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Some Wannabe Hero!

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Midoriya Izuku had learned at the early age of four that not all men were created equal. Some were destined for greatness and had a talent for becoming something...someone. While others, like himself, were born with the short end of the stick; forever destined to be on the sidelines. In a world full of superheroes with amazing powers known as Quirks, Izuku was given the shortest stick of them all: deaf and Quirkless.

"Izuku, sweetheart. It's time to get up." Inko signed after she shook him awake like she always did when it was time for school. Her long green hair was tied up in a usual bun and her soft eyes were always a joy to wake up to in the morning. "Good morning, baby."

Izuku rubbed his eyes as he yawned, then signed "Morning, Mom. Can I have a fried eggs for breakfast?"

"Course you can, sweetie." Inko grabbed Izuku's hearing aids from his bedside and put them in his ears for him, "I'll let you get ready, baby." 

"O.K." Izuku watched her leave and hopped out of bed, still yawning as he walked to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, picked his hair, washed his face and got his school uniform on before going into the kitchen area. His mom already had his plate on the table, just waiting to be consumed. He sat down and dug in, eagerly chomping on the eggs, toast and bacon. 

"You must've been starving, honey." Inko giggled. She sat across from Izuku with a cup of coffee in her hands. "Or maybe I just did a good job on breakfast." 

"You always cook good stuff." Izuku signed with a mouthful of food in his mouth, "Can I have more bacon? Please?"

"I'll get right on that, hon." 

Inko used her Quirk to crack a few more eggs in the pan and fry a few slices of bacon for good measure. Izuku always thought it was amazing how fluent and precise his mother was with her telekinesis. The way everything she controlled was surrounded with a green aura made it seem magical. 

"You're finally a third year, baby. You must be excited." 

"Today we're going to talk about careers goals.

"Really? That should be fun. You could be an author or an artist. I always see you drawing about Quirks in your notebooks." 


Izuku scarfed down the extra eggs and bacon Inko made before getting his shoes on and grabbing yellow bookbag. Inko grabbed her car keys from her purse and followed Izuku out the door to the garage of their apartment complex. 

"I'll probably be at the hospital overnight again, sweetie. There was a villain attack the other day and there were alot of victims." Inko said as she unlocked the car doors with her key. 


"There still some leftovers in the fridge from last night or you can use your card to order some pizza or something." 


Inko backed out of her parked spot and drove out into the busy streets of Musutafu. Izuku rolled down the window to enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather. Cherry blossom petals covered the sidewalks and the sun was shining brighter than ever. It made Izuku feel alive as he watched the citizens of Musutafu roam streets. Sure, he couldn't really hear alot of the hustle and bustle of the city, but that didn't stop him from enjoying the sites nonetheless. There was even a villain attack going on a few streets over with Mount Lady and Kamui Woods on the scene! Izuku poked his head out the window to try and get at least a glimpse of the action, but Inko pulled him back into his seat with her Quirk. Dammit, Mom!

It wasn't long before Inko stopped the car in front of Aldera Junior High and gave Izuku a kiss on the cheek. "You be good now, baby. Text me if you need anything. You know my work phone number, right?" 

Izuku nodded his head and gave a thumbs up. His mom worried too much. He got out of the car and watched her drive to work. School wasn't all that bad, after all. This is his third year! Things change in third year! New year, new me as they say. When he made it to his classroom to take his seat, he was met with nearly all of his classmates from last year. The students that recognized him immediately began to point and snicker in his direction. 


Luckily, it quickly ceased when their teacher walked in the front of the classroom behind the podium with a pile of papers in his hands. 

"Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone had a good break." He waved around the pile of papers in his hands, "Soooo let's cut to the chase, as third year students, it's time to think seriously about your futures. I could pass these career aptitude tests, but why bother?" 

He threw them in the air as Izuku's classmates began to activate their Quirks, "I know all of you want to go to the Hero track, right?" 

"YEEAAAAAHH!!" The class roared, except for Izuku, of course.

