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You Came For Me

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Tasha looks up, her dark eyes red, her beautiful face blotchy
from crying. "You came anyway," she states huskily.

"You knew I would...or should have known...what the fuck are
you doing, Tash?'

“You should stay away from me, Eddie-get as far from me as you can,
as fast as you can…I’m NO GOOD…everything I touch turns to shit know it, deep down."

“ I DON'T know that, and I’m not going ANYWHERE. Take a shower,
get your shit, and let’s get moving-our plane leaves in four hours.”

“I’m TIRED, Eddie…so worn out…from fighting what I know that
I am-a drunk, an abuser of narcotics, serialputa, betrayer of friends…
CRIMINAL...why fight it? I’m broken, and I’ll break YOU, and this
baby, if I stick around.”

"How many times did I push you away; reject the Love you offered-
that I wanted so badly, NEEDED SO BADLY...even now, I KNOW
that I should go back with you, I KNOW that it will be saving my life if
I do, and STILL I'm arguing against that...what any Woman with ANY
SENSE would reach out and grab with BOTH HANDS...Soy LOCA, YA

'Te dije que NO. Ni HOY, Ni el dia que sigue, o el dia que sigue. TE
pack your shit and let's go home." Reade is icily calm, refusing
to be baited.

“Reade, I’m BEGGING were RIGHT to get engaged to
Meg; you should find her and ask her to come back to you…she’ll
make you HAPPY, not drag you to hell along with her, as I will.”
The tears she's been fighting to hold back finally spill down her lovely

Reade says, "I'll tell you what I KNOW...we can stay up all night,
repeating the same shit over and over, or I can knock your ass OUT, and take
you back to NY anyway. You choose." The AD glances at his writswatch:
“Three hours, 36 minutes until wheels up…chop, chop.”

Tasha finally gives in. “Last chance to get away-slip out while I’m in the shower.”

Reade plops onto the suite’s sofa, yawning a bit. ‘CHOP, CHOP, Zapata…
and don’t use all of the hot water; I might want to shower too, before we go…

He doesn’t see the big smile on face as she heads to the bathroom, or hear
what she whispers to herself: “You came for me.”