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I'll Take What I've Been Given

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“Trapped within the silence inside, watching as the days go by outside,
“All this replacing, discarding my face in this hollow tune,”

It seemed that in these days, everyone needed to have a talent in order to survive. Chara was no exception. Fortunately for her, she could sing like a siren. This talent got her places.

“The fall of the idol will tear us limb from limb,
“To where wondering was a sin, to where nightmares can begin,”

Currently she stood on the stage in a rusty old tavern, letting her voice drift into the microphone to be heard by the entirety of the bar. There was a good mix of people there today. She had become a regular performer at this place; mostly because she liked it there. She wasn’t high-profile enough to sing at fancy clubs or more high-end restaurants or anything. In the grand scheme of things, Chara was nothing more than a little fish in a pond full of whales. The places she did perform in where often bars, little hole-in-the-wall restaurants made by poor immigrates, and taverns like this one. They where always seedy, run down, or some mixture of both. But Chara didn’t mind.

“This life did not choose us, it chose to consume us,
“To ready for the day we march dread beneath the sway!”

Most musicians and performers she knew where trying to save enough money to leave the city. Most planned to move to the country side, where it was less dangerous. But Chara wasn’t like that. She loved the danger. Watching her once pretty city fall to shit was thrilling. It was like watching a fast-motion decay. The Great Depression hit Ebot hard, and as money started becoming a scarce and sacred resource, people would sink to the lowest moral grounds they could go to get it. Some became thieves. Some became prostitutes. Some became crime lords.

The mafia had entered swiftly, and took over everything even swifter. Gangs littered the streets like discarded newspaper, and the police force, as well as the city government, had been infiltrated and corrupted the moment the mobs had established themselves.

Then there where the creatures that seemed to have crawled out of hell itself, and quickly dug their place in the world of “kill or be killed”.

Chara knew she should hate the way things where going. But it was still so thrilling. She had always been fascinated by the concept of evolution. The rules of “survival of the fittest” and “adapt or die” where her favorite, because no matter who you where, and what laws you made, nobody could escape those two rules.

And Chara accepted her spot in the cycle of evolution. She knew she was strong; it’s why she was alive while old friends of her’s were dead. Sure, there was a lot of luck involved, but that just fit right in with being the fittest.

Chara was used to fights breaking out while she sang. She was used to crossing alleyways just to walk in on a fight between two rival gangs. She was used to dodging bullets, furniture, anything that could be thrown, really. And she was used to fighting men larger than her to keep herself from being one of the weak. She couldn’t say she always enjoyed it, but goddamn it, she had to say, it was thrilling to fight for her life.

“Fall into the hands of sorrow!
“Drawn by the darkest bay!
“Walk into the pit of silence!
“I am the one calling your name!
“I in the name of violence!
“Sentence you down to hell!
“Live or you will die, just for the sake, fetch me the tools
“So I create this instrument of Cyanide!”

Chara took in a few ragged breaths, finishing the chorus of the song, before continuing with fight and passion. It seemed there would be no fights in this tavern tonight. Nobody would be foolish enough, not with a particular audience member sitting in the back of the room, looking intimidating on his own, but even more so with the three members of his kind sitting with him to guard him. So she put her energy into letting her voice draw everyone in to her, forcefully. As if her voice would grow hands and grab her audience, sucking them in, in a lull of fighting breaths until she could consume them, using their energy to fuel her burning passion, letting her siren-like voice allure more people into her.

“Dark nights have devoured us!
“I walk this river of conscience,
“For a time where we come to escape here,
“This lends has an open vengeance”

She moved her scarlet eyes across the audience, taking each and everyone of them in. Her green, low-cut dress shimmered in the spotlight, as she swayed her hips to the rhythm of the movement, letting the long slit in the dress fall over her left leg. She heard the men whoop and haller, their cheers laced with the occasional lewd comment sounding louder than the whistles. Chara couldn’t help but roll her eyes. They where so easy. The men especially.

An extra wad of cash never hurt. Not when money was an important recourse for survival. She was still a virgin, surprisingly enough, even though she had promised so many men she would loose such a thing to them. It was a good deal— She’d ask for half a payment in advance, tell them to wait in the rooms as she got “all dolled up” for them, only to take what she got and go home to her little sister, where’d she’d shove the money in a box and call it a night. The men never suspected a thing. And of corse, she had a way to silence the ones who demanded she pay for standing them up.

It was odd. Woman who had a lot of sex where often referred to as dirty. By a woman’s standards, Chara was clean as a whistle. But if she where a man, virgin or not, she’d be considered as dirty as mud, considering how many throat she had to slit with the large butchers knife she always kept hidden on her, just in case she had to prove her strength.