"Yes, yes. All of you have some very impressive Quirks. But you know the rules, no power usage at school. Behave, behave." 

"Tch, hey Teach!" Izuku could recognize that voice anywhere. Bakugou Katsuki or Kacchan, for short. Childhood friend of his, though their relationship was anything, but friendly. "Don't lump me with these losers. I'm the real deal, but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some dumbass D-lister. Ha!" 

"Oh you think you're better than us, Katsuki?!" One classmate yelled. Others joined in, yelling and barking at the spiky-haired blonde.

"Psh! I could take you all on without breaking a sweat!" 

"Hmm..well Bakugou, you do have impressive test results." Their teacher replied as he looked at his clipboard, "Maybe you will get in to U.A. High." 

Izuku put his head down. He knew where this was going. U.A. High School was the best Pro Hero school in eastern Japan. All Might went to that school and so many other amazing Pros. Of course, Katsuki would want to attend there. The entire class went quiet after that with a few murmurs and whispers between students. 

"He's goin' for the national school?" 

"Damn, that place has a 0.2% acceptance rate!" 

"Yo, that place is impossible to get into." 

"That's the exact reason why it's the only place worthy for me." Katsuki stood up on his desk, with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face, "I'll ace those entrance exams because I'm the only person in this school who stands a chance of getting in. I'll end up being more popular than All Might himself and be the richest hero of all time! It all starts with U.A High!" 

"Oh yeah, Midoriya, don't you want to go to U.A. too?" The teacher asked as he took another look at his clipboard. Izuku could feel all of his classmates' eyes on him. He knew what was coming next in 3..2..1.. The class bursted out into mocking laughter. A few classmates called out to him, 

"Triple D! You're kidding, right?!" 

"There's no way you can get into the hero course without a Quirk!" 

Izuku didn't even bother giving them a response, he knew they got rid of that rule. He could be the first deaf Quirkless Pro Hero, if he tried hard enough. He could overcome those odds! 

"Dekuuuu!" Kacchan shouted as he pushed Izuku out of his chair with his explosive Quirk. He looked down at him with those piercing red eyes of his, "You're even worse than the rest of these damn rejects, you deaf Quirkless wannabe!" 

He balled his fist as he gave Izuku a sadistic glare, "You really think they let someone like you in when they can have me!" 

Izuku shook his head and quickly scooted back against the chalkboard behind him. He's wanted to be a Pro Hero since he was little. There wasn't anything wrong with trying...right?

"You'd never to hang with the best of the best! You'd die in the exams!" Katsuki mocked him, "Triple D: Deaf, Dumb Deku. This school is already shitty, you seriously wanna embarrass it even more by failing so hard!" 

The class continued to laugh until the teacher finally got them to settle down. Izuku decided it be best to stay on the floor for a bit, just so he could compose himself. Izuku does remember a time when Kacchan wasn't so cruel to him. He remembered following Kacchan around when they were toddlers. He thought he was absolutely amazing, he was everything Izuku wasn't: Confident, loud and most of all, normal. He didn't have to wear hearing aids or sounded weird when he talked. Katsuki was normal and Izuku was glad that such an amazing kid was his friend. That is..until Katsuki developed his Quirk.

Izuku couldn't be happier when he heard the 3:30 PM bell. It meant school was over and he could finally get some notes on the fight he missed this morning. It was already all over the web, so it wouldn't be too hard to get enough information. He grabbed his notebook to put in his book bag when he felt it being snatched out of his hands. He looked up to see Kacchan, putting the notebook under his arm, "What do you think you're doing, Deku? We aren't done."

Izuku tried to reach out for it, but Katsuki stepped back. He got out of his chair and lunged out for it, but Katsuki was a lot faster than him. Dammit! "Stawp et, Kacchan!" 

"Wow, you still sound like a fucking toddler. Gonna have to speak better than that, dumbass." Katsuki smirked taking the notebook from under his arm and hanging it out the open window.

