the youngest player on the team slid a hand between her legs and shallowly fucked herself with her fingers. She came silently, careful not to wake Abby, then laid her head on the defender's shoulder and joined her in sleep.