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come back

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"ur not a demon to me, bby" jim said. "ur like an angel!!!!"

demon blushed. "uwu but im a demon!!! a mean and emo and depressed demon rawr xD"

">_< but d,,d,ddemon i luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" jim was hURT. (a/n: o no poor jim D:) "ur not mean at all!!!!"

demon sighed. "yes sir i no. i lyt" he admitted (a/n: x3 yay they admitted feelings!!)

mr jim uwued. 'realy?????"

"yes ive always luved u,,, when u furst came 2 the woods i new,,,,,,," demon admitted

then suddenly pink person popped up "no hes mine!!!" they frowned at jim

ono!!" jim yeled "not m demonwemonbabyboii!!!!!!!!!!!"

demon gassped "no pink person  i dont luv u anymor i belong 2 jim now"

pink person glared "no ur mine!!!! jims a bicht and i h8 him so u need to STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!"

demon looekd at jim 'jim im sorry ill be bak soon!!"

"i kno!!" jim called after as demon was dragged to hell w/ pinkperson

"now im all alone" he said sadly "but i kno demon will be back !!!!"