"Kacchan, no! Pleeze!" Izuku tried to snatch the notebook one more time, but Katsuki tripped him. He fell flat on his face, feeling utterly humiliated. As soon as he got up from the floor, Izuku watched in horror as Katsuki used his Quirk to blow up his notebook and toss it out the window behind him. 


Katsuki rolled his eyes at Izuku's outcry and placed a smoking hand on Izuku's shoulder, "Deku, you're a deaf, dumb loser who still thinks he can be something. I was destined for greatness, while you, you're a benchwarmer. A fucking pebble on the side of the road. So don't even think about applying to U.A."

Izuku his head hung low, his fists at his sides. Why? Why was he being treated like this? Katsuki smiled, tightening his grip on Izuku's shoulder, "You know, I think there might be another way for you to be a Hero, Deku." Katsuki smirked, "Pray that you'll born with a Quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!" 

Izuku felt himself clutching his fists with rage. He looked up at Katsuki with a look of disgust, but Katsuki simply let off a few threatening sparks from his hand, "What?" 

He shoulder-checked Izuku as he walked off, not even having a hint of remorse for what he said. Izuku couldn't believe he actually said that?! What is wrong with him? He grabbed his bookbag and stomped out of the school to search for his notebook. 

Idiot! If I really jumped, you would've instigated a suicide! Why doesn't he think before he speaks!

He looked over and saw it. His notebook, completely drenched, burnt and floating with a pool of koi. 

Stupid. Useless and...

No. No, he won't let their words get in the way of how he thinks. He shouldn't worry about how others think of him. He just has to keep his head up! Keep moving forward! Just like All Might! Izuku laughed heartily as he walked under the bridge, waving his fist around. That is, until be felt something strange wrap around his leg. He turned around and saw a disgusting mass of green sludge surround him. 


It was too late, he tried to run, but the sludge villain tackled him, closing off his mouth and nose, while surrounding him in the filthy mass. Cold sludge held down all his limbs, tears were already running down his face. He tried to scream, thrash...ANYTHING, but the villian had him cornered.

"A medium-sized invisibility cloak..." The villain hissed, "Don't worry, I'm just talking over your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for 45 seconds, I promise." 

Izuku clawed at the sludge, every breath he took only invited more sludge down his throat. He was drowning. He was drowning and there was nothing he could do. No matter how much he kicked or struggled the villain didn't even budge.

"I'm liquid, child, you won't be able to pull me off." The villain sneered, "You're doing me a great service here. You're my Hero, kid." 

The sludge was crawling up into his nose. His lungs were on fire. His strength was draining with every second. Izuku was dying. He was dying. But no one was here to save him. Maybe he deserved this. Maybe Kacchan was right. He was just a pebble. A waste of space. Then Izuku blacked out. 


"HEY! HEY! HEY!" Izuku felt something hitting his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw a large white smile above him. 

Hold on...n-no..way?! All Might?!

Izuku screamed in shock at the top of his lungs, did he die? Did he die and this was heaven?! 


Izuku needed to get his autograph. His notebook! He grabbed it to flip to a good page and HE ALL READY SIGNED IT! He bowed several times to his idol to show how grateful he was. This was going to be a family treasure passed down for generations to come! 


Wait, no. He was leaving already? B-But Izuku has so many questions to ask him! He couldn't let this opportunity slip him by! He...He had to know!

"NOW STAND BACK! I'M TAKING OFF!" All Might warned before jumping up high into the sky, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPOOOORT....HUH?!" 

Without thinking, Izuku had grabbed All Might's leg. He buried his face into his thigh.

"LISTEN, KID! I LOVE MY FANS, BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH!" All Might tried to pull him off, but then look down at how far up they were, "OH WAIT! IF I DROP YOU, YOU'LL DIE AND THAT WOULD BE BAD!" 