Her little sister would never approve of such things. She didn’t blame Chara, but Frisk hated killing. She had done it, once or twice. Three times maybe. And she had spent the next few weeks in a near catatonic state.

Chara knew that in terms of survival, Frisk was weak. Which was why she had to protect her little sister. The cards where already stacked against her, considering the situation surrounding Frisk very birth, and with her weak stomach, pacifism, and the tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve, Frisk was not one of the fittest who would do the surviving.

If she died, then that would be the way it was. But as much as Chara accepted this as the way of the world, she also accepted that having a strong ally to protect a weak being was also part of “adapt or die”. Symbiotic relationships where created for this. Frisk had Chara to protect and provide for her, and Chara had her one true friend in Frisk. After all, it was only natural to love one’s sister.

“We bow before a fake, for goodness sake,
“Where’s the pride when we needed it to carry away?
“This decay has derailed, now she walks leaving trails
“Of the damned!”

Chara let her eyes settle on the most interesting of the audience members. The only one’s she cared to look at; the only one’s that where not human.

Monsters where powerful creatures, who where capable of inhuman feats. Magic, super strength, and immortality where only a few of the things they could do. Apparently, long ago, before humans became weak, they trapped the monsters under the mountain of Ebott. 20 years ago, when Chara was only a child, and Frisk hadn’t even been born yet, the monsters had crawled out of the mountain, after killing seven children, and using their souls to break the magical barrier that had sealed them in. It didn’t take long for the monsters to adapt to the city culture of Mt. Ebott, and fit in alongside the mobsters and mafia that ruled the streets.

The monster king; a powerful being, who’s silhouette reminded Chara of Satan himself, was the Godfather of the city of Ebot. The land was his. He controlled the smallest businesses, the apartments, the black market, and the trafficking of drugs, moonshine, and sometimes even people. It was a rough world to live in. But the monsters proved themselves to be one of the strong to sit on the top of the chains of evolution. And Chara couldn’t have been more intrigued.

And she was especially intrigued to see that the son of the monster king had chosen this shabby little tavern, with subpar service, mediocre food, and unimportant performers to sit himself down in. And she couldn’t help but wonder why the prince of monsters, who was powerful and deadly, was staring at her as if he found her pretty.

The three other monsters next to the prince seemed just as confused as to why they where there. There was a tall woman with teal, shiny skin, who resembled a fish, seemed especially unhappy to be there. She snarled at anyone who even gave her a glance, flashing large, sharp yellow teeth, that put Chara’s own little warn knife to shame. The other two where both skeletons; one being short and wide, while the other was tall and skinny. The tall one was massive; taller than the monster prince himself. He had to keep his head ducked when standing to avoid hitting it on the top of the celling. Chara briefly wondered if her little sister, who had always had a thing for tall guys, would find his hight attractive or terrifying. The thought made her laugh a little.

Both skeletons looked as displeased to be in the filthy little tavern as the fish woman. The taller one was constantly tapping his foot impatiently, or standing up and walking around in little circles with his back hunched, or tapping his fingers on the table. He seemed board and eager to leave. The shorter one on the other had sat on his seat, smoking a cigar. His head would nod down sometimes, only for it to perk straight back up in shock, as if he where falling asleep.

But then there was the prince of monsters. He looked a lot like his father; with grey horns made from bone swirling from his head, and milk colored fur coating his body, as well as two fluffy goat ears handing down from the horns. Chara had never been able to get a good look at the royal monster family, but now that she saw one for the first time…

He was a lot less scary than she thought he would be.

If anything, he was kind of… handsome.

Then there where his eyes, which where focused on her. He was staring at her the way many men stared at her; as if they where admiring a pretty thing in a window shop. While she normally would roll her eyes at a mans stare, she couldn’t help but feel flattered by this one. Because unlike all the men she met, who would draw their eyes up and down her body, focusing on her breast, or her hips, or her thighs, like many classic perverts, this man only had his eyes on one thing; her face.

He never took them off of her. He stared directly into her eyes with admiration. She saw his eyes shift slightly, as he gazed at her small nose, or her plump lips, or her short auburn hair. They wouldn’t linger for long, always going back to her garnet-colored eyes. But never did his eyes once leave her face. Not to stare at the low-cut dress that revealed all that men normally wanted to see. No, he was just looking at her face.

“It is time for you to leave, or so it may seem!
“For there’s one more thing you have of mine, the core to my strings!
“So as you ascend to the heavens now,
“I’ll drag you back down to hell, listen to me!
“Can’t you see your friend is now mine, all mine!”

