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Becoming Daddy's Boy

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Tony walks briskly across the street away from the tower. It’s the first time this month he hasn’t been so busy that he has to eat at his desk and he isn't going to give up his chance for a rare break by letting an intern get his lunch for him.


Once across the street, he enters his favorite coffee shop. A little independent “hipster” coffee place he's heard they are being called now. They serve the best organic coffee this side of town and so close to his building too! He couldn’t be luckier. He's considered buying the shop out, but he hasn't had a reason to.


Tony walks inside and a young man catches his eye as he makes his way towards the counter. He is sat on one of the high wooden stools against the wall, all alone. The young man is busy coloring, not in one of those adult coloring books, Tony can’t  help but notice; it is a children's one filled with cartoon animals. Tony shrugs, he's cute…. so what if he likes kids coloring books. The young man has chocolate brown locks slightly curled in the front and his mouth gaped open just a bit due to his deep focus. Tony chuckles quietly to himself. The young man is definitely cute, exactly Tony's type.


Once at the counter, Tony orders his coffee and salad. He takes both items with him over to the area where the young man’s sitting and plants himself down on the stool beside him. The young man looks up all doe-eyed and confused. On a closer inspection, Tony realizes this kid probably isn't even legal, so he shouldn't get his hopes up. The kid's clothes are a hole-filled mess,  even with the fashionable way kids wear their clothes now. Tony feels concern replace all of the sexual interest he's had and he breaks the ice with a “hi there.”


“Hello,” the kid replies hesitantly with a small but friendly smile.


Tony sips from his mug of coffee. “My name’s Tony. Tony Stark, ” he introduces himself.


The boy stops colouring and turns to face Tony. He offers out his hand. Tony shakes it, noticing with alpha pride that his side of the handshake is much stronger than the kid’s. “Nice to meet you, Mr.Stark. My name is Peter Parker, your name is on the building across the street,"  Peter points out, keeping it polite and cheerful.


Tony finds himself smiling, “Peter, you can call me Tony if you like, no need to be all formal. And you're right it is, that's my company, ” He lets go of the boy's hand and gently squeezes his shoulder. They continue to look at each other, sharing a short smile.


The cute moment is broken by an annoyed barista coming over to them, “Kid I already told you, you can't sit here unless you buy something, ” The man snaps, looking pointedly at Peter.


The boy furrows his brow, looking confused and worried. “But I don't have any money today.”


Tony pulls out a 20 dollar bill from his wallet and holds it out towards the barista, “He'll have a caramel latte and one of those spinach feta quiches on me, ” He says, smiling at Peter as he orders for him. The annoyed barista takes the money with a barely concealed thanks and walks away to get Tony’s order ready.


A soft pink blush covers Peter's face and he looks down, his lashes covering his adorable sparkling brown eyes, “You didn't need to do that, ” Peter says, his voice all soft and shy.


“Sure I did, you need a place to sit so you can finish coloring your picture. Unless you have somewhere else to be?” Tony turns towards his salad, picking up his fork to begin eating.


Peter shakes his head, “No I got nowhere to be, ” he confirms with a hint of what Tony reads as sadness in the teen's voice.


“Where you are staying right now?” Tony asks, he's starting to guess the kid is homeless. The dirty, damaged clothes, not having money for food or anywhere to be in the middle of a Wednesday. It all points that way anyway, maybe he’s wrong, but his heart aches to reach out to the kid. There is just something about him.


Peter begins coloring again with his crayons, “The park on 4th street. It's okay there, quiet at night, not too many other people sleeping there," he says,  seemingly cheerful despite his situation.


Tony feels his heart break a little for the boy. “No family? Or friends you can stay with?"


Peter stays quiet, but the silence is enough of an answer for Tony. He finds himself having the urge to do something stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. “Do you want a place to stay? Indoors that is, ” Tony offers. Letting some homeless teen stay in his penthouse, yeah sure….. totally not a shitty destination at all. This kid totally couldn't be involved in drugs or crime or be a run away. He totally couldn't just be some stalker fanboy playing him.


Peter looks up at him, “I don't like shelters,” he says.


Tony shrugs, “well my penthouse isn't exactly a youth shelter, ” he says. He stops to think for a minute. What if Peter is underage and someone did eventually start looking for him? "If you're sure you don't have any family willing to give you a couch to crash on.." he tacks on.


Peter looks at him, a blushing mess again. “Okay. I guess you look too nice to be murderer, so sure, oh and don't worry, ” Peter says convincing enough,  I’m 18... so it wouldn't matter if they my parents are kind of dead...”. The last part of the sentence is barely heard by Tony, it was said so quietly.


Tony grins, it was really that easy, huh?  He feels bad about the dead parents, but the kid doesn't look too torn up about it so it can't be that big of a deal, “Okay, you be a good boy and wait here until I finish my work for the day, okay? I'll take you back to my place then,” he smiles.


Peter vigorously nods a few times, ”I’ll be a good boy for you, ” he replies with a warm smile and bright red cheeks.


Those words go straight to Tony's dick. He smiles to himself again. Today really is the best day possible not to eat in his office.


Shortly after this exchange of words,  Peter's food and drink is brought over by the moody barista. The boy lifts his mug and takes a long sip of his latte, humming happily, “It's so sweet, I love it, ” he announces.


“You like sweets, huh?” Tony says with a smile. Peter nods rapidly. “You have whipped cream all over your mouth, ”  leaning in, he wipes his thumb over the boy's soft plump lips, collecting the cream. Then he slips his thumb into his own mouth to lick it clean. The kid’s lips are so soft, Tony can't wait to feel them on his own lips or on his cock. Peter is blushing even more now. “Eat your food, ” Tony orders softly.


Peter and Tony eat in companionable silence. “This doesn't taste very good, ” Peter says, looking a bit disappointed.


“This is the best organic quiche you can get, ” Tony says in a dismissive manner.


“I don't even know what that word means,” the kid replies.


“Which word?” Tony asks, pausing over his meal. He loosens his tie and throws it over his shoulder, tired of it getting in the way.


“Quiche ” Peter replies, drinking more of his latte.


Tony chuckles softly, “It's just a fancy way of saying it's… well, like an egg pie, ” he says, reaching over and putting his hand on the kid's thigh, rubbing it.


“Okay, if you say so I'll eat it,” Peter says, eating more of his meal. "Hmmm, it’s alright actually, " he adds with a smile.


“There’s a good boy, ” Tony says with a smile.


When they've both finished their food, Tony goes to the counter again. He slips the barista a hundred dollar bill. “You let that kid stay here until I come back for him, okay, ” Tony insists. The barista nods and takes the money with a smile, thanking Tony profusely.


Tony walks back over to Peter, “you be good until I get back, I'll be back at 5, okay?” Tony orders, fixing his tie in place once again. He needs to prepare himself for the rest of the afternoon at the office.


“Okay, Tony,” Peter says softly. Tony kisses the top of the boys head before he walks away. He couldn’t stop himself. Once he leaves the coffee shop, Tony is grinning ear to ear, beaming. He's the luckiest man on earth.