A few seconds of flying and they landed on the roof of some building. Izuku could've swore he saw his whole life flashed before his eyes. He looked up at All Might, who seemed pretty annoyed. "NOT A VERY SMART MOVE, KIDDO! THE DOOR IS OVER THERE! I'M A VERY BUSY HERO, YOU KNOW! SEE YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!" 



"PLEEZE!! STAWP!" Izuku's face was burning red. His speech still wasn't the best, but he needed to know. He kept his eyes closed as he waited, but he still didn't hear anything. He looked up and All Might had turned around, but his expression was confused. He walked up Izuku, crouched down to his level and put his giant hand on his shoulder. His voice sounded alot more calm, "Young Man, are you deaf?"

Izuku nodded his head. Then All Might quietly chuckled, but it sounded more...somber, "Okay, I'll answer one question. I don't know JSL, so take this marker here and write it in your notebook."

All Might put the sharpie in his hand and Izuku felt like he was going to faint. All Might actually listened to him! He slowly grabbed the marker and pulled out ruined the notebook from his bookbag to flip to a random page.

[Can I be a Hero, even if I don't have a Quirk?]

He handed the notebook back and watched All Might's face as he read the question. He was frowning. All Might took the sharpie back to write something before handing back his notebook and patted Izuku's head, "Young Man, Pro Heroes are always risking their lives everyday even with their Quirks, so it pains me to say that you couldn't become a Hero without a Quirk." 

Izuku put his head down. The ultimate Pro Hero told him he could never become a hero. Tears formed in his eyes and he quickly wiped them away. Why is he crying?! He knew this already! He knew! This was the reality. His reality. That's why he was trying so desperately not to listen. Not to see the true picture. He had a heroic heart, but without a Quirk, he was nothing. Izuku looked at his ruined notebook and clutched it against his chest. He just wanted to go home.

"No tears, my boy, no tears. I know you can still become a successful young man. Please don't lose hope." All Might hugged him, but that only made Izuku cry even more. He dropped his notebook to clutch onto his idol's shirt, not caring how loud his wails were. As humiliating as it was to be bawling in front of the number one hero, he was at least glad, All Might stayed to comfort him.

After a few minutes, All Might let him go to give him the notebook he dropped, "There's nothing wrong with having a dream, Young Man. But you should be realistic. If you need help with scholarships or anything, my personal number is in here. Now I really have to go." 

"Th-Thank you, All M-Might.." Izuku squeaked. All Might gave him one more pat on the head before running and jumping off the building to go protect the city. Izuku wiped his eyes and mouth as he walked down the winding stairwell of the building. By the time he made it to the main streets, he saw a large explosion in the shopping area. 

Is there another fight going on?

He ran across the street towards the crowd of people and saw it was the sludge villain? What the? But All Might caught him when he attacked Izuku. But...if he dropped the bottle when Izuku latched onto him...that meant...

This is all my fault.

"Why aren't the heroes doing anything?"

"Looks like the heroes met their match. Plus the villain captured a kid. Things aren't looking too good for them." 

Izuku heard the two adults and he was to blame. His stomach was in knots. He felt sick. He covered his mouth with his hands to ground himself. If he hadn't been so selfish. So blind about his own denial about his hopeless ambitions. If he hadn't been taking up All Might's time, none of this would have happened. Kacchan was right. Izuku was useless. He's a Deku. He should just disappear. He's no hero. He's a nuisance. Izuku looked up to see the victim to the sludge villain had in his clutches and it was- 

"KACCHAN!" Izuku jumped into action, running as fast as he could towards the flames. It was like his body was moving on his own! He just couldn't stop! He had to fix this, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

"No! you idiot! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!" Death Arms screamed. 

"Not this brat again!" The sludge villain snarled, "You're toast, kid!" 

The villain winded back his fist, ready to slam Izuku into the concrete, but Izuku remembered page 25 of his Hero Analysis book. He snatched off his bookbag and chucked it at the villain. Several of his supplies spilled out, with his All Might pencil case stabbing the villain right in his eye. The impact was just enough for the villain to lose hold of Katsuki's face. Finally, letting the boy breathe and giving Izuku a chance to try to tear away at the sludge that was trapping his friend. 