Chara took a few ragged breaths, preparing to finish the song. She focused on the monster prince. She didn’t need to drag anyone else in. He was the only one she wanted. She would draw him into her. This polite and handsome man. Then after the show, she would invite him onto the dance floor and talk to him. See if his personality was really as charming as his first impression.

“Fall into the hands of sorrow,
“Drawn by the darkest bay!
“Walk into the pit of silence,
“I am the one calling your name!

More passion, more fury. More and more and more. The more she put in, the deeper he stared into her. She wanted more. She wanted to draw him in so deep he could never leave.

When she first saw him in the audience, she planned on avoiding him. He could’ve been an easy man to trick, just like everyone was, but Chara knew how to pick her enemies. But now, she was hoping to charm and seduce him, but not for the reason she liked to charm and seduce other men. She wanted to charm and seduce the monster prince, yes, but more than she wanted to do so to him, she wanted him to charm and seduce her. And she wanted that so badly.

Chara thought she had gotten past the time where she’d get crushes easily. She guessed that even after all the shit she’s been through, all the blood on her hands, she still had that bit of childishness inside of her.

“I in the name of violence,
“Sentence you down to hell!”
“Live or you will die,
“just for the sake, fetch me the tools
“So I create this instrument of cyanide!”

Almost done. She just needed one final pull, and then she would have him.

“It is time for you to leave, or so it may seem!”

A little more. Just a little more.

“I’ll drag you back down to hell, listen to me!”

Almost there.

“Can’t you see your friend is now mine, all mine!
Dark night are upon us!”

And she had him.


Chara stepped into the woman’s changing room, stripped off her dress, heals, and, though it was frowned upon, her skin-colored stockings. She exchanged them for a mint green sweater-dress, which was decorated with a thick yellow stipe, and some comfortable shoes and socks. She then headed to the bathroom to wash her makeup off.

Off went the heavy blue eyeshadow, the blush, and the lipstick. Chara stared at herself in front of the mirror, taking in her pretty face. This was her; the real her. Not the sexy siren she presented on stage, or in front of many people she was hoping to con money out of. No, this was Chara. The Chara her sister knew.

She would collect her pay, then introduce herself to the monster prince. They would have a quick dance, and she would go home to her sister, but not without either telling the prince where he could meet her next, or planning a way to keep herself from seeing him again. After all, even the most charming of men could be jerks. And there was the fact that the monster prince, as with his entire family, had been responsible for ending many lives. Though, Chara couldn’t judge. She had done the same.

She could see him as she stood by the changing room door, ready to walk over and introduce herself. She could see him talking with the fish woman. The red fins that made her ears and decorated the top of her head like hair where flared up, as if she where angry, and her yellow teeth where barred. She was attempting to drag the monster prince out the door. The taller skeleton seemed very aggravated, gesturing to the door multiple times. She couldn’t blame him though; the position he had to keep his head in did look extremely uncomfortable. The shorter skeleton seemed to have fallen asleep again. Chara wondered if this was a habit of his. The monster prince was trying to reason with the fish woman, wanting to stay where they where, just a little bit longer.

Chara stood from across the room, right where he could see her. She smiled at him; a genuine smile, then went to the owner of the tavern to collect her pay.

The middle aged man who owned the tavern new Chara well, so he would give her extra money, as a token of their friendship. Chara used to be a smoker, but thanks to the mans kind words, she had quit. He took care of Chara and her little sister whenever he could, so for that, Chara was grateful. It was another way of the world; knowing people who could help you.

Despite visible protest from the fish woman, the monster prince had began wondering over to the spot Chara was in. She smiled, happy too have gotten his attention, and ready for what would come next. Seeing him up close, Chara was finally able to truly take him in. And she was right, he was handsome.

Fur hung off his chin in small tuffs like a beard, and the fluffy hair on his ears framed his face, looking like long hair. His eyes looked like amethyst, and his horns, which where still small, but pronounced, added to his look of handsome roguishness. He was a sight to behold, and Chara wanted to take it all in. She couldn’t wait for the rest of him to present himself to her.

“Hi,” He said, somewhat shyly, as soon he was close enough to her to make conversation. “I-I, um, wanted to say, your performance was wonderful. You’ve got a very beautiful voice,” The monster prince avoided eye contact as he gave the complement, which charmed Chara even more. The feared prince of monsters was being shy while talking to a girl who, frankly, wasn’t even relatively on his level in the grand scheme of things. “I would, um, like to hear you sing again sometime,” He told her.