"Gaaah!--cough,cough--Deku! What the fuck are you doing?!" Katsuki strained. 

"Kacchan! I--I coudent stan dere an' watch you die!" 

The sludge just wouldn't go away. Izuku wasn't strong enough. It was pointless! He wasn't doing anything. But Izuku kept trying anyway. The sludge villain growled, "I'm getting tired of you, kid! Die!" 


Izuku braced for his inevitable death, but it didn't come. He looked up and saw his Hero. A real hero come to his aid. He stood between Izuku and the sludge villain's tentacles. 

"All Might.." 


The sludge villain screamed in anger as he winded up for another attack, "Damn you, All Might!" 


In an instant, the villain was completely demolished by a powerful whirlwind produced by the Pro Hero's fist. Rainfall, came down shortly after, leaving the surrounding crowd astonished. Afterwards, the Heroes collected the scattered parts of the sludge villain taken him in by police custody. 

Katsuki was praised by the Heroes for his bravery, while Izuku was getting chewed out for his risky behavior, at least, Izuku was sure he was, guessing by the angry faces of Death Arms and Kamui Woods. One of his hearing aids somehow fell out of his ear when he ran towards the sludge villain and the other one ran out of battery.


Izuku picked up his things after everything settled down. Sadly, his hearing aid was no where to be found. He gave up looking for it and walked home. He wanted to apologize to All Might in person, but he was being swarmed by interviewers. He'll just call him later when he's not so busy. Now Izuku's going to have to explain to his mother that he lost one of his hearing aids. As he was sulking down the street, he was suddenly being pulled by an unknown hand on his shoulder. He turned around and it was...Kacchan? 

He wasn't looking Izuku in the eye and simply presented him with his other hearing aid. Izuku was surprised, eagerly taking the device and popped it in his ear. "Thank you, Kacchan."

However, his happiness was cut short when Katsuki grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall of a nearby building, "Shut up! I only brought that nasty ass thing so you could hear me loud and clear, Deku! I never asked for your fucking help! I was fine by myself!"

"Stawp et, Kacchan!" Izuku whimpered. He tried to pull Katsuki's hands off of him, but Katsuki had a strong grip.

"No! You think you're better than me! Don't you?! You think I'm weak, Deku!? Don't fucking lie to me!" Katsuki screamed, shaking Izuku in pure anger, "Say it, Deku! Say you think I'm weak!"

Izuku couldn't take this anymore. He wanted to go home, so he bit Katsuki's hand and pushed him away. Katsuki roared at the top of his lungs, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU FUCKING BIT ME!"

Katsuki punched Izuku in the face. Hard. Tears formed in Izuku's eyes from the sting on his cheek. Katsuki towered over him, attempting to hit him again. Izuku stopped him by kicking Katsuki in the stomach a few times. Katsuki swung with a right hook, but Izuku grabbed both of Katsuki's arms to stop him. Izuku kicked him in the stomach once again. Hard enough to make Katsuki fall down to the ground.

"I waz tryin' to helb you!" Izuku cried. He dropped himself on top of Katsuki's waist and slammed his fists down on his chest, "I waz doin' my bezt!"

"You bastaaaard! Get the hell off of me!" Katsuki yelled back. He tried to sit up, but Izuku put his hand on his face to push him back down, "I don't even know what fuck you're saying!"

They continued to wrestle each other on the ground until there was no fight left in either of them. Izuku ran away before Katsuki could get up, leaving him with a bruised cheek and a bloody nose. Izuku wasn't in any better shape either. His cheek had swollen up to a noticable degree and he had quite a few scratches all over his face. He looked back to see that Katsuki was simply standing there with his hands balled to his sides. Izuku could've swore he saw a tear roll down the boy's cheek.

I'm sorry, Kacchan.