Chara blushed slightly. He was so cute. She loved it.

She smiled at him, and decided to get straight to the point. “The music here is decent,” She commented, before holding out her hand to him. “Would you care to join me on the dance floor?” She asked.

Despite the fur covering his face, the monster prince still somehow managed to look flustered. “Oh, um, yes! Of course!” He stammered, before awkwardly taking her hand in his own.

Chara guided him out to the floor, put her arms around his shoulders, and started swaying to the beat of the music. He placed his hands on her hips, being delicate, and swayed along with her.

“I, um, I’m Asriel,” He introduced.

Chara already knew this. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know the name of the monster prince, if you lived in or near the city of Ebott. But she found his introduction charming anyways. There was a humility to the monster prince that she enjoyed. He was charming. So cute. And she wanted him badly.

“My name is Chara,” She introduced herself.

“Chara,” He repeated, trying out the name on his tongue. “That’s a pretty name,”

The two began to talk. And as they chatted, Chara found herself falling deeper into desire. She wanted this man. She wanted to talk to him every day. She wanted him to hold her, she wanted him to kiss her, she wanted him to lay next to her in bed, so she could wake up to his handsome face. She had to admit it, she was in love with Asriel.

And he was so, obviously in love with her. He never took his eyes off her for a second. He seemed absolutely lost in her garnet eyes. And she didn’t miss how he would try to pull her closer whenever he thought she wouldn’t notice. She knew he thought she was beautiful, which was why he had approached her. But as Chara told him about herself, his eyes seemed to melt a little more. She told him of her passions, her hobbies, and of her little sister, Frisk. She didn’t tell him of Frisk condition, or of the ways she would get extra money or of the blood on her hands, but she did find herself telling him of her fascination in evolution and the ways of the world.

“Wow!” He had said when she explained this to him. He was listening to her intently, and hanging on to every word. “The way you see the world; it’s just so… fascinating,”

Chara smiled and blushed at those words. This was the most charming man she ever met. And she wanted him to become her everything.

Eventually, after their dance, Asriel had to leave; the three monsters who were with him had gotten very impatient. He seemed reluctant to say goodbye. It was extremely cute, and Chara loved it. She planted a kiss on his cheek for him, told the monster prince she had a nice time, and bid him goodbye, but not before the two of them agreed to meet up at a little restaurant Chara had grown fond of the Saturday after the next.

The young woman walked to her home, a spring in her step, and money tucked away in a little compartment she had sewn into her bra; a safe way to keep pick-pocketers from grabbing it. Her head was up in the clouds, as she pictured the cute and handsome prince of monsters in her head, and his voice full of interest in everything she had to say, his eyes staring into her as if looking at stars. In fact, she had been so deep in what she could only call “La-la land” that she nearly missed the figures dressed in white, with cone shaped hoods covering their faces, hidden in shadow as they stared at Chara’s house, no doubt waiting for her sister to leave.

Chara snarled at them, letting them know she had seen them. This wasn’t the first time members of the KKK had stalked her house, so Chara’s reputation had to have been known amongst them. To those unaware of the blood on her hands, Chara was just a low-key bar singer, who broke the hearts of many foolish men. But some of the less understanding people on her streets had taken to calling her “psycho woman”, after they had witnessed her stab and kill three members of the KKK one time when they had tried kidnap her sister. Of course, enough of their neighbors where on her side, and able to keep police from finding out, not like the police force cared that much about anything. Plus, she had the advantage of being a pretty white woman, so nobody would suspect her to be murderous unless they had seen her take lives themselves. The moment the KKK members locked eyes with her, they immediately left. They knew that Chara would take no chances.

She unlocked the door to her house, and entered, only to have to doge her little sister attacking her with a heavy candlestick.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Chara shouted, grabbing her sisters wrist, trying to ground the girl into reality. “It’s just me; it’s just Chara!”

Frisk looked her sister up and down, letting out a sigh of relief. She leaned against her big sister and started crying, her heavy breaths and noisy sobs falling into Chara’s sweater. “They-They followed me home!” Frisk cried, obviously referencing the KKK members who had been stalking their house. “They would’ve gotten me if I was any slower… Why can’t they just leave me alone!?”

One face popped into Chara’s head. A particularly racist neighbor of theirs, who was probably the reason the KKK even knew of Frisk existence in the first place. His name was Jackson, and he was a part of the gang that had marked Chara’s neighborhood as their territory. He was the gangs resident “watcher” of their neighborhood, and as much as Chara wanted to slit his throat for all the trouble he had put her baby sister through in the past three years, she couldn’t. Because if she did, she’d have the rest of his gang knocking down her door, and she would become one of the weak; one of the stupid. But maybe now that she was acquainted with the Monster Prince, she could figure out a way to get them to help her.

“Calm down, baby girl,” Chara soothed, rubbing circles onto Frisk back. Her shirt was covered with sweat, which was sticking to her back. The older girl let out a sigh. “You should get changed. The bastards ran off the moment I saw them. We’re safe for the night,”

Frisk nodded, and slowly hiked towards the bedroom in the small house she and Chara lived in.

Chara and Frisk considered themselves sisters, though they only shared a mother. Frisk father, on the other hand, had been a black man, making the girl half black, half white; not exactly a pleasant color combination when it came to this city, at least. And it wasn’t like Frisk could “pass” for a white woman either; her skin was a warm brown, and her hair, also brown, was a frizzy mess. Her eyes looked like gold. Chara, and any other person who looked at Frisk if their eyes where not clouded by racism, would’ve called Frisk beautiful. But unfortunately, Frisk had a lot of hell to deal with.

The elder sister gritted her teeth. There was no reason why anyone should dislike Frisk. She was kind, pretty, smart, wise, and charismatic. And yet, for three years, she had been stalked by those bastards in white cloaks with cone-shaped hoods, who planned to kill her.

Chara picked the candlestick up from the floor and placed it back on the mantle. Frisk hated violence, and always avoided hurting people when she could. Her first instinct would be to try to reason with her attackers, offering them mercy, and good advice. She even would flirt with a few of the younger, cuter offenders. Frisk had even gone on a date with a few of them. She had a way of convincing people to try to be good. Of course, good wasn’t exactly a trait that helped with survival, and the three people who Frisk had dated had all ended up dead somehow.

Frisk had been ready to attack an intruder. She had been ready to attack the time before, when a similar situation had happened. The first time Frisk had stood at the door, armed with a candlestick, Chara was so surprised, she hadn’t been able to move out of the way in time to dodge Frisk strikes. She had almost died that day. The day afterwards, she had come home to see Frisk standing over a dead body, horrified at what she had done, though, one look at their getup, and Chara knew that the dead had deserved it. But that was the first time Frisk had ever killed and it fucked her up.

As thrilling as watching everything fall to shit was, Chara would always come back from the adrenaline rush of fights and riots to her sister, who was not cut out for this kind of place. Chara frowned. Her poor baby sister. She wasn’t even an adult yet, only having just turned seventeen, a contrast to Chara’s twenty-four.

Soon as Frisk was changed, Chara quickly cooked the two of them a meal, and they started eating. The two gossiped about how their day had been, though neither mentioned Frisk’s incident with the KKK. There was no need to. Finally, Chara was able to bring up her encounter with the monster prince.

“I have a date this Saturday,” Chara told her sister. “It’s at that little restaurant we like to go to sometimes,”

“Aw! Who’s the lucky fellow?” Frisk asked, grabbing her dish and cup and heading to the sink.

“He’s very handsome and cute,” Chara explained. “His name is Asriel,”

Frisk nearly dropped her plate. “Asriel, as in the monster prince,”

“Yes, that Asriel,”

Frisk stood there, eyes wide, an unreadable expression on her face. She wanted to be proud of her sister for finally finding a date, but she knew of the Monster’s reputation. She didn’t mind the species as a whole; in fact, she had no reason to, but the members of the monster king’s inner circle where one’s to be feared. Monsters where capable of magic, and Frisk had heard many rumors of magicians of the Kings circle committing atrocities to both their own kind, and humans. The kings soldiers where also to be feared, from their top dog; a woman who was rumored to be incapable of dying, to their bottom members, each fearsome in their own ways.

Then there was the royal family themselves. The monster king, Asgore Dreemurr, was nicknamed the king of hell, a name that didn’t go without reason. Anyone he wanted dead would be dead within a day. If something in the city needed to get done, he would get it done. Anything he requested was always given to him. Because if it was not, there would be hell to pay. The Queen, a woman named Torial, was well known for her mood swings, and seeming multiple personalities. She could be kind and motherly one second, only to suddenly turn on you, and rip your head off with her teeth the moment you say something or do something that pisses her off. Rumors about her where rampant, the most popular being that Asgore ordered one of his personal scientist to experiment on her.

Then there was the monster prince Asriel, who was young, yet already notorious for his quick and efficient work when it came to assassination. While he didn’t have as wild a temper as his parents, angering him was a death sentence.

And Chara wanted to take him on a date.

“Oh god, Chara, what have you gotten yourself